Just something that has been in my mind always and what I predict will happen. Idk just felt like putting pen on paper :D...or text on...word file? w/e Anyway, here’s Zeref vs. Crime Sorcière:

  • in the middle of a chaotic scene at Domus Flau, the Dragon Festival is under way. Demons and Dragons alike rampaging throughout the stadium causing utter chaos. The mages of each guild participating are trying their best to fight against the dragons and demons but to no avail. As the stadium crumbles piece by piece , on the upper most part of the stadium in a clear area stands Zeref overlooking the chaos*

Zeref:*with a serious face* This is what happens when humans become too comfortable with their existence……isn’t that right Acnologia? *looks at the rampaging Acnologia who is fighting the members of Sabertooth*………..This will soon end as it was foretold *starts to walk away*

?????: HOLD IT!!!

  • zeref stops in his tracks and looks to his right*

Jellal: So you are The Black Wizard Zeref…..ANSWER ME!!!

Zeref:*closes his eyes* Yes I am…..

  • at the moment zeref says yes, Meredy and Ultear appear on Zerefs left*

Zeref:*looks to his left* You are Crime Sorcière I presume….

Jellal: We have been searching for you or any hint of you for a very long time Black Wizard. *rips off cloak* ITS TIME FOR YOUR DOWNFALL!!!!!!!

  • ultear and meredy prepare for combat*

Zeref:*takes a deep breath* The bloodshed never ends I see….*turns towards jellal* come, let me see what the current generation has in store for me

Jellal:*glares at zeref* gladly…*jellal puts both his hands to his sides, creating a Magic seal, from where he releases several arrows of heavenly Magic towards Zeref*


  • the arrows hit zeref dead on*

Jellal:*smirks* Hmpf…

  • as the dust settles zerefs stands unscathed*

Jellal:*angrily* Damn you!!

  • as jellal curses zeref Ultear and Meredy appear at zerefs sides*

Ultear:*points both palms at zeref* Lets do it Meredy!!!

Meredy: *crosses her arms and has her index and middle fingers pointing up* Right!!!

Zeref: Now what do you ladies have in store for me?

Ultear: Parallel Score!!!

Meredy: Cerebral Isolation!!!

  • zeref is closed in a massive crystal orb appearing out of thin air with Maguilty Sense seals wrapped around the orb with skulls instead of hearts on them*

Jellal: Nice!!! those Cerebral Isolation seals will enhance pain stimuli. So whatever is in that orb will feel 100% pain throughout their body while their body is being pushed forward 10 years into a parallel world.

Zeref: I see….

  • the seals start to spin while wrapped on the orb, while the orb starts to shine brighter and brighter from the inside*

Jellal:*gets in a stance and glares* I told you zeref, this will be your downfall *jellal surrounds himself with heavenly body magic and rockets forward at zeref*

Jellal: RRRRRRAAAAAA!!!!!!

  • as jellal approaches the shining orb…..the orb starts to crack*

Jellal/Ultear/Meredy: !!!!!

  • out of nowhere the orb breaks completely with a dark and ominous aura rushing out*

Zeref:*standing unscathed again* I grow weary of your failed attempts at trying to subdue me…..

Ultear:*stares angrily at zeref* How?! Your body should be in absolute pain right now….you should be weary of parallel world travel!!......

Zeref:*glares at ultear* That is what is called……the difference

  • suddenly a burst of black aura rushes from zeref and knocks back the members of Crime Sorcière*


  • out of nowhere the upper area of the Domus Flau where their battle is taking place starts breaking apart from the chaos of the dragon festival*

Jellal: *jumps on a big piece of falling rock* shit……….*spots zeref falling down in mid air with his eyes closed*…..this is our chance, MEREDY ULTEAR!!!!

  • both ultear and meredy get their own footing on different falling rocks*

Meredy: Maguilty Sodom!!!

  • from the top of all of them a massive maguilty sword is forming*

Ultear: I’ll cover you!!! Flash Forward!!!

  • ultear creates a numerous amount of her orb that she created out of thin air and sends them all at the falling zeref*

Jellal: gotcha!!

Zeref:*points his right palm at ultear* Such a weak spell…..

  • a black orb forms in zerefs right palm that fires a barrage of smaller black orbs that counter all of ultears time orbs*

Ultear: shit!!!

  • the black orbs over power ultears time orbs and go straight at Ultear with her jumping out of the way*

Jellal:*already in meteor mode zooming straight at zeref while covered in the flame of rebuke* DON’T GET DISTRACTED!!!!!

Zeref:*points his left palm at the zooming jellal* apparently you didn’t get the message…..

Jellal: huh?!

  • zerefs left palm turns completely black and fires black aura beam shaped like his hand at jellal*
  • jellal moves out of the way at the last second and watches as the black aura beam goes straight through the stadium walls and disintegrates everything around that it hit*

Jellal:*in mid air* crap that was close, that coulda been me

Zeref:*appearing behind jellal while in mid air* That could have been you, but this will

Jellal:*with a shocked face* wha-

  • zeref punches jellals back with full force which sends him rocketing down to the ground smashing into it in the process*

Zeref:*with a serious face* did I not tell you? This is whats called the difference…..

Meredy:*angrily* SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!

  • the massive maguilty sword that she began a minute ago had finished and is pointing down at zeref*


  • meredy brings both her hands down with force and sends the giant sword down at zeref*

Zeref:*looking up at the sword* Is this supposed to frighten me?

  • on the ground ultear runs to the aid of the smashed jellal*

Ultear: Jellal!!!!!! *attempts to roll him over on his back* im gonna help you

Jellal:*pushes ultear off* STOP gah!!*spits up blood*

Ultear: *tries to tend to jellal* Jellal!!

Jellal:*again pushes her away and slowly and steadily gets up* get off me, this isn’t the time for this. We have a battle on our hands that we and the world cannot afford to lose.

Ultear: But we are out classed. No matter what we do we can’t even scathe him!!

Jellal:*wipes the blood off his face and mouth* I don’t care, we are gonna beat him…..or die trying…that’s the oath we swore..

  • up top the massive sword is charging down at zeref who is 30 meters above the ground*

Zeref:*pointing his palms at the sword coming at him in an illuminati formation* Accept Judgment

  • as the very tip of the sword enters through the hand formation, from the tip the sword progressively starts to disintegrate completely*

Meredy:*landing on her feet to the ground but barely able to stand* im-impossible…..

  • zeref lands on the ground with force creating a small crater where he landed*

Zeref:*slowly raising his head and looking up at the sky* Today is a great day to die is it not?

Jellal:*approaching zeref* rrrr cut the crap!!! Ive had enough of you!!! *rushes at zeref in meteor mode*

Ultear:*creates a sword out of thin air and cases it in ice* Meredy…*glares at zeref* lets do this…..

Meredy:*summons two maguilty swords and surrounds them with triangle maguilty seals* yes..lets

  • both meredy and ultear follow up jellal and rush at zeref*
  • elsewhere in the thick of battle*

Erza:*cutting down demons and human sized dragons left and right* shit they just don’t stop coming *cuts down another* KEEP UP THE ATTACK!!! *suddenly erza spots jellal in the distance and the rest of his guild fighting zeref*……jellal…..raaaaa *cuts down another demon*

  • at the battle*
  • jellal is sending a flurry of punches at zeref continuously but all are missing with zeref dodging each one*

Zeref: You are going to have to do better if you want to even touch me…..

Jellal:*still continuously punching but missing* SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UUUUUP!!!!!! *jumps back*

Zeref: hmm?

  • meredy and ultear come at zeref from both his sides and cut right through him with both women ending up on the other side*

Zeref:*with his eyes closed*………

Jellal: hmpf, now hows this for the finisher *jellal charges up his magic aura and covers himself with the flame of rebuke again and charges at zeref with his fist cocked back*…EAT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suddenly zeref opens his eyes, points his palms out*

Zeref: You are not on my level. *sends another aura wave out from him blasting ultear,meredy,and jellal back with force*


  • spotting the massive explosion, erza runs toward it to help jellal and his team*


  • as the dust settles zeref is standing gloomingly unscathed while Crime Sorcière is completely and utterly defeated*

Zeref: This is truly…the difference………

Jellal:*slowly getting up with blood coming out of his mouth* you h-havent won yet y-you bastard *panting*

Zeref:*stares at jellal* I believe I have..i predicted this battle would end in your demise and so it has…

Jellal: YOU DIDN’T PREDICT SH- GAH!! *falls to the ground in pain*

Ultear:*laying also on the ground unable to move* JELLAL STOP YOU CANT FIGHT ANYMORE

Jellal:*panting and trying his hardest to get up* no…..i…I m-must *stands up firmly and faces zeref*

Meredy:*laying on her back injured and crying* please just stop jellal…..we cant win

Zeref:…….listen to the girl……it is inevitable… is your destiny to lose….

Jellal: i…….i cant accept that. I HAVE TO BEAT YOU!!!!

Erza:*coming closer to their battlefield while cutting down demons and dragoons in her path* JELLAL!!!!!!!!

Jellal:*hears erza* erza?!?! No…this cant be…I cant let her join this battle…

Zeref: I have had enough of this…..i am going to end this….*puts his hand together and closes his eyes*

Jellal: t-that stance…….NO!! MEREDY ULTEAR GET OUT OF HERE NOWWW!!!!!!!

Ultear/Meredy: wha?!?!

Jellal:(shit they can barely move and erza is on her way….i have to do something….i have to………yes….its the only way)

Zeref:*still with his eyes closed and his hands together* This is the end……

Jellal: SHIT!! *runs straight at zeref*


Erza:*arriving at the scene* JELLAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Jellal:*almost infront of zeref*(im sorry ultear……im sorry meredy…….im sorry all the members of fairy tail………..and I am sorry to you…..Erza)

Zeref:*opens his eyes and separates his hands* Shamelessness……

  • from between his hands a black orb forms and gradually quickly grows bigger and bigger and bigger, swallowing up jellal,ultear,meredy but as its about to swallow up erza who is in shock it stops…….a small light forms inside it making the orb start to retract to the light which is a star shaped magical seal that jellal has formed in between his hands in a cage like form*

Zeref: I see………….how noble of you…..

Erza:*in shock watching jellal absorb the darkness of the black sphere*……..

Ultear: wha……what is that?........ive never seen that……

Meredy:*starts crying even more* jellal… said you would never need to use it……

Jellal:*with his eyes closed and completely absorbing the black sphere in a star shaped seal he uncages his hands and lets the seal go into his body* The star that shines the brightest in the universe of darkness over comes evil in radiance of light, Sirius!!!

  • jellals body suddenly bursts with light for only a second with jellal collapsing to the ground thereafter*

Erza:*runs towards the down jellal* JELLAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ultear: What just………no……it cant be….th-this is a dream……

Meredy:*weeps* j-jellal…..w-why did y-you use i-it…..

Erza:*getting to the down and unconscious jellal* jellal!!! Can you hear me? JELLAL!!!!!

Zeref:*turns his back and walks away* there is no point…the man sacrificed himself to save your “precious” lives…..leave him be

Erza:*glares at zeref* you…… gonna k-

Zeref:*looks back from his shoulder with a scary look in his eye* if I were you…..i would keep my sword down and my mouth shut…….i have had enough of you weaklings for one day……

Erza:*unable to move from zerefs stare*……..

Jellal:*faintly* good bye……………my love *goes blank face*

Erza:*quickly turns her attention towards jellal* jellal? JELLAL?!?!? Say something JELLAL!!!!!!!.............*tears going down her eyes*……….JELLAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • with meredy and ultear also weeping the chaos of the dragon festival carries on. Zeref is seen walking away*

Zeref: I have said this once and I will say it again, trash that doesn't even know it's trash deserves to fall into the abyss. We will meet again…….Fairy Tail *disappears in a black mist*

  • This day will lay in infamy as the day evil triumphed over good. The Criminal and former Wizard Saint Jellal Fernandes was killed in battle by the Dark Wizard Zeref. It is unknown where his followers are. The rest of the guilds that participated at the Grand Magic Games took a serious toll in damage but most lived. There were many casualties….but none more than the one that Erza Scarlet had lost.*


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