Here is a "What if" scenario fight prediction. This scenario is: What if Gildarts was the first to challenge Hades during the war on Tenrou Island?.......Here it is:

  • In the main room in the Grimiore Heart ship*

Hades:*sitting on his throne* ah my first victim has arrived

  • Gildarts is seen with a displeased look walking up to Hades*

Gildarts: stop this war and i wont demolish you right here and now

Hades:*getting up* oh? you and what army?

  • gildarts suddenly powers up his magical power in a monstrous way*

Hades: i see your quite the mage

Gildarts: You have no idea whats about to happen to you do you?

Hades: HA....enlighten me

Gildarts:*points his palm at hades*

Hades: hmm?..........

Gildarts: Crash Test


  • the area where hades was standing suddenly explodes*


Hades:*in the smoke* hehehehehe im impressed.

Gildarts:*with a surprised look on his face*

  • as the dust clears Hades is standing unharmed with just his cape and helmet damaged*

Hades: you were actually able “land” something

Gildarts:*with and angry face*...............

Hades:*ripping off his cape and throwing off his helmet* the brat wasnt even able to hit me once while you get me right out of the gate. Its undeniable now, you are the strongest of this wretched guild. This is much more intriguing. The strongest mage of the top guild facing the strongest mage of the top dark guild. heheheheHAHAHA this is going to be very interesting

Gildarts:*takes his cloak off* quit stalling and lets get this over-with

Hades: yes lets


Gildarts: hmp

  • gildarts suddenly rushes towards hades*

Hades: how predictable *starts to create a magic formula*

  • gildarts starts running even faster*

Hades: Shield Formula

  • the magic formula surrounds hades*
  • as gildarts gets closer he cocks his fist back*

Hades: fool

  • the shield formula starts to activate as gildarts gets closer*

Gildarts: Unraveling the Shadows, Revealing the Light: Hyperuranion

  • as hades’ magic formula starts to activate and explode it suddenly shatters*

Hades:*with a shocked face* WHAT?! my formula

Gildarts:*now cocking back his other fist at hades* RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAA


Gildarts:*sends his fist at hades* Atomic Burst

Hades: KATSU


  • a massive explosion destroys the roof of the Grimiore Heart ship entirely and damages the ship very badly*


  • as the smoke clears hades and gildarts are staring at each other with some minor wounds and bruises*

Hades: Unision Break, the occurrence of when two powerful forces of high level magical power clash. Ive seen it only once before.

Gildarts:*with an unpleased look* stop talking, i dont wanna hear your garbage

Hades: hmp dont get cocky just because you were able to be on par with my superior magic for a second

Gildarts: hmmm

  • gildarts again rushes at hades*

Hades: again with this, but no need to worry *starts to create a magic formula again* i’ll get you this t-

  • gildarts suddenly appears infront of hades and grabs the wrist of the hand hades is using to make the formula*

Hades:*with a shocked face* what?

Gildarts: im gonna make you pay for what you did today *squeezes hades’ wrist to the point of it cracking*


  • hades hits gilarts with a clean punch to the face*

Gildarts:*unaffected and spits on the ground* hmp your getting old

Hades: as are you

Gildarts: huh?

  • under gildarts and hades is a massive magic seal*

Gildarts: this is.........when did you?

Hades:*forcing gildarts back with his strength* the second you put your unworthy hands on me

  • gildarts quickly lets go of hades' wrist and tries to get out of the magic seal*

Hades: uh uh ahh not so fast

  • hades shoots two chains from both his hands and brings gildarts back to the center of the magic seal*

Hades: your gonna participate like the rest of the class

Gildarts: bastard

Hades: Kurosutorobo

  • hades and gildarts are suddenly enveloped in a black flash*


  • as the black flash disappears, gildarts is face down on the ground motionless*

Hades:*requipping his cape and helmet* i expected more from the great gildarts *starts walking away*


?????: Well your about to get it

Hades:*with a surprised look* hm? *quickly turns around*

  • gildarts is standing straight up with light gleaming off him*

Hades: thats imp...........illog............fine, you want to carry on? *takes off his helmet and cape* let us continue

Gildarts*putting his fists together and a magic seal forming infront of them* Killing the Darkness, Showing the Beauty

Hades: I will show why you should have never challenged me *starts taking off his eye patch*

Gildarts:*separating his fists and cocking them back at the magic seal* Hesperides

  • gildarts sends both his fists at his magic seal*


  • another massive explosion occurs from gildarts' technique that actually rocks the Grimiore Heart ship and damaging it even further to the point of collapse*

Gildarts:*panting*.......................sorry guys, looks like i couldnt do it

  • as the smoke clears a black ball is formed where hades was standing*


  • the black ball starts to break apart and the parts start forming into demons with hades standing in the middle unharmed with his eye patch off and his demons eye activated*

Gildarts:*with a shocked face* no way

Hades: This is what awaits you in the Ultimate World of Magic, unfortunately you wont make it there. pity, you are a very powerful mage. one of the strongest i have ever fought

Gildarts: i dont need your pity or your praise, just end it.

Hades: as you wish

Gildarts: but before you do i want you to know that those kids out there risking their lives for their guild will be here. and when they do you will be in a world of hurt.

Hades: you underestimate my power. if not even you, the most powerful mage of this guild cant beat me what makes you think those brats can even lay a finger on me

Gildarts: hmhmhahaha you will know when the time comes, but right now we're gonna end this RAAAAAAA

  • gildarts suddenly rushes towards hades*

Hades: go my children

  • the demons around hades start to form dark, tendril-like protrusions and elongated dark globes that shoot at the charging gildarts*

Gildarts:*forms Fairy Tail "L" with his fingers* FIGHT ON FAIRY TAIL

  • the globes and protrusions hit gildarts non stop to point of unconsciousness as he falls to the ground*


Hades:*putting his eye patch back on* hmp fool *puts his cape and helmet back on and walks away* its time for Fairy Tail's days to end


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