I felt cheated with the surrender of sting against team FT at the end of the GMG. So I intend to rewrite it and make it how it SHOULD have been. Here’s my best shot:

  • standing and facing the battered and bloodied team FT*

Sting: I will defeat all of you together!

Erza: Fine….if that’s your decision……We’ll be your opponents, Sting.

Sting: Hmpf………….you have no idea what you are up against. You may think you have the advantage in numbers, and the advantage in fire power, and the advantage in willpower…….But I have something you can’t even comprehend at the moment…..

  • a luminous aura begins to shine and envelope sting*

Laxus: Hmm?

Sting:….Tell me….did you know who was the Dragon King before Acnologia?

Gajeel: How do you know Acnologia is the Dragon King!?

Sting: That is none of your concern. What I am trying to tell you is the true power of the 3rd generation dragon slayers.

Laxus: Tch, out with it. We don’t have all day!

Sting: Laxus you are impatient….but I will concede. Instead of telling you…how about I SHOW YOU!

Team FT: !!!!

  • suddenly a giant luminous burst of aura and magic envelopes sting*

Gray: Where is this magic power coming from!?

Erza:*with a shocked face* He never showed this kind of power before…..

Sting:….Rah sen tu, rei sei nah,alama gorjedovania….

Laxus: What the?......

  • in the crowd*

Makarov: What’s happening!? I don’t understand, his magic power is increasing every second and now he’s chanting some gibberish!

Mavis:*with her eyes closed* It’s not gibberish…

Makarov: Uh?

Mavis:*opening her eyes and staring intently* Its Dragonic

Makarov:*with a shocked face* WAAAAAAH!?!?

  • in the battlefield*

Sting: Po fe oley ersumen

Juvia: Juvia is confused…..what is happening?

Gray: I don’t know but I don’t feel like waiting to find ou-

Erza: WAIT!

Gray: Wha-…*widening his eyes as he looks at erza*

Erza:*with a scared face* Don’t do anything stupid……


  • the aura and magic power enveloping sting begins to grow stronger and luminous*


Mavis:………..*with her eyes closed*…….*opening her eyes* They’re done….

Sting:*pointing his arms into the sky* SALANA EONE AYISIS FATHALIA!!!!!!!!!


  • suddenly a powerful beam of light shoots up from stings location*

Juvia:*covering her eyes* It’s so bright!!!

Laxus:*also trying to cover his eyes* Don’t let your guard down! He could attack at any moment!


  • out of nowhere the light disappears*

Gray:*putting his hand down and opening his eyes* Its gone…..

Juvia:*rubbing her eyes and opening them* Yes juvia can see n-….

  • standing firm and still shining a luminous aura. Sting is covered in scales,with talons,and a tail,and a dragonic/human face*

Laxus:……what…are you?...

Sting:*with a deep, bane type voice* Hmmmmmhmhmhmhm, I find that amusing coming from u Laxus. I think you know exactly WHAT I AM! ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sting unleashes a massive beastly roar that can be heard from miles away*
  • team FT and the GMG crowd cover their ears*

Sting: I asked you before…Do you know who was the Dragon King before Acnologia!? Well let me “enlighten” you……

Erza:*preparing herself* Bring it on, ill make you regret taking on fairy t-

  • suddenly Sting zooms infront of erza*

Erza:*with a shocked face* He’s fas-

  • sting punches erza straight in the face instantly sending her flying and crashing into the buildings in back of them*


Sting: Rahahahahaha…….lets do this!!!

Laxus: Everyone get out of the way!!!

  • laxus quickly jumps up and facing sting while the other team members jump away from the vicinity*

Laxus:*charging up* Lightning Dragons R-

  • Before laxus can fire his lightning roar, sting instantaneously zooms at the mid air laxus in a trail of light and tackles him*

Laxus: Gah!

  • still ahold of laxus, the dragonic sting zooms at a random house in the plaza and crashes into it*


Gray: Shit! He’s fast!

Juvia: Gray-sama what do we do!?

Gajeel:*charging up* I’ll tell you what im gonna do…….

Gray: Gajeel!

Gajeel: Eh? Whattaya want?

Gray: I need you to go check on erza! Juvia and I will go help out Laxus ok?

Gajeel: Wah!?

Gray: Just do it!!!

Juvia:*with heart eyes* Ooooooh gray-sama is so authoritative~!

Gajeel: Tch, whatever(who does he think he is bossing me around!?). I’ve got all day to beat his ass *starts to run at the direction where erza crashed* You two better not slack off!!!!!

Gray: Juvia…lets go *runs at where laxus and sting crashed*

Juvia:*with heart eyes* juvia will meeeeelt~!

Gray:*already almost there*……

Juvia:*with a shocked face* Wait for me Gray-sama!!!

  • as gray and juvia arrive at the crash, laxus and sting can be seen in the house rubble facing off*

Laxus:*taking his coat off* You made a big mistake brat….

Sting:*with a cocky face* Hmmm and what might that be?

Laxus:*throwing his coat away* You pissed me off……

Sting:*getting in a stance* Bring it on douchebag


  • both laxus and sting clash and engage in hand to hand combat trading fists left and right with huge magic power emanating from the fight*

Juvia: What do we do? We can’t get near them!

Gray: Don’t worry, Laxus can handle him. He’ll give us an opening!

  • right then both laxus and sting fly up in streams of lighting and light and clash again in mid air high up, engaging in fierce hand to hand combat yet again*

Sting:*trading fists* Hahahaha how long can you keep this up Laxus~?

Laxus:*trying his hardest to keep up* Aslong as possible to beat your ass!!

Sting: Then ill just have to kick it up a notch!!

  • sting starts to fight fiercer an fiercer slowly overwhelming laxus*

Gray: LAXUS!!!!!

Laxus:*having a hard time* I cant keep u- *crack!*

Sting:*pummeling laxus in mid air* Ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra!!!!! AHAHAHAHA how do you like that!?!?!

  • sting is completely and utterly beating the crap out of laxus, with laxus barely defending himself*

Juvia:*with a shocked face* LAXUS!!!

Sting:*brings both his arms up* And now for the zinger!!!

  • sting smashes both his fists down on the battered laxus sending him crashing down into another house*

Sting:*with his arms out* AAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! So that’s the limits of the second generation?! Pitiful!

  • out of nowhere a ice spear zooms at sting but sting instantly blocks it with his scaled up forearm*

Sting:*turns and looks* Eh!?

  • a large mass of water is seen swirling around with juvia in the middle of it controlling it*

Sting: So…now you pussies wanna get smashed? Bring it oooooon!!!

Gray: Juvia!

Juvia: Yea!

  • juvia starts shooting water missiles at sting but as they come out, gray quickly turns them into ice spears*
  • a massive array of ice spears zooms at sting who is floating in mid air*

Sting:…….this……..THIS IS IT!?!?!?!?

  • sting fires a large burst of light magic from himself thus completely disintegrating all the ice spears*

Gray/Juvia:*with shocked faces* !!!!!

Sting: Hehehe lemme show you what real power is all about………*sucks in air*…….Light Dragons……*starts to charge up heaps of magic*…ROA-

?????: You forgot about me asshole

Sting:*glancing behind him* Uh?

  • gajeel smashes sting with an iron club from behind sending him crashing down but sting recuperates as he is about to hit the ground an lands on his feet*

Sting:……..Hmpf you think that did any damage? *stands tall and is completely unscathed* You caught me off guard for a split second. It wont happen again….

Erza:*walking in* We don’t need to catch you off guard.

Gray/Juvia: Erza!

Sting: Oh really? Well then how do you suppose you’re gonna beat me?

?????: By beating the crap out of you until you give up. But even then, there’s no guarantee ill be merciful.

Sting: You just wont stay down wont u?

  • laxus appears out of the rubble and faces sting while covered in blood and bruises*

Sting: HeheheheHAHAHAHA, you people just don’t get it! You don’t have a chance! I have achieved a level that you measly fairies cant even comprehend!

Gajeel:*standing atop a house and looking down at sting* That may be the case….*with a scary face* But it cant hurt to try!

Sting:…….hmpf….if you wanna get beat down so badly…..then so be it………BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Erza: Attack!!!!!!

to be continued……….

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