Sorry for this being late, i got lazy. so here part 3 of the dark guild war:

  • with two oracion seis members and 1 grimiore heart member down, the battle grows even more fierce throughout the worth woodsea*
  • deep in the forest*

Scorpio: Sand Buster

Angel: Caelum fire

  • both scorpio and caelum fire their attacks at meredy with full power*

Meredy: Maguilty Dance

  • magic teal blades form around meredy and start to spin violently and blocking the attacks fired at her*
  • as the dust clears meredy appears unharmed and standing firm*

Angel: hmmm this bores me, lets finish this with our full potential

Meredy: you intend to seal your own fate?

Angel: lets go gemini

  • gemini appears and turns into angel*

Angel(gemini): Gate of the Ram open

  • aries is summoned*
  • on angels side stand angel(gemini),scorpio,caelum,and aries and are ready for battle*

Meredy: battle commence

Angel: go

Scorpio: Sand Buster

  • caelum fires his cannon*

Aries: Wool Bomb

  • Aries conjures a massive amount of magical wool and fires it at meredy*
  • all the attacks from the spirits come together into a unison raid and zoom at meredy*

Meredy: Maguilty Gomorrah

  • meredy creates a massive teal blade above her*

Meredy: Maguilty Beam

  • meredy points the massive teal sword at the unison raid and launches it straight at it*
  • the two attacks clash with ferocity*

Meredy:*pointing her hand at the massive teal sword* HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • the massive teal sword starts to push the unison raid back*

Angel: rrrrrrrrrr you idiots, what are you doing? FIRE WITH FULL POWER


  • the unision raid begins to overtake the teal sword*

Angel: hmp thats more like i..............

  • suddenly both the unison raid and the giant teal sword start to glow and grow more radiant every second*

Meredy:*with a shocked face* this is.............*jumping back* shit

Angel: hmp what a wuss, i knew that grimiore heart guild was full of............


  • the unison raid and the giant teal sword explode viciously*


  • as the explosion dyes down and the dust starts to clear, angel and her spirits are on the ground in the crater while meredy is almost at the edge of the crater also on the ground*

Meredy:*barely getting up* i......couldnt.........make it time

Angel:*also barely getting up* you little bitch. look what you did to my clothes

Meredy:*standing firm and looking all bruised and beat up*....................

Angel: c'mon you cowards..............get up

  • all of angels spirits are either unconscious or on the brink of it*

Angel: CMON, i am your master. you.........have to do what i say

  • scorpio disappears*

Angel: rrrrrrrrrrr

  • then suddenly both aries and caelum both disappear*

Angel: COWARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel(gemini): dont worry angel, im still here

Angel:*shockingly looking at gemini* you..........good, atleast one of my spirits has some back bone.

Meredy: well?................shall we continue the onslaught?

Angel:*with a psychotic look on her face* your gonna pay.*pointing at meredy* go get her gemini

Angel(gemini): but i dont have any more ma...........

Angel: I SAID GO GET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gemini sprints at meredy*

Meredy: hand-to-hand combat? fine, i will engage. i want to save some of my magic power anyway

Angel(gemini): HAAAAAAAAAAA

  • gemini attempts to front kick meredy but meredy catches her foot*

Meredy: is this the limit if a celestial spirits power?

Angel:*appearing behind meredy* your guard is down

Meredy: huh?

  • angel kicks meredys left side and knocks her to the right with force*

Angel: im not done yet

Meredy:*barely getting up* no, i think you are

Angel: huh?

Meredy: Two Spread Sensory Link

  • a chain tattoo forms on geminis left ankle and on meredys right wrist*

Angel: whats this?

Meredy:*with a teal sword forming in front of meredy and pointing it at herself* this fight is over, if you dont surrender now your spirit is gonna get it.


Meredy: w-why are you laughing?

Angel:*walking towards meredy* you think thats gonna stop me?

Meredy: stop or ill.........

Angel: or you'll what? kill my spirit? celestial spirits cant die you idiot

Meredy: ya but.........i could hurt it really badly

Angel:*keeps walking at meredy* oh? go ahead, do it

Meredy: but........i thought

Angel: you thought what? that i would "care sincerely about the well being of my spirit since im a celestial spirit mage?" get real. they are tools for our usage and thats all

Meredy:*with a shocked face* b-but


  • angel pushes the teal blade into meredy and stabs it through her*

Meredy: GHA............


  • gemini turns back into its original form an falls to the ground*

Angel: i told you not to mess with me bitch

Meredy:*lying on the ground with blood coming out of her mouth* i......guess not.......everyone is.......the sa.............................

Angel: hmp, withdraw gemini. i dont need you right now

  • gemini disappears*
  • on the grimiore heart ship*

Ultear: master hades

Hades: yes i know..............ultear,rustyrose,and cain, you may now enter the fray.

  • ultear,rustyrose,and cain depart for the worth woodsea*

Hades:*getting out of his seat* it seems i underestimated these oracion seis brats. no matter, i will get what i desire one way or another

  • on the ridge outside the worth woodsea*

Zancrow: Flame God's Kagutsuchi

Cobra: Poison Dragon's Roar

  • zancrows flames and cobras poison clash with neither attack giving way*

Zancrow: UHAHAHAHAHA, your nothing before the mighty power of Grimiore Heart

Cobra:*covering his ears* OI OI pipe down. i can hear you ya know?

Zancrow:*with a big smile on his face* you ready to die?

Cobra: hmp, if i can hear you i can beat you

Zancrow:*launches at cobra* YAAAAAAAAAAAA

Cobra: Cuberos

  • cobra, while on cuberos, flies at zancrow with force*



Well? how was it?

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