Lets keep it going, here is part 2 of the dark guild war:

  • as the dark guild war unfolds all over the worth woodsea, multiple battles occur between guild members*
  • near the oracion seis cave HQ, hoteyes liquid ground magic is clashing with azumas great tree arc magic*


Azuma:*jumping out of the explosion unscathed* this is what ive been waiting for. a worthy opponent such as yourself. im getting goosebumps

Hoteye:*standing firm* you should give me a gold coin for every goosebump you g...........


  • the area where hoteye was standing suddenly blows up*

Azuma: stop with the chit-chat and fight me with everything you've got

Hoteye:*coming up out of the ground behind azuma* very well, Hells Eye

  • hoteyes eyes get a dark spark suddenly, then he closes his eyes*

Azuma: whats this? your going to fight me with your eyes closed?

Hoteye: you might say that, but in the end it will only benefit me

Azuma: intriguing, lets test that theory

  • azuma gets ready to move but as he moves hoteye activates liquid ground and completely envelopes azuma*


  • an explosion occurs from where azuma was enveloped and a crater is formed where azuma is standing*

Hoteye: Snake Pillars

  • around the crater, hoteye forms snakes from the liquid ground and sends them at azuma*

Azuma: Laum Seeker

  • azuma counters all the snake heads with sharp branch blades from the surrounding forest*

Hoteye:*behind azuma with his eyes closed still* i win

  • hoteye quickly opens his eyes and sends a massive dark wave at azuma causing a dark explosion*
  • on the grimiore heart ship*

Hades: hm hm hm, Hells eyes. how interesting, though incomparable to my eye

  • back to near the oracion seis cave HQ*

Hoteye: my Hells Eyes have been absorbing the dark energy from our battle all this time. when two evil hearts battle, they emit dark energy and as our attacks clashed that dark energy was being released more frequently with my hell eyes absorbing it all this time. Just something i picked up from my guild master. Now i can finally get my cash reward for bringing in your head.

Azuma: not just yet

Hoteye:*with shock* WHAT?!

  • as the black smog clears, a large tree is standing where azuma was and is glowing*

Azuma:*coming up from behind the tree* that was a fearsome attack. something like that must take alot out of you.

Hoteye: bastard, how?

Azuma:*putting his hand on the tree* this is my Tree of Life. it has taken all the damage that i would have taken and absorbed it.

Hoteye: im-impossible

Azuma: dont fret, there is a downside to using this. the damage i would have taken is shaved off my life span. and from how much this tree is glowing, its alot. but i will do anything to win*points his hand at hoteye* and i have.

  • the tree branches from the tree of life grab the weakened hoteye and bring him up to the tree*

Hoteye: wh-what are you doing?

Azuma: all the damage of your attack is stored in this tree. i am going to have you taste some of your own medicine.

Hoteye:*getting forcefully pulled in by the branches into the tree* NO YOU CANT DO THIS, I STILL HAVE TO GET MY MONEY.*crying* i still have to......find........wally

  • as hoteye gets fully pulled into the tree, the tree starts to glow lighter and lighter until suddenly it dies down and withers away*

Azuma:*walking over to the edge of the pit and staring at the oracion seis cave HQ* that warmup almost did a number on me. lets see if there are anymore worthy opponents.

?????: oh im sure ill be sufficient.

Azuma: you must be

  • on the open field, racer is zooming left to right taking out every guy caprico summons*

Racer:*moving at blinding speed and punching and kicking guy left to right* c'mon man, im goin easy on these guys. is this all you got?

Caprico: im just giving you the benefit of the doubt that you can actually beat me.

Racer:*zooming right at caprico* OH YEA?

  • racer cocks his fist back as he is inches from punching caprico then suddenly caprico knees racer up to the jaw with his right knee then kicks him back with his left leg*

Racer:*getting knocked back* were able to still move quickly and counter me. HOW?!?!?!

Caprico:*pushing his glasses in* ill tell you how. its because you underestimated my true speed. and my speed with your slowing magic is just as fast as you.

Racer:*with a shocked face* i.......i dont believe you. no one can be that fast

Caprico: believe what you want. in the end you are the one who dies

Racer:(theres no way he should be that fast. theres got to be some kinda trick behind it. even if hes that fast in real life, my slowing magic should bring it down to a minimum level. ill just test it out) Gear Change: Red Zone

  • racer zooms at caprico even faster and gets ready to kick him but caprico counters with his own kick and an explosion occurs from their clash with racer jumping back*

Racer: dammit, i cant get anything but this just doesnt make sense.

Caprico:*appearing behind racer* dont worry ill put you out of your misery

Racer: wah?

Caprico: Huma Raise

  • as caprico is about to enter racer and take control of him, racer quickly realizes it and takes his shirt off and activates his bomb*

Zoldeo:*possessing by racer* what? what is this?

Racer:*in his mind* this is my back up all or nothing plan. if you stay in this body your dead and even if you go back to your other body you wont have enough time to activate your bodies little boost trick

Zoldeo: what? how did you find out

Racer: no human can move fast enough to outdo my slowing magic so i knew you had to be a spirit of some-kind. or your body i should say

Zoldeo: you bastard i gotta....................

Racer: theres no point in struggling. *kicking back* its over

  • the bomb on racers body suddenly bursts in a massive explosion taking out racer and caprico at the same time*
  • on the grimiore heart ship*

Hades: how unfortunate. but atleast now two oracion seis members are down

Ultear: father, one of our brothers has been defeated. can we join the battle?

Hades: no, not yet. this party is just getting started


How am i doing?

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