Here we go, Part one of the Dark guild war between grimiore heart and oracion seis:

  • as the battle lines have been drawn an eery silence envelopes the worth woodsea*

Azuma: how fitting for it to be quiet


  • zancrow sends a stream of black flames at the worth woodsea*

?????: Poison Dragon's Roar

  • a massive red poison blast counters the black flames in a massive explosion*

Cobra:*standing on the flying cuberos* how bout we dont burn the forest

Azuma: our first opponent, tell me. are you strong?

Zancrow: back off azuma, hes mine

Azuma: very well, BEGIN THE ATTACK


  • all the lesser rank members of grimiore heart charge into the forest in a battle rage*

Cobra: hey you.*points at azuma* dont scream so loud. i can hear everything


Cobra: huh?

  • up in the sky zancrow is sucking in air*

Cobra: i heard that

Zancrow: Flame God's Roar

  • zancrow from up in the sky sends a black flame attack shaped like a mouth with sharp teeth at cobra*

Cobra:*appearing behind zancrow on cuberos* try not to think so loudly, i can hear you

Zancrow:*turning his head around with a smile* is that right? then can you hear this?

Cobra:*with a shocked face* you bastard *flies away on cuberos*



  • zancrow suddenly bursts in a massive explosion of black flames with cobra just escaping the blast*

Cobra:*flinching* that crazy son of a........SHIT

  • in a flame form, zancrow appears behind cobra and tries to grab him with his flame covered arm*


  • cobra jumps off cuberos*

Cobra: Poison Dragon's Twin Fang

  • cobra sends a poison cross attack at the mid-air zancrow*

Zancrow: Uhahahah is that all you got? FLAME GODS KNUCKLES

  • zancrow counters the poison cross with a black flame punch which causes a huge explosion*

Cobra:*appearing out of the smoke cloud and landing on cubros* that crazy bastard is gonna burn down this whole forest

Zancrow:*smashing into the ground on both feet* UHAHAHAHAHAH this is more fun than i anticipated.

Cobra:*coming down to the ground on cuberos* hey, why dont you shut it, your hurting my ears with that yelling. i can hear you ya know

  • the dark guild war is in full swing all over the worth woodsea, with the lesser rank GH members taking on the oracion seis dark guild allies in an all-out war*
  • in the forest, meredy is jumping from tree branch to tree branch*

Meredy: hmp, why cant i find any of these oracion pigs?

?????: hey meredy, wait for me

Meredy: huh?

  • out from the trees, azuma approaches meredy*

Meredy: what do you want azu?

Azuma: i cant find any of these oracion seis guys. i hope their not too strong

Meredy: hmmmmmmmmm.................HAAA

  • meredy cuts down azuma with a maguilty blade*

Azuma: but why?

Meredy: first of all, azuma doesnt like being called "azu". second, azuma's only purpose in life is looking for strong opponents and would never be afraid of someone being to strong. now tell me, who are you?

?????:*clapping* impressive. i must say i thought you guys were just all talk

Meredy:*pointing her magulity blade at someone* come out now so i can kill you

  • angel walks out of the forest*

Angel: kill me? you dont know who your messing with do you little bitch?

Meredy: you must be one of the oracion seis weaklings?

Angel:*pulls out a gold key* Gate of the Scorpion, Open

  • scorpio is summoned infront of angel*

Scorpio: We are ready

Meredy: a celestial spirit mage huh? and a good one at that. she is able to summon two spirits at a ti..

Scorpio: Sand Buster

  • scorpio fires a powerful sand tornado towards meredy*

Meredy:*jumping off the tree branch and out of the way* thats powerful

  • from the sand cloud angel jumps out at meredy*

Meredy: that wont work, Maguilty Ray

  • Meredy sends the blades created from Maguilty Sodom flying at Angel*

Angel: huh?

  • the blades cut angel up*

Meredy: thats one down........wait

  • the cut up angel begins to transform into gemini*

Meredy: what?

Angel:*appearing behind meredy* your too arrogant in thinking you can beat me

Meredy: crap

  • angel blasts meredy in the face with a powerful kick, knocking here back*

Meredy: i guess i underestimated you oracion seis ingrates

Angel: get up, i wanna finish this as quickly as possible

  • explosions all over the worth woodsea occur from the violent fighting*
  • in a open patch of land, racer is standing by himself and is approached by a group of detailed and diverse men*

Racer: hmmmmmmm you guys dont look like your from grimiore heart. who are you?

Group of men:........................................

Racer: whoever you are, your not fast enough to beat me

?????: oh i assure you, they'll be able to manage themselves

Racer:*quickly turning around* when the hell?

Caprico: did i surprise you?

Racer:*standing firm* not at all

Caprico: you cant fool me, but that isnt important.*pointing at the group of guys walking at racer* what is important is those men over there looking very unpleasant

Racer:*points back at them* who them? wait right here

  • racer zooms at the guys and takes them out one by one at blinding speed*

Racer:*suddenly stops* you were saying?

  • the strong group of guys are all over the ground beaten up*

Caprico: im impressed. you just defeated the 10 tigers of Sin

Racer: the kung fu magic masters?

Caprico: precisely.

Racer: all that shows is how slow even legends are compared to me

Caprico: or just how slow you make them with your slowing magic

Racer: rrrrrrrrrrrr

Caprico: you didnt think i would notice?

Racer: THAT DOESNT MATTER, your still just a slowpoke compared to me

Caprico: we will just have to see


  • near the oracion seis cave HQ azuma appears out of a tree*

Azuma: this must be where their master is. he must strong

?????: Liquid Ground

  • a liquid stream of earth is about to envelope azuma*

Azuma: how disappointing, Tower Burst

  • azuma summons an enormous tower of explosive flame which incinerates the liquid ground*

Azuma: are you going to show yourself, or do i have to beat you out

Hoteye:*appearing out of the dust cloud* you wouldnt happen to have any money on you would you?

Azuma: are you from oracion seis?

Hoteye: that i am, are you from grimiore heart? the richest of the 3 top dark guilds?

Azuma: i dont know about the richest but we are quite strong, what about you? how strong are you?

Hoteye: my strength is measured by how much money i have. and its a considerable amount

Azuma: good, then this war should be worth while.

  • the dark guild war is fully under way with large battles breaking out all over and bodies stacking up. whoever wins this battle will undeniably be the strongest dark guild of them all*


How is it so far?

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