Here is the intro to the Dark Guild War between Oracion Seis vs. Grimiore Heart:

  • outside of the Worth Woodsea, the grimiore heart ship is floating in the sky*

Zancrow: hey pops, why are we here? i thought those oracion seis bastards were our allies?

Hades: allies? dont be naive my son, there is no such thing as an ally in the balam alliance.

Ultear:*appearing next to zancrow* then why are we here father?

Hades: ill tell you, but first you must summon all of your brothers and sisters here

Zancrow:*running off inside the ship* ILL GO

  • at the oracion seis cave HQ*

Brain: i feel an eery presence, as if a colossal monster is floating in the sky

Cobra: i hear it too

Brain: call everyone here and summon some of the our minion guilds here

Cobra: you got it *flies off on cuberios*

  • on the grimiore heart ship, all the seven kin of purgatory have gathered*

Azuma: how interesting, are we going to war?

Hades: precisely

7 kin:*with shocked faces* WHAT?

Kain: w-w-w-w-withwho?

Hades: with oracion seis

Ultear: for what purpose

Hades: for the purpose of finding zeref

  • suddenly it gets quiet*

Hades: i have a hunch that zeref is at nirvana and i plan to activate nirvana.

Ultear: what if hes not there?

Hades: then we'll still have nirvana wont we?

Ultear: how devious of you father

Hades: hm hm hm, since oracion seis is not as strong as us. we will send the lesser ranks members first and 4 of you. thats all we will need. now we must find out which four of you will go.

Zancrow: ILL GO, I CAN TAKE THEM ALL ON BY MYSELF. you dont need to send anyone else Uheeheehee.

Azuma: ill will part take as well. i will find out if they are worth being one of the top 3 of the balam alliance

Meredy:*puts on winged head gear* im ready for battle

Ultear: are you sure meredy?

Meredy: dont worry ul, ill make you proud

Kain: i-i-i-ill................

Caprico: my magic will be useful for landing our troops so i will make my presence known

Hades: good, the rest of you will stand back and watch as we get that much closer to our dream. NOW GO

  • at the Oracion Seis cave HQ*

Cobra: Master it seems Grimiore Heart is planning to attack us with a fraction of their main force.

Brain: is that so? hmp those grimiore bastards. they think just cause their the strongest guild they can do whatever they want. but their treading in our area and have broken the balam alliance. send out all our dark guild allies and counter their forces. now for us.............lets show them who oracion seis really is.

  • the main oracion seis members head out(besides midnight who is sleeping)*
  • as the war slowly begins, the lesser rank members of grimiore heart have lined up outside the worth woodsea with 4 of the 7 kin at the front*
  • in the forest the oracion seis members and their dark guild allies have been scattered throughout the forest in large numbers and ready for combat*



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