I was watching POTC 4 and their music really got me motivated to do this so here u go. A What if Scenario: If Laxus woulda came to help the guild against Phantom Lord:

Mirajane:*talking to laxus through the lacrima* Master is seriously wounded. We cannot find Mystogan. You're our only hope...Laxus.

Laxus:*on the lacrima* Huh?

Mirajane: Please come back... it's an emergency.

Laxus: Serves that shitty geezer right!!! HA HA HA! It doesnt concern me. Go ahead and take care of it yourself.

Cana: Laxus!!! You!!!

Laxus: Isn't that how it is? That geezer started this fight. Why do we have to clean up his mess?

Mirajane: Lucy, our comrade, is being targeted.

Laxus: Huh? Who's that? ah... that big-boobed newbie, huh. Tell her if she becomes my woman i'll help out. and tell that geezer to hurry up and retire so he can give me the masters's position.

Cana:*with an angry look* How dare you...

????:*bursting through the doors* i'll do it!!!

  • everyone turns to look at the doorway*

Lucy:*standing at the door way* i'll be your woman if you promise to help the guild against phantom lord.

Cana/Mirajane: Lucy!!

Laxus:*with an immediate smile on his face* well well well


Cana: you dont have to do this

Lucy: yes i do, if this is what it takes to save us then so be it.

Laxus: hmhmhmhmHAHAAHAHAHAHAH well looks like its settled. we'll figure out the second part of our agreement later. ill take what ive got now *with a cocky face* ill be there soon, dont start the party without me *lacrima shuts off*

  • an eery silences envelops the room*

Cana: Lucy........

Mirajane: is this what you really want lucy?

Lucy:*with tears going down her face* y-yes, i-i would give anything for this g-guild. you guys have d-done so much f-for me. now its m-my turn to give it back........

  • cana and mirajane look down*
  • a sudden rumble occurs*

Guild members: wha? whats that?

Alzack:*barging in* its coming from outside!!!

  • phantom lords headquarters is walking towards the guild through the water on six, gargantuan mechanical legs, similar to those of a spider, which are attached to its sides*
  • all the FT guild members are shocked at this six-legged walking guild*

FT guild member: i never imagined...they'd attack us like this

Other FT guild member: wh-what should we do!!?

  • the walking guild places itself in the middle of the water infront of the FT guild building*

Jose:*standing at the window* prepare the magical convergent cannon, "Jupiter."

  • a massive cannon comes out of the front of the guild building and starts to charge a beam*

Jose: Obliterate.


  • erza starts to run at the guild building*

Guild member: erza what are you doing?

Erza:*still running* Ex-quip

  • erza ex-quips into her adamantine armor*


Natsu:*with gray holding him back* ERZA!!!!

Erza: GET DOOOWN!!!!!

  • suddenly the sky above starts to turn black as thunder clouds form over the area*

Jose: hmm?

  • lighting starts to roar and thunder starts to rumble*

Natsu: whats happening?

Erza: could it be?

Mirajane: Laxus

Jose:*looks angrily* I SAID OBLITERATE


  • the cannon fires a massive energy beam*
  • as the energy beam approaches the FT guild members who are in shock a massive stream of lightning rains down from the sky and intercepts the energy beam with both being cancelled out*


Jose: wh.........WHAT IS THIS? WHAT HAPPENED!!!?

  • as the dust clears laxus and his raijinshu are standing firm facing the colossal guild building*

Erza: l....laxus?

Natsu: LAXUS!!!

Laxus: hmpf, didnt i tell you not to start the party without me?

Lucy:*starting to cry*.........

Laxus:*sneering* oi oi why are you crying? hold your tears woman.

Gray: oi dont talk to her like th-

Lucy:*wipes her tears* no gray its ok, *smiles* yes master

Gray/Natsu/Elfman:*in shock* M-MASTER?!?!

Erza: Master?

Mirajane:*standing next to erza* lucy made a deal with laxus that if he came to help us she would be his woman

Erza:*with a shocked face and looking at lucy*

Laxus:*with a cocky smile* HAHAHAHA see how things turn out when you play by my rules?

Erza: hmpf

Laxus: anyway, i think its time to start the main event. you guys take care of this trashy contraption. ill go clean up the garbage thats inside of that walking pile of shit.

Raijinshu: yes sir

  • all 3 raijinshu fly off into different parts of the guild building*

Laxus: hmmmmm *turns towards lucy* by the way, who was the asshole who had you kidnapped and held you locked up?

Lucy: th-their master, Jose. *points at jose who is standing in the window*

Laxus:*turns forward and closes his eyes* is that so........................*laxus quickly powers up and appears infront of jose*

Jose: wha-

  • laxus punches jose in the face and sends him flying back*

Laxus:*standing in the building opening all charged up* so you're the guy whos been messing with my inheritance.

Jose:*getting up and dusting himself off* inheritance? must be makarovs brat? laxus was it?

Laxus: whats it to you pops?

Jose: hmhmhm *with a psychotic face* boy do you know who i am?

Laxus: no not really and i dont give a shit

Jose: is that right?

Laxus:*staring at jose with a disgusted face*.................

PL(Phantom Lord) Guild members:*barging in* MASTER

  • laxus suddenly blitzes at jose*


  • laxus and jose clash and are holding hands trying to force one another back*

Jose: cant you see im busy you idiots, destroy fairy tail. thats your objective right now. ill take care of the rats. *with darkness magic building up on his hands* YOU THINK YOU'RE A MATCH FOR ME!!!? *jose sends laxus flying back*

Laxus:*recuperates in mid-air and lands on both feet* hmpf you're pretty strong for a jackass, who are you again?

Jose:*ripping his jester-like apparel off* I am Jose Porla, one of the ten wizard saints and master of the strongest guild in all of Fiore Phantom Lord. *covers self with a darkness aura*

Laxus: ten wizard saints huh? *takes his coat off* is that supposed to impress or scare me?

Jose:*charging up* learn your place boy

Laxus:*charging up* bring it on


to be continued

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