Hey guys, remember me?(that guy who posted the blog on if Fairy Tail is worth watching). Well im back and i have watched all the anime episodes up to the current one(89) and i started off on chapter 186 where the current anime episode left off one. I started on July 13(last Wednesday)and i caught up on everything and finished everything thats up to day TODAY. so all in all i've got to say its a very good,entertaining,and funny anime. but the thing the i love the most is the great number of characters and the great character design. i also love the fights, im big on anime fights. My favorite character by far is Laxus, i find him epic and just a "surge" of pwnage(pun intended). My favorite fights are Laxus vs. Mystogan and Makarov vs. Jose. Well now that i have that out of the way, here comes the negative stuff. 1.There is way too much crying, i know its an emotional anime but i think i've seen every character cry in this anime. 2. there are way too many last minute saves. bleach has the same problem. right before a character is about to get pwned someone saves them, it gets kinda ridiculous after a while and i expect it now.3. the character Gildarts is a huge ripoff of the character Shanks from one piece. In all forms too. from character design,personality,and sort of the same history with the main character also he has the same demeanor as shanks from one piece. just a COMPLETE riff-off or steal. Other than that i cant wait to see what fairy tail has in store for us in the future. Now its time to make my first pure fairy tale poll:

Do you think Laxus will succeed Makarov as the next Guild Master?

The poll was created at 01:57 on July 18, 2011, and so far 27 people voted.

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