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Fairy Tail Wikia Podcast 9/29/13

Sup fags and........faggettes? idk anyway, here's this weeks podcast!:

Poll Results

Here are the poll results from last weeks podcast blog:

What would you most like to see Chaos in?
Banana suit with maracas 3 7.5%
Lingerie with snorkel and goggles 8 20%
Sombrero with a fake mustache 3 7.5%
Short skirt + leather jacket 18 45%
Birthday suit 8 20%

Supa sexy, Chaos lookin guuuuuuud~Blow Kiss

This weeks sexeh poll will be:

What fat gelatinous character best represents Umnei?

The poll was created at 19:04 on September 29, 2013, and so far 41 people voted.

Hungry's Whore House Q

What do men want?


  • If you want your questions answered, send them to the podcast email:

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