Yo yo ladies and gents~ Sorry for the late podcast but ive made it up to you with the actual podcast here \o/

Poll Results

Who's kewlist admin?
Rai 6 7.69%
Mega 11% 14.1
Chaos 29 37.18%
Reli 2 2.56
Carrot 30 38.46%

And the kewlist FT wikia admin is CARROT \o/ hooray!!!!

This weeks sexeh poll is:

Who is the cruelest admin?

The poll was created at 18:23 on September 8, 2013, and so far 62 people voted.

Umnei's Whorehouse Qs

• Lights on or off?

• Hook up with your most ideal person knowing you will encounter bad luck or Hook up with the least compatible knowing you will encounter good luck

• Would you rather have sex with your biggest real life crush, or your biggest anime crush?


  • If you want your questions answered, send them to the podcast email:

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