Hhhhhhhheeeeeeeyyyyyyyya youuuuuuuuu guyyyyyyyyyyyys!!! Its the Fairy Tail wikia podcast~ We're early this week cause the chapters were early \(^_^)/ Its another doozy! Check it out:

Ok last week we had a poll as to who was the most annoying user on the wikia. "Surprisingly" WE HAVE A TIE!

Previous Poll Results
Most annoying user on the wikia?
God 6 5.36
Rem 0 0%
Hungry 2 1.79%
Rai 0 0%
FTGM 44 39.29%
Umnei 0 0%
Fin 0 0%
Mega 0 0%
Fleet 44 39.29%
Canuck 16 14.29%

FTGM and FA are tied for second with 44 votes! Now its time for this weeks poll \(^_^)/

If you could hook up with any guy on the wikia which would it be?

The poll was created at 04:51 on July 14, 2013, and so far 140 people voted.

Remember to send in your questions to the podcast's email:

Btw, Next week we will have a guest! So..........YAY

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