Welp, its the last podcast of 2013. What a year it has been. Here ya go guys:

Poll Results

Who should Rai hook up with in 2014?
Reli 4 10%
Umnei 1 2.5%
Another underage girl 11 27.5%
Colonel Sanders (KFC guy) 4 10%
His hand 8 20%
Nobody 12 30%

Well........that's a disappointment. Fuck you guys!(Jk i luv u)

This weeks sexeh poll will be:

What do you hope happens in 2014?

The poll was created at 20:55 on December 30, 2013, and so far 36 people voted.

Umnei's Whore House

Where is the strangest place you would like to have sex?


  • If you want your questions answered, send them to the podcast email:

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