Fuckin BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cough* ahem, obviously im talking about the new FT chapt so im guessing you now know my feelings about it. The beginning of the fight was SO badass. It really was, but then it cut off to Erza and her little drama of her anger. Tbh she should be down and out right now. This is absolutely ridiculous. Jura, a WIZARD SAINT, who has a 7 year advantage on Laxus and even before TS he was stronger than him. So Laxus goes to train for 3 months and automatically he can beat a wizard saint........great -_-. Power levels in FT mean nothing now cause im quite sure sooner or later Natsu will probably beat the 4 gods of ishval through his nakama BS. Same with Erza >_> BUT there is faith............Sting. I think sting is gonna come out of no where and pwn the fairies who are gonna win their fights. But they are all so fuckin tired that sting is just gonna maul through them. Thats my pred, also; with Laxus "beating" Jura, idk how the wizard saint selection is done, but i think Laxus is gonna be considered for a wizard saint position...............ugh this chapter was a disappointment >_< the beginning was awesome but the abruptness of the laxus/jura fight was total garbage. Mashima is turning into Kubo tbh but with his own nakama bs. Im giving this chapt a 4.5/10. Ishy is giving it a 5.5/10. What did you think of the new chapter?

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