Yo faggots! This is your residential asshole Hungry and i have an announcement to make, so STFU!!!, from this point on, once per month, this wikia will be hosting a roast for a certain user. If you do not know what a roast is........then just gtfo and kill no no im jking. For those who dont know, a roast is basically a joke and ridicule session at the expense of a person. Lets say for example that person is me. You will all tell your most insulting and witty jokes and insults or w/e at me. This is completely a friendly event. So i dont want anyone going fucking overboard Extreme Disapproval....Now, here are the rules of the monthly FT wikia roastings:

1. It is the duty of the roaster to make a blog announcing his or her roast with a time and day included.

2. This is a community event, please keep it civil and respectful to the one getting roasted.

3. All roasts will be done via skype at the time and date of the roasters choosing.

4. If you would like to be included in the roast as a roastee. Please write on the blog comments of the announcement blog that you would like to be included.

5. The line ups are done through first come first serve. If you are the first to comment on the blog that you would like to be included, then you will be the first to go when its time for the roast.

6. If you WOULD like to be included, please be sure that you have a microphone for your PC or laptop and that is fully functional with adequate quality. Also, a skype account is required for this. So if you do not have one, make one.

7. When in the conference call in skype, all microphones are to be turned off excluding the roaster and individual roastee.

8. Please have your material that you are going to be saying during your turn prepared before hand. This is not an improv thing.

9. Before you begin your rant or jokes, please announce yourself.

10. After you finish your material, please announce the next roastee.

11. After the roast, it is the roasters duty to make a roast blog with the recorded content on it which I will provide.

12. After it is all said and done, it is the duty of the previous roast to privately ask a certain user that was on the roasting panel to be roasted. If they are to accept then the process begins.

Ok, do all of you have a clear picture of wtf is going on? If you dont...then god help you ( -_-).....OKAY! Now, as your I.T. guy for this type of shit, I will record all the roasts and upload them online and help the roaster post it on their blog. Btw, i cannot stress this enough, this is a community event. If you wanna be apart of it just to hurt somebodies feelings intentionally then you should have no part in this.

Without further ado i will announce the first person to be roasted!!!!!!.......can you guess who it is? Huh? can ya? CAN YOU!?!?!?!? Extreme Disapproval........>_>.............*whispers* its me X3..YAY!!!!

Yes, i will be roasted. I know how much some of you have waited a long time for this >_>......Ok thats pretty much everything that i have to announce. I will soon be formally announcing the roasting with the time and place included in the announcement blog ok? THIS IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUCKING FUN!!!!!!

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