I was reading stuff from the Reborn! Wiki and apparently on one of the Reborn! chapters(273) there was a dream match poll. Where fans voted on the fights they would love happen. That got me thinking, what FT fights would the people here, including myself, want to see. So this is what this blog is for.

We are going to have our own Dream Match Poll!!! YAY, now here are the rules: You pick 3 fights that you want to see happen that haven't happened already. You may pick any combination you want between two people/creature. No group vs. group battles, only person vs. person or dragon or anything, aslong as its two singular combatants. They may also be deceased so it doesn't matter aslong as they are two combatants. After a week we will calculate which fights had the most votes and we will make a top 10 list to the 10 fights that got voted for the most kk? So start votin' on the 3 fights you want to see the most!!!


Since you people love voting for random shit and are not consitent i will be making only the top 3. The 1st and clear winner is:

The 2nd place winner:

3rd place winner:

Thats it, those are the winners. The FT Dream Match Poll is over!!!

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