oh yes oh yes oh yes, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fairy tail is gonna get it. if you saw the raw scans you know what im talking about, if you didnt. here they are:

the last page is fuckin PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of them crying while running away like bitches? YEEEEEEESSS, natsu's tears? i have been waiting for those "real" we're getting pwned tears. im guessing makarov told them to run away and save themselves. while acnologia...............geezus, i thought it would be big but that big? geez. its fuckin rampaging and pwning everyone left and right. no one can even retaliate. sure their injured but i dont think they could own acnologia even if they were uninjured. yea..............i think acnologia is that strong. i think makarov is gonna die, and after acnologia pwns him, zeref is gonna show up on the battlefield and finish makarov off infront of everyone. YEEEEEEEES, that would be perfect. what do u guys think?

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