I saw one of my buddies on OP wikia a while ago made a blog such as this. So now im thinking of doing it. Heres how it works. I will give you 3 days to post the questions you want me to answer. It can be Fairy Tail questions, it can be personal Qs(watch it >_>),it can be relationship advice. ANYTHING GOES, just try to keep it civil and dont act like too much of an idiot. Each user can ask as many Qs as they want per post(FU Conza). It will be first come first serve, the first questions posted i will answer and so on and so forth. Anyway, on the 3rd day i will make a video of me answering those questions via my webcam. Btw, i only answer questions from registered user, no AWCs. If you want your questions answered, make an account. So bring'em on >:D the video will be posted here on the 3rd day:

Answers for "Ask Hungry" Blog55:48

Answers for "Ask Hungry" Blog

UPDATE: Because my original fucked up the sound at 28 min. i redid part 2 >:/

Ask Hungry Blog Part 232:54

Ask Hungry Blog Part 2

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