While Natsu is still asleep, Lucy and Happy is still looking after him. The Manga I read is still a raw so it is written in Japanese. And I think Fairytail is starting to party. Base on the faces of Jet,Warren,Nab and Droy (whose i think is counting the remaining Spriggan 12 members they need to defeat) But Mavis seems to be unhappy. They are interrupted by no other than Jacob Lessio who personally go to the guild. The Fairy tail members got alarmed and some of them shows the signs of being afraid. Jacob also noticed Kinana hihi and Makarov of course got mad ugh/// Jacob joined his hands and in a swift all of the Fairy tail members vanished except for Mavis. Jacob noticed Mavis' presence also and attacked her for many times. As Mavis slowly gets weak. I think Jacob ask where her body is.. and the crystal which protects Mavis is slowly destroyed. Jacob continues to torture Mavis only interrupted by Lucy using Taurus Form to kick him. Mavis then shocked to see Lucy and Happy and she ask why is she still on the Guild . Lucy then explain that Horologium save them and Lucy also found out that Natsu is nowhere to be seen then Lucy transformed into Leo form. Then Jacob started attacking her ONly to be saved by NATSU......... NATSU VS.JACOB HIHIHIHIHIHIHIH


Cover 477

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