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Cover fifty one

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Wha-? What's this? What's this place I see here?
What's that? What's this? To be fair, it doesn't take a seer,
To see that this magazine will be late!

Ostensibly speaking, yeah, it might be kinda my fault, but I've had absolutely no time between all the homework I've been given lately (which kinda came out of nowhere; I mean, like 4 essays, a quiz and a test? Gtfo, college). And, when it comes between tending to the wiki and writing articles, I will pick the wiki every time. So huehue get ready for the return of Wrath, because since TMITA is ending, something I quite honestly hated writing and I now have something resembling a manageable schedule, and something planned for you stooges as well. :'D

With that said, no riddle. Problem? Well, you see...

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred on the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • The retarded Angel (Race) page was deleted, thankfully. >_>
  • The Tenrou Jade arc was appropriately renamed to Zerø arc.
  • After Jacob's stupid-ass Stealth and Transport, Marin's Spatial Magic was finally split up to be a type of magic, and his own magic was listed as being called Rules of the Area. Everything else that manipulates space and pocket dimensions was also listed as being a type of Spatial Magic as well, like Celestial Spirit Magic and Requip...just like when it was first introduced, and we blatantly chose to think that what the characters were saying was wrong.
  • There's a discussion about Rhodonite and Twin Dragons manga open right now. It'd be appreciated if you guys chimed in and sped it up.

Image Changes:

  • Too many to list. Literally. This has been the month of "Let's spam the gallery with worthless shit just because we can, screw whether we need to put any thought into proposals." Some were legit, but the majority of the image votes this month were just trash.

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Kagura Mikazuchi SMA2
Biography March's Sexiest Mage Alive is Kagura Mikazuchi. She's a member of Mermaid Heel and is one of the most powerful individuals in all of Fiore. Her interests include: hating Jellal, mistrusting Jellal, Erza, Milliana, and wanting to chop Jellal in half.
Interesting Trait Her and Erza are from the same village
Guild Mermaid Heels symbol
Best Quote "(To Minerva Orland) "I will not ask again.. Release my comrade while you still breathe.""
Sexiness Full StarFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svg
Who should be April's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 00:43 on April 10, 2016, and so far 141 people voted.

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TMITM Header - March16
This Month in the Manga

March 2016

So...I'm also doing this for March's issue. You seeing why we're late yet? It's because we all got the biggest rectal shaft in terms of school, life, work and so much more. Sue us. >:c But this is probably one of the only times I'll ever do this article, so bear with me as I give a brief summary and then my own thoughts. I'll focus more on thoughts and less on summary than in TMITA, so this may be a tad different from what you're used to with me. However, please don't ignore this article. Give me feedback, dammit!

TMITM Ch 475

Long story short on this chapter, young Ultear showed up because she sensed a time anomaly (or repeated ones, to be quite frank) and can only exist inside the world created by Age Seal. However, the very fact that Ultear showed up and allows people to move insider her world pisses Dimaria off to a very large degree, so in response, Dimaria shows them the reason why she can control time and uses her second magic, God Soul, to allow the Mildian God of Time Chronos to take over her body and she begins by giving her backstory (Dimaria is a descendant of Mildians and let Chronos into her body in exchange for more power) and then shooting Carla, who pushed Wendy out of the way, with a laser beam. Ultear saves Carla by freezing her time and then tells the girls that the only way to save Carla is to defeat Dimaria. She thinks that they're outmatched, but after seeing the girls' determination, she tells them about the only way they can win, which is to use Third Origin: their magic power from the future; however, afterwards they will never be able to use magic again.

Yeah, this chapter was fantastic right up until the last couple pages with "Third Origin." If I ever did see convenience incarnate, this would be it. Fighting a time deity, Ultear shows up, has the power to give them the strength they need via time magic, and they're just going to win? I get Sherria is a God Slayer, but this is just...too convenient for me. Way too convenient. Solid foundation, great middle, questionable end. Dimaria's God Soul is freaking amazing though. Props to design and power, but he made her too powerful. These Spriggans in general are just too powerful. Their defeats aren't exactly very good thus far (bordering on monumentally appalling), except God Serena's.

Score: 6/10

TMITM Ch 476

Ugh, this chapter. Anyway, Wendy and Sherria argue about which of them will receive Third Origin, as one of them needs to keep their magic so that Carla can be healed. Wendy ultimately wins out and has Ultear cast Third Origin, which takes time to take effect, enters Dragon Force and begins to take on Dimaria/Chronos. However, Wendy doesn't do fuck-all-anything, gets rekt by Dimaria/Chronos' Age Scratch, and then gets beamed through the leg. Before she can be killed, an adult Sherria blocks the attack, revealing to have convinced Ultear to give her the Third Origin instead because Wendy is needed for Fairy Tail and that as a God Slayer, only she has a chance of beating Chronos. Sherria is now at the peak of her possible potential and easily defeats Dimaria with like three hits, but then loses magic and reverts to her teenage body. However, Sherria is not deterred by the loss of her magic and says that as long as she has love she'll be fine. Ultear also disappears because with the defeat of Dimaria, Age Seal has stopped working, and from the distance, the old Ultear wishes that her younger years were like Wendy and Sherria's.

Okay, so this chapter was total shit in my opinion. Yet another Spriggan 12 member defeated in a ridiculously short fight. Let's start with the good before I rip this chapter to pieces.

  • Ultear was just a thought projection. We have seen them use magic before (Siegrain made a thought projection of his thought projection, lol), so this isn't bad at all. We get eye candy in the form of young Ultear, but we also have her sacrifice from the GMG completely intact. Ultear can move around in Dimaria's Age Seal, so she creates a Thought Projection and then sends it to the source of the anomaly to help in the only way it can: keep the fighters from becoming immobile. Not bad at all, honestly.
  • God Slayer Magic isn't just a name.
  • Wendy getting her shit wrecked. I was hoping for this. I was hoping Third Origin, especially on a dragon slayer, wouldn't amount to anything against a God, and I was right...except for one little, itty bitty detail that made my hopes come to naught right after this...
  • Where do I start? I guess I can start where I left off right above. Right. Sherria got the Third Origin instead of Wendy, and while adult Sherria is ridiculously hot, I have a lot of problems. The Third Origin, for a limited amount of time, gives you the power of the strongest version of yourself from whatever possible future, and Sherria gets that. However, I don't buy for an instant that Sherria could possibly ever be as strong as someone like Dimaria. The Spriggan 12 are all ridiculously strong. So strong that they all have Magic Power like God Serena's. And what did he do? That's right. He rekt the 2-5 Saints with nothing but his hands. While I understand this claim is sort of distorted with August being stronger than them and Ajeel being defeated by someone like Erza, remember that Ajeel was vastly stronger than Erza. Like on an insane level stronger than her. He got beaten by (somewhat) decent circumstances. So Sherria is stronger than Dimaria in her best future. I guess that means Third Origin could work on anyone since Fairy Tail is a proponent of the multiverse theory, meaning that in anyone's future could they become strong enough to beat Dimaria. #OverthinkingThings Should've just stuck with Wendy, to be honest. Would have been a much better sense of loss than someone like Sherria, who has barely gotten any screen time. Would have also saved her from Acnologia, who without a single ounce of effort, took out someone way stronger than Wendy could ever become in her wildest daydreams.
  • The God of Motherfucking Time just STANDING there with the most retarded look on his face while the enemy talks about a way to defeat him. >_> You can hear them. I know you can. WHY AREN'T YOU DOING ANYTHING?!
  • The God of Motherfucking Time, in his own world, where he rules all, unable to stop any sort of time-based phenomena. I get Dimaria not being able to. However, Chronos can't stop Third Origin at all? Ruler of time himself cannot do anything? What? Sorry, not sorry, I don't buy this load of crock. Fuck off.
  • Sherria defeats Chronos in three hits. No, really. Count. 2 undeniable hits to Dimaria/Chronos, then Ama no Murakumo. Three hits. Sherria gets this power, then automatically beats them. There wasn't even a struggle. This is NOT how you write conflict, Hiro! You don't give the bad guys an inch, then give the good guys a mile! Nor do you give the bad guys a mile and then give the good guys ten! Jesus Christ, this is just terrible. This should have been at least one more full chapter long of a fight. At least. Not eight damn pages. This is the third worst fight in Fairy Tail to date. Right behind last month's travesty that was Laxus vs. Wahl, and then obviously the winner-take-all Erza vs. Kyoka.
Score: 3/10

TMITM Ch 477

Fairy Tail learns of Dimaria's fall and they celebrate, however, Mavis feels uneasy because the markers representing two Spriggans to the east haven't moved at all. At that moment, Jacob Lessio pimp walks into the guild, tells them all that August figured out they were being traced and tricked Warren's radar. He asks for booze but is told to fuck off by Makarov, but he tells them all that it's Respect for the Aged Day in Alakitasia and he wanted to be nice to Makarov before he killed him, adding that he's respecting August by running ahead of him and clearing out Fairy Tail for him to lighten his load. With his magic, Transport, Jacob makes all the guild members vanish with a clap of his hands, except Mavis and her lacrima body; he interestingly notices her and attacks her with a different sort of magic, using her captured friends as a ransom for Fairy Heart, which injures her spirit body and cracks Fairy Heart. Before he can hurt Mavis any more, Lucy shows up and kicks Jacob, revealing that she, Natsu and Happy were saved from Jacob's Transport by Horologium. Jacob doesn't take kindly to being kicked and tells Mavis that their deal now involves Lucy's life: if she gives up Fairy Heart, he'll spare her; but if she doesn't, then he'll chop her up into little pieces. He throws knives at her, but Natsu jumps in the way and melts them, saying that he wouldn't appreciate Lucy being cut into pieces. Insert banter about Natsu enjoying his nap and end chapter.

Alright, compared to last week, this week was a treasure, and then some. First, we have Jacob, arguably the most out-of-the-blue Spriggan to have appeared thus far being actually really cool. He walks into the guild and demands stuff, then refutes the claim of him being an awful assassin by saying that he's so much stronger than them, he doesn't have to work in the shadows. That's really badass, I gotta say. His magic, Transport, is also extremely cool, and it's a type of Spatial Magic, which opens up a lot of possibilities for thwarting him. Lucy is also a real MVP here, the way she stood up to Jacob like that. She's really changed from the old days, and for the better. Honestly, this Lucy who isn't afraid to fight anymore and is willing to what is necessary is amazing. Coupled with the fact that she also fights with her head instead of just her fists makes her someone to really be reckoned with. I also didn't mind Natsu showing back up, because he's been out of commission since the beginning of January, and his scar looks awesome as well. But, now that Natsu is here, it makes one apprehensive. His fight history isn't very good either. He usually has decent battles where he and his enemies are even for a little bit, then he gets overwhelmed, then one-hits them. He usually holds back in a fight then uses some trump card instead of fighting all-out to begin with. While that's normally a good strategy, these are the Spriggan 12. :/ That speaks for itself.

Score: 7/10

TMITM Ch 478

In this chapter, Jacob owns the hell out of Natsu. He beats him in physical combat no problem, and also has a second magic, which is called Stealth; it allows him to make things invisible, see the unseen and to make himself completely invisible (no sound or smell, as well as sight). Lucy summons Loke so he can use his Light Magic to make Jacob visible, which works, but Jacob reveals that he can use invisible weapons and attacks him, Lucy, Natsu and even Happy before grabbing Natsu and subjecting him to "Hell," which is making him look at Lucy, who Jacob has rendered half-naked by making the Leo Star Dress vanish. This doesn't phase Natsu, but it phases Loke, who asks Jacob to take off the rest of Lucy's clothes, and even Jacob himself, who is averting his gaze to not be even more rude to Lucy. Natsu gets an idea and then with Lucy, makes Jacob think that Lucy has taken off the rest of her clothes and become completely nude so that he lowers his guard. When he does, they both kick him in the face, which does little more than make him exceptionally angry and stop taking things easy. Meanwhile, Mavis, who has been watching this whole thing, says that she has discovered the way to defeat Zeref.

This chapter was weird, funny, awesome, and so much more. Okay, Lucy again demonstrating her brain power by summoning Loke to stop Jacob's invisibility. Awesome idea, girl; you're really the fighter everyone in Fairy Tail needs to take after. Next, Jacob's second magic, Stealth, is really OP. Like, seriously. It's not as OP and ridiculous as Age Seal, but it's easily one of the strongest magics in the series and is incredibly versatile, and he uses it in such a good way: to aid his fighting, sneak around, and actually be an assassin. Suck it Max. >:C It was irksome to see Lucy being stripped again, but at the same time, seeing that it did absolutely nothing to Natsu was quite funny, and with the lack of jokes in recent FT chapters, a little humor was appreciated, honestly. The kick in the face got me scared, but seeing that it only pissed Jacob off and made him serious was good. I must also point out that there's a lot of head-fighting in this battle, which I appreciate. Also, no, Mavis' strategy is not to strip herself. Shut up, fandom. >_>

Score: 8/10

TMITM Ch 479

This chapter: Zeref finally has his new clothes, and Invel rallies the troops to keep on fighting even though five of the 12 have been defeated; Zeref remarks that one was done by Acnologia, and says that he will annihilate everything, as no one can stop him. Next, cue Jacob beating the tar out of everyone even harder than before and even getting bored of it. He says that he's now going to start killing everyone he captured with Transport, but Lucy points out that Brandish was captured too, and after checking, Jacob releases her and Marin. Lucy uses this opportunity to summon Gemini, copy Marin and use his Rules of the Area to dispel all Spatial Magic in the area, including Jacob's Transport, which frees everyone. Jacob tries to use Transport again, but Happy pops up between his hands and stops him from doing so; Makarov is also really pissed and punches Jacob through the guild, sending him flying, saying that on Respect for the Aged Day, Mavis is the one he should be respecting the most (because she's technically over 100, remember =P). He then grabs Natsu and throws him out after Jacob; Natsu uses this as an excuse to release his full power and defeats Jacob with Fire Dragon King Mode and Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist.

This chapter was a huge, huge mixed bag. Okay, seeing Jacob take things seriously and make putty out of someone like Natsu was really cool. Lucy again just showing how amazing she is by tricking Jacob into releasing Brandish and Marin so she could free the entire guild was goddamn amazing. Hell, even Makarov's comment about respecting Mavis was even hilarious. Where I draw the line was the Fire Dragon King Mode. When this chapter first aired, I had a really rough time of it, but now that it's been nearly a couple weeks and I've had time to stew it over, the mode is Natsu's own power, and the tattoo was just a booster. I can understand that, and I like it. However, I don't like that it was just so powerful that Natsu just owned Jacob in one hit. This confirms that with the mode that isn't boosted by Igneel's power, Natsu is just as strong as, if not stronger than, a Spriggan 12 member. And before you say that it doesn't count because it's a mode, remember that it's still Natsu's own power. It's not something that was given to him like Lightning Fire Mode. He made this himself. This is the literal equivalent of Super Saiyan to Natsu; it's his own and he can use it whenever he wants. It also apparently takes no toll on him to use. Not liking this at all. While the fight was a good length (Jacob showed up in 477, did stuff, there was fighting between this chapter and last, which makes it three chapters with quite a bit of info as well), the ending was just bad. Another Spriggan 12 just knocked out in a little-to-no hits after a really serious fight in which they were seriously winning. Hiro needs to get his power-scaling straight. He has made Natsu as strong as a Spriggan 12, Laxus waaaaay stronger and nerfed him to scale it down so he had a hard time against an enemy with an advantage against him, Erza rightfully struggle against a Spriggan 12 who was way stronger than her, the 2-5 Wizard Saints completely get demolished by a Spriggan 12 with no effort, and then one just stand there and let themselves get defeated! Do you see the problem? Even he doesn't know how strong they are. And it almost seems like he doesn't care.

To sum up:

Mavis: This is Fairy Tail's problem!
Laxus: This is the entire country's problem. Don't be an idiot.
Hiro: Nah I jk, it's totally Fairy Tail's problem.

Score: 5/10

Final Score: 6/10. Well, that's a wrap everyone! Thanks for reading and we'll try to be on time next month. It's just that all of us have had the roughest months for our personal lives. I hope you understand. And don't forget to comment!

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Wrath This Month in the Anime
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TMITA Header - March16
This Month in the Anime

March 2016

Le Sexy Me: What's this? What? Hmm? I'm somehow back? What is this madness?! I ran away for a reason. I mean, Jesus Christ, what could possibly have made me c- oh, right. The anime is ending, plus I have an idea for an article... Hmm... Well...okay. ( ._.) So I'm here to send the anime off and give my thoughts for it (there is a large chance I may copy-pasta my anime review for that one episode because...I can). Well, let's get this show on the road! And no, this is not Prime in disguise. >:c

TMITA - Ep274

Welps, this episode begins with Warrod arriving where Geoffrey was supposed to be kept and wondering why Mavis failed at doing her one job while Dragon-Yuri continues going on a destructive rampage. Zera then goes up to Precht and starts harassing him about where Mavis is, but he doesn't answer her (cuz she isn't real? Cuz he's in shock? WHO KNOWS...BESIDES EVERYONE AT THIS POINT). Mavis is also being the word headstrong? Is it stupid? I dunno, but she's running at Dragon-Yuri and thinks back to when she asks Zeref to teach her strong magic because Illusion Magic can't be used in a real fight (as we all definitely know XP). However...she then definitely uses Illusion Magic in a really desperate situation. And definitely as a gigantic asshole too, as she creates thousands upon thousands of gold coins that rain throughout Magnolia that everyone in the village thinks are real. Imagine what just went through their heads about what they could do with that money. Imagine how high their hopes were. Think Mavis is so sweet and innocent still? Cuz I don't. Real bitchy move. :'D

Mavis casts an incomplete Law


In reality, the real purpose of the coins is to lure Dragon-Yuri to one spot so Mavis can cast Law, as the miser that is he should still be in there...somewhere. After this we get a whole lot of Mavis trying to get on Dragon-Yuri and almost, and on one occasion actually, getting thrown off of him. Zera is also there but...I didn't, and don't, really care? But Zera says friendship things and then Mavis jumps off the Dragon by herself (did she...really have to jump and be right in front of while she was on top of him? I don't know, really...) and casts Law, which is an incomplete version of this thing that is really powerful that we never ever see anymore, despite its definite necessity in the manga right now. This completely purifies Yuri and destroys the Tenrou Jade, however, Mavis is then found motionless. Dun dun dun?

Filler scene of Mavis resting at an inn and people getting in a fight over doctors' inability to treat her until Warrod shows up with an old woman who is a wizard doctor, and she does some fixing shit. Some time later, Yuri decides to get his ass out of bed and starts freaking out, demanding to know what happened, and he learns that Mavis will no longer grow. Yuri then goes off to find Mavis, and does so, and they have a touching moment where a very visibly upset Yuri apologizes to Mavis for trying to use her to get the Tenrou Jade and blames himself for her condition. They sit together, and Yuri tells Mavis that she is the only other person besides Precht and Warrod that he can say he trusts, and as her friend, he tells her that he, nor anyone else, can see or hear Zera, and tells her that Zera is one of Mavis' illusions.

Well, solid episode overall. Zera is an illusion. Not as big of a shock in the anime as it was in the manga, but the animation was gorgeous...or at least all of Mavis' parts were. :'D Also long live the soundtrack. Yada yada.

Score: 8/10

TMITA - Ep275

Mavis and Zera together

Cute? I think so

So...Mavis isn't taking the news very well, and repeatedly denies that Zera could be an illusion, but Zera confirms this as being the truth and begins to disappear. Zera explains that she originally died on Tenrou Island during Blue Skull's raid, but her illusion was unconsciously created by Mavis after that. The two embrace, and Zera tells Mavis to let her go because the illusion is taking a toll on her body. There's a lot more touchy-feely stuff that I really don't care to describe (but was really good, I must say), and Zera becomes visible for an instant before she disappears where she asks Yuri to take care of Mavis, something he agrees to do. Concurrently, Zera's voice is able to be heard by Precht and Warrod, and they realize that she has let go of the illusion as well. We also get the point of the story here, which is "Zero to A," or "going from being nothing to being something." Does it make sense to you guys? It does to me, but in the comments, if you're reading this, post your own thoughts on Fairy Tail Zero as a whole. ;P

Insert filler of the treasure hunters trying to come up with ways to make Mavis feel better, insert filler of Mavis walking around town, insert more filler of Mavis having dinner with Mako, Miko and other people, insert more filler, more filler, more fucking filler... It has substance, but damn. ( .__.) Long-story short: Guilds have a lot of power in this time, and Blue Skull at least kept the economic status of the town alive, so without a guild, the people are worried their economy will completely collapse. In response, Mavis comes up with the idea to create a wizard guild, because it will keep the town afloat. With Precht, Yuri and Warrod, she creates Fairy Tail, and as such, the three leave Sylph Labyrinth, and we see Drake, Hiroshi and Lala's...great-grandparents? Well, whatever. They look like knobs. Seriously.

The Birth of Fairy Tail

About time we got the real colors. Purple-haired Precht was weird

Then we get correct palettes of the Fairy Tail founding photo, wherein Mavis is selected to be the guild master. In the bushes, Geoffrey the creep decides to create Phantom Lord as an anti-Fairy Tail guild. Flashforward and we get all the important events, including the Second Trade War, Mavis'     , Yuri's death in X700, Precht's descent into darkness, Warrod's leaving of the guild, and then all the stuff we know of in the present. And then, we get a glimpse into X792, where Lucy, now a reporter, is getting ready to write a story on that year's Grand Magic Games.

Overall, it was a really good way to end the Zero story. I got really bored in the filler scenes, though; I mean, it added depth and such, but it was a real drag to watch. But on the bright colors for the FT founders. =D

Score: 8/10

TMITA - Ep276

Le Sexy Me: *Shameless copy-pasta*
Wiki: ಠ_ಠ
Le Sexy Me: Oh, go fuck yourselves. >:C

Anyway, so it's a year later! We've officially, and completely, entered X792 with this episode, and we start off with the Grand Magic Games of that year, which noticeably lack Saber, Mermaid, Lamia, Pegasus, Cerberus and of course Fairy Tail, since it disbanded, and we learn that Lucy is a reporter for Weekly Sorcerer now, after she basically begged not to be a gravure model. We get some filler extensions on how that went down, and filler on her training, which was all good fun, and quite enjoyable.

Natsu attacks the Mages

Long live long-haired Natsu

There's a whole lot more stuff, like some of the fights that day, and what the anime does better than the manga here is that it hits even harder how much Fairy Tail's disbandment has hurt Lucy, specifically how her friends are just out of her life, most notably Natsu, who as we know, sort of unknowingly left her all alone to deal with this strife. Lucy has also kept her guild mark, and has been keeping tabs on all her friends and what they've been doing in case they need to meet up again, which is really sweet. The next day, we get the Grand Magic Games' end, but at the end, a mysterious challenger, who turns out to be none other than Natsu, shows up, melts the stadium (and everyone's clothes), and defeats all the wizards in the arena. Throwback to one year ago, but digging the hair. ( ._.)

Score: 7/10

TMITA - Ep277

Natsu beats up the Mage

High Natsu is pretty scary, actually

And here we are: the final episode of the 2014 series. There is a lot of throwback to the first episode/chapter of the series in this episode, and we even get some bonuses, like Lucy taking Natsu and Happy out for a meal. But anyway, first we have Natsu's little hearing in Mercurius for destroying the Domus Flau, wherein he is pardoned by Toma, who found the whole thing hilarious, just like me. ;P When Natsu goes outside and meets up with Lucy, Scarmiglione also comes up to him and asks him to be their teacher, but he finds the whole thing sketchy and scares them into leaving. However, now we get to the diner scene, because Natsu and Happy have collapsed from hunger which makes Lucy feel the need to take them out for food. While they're at the diner, the two tell stories of their travels, which includes the general, and logical, complaint that they left to go on a training journey without any destination or any idea on what to do. There's also the story of Natsu getting high off a mushroom and chasing after some people who stole Happy's fish (the people who stole the fish are also voiced by other FT member's VAs, in case you didn't catch Levy, Erza or Gray's actors). Long story short, Natsu blows up an entire mountain range. There's also a scene of Jason saying to some of the other writers for the magazine that it's okay that Lucy hasn't shown back up. I'm assuming because he knows at this point that she isn't going to come back to work.

So now Natsu has learned that Fairy Tail has disbanded and he at first feels sad, but then he gets mad, saying that Laxus or somebody else could have just been guild master (take note of the fact that Makarov has gone missing. This is important later on for you anime-only viewers) because the guild means something to everyone, but Lucy drops a nice fact bomb in the fact that Natsu left to go on a journey and wasn't thinking about the guild or everyone else either. After this, they go to Lucy's apartment and Natsu and Happy start by immediately invading her privacy and making a mess of the place. Natsu also gets a haircut and loses what could have been an awesome hairdo later on.

Message of Fairy Tail

What a dumbass...

That night, we also get a very short, silent adaptation of Lone Journey II, where Natsu and Happy met up with Gildarts, and then Gildarts...also blows up a mountain. But only after Natsu gets eaten by a dinosaur. ( .___.) Well, it was still cool. XP That night, we get a glimpse of Michelle's doll right before Natsu and Happy express their disbelief to each other that Fairy Tail could have possibly disbanded, so to make themselves feel better they sneak into Lucy's room and plan to draw on her with marker while she sleeps. Before they can, they notice her wall of information and Natsu realizes that Lucy hasn't stopped thinking about Fairy Tail since it disbanded. The next morning, the royal army is in front of Lucy's apartment and she has the most appropriate wtf face going on; Natsu admits to doing something and then grabs Lucy and jumps out her window (Masayume Chasing starts playing now). As they run, Lucy asks Natsu what he did, and he responds that he put up a signal for Fairy Tail to get back together, which was really just him lighting the castle on fire with the words "Fairy Tail." Lucy then asks Natsu how he can say that Fairy Tail is getting back together; Natsu asks her in return if she thinks that it's actually possible, and then says that they'll get everyone together and remake the guild, which Lucy happily agrees to do with him. After this, we get the world's coolest montage of all the arcs, both canon and non-canon, as well as of Zeref and Mavis, and then the series ends with Natsu, Lucy and Happy on their way to the town over the mountains (assuming that they're talking about Tuly Village), with Lucy proclaiming that they're starting their new adventure.

Well, that's the end of Fairy Tail for now. There are a couple OVA episodes I'll be reviewing when they come out, and the movie whenever that gets its BD release, but basically, for probably another year or so, that'll be the end of this. Will I do it when the anime comes back? Hopefully not. XD I immensely dislike the arc that these two episodes start, but in reality, yeah, if I'm not dead I'll still be writing this.

With that said, this episode probably had the best animation Fairy Tail has seen to date, and it has some of the best animation period, really, between Natsu's Fire Dragon's Roar and Gildarts. The soundtrack as always is probably one of the best soundtracks as far as anime go, and part of me was definitely glad to see the anime end again, but it will definitely be back (that much is confirmed). Will it see a new studio? I kind of hope so. Troyca has always done a fantastic job, not that Bridge is bad per se, but they aren't exactly consistent. We've had just as many derpy moments as wonderful moments in terms of quality, but at least, and I can't say this any more clearly, everything looks exactly like how Hiro Mashima draws it. Legit, you people who say "Old anime is better" I don't understand. May I remind you that for the first entire half of this 2014 series the colors were [too] vibrant? Starting with Sun Village they decided to actually emulate Mashima's actual coloring style. The first anime had characters look nothing like how Hiro draws them, it was oversaturated, SD quality with some of the worst shit I have ever seen come out of a series when the GMG rolled around. Oh, and the beginning animation was trash too. Satelight just said fuck it to the muscly men, and made them all look like toothpicks, and had terrible CGI. Plus the magic circles were really gaudy and added absolutely no substance to the series. Overall, your thoughts on this anime adaptation? =P

Episode Score: 9/10

Final Score: 7/10

See you guys when the OVA comes out!

IamJakuhoRaikoben SuperNatural
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Hello, everyone! Last month I featured Acnologia and I created a poll to ask you guys' opinion on who I chose to portray him (Jason Momoa). I posted the results of that poll below. 46% of you thought it was a good choice. 30% of you thought it was okay. And 24% of you thought it was bad. My choice for Acnologia got good reception! Let's hope my choice for Erza gets even better reception! :D To the 24% of you who didn't like my incredible choice... you can go fuck yourself. ಠ_ಠ

Super Natural
Erza in X791 SN Peyton List SN
Erza Scarlet Peyton List

Erza, was extremely hard to find a counterpart for, but I think Peyton fits the role pretty darn well. Peyton, as you all probably don't know was on an awful show called The Tomorrow People, and on that show, she played a pretty bad ass redhead... remind you of anyone? :D Personality aside, Peyton, like Erza, is gorgeous with a great body. She doesn't have all of Erza's assets (read: boobs), but honestly, that's expecting too much. ( .___.) So, what do you guys think? Is she a good match for Erza? Do you know an actress who'd fit better? If so tell me in the comments! ^__^ And if you don't think Peyton is a good choice, I'd really like to know why. And even if you do think she's a good choice, I'd like to know why in the comments. So comment!

Is Peyton List a good match for Erza?

The poll was created at 00:43 on April 10, 2016, and so far 115 people voted.
Who should I feature next month?

The poll was created at 00:43 on April 10, 2016, and so far 111 people voted.

Sorcerer Logo 2 React!!
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

React - Logo
Logo Fairy Tail right

An article where the Sorcerer Magazine Staff is shown a video and asked various questions about it. Each month features a different video and all available staff members will provide their reactions to it.

If you have any suggestions for future videos that should be watched, please keep them to yourselves ;)

This month's video is:

Ash vs Red RAP BATTLE03:25


IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
What's your personal experience with Pokemon?
A Me. Love. POKEMON!!!! Literally my entire childhood is wrapped up in it.
What do you think about all that Pokemon stuff that invaded the wiki back in 2013?
A: We are all a bunch of nerdy weirdos.
God Real Godisme | Writer
Real Godisme
What was your first Pokemon game?
A: Pokemon Red version which I played on my brand new Gameboy Color that just came out that week.
How much do you think Ash Ketchum sucks?
A: Meh, I only watched the anime up until Johto so he is alright I guess.
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Who won the rap battle in your opinion?
Who'd win a straight-up Pokemon battle between Red and Ash?
A: Puh-lease. Ash be trash. Red is the master.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
How did you get into Pokemon?
A The anime from the 90s. My first game was actually much later, with Crystal.
What do you think is so appealing about Pokemon to have kept it around for about 20 years?
A: I think a lot of it just has to do with people having grown up with it, growing away from it and coming back into it. Pokemon is pretty repetitive but there always does seem to be something cool from time to time. There's no real formula for success but Pokemon has lasted a long time without many fundamental changes, and that's something impressive.
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer
Did you enjoy the video you just watched?
A: It was certainly...different, but if I had to choose between yes and no, it was yes. It was an interesting take on the constant battle within the fanbase: the games vs. the anime. Personally, I'm on the side of the games, so watching Red talk trash to Ash was funny.
How much do you think Ash Ketchum sucks?
A: Dear lord, Ash is such a whiny puss. I really don't like him, and even when I was a kid I never did. He has all these cool Pokemon, and half of them never evolve. Seriously. Look at Unova, where he only had two fully evolved Pokemon that he ever consistently used, which were Unfezant and Krookodile, and Unfezant later got swapped out for Charizard anyway. That team had the potential to be his most powerful, and put Sinnoh to shame, but Unova tried too hard to be a Kanto remake and failed miserably. I'm sorry, but a team of Pikachu, Unfezant, Serperior, Emboar, Samurott and Krookodile could have won Ash a lot of stuff, but the anime never does anything properly, and the closest he got to a full, proper team was Sinnoh. Currently, Kalos isn't that far behind, but in the end, Ash is still second rate to Red, who is so badass that he lives on a snowy mountain and does nothing but train, and then travels to Unova in his spare time to do nothing but shame champions of other regions.

Ultraprime2 Avatar Gate of the Horoscope
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Gate Logo
What's up, people!

As you know, Carrot briefly brought back this article last month for the 50th edition of the magazine. Now, I wanted to see if people would be interested in keeping it around, so I'm making it this month to see what we get.

Just like last month, each zodiac will feature a different question or challenge you will be required to answer/complete in the comments section of this blog. Do so, and you will receive good fortune for the coming month. Fail to do so, and only bad dreams in which you live the life of Rai awaits you!!

Aries Emblem ARIES
(March 21 - April 19)
What is the biggest fail you've committed on the Fairy Tail Wiki?

(April 20 - May 20)
Taurus Emblem
Play Marry/Fuck/Kill with: Monkey D. Luffy, Naruto Uzumaki and Ichigo Kurosaki.

Gemini Emblem GEMINI
(May 21 - June 20)
If you were roleplaying Fairy Tail while having sex, which character would you be and who would your partner(s) be?

(June 21 -July 22)
Cancer Emblem
Choose: Streak naked in Madison Square Garden in front of thousands or kiss a pit viper on the lips.

Leo Emblem LEO
(July 23 - August 22)
Tell us a juicy secret about yourself that few (if any) know.

(August 23 - September 22)
Virgo Emblem
What is your guilty pleasure?

Libra Emblem LIBRA
(September 23 - October 22)
Which anime or manga (yaoi for guys, yuri if you're female) would you insert yourself into? No getting out of it; you have to choose.

(October 23 - November 21)
Scorpio Emblem
Which guy in Fairy Tail would you most be willing to bang?

Sagittarius Emblem SAGITTARIUS
(November 22 - December 21)
What was the last anime you jerked off to?

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn Emblem
Who was your first anime crush?

Aquarius Emblem AQUARIUS
(January 20 - February 18)
Would you rather pay for sex or get paid for sex? Let's assume the person in either scenario is acceptable looking.

(February 19 - March 20)
Pisces Emblem
If you could change something about yourself, what would you change?

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • What would you do for/to me if I gave you a 1,000,000 Jewel?
  • Man, Jacob got his ass beat really bad. If you wrote that fight, how would you handle it?
  • How much do you love anime?
  • What do you think the final Spriggan is like?
  • Have you ever been caught dressing as the opposite gender?
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Freed Justine
What would you do for/to me if I gave you a 1,000,000 Jewel?
A: Buy a collar so I can make a certain someone my slave. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
Man, Jacob got his ass beat really bad. If you wrote that fight, how would you handle it?
A: Everyone would be on the brink of death until Laxus swooped in and saved us all. Then he'd take me into his loving arms and kiss m- I mean, kiss Mirajane. (╥﹏╥)
How much do you love anime?
A: Gay boy says what?
Interviewer: What?
Freed: ಠ‿ಠ Bend over.
What do you think the final Spriggan is like?
A: If he isn't bae, I don't care.
Have you ever been caught dressing as the opposite gender?
A: Never.
Evergreen: Lies!
Bickslow: Lies!
Laxus: Lies!
Freed: You guys!!! (╥﹏╥)
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Natsu Dragneel
What would you do for/to me if I gave you a 1,000,000 Jewel?
A: I'd fight anyone you want! Even Lucy!! MHAHAHAHAHA!!
Man, Jacob got his ass beat really bad. If you wrote that fight, how would you handle it?
A: I'd write out everyone else out and just let me handle him by myself!!
How much do you love anime?
A: Ani-who? Can I fight it?
What do you think the final Spriggan is like?
A: Who cares? I'm going after Zeref.
Have you ever been caught dressing as the opposite gender?
A: O.O Did Happy tell you about the time I tried on Lucy's bra?
Interviewer O_O... I think we are done.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Gajeel Redfox
What would you do for/to me if I gave you a 1,000,000 Jewel?
A: I'd find some dude to produce my record albums and sell them to people and get assloads more money!
Man, Jacob got his ass beat really bad. If you wrote that fight, how would you handle it?
A: I'd be the one handing him his ass! How does he not know how to look at a naked girl!? What's wrong with that guy!?
How much do you love anime?
A: What the hell is anime? Oh, that fruity stuff Levy's always watching. I dunno, what's something with blood in it?
Interviewer: School Days?
A: Yeah, fine, whatever that is.
What do you think the final Spriggan is like?
A: Hopefully not as big a wuss as that bald idiot.
Have you ever been caught dressing as the opposite gender?
A: What am I, the star of the next big hit: Men in Black Lingerie!? Fuck no!

Ultraprime2 Avatar Prime Corner
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Prime Corner Logo

Ultraprime2 Avatar

Ultraprime2 saw the dead "Jakuho's Corner" and decided that since we didn't have much content for this month, he'd take it over and run it so we had a decent issue to put out.

Prime Corner - Welcome

Welcome to "Prime Corner", your source for Fairy Tail Wiki rumors, interviews and more!
Prime Corner - Rumors

Note: Do not assume the following are true. These are all things that I pulled out of my ass:

  • Rai is currently under investigation for watermelon aggravation.
  • Reli is currently in hiding from an ex-girlfriend who claims he owes her a green card.

Prime Corner - Interview

Hello everyone! Since we were running short on magazine content, and we haven't had straight up interviews for a long time, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do one. So everyone, say hello to our wiki's resident therapist, Derax-Pagani !

Fairy Tail Wiki: Tell us a little about yourself.
Derax-Pagani: Well according to N, I’m the wiki’s resident therapist \( ._.)/

Fairy Tail Wiki: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?
Derax-Pagani: Google.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What tips would you give new users on the wiki?
Derax-Pagani: Read the policies for God's sake >.< It's all well and good having the best intentions, but just make sure that your edits are fitting in with the policies so to avoid conflict later on. Also, I’d suggest newbies observe how the more experienced users edit before diving straight into editing, that’s what I did. Oh, and don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes. Some people have been so headstrong and stubborn in their wiki’ing that they seem totally baffled as to why they get ridiculed and banned. Be humble, but don’t be a pushover either. And last of all; HAVE FUN. Seriously, so many people take this way too seriously, it’s stroke inducing.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What are your thoughts on Fairy Tail?
Derax-Pagani: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewbs ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) Honestly, Fairy Tail’s been a weird one for me, a friend recommended it, and despite the fact when watching the anime I was always sceptical about some things, I couldn’t stop watching it. It’s certainly enjoyable if you don’t think too hard whilst watching/reading it, but unfortunately it seems as though it’s something with a hell of a lot of potential that’s just never really lived up to expectations.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Why all the interest in Brandish μ?
Derax-Pagani: Literally the first time she appeared I just fell head over heels to be honest, and ever since she’s just proven herself again and again to be an awesome character in my opinion, one that I can sort of relate to. She’s blunt, to the point, flippant, which might seem superficial until you realise why she behaves that way; because she’s out for revenge, that was more or less her sole raison d’etre, but she didn’t make it seem that way on the outside until confronted by the very thing she wanted revenge from. Not only that, but she’s funny! That and she’s hot. <3

Fairy Tail Wiki: What are your favorite anime and manga? Do you have specific recommendations?
Derax-Pagani: Fav anime: Code Geass, without doubt, which I’d recommend. Fav manga: despite what I said earlier, Fairy Tail. However, I would recommend people read Beelzebub, which was pretty good. Oh, and I’d also recommend the Black Lagoon anime, dubbed or subbed, both are very good.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What are your favorite wiki user pairings?
Derax-Pagani: .....Meji x Toilet (We still do this?) Next question.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Tell us about the sexiest fantasy you've ever had. Leave no details untold.
Derax-Pagani: I turned my old secondary school into a brothel, a very kinky orientated brothel.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Well, that's actually the end of this interview. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Any final words as we depart?
Derax-Pagani: Remember, just because someone seems calm and relaxed on the outside; inside they could be tearing themselves apart. Or plotting how best to murder you. One or the other :3

You heard it here folks; MejixToilet is still alive and kicking (so to speak)! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of Prime Corner. I hope to do this again some time if I get the chance. See you until then!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Last Pollbender
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are! Subjects are to our discretion. c:

Yo! I'm still here and saw that the magazine needed more content so, here I am! Let's get ready to poll dance!

...what the hell was I just saying? Nvm, just check out the polls!

The Manga Spriggan 12
What do you think about Neinheart?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 128 people voted.
Damn, Jacob got his ass kicked hard! How do you currently feel about the Spriggan 12?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 124 people voted.
Fairy Tail Zerø Anime
Fairy Tail Zero is over. What did you think?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 117 people voted.
The anime is over. What do you wanna see when it (inevitably) returns?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 138 people voted.
Spin-offs OVAs
The next spinoff is about Laxus Dreyar. Are you interested?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 130 people voted.
How excited are you about the upcoming OVAs?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 133 people voted.
Recommendations for Rai Spring 2016
Well, I finished up Log Horizon's first season. Rai doesn't watch much anime though. What would you guys recommend to him?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 68 people voted.
What anime from the current Spring 2016 season are you excited for?

The poll was created at 00:45 on April 10, 2016, and so far 79 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion! It will promptly be ignored!

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