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Cover forty seven

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Cover forty seven

Wrath Technical Updates
Wrath022 | Writer


Yo ho all ye scurvy bitches. It was a terrible month! For me, anyway. Wiki-related, it was so-so. Nice to see things getting handled...finally. *Looks at anime forum* Yeeaaaah... I wanted to take a break from the wiki for November, but that nagging feeling that sheer idiocy is occurring kept my up at night, and look, idiocy was running rampant, and I felt totally compelled to do shit. Can't wait until England, which is when I will take a mandatory leave. It'll be refreshing, since this is basically my unpaid job. You're welcome. >__>

Anyway, there's some news regarding me, actually, deeper into the magazine. You'll have to read the articles I contribute to to find it, but just letting you guys know!

So, last month, some person who I can't honestly be fucked to look up got the puzzle right, and congrats to you, person! Good job. I made it easy on purpose. =) Not every puzzle can be as glorious as my Oracion Seis puzzle, but hey. This month we have...a doozy? >_> Weeeeelps, we'll see. Anyway, on with the game! Have fun~

Rof om osu uomo

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred on the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • We finally finished the spin-off forum. My prop was chosen. Now we just have to, like, find people other than just me to do something about implementing it. >__>
  • Brandish's quote at the top of her page was removed because it didn't reflect her personality at all.
  • I closed a discussion about Whoosh's name and the Calamity Curse prematurely like a real dickhead. ;D
  • Courtesy of Umnei, Soul Extinction was renamed to Soul Extinctor.
  • Erza Knightwalkers spear names were changed to take "Spear" out of the spell names. Basically the "Blah blah blah no yari" was the kanji, and the Explosion, Mel Force names were furigana, but it was labeled incorrectly.
  • At some point we're adding Year dates in parentheses to character ages, cuz time passes and we aren't making up ages.
  • Tenrou Jade arc from FT0 got a page.
  • Ice Trail is no longer canon.
  • Wahl Icht's quote was changed because of his reveal.
  • Yoto Benizakura is now a weapon instead of a spell, like it was supposed to have been in the first place. >_>
  • Shadow Dragon's Claw was deleted.

Image Changes:

  • Igneel's profile image was changed in one of the absolute most socked, dirty and terrible votes for a profile image I have ever seen in my life. Over 30 votes. Not one single profile image in the history of the wiki has had that many. Ever. XD
  • The Giant race had their image changed.
  • Rogue's profile picture was changed to a sexier one.
  • Avatar arc and Alvarez Empire arc pages got new profile images.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
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Cutest Loli Alive
Mavis Swimsuit
Mavis Vermilion SMA2
Biography November's Cutest Loli Alive is Mavis Vermilion. She's an immortal Mage of Fairy Tail and its first Guild Master. Her interests include: strategy, Magic, friends, family, and of course, making out with 400 year old evil entities who are hell bent on the world's destruction. ^__^
Interesting Trait She was Zeref's lover!!
Guild Fairy Tail symbol
Best Quote "...the love between the two that have been living with the curse have brought the highest level of contradiction. The more one loves, the more one will take away from another. This curse has taken my life from me, even if I was supposed to be immortal."
Cuteness Full StarFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svg
Who should be December's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 09:36 on December 6, 2015, and so far 211 people voted.

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God This Month in the Manga
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TMITM Header - November15
This Month in the Manga

November 2015

Hey hoes, I have not 1, not 2, but 3 job interviews coming up before christmas. So what does this mean for you? Im half assing my article cause I need to prep for those.

TMITM Ch 459

Ok so lets see, color pages, yay! We have Erza falling to the ground after defeating Ajeel. Natsu goes to catch her and Naza fans scream in delight. But really, who even likes Naza? Thats some dumb shit right there. Erza uses her last bit of energy to fist bump Natsu. Elsewhere, with the sandstorm subsided, Brandish comes down with hay fever due to the dust and pollen being stirred up. Seizing their opportunity, Lucy and Cana take her captive after knocking her out. Meanwhile, Gray, Juvia and the Strauss Siblings take on Wahl Icht and his machias soldiers. Though they fight, their attacks do nothing as the soldiers are the perfect counters to their abilities. Leaving them to struggle, Wahl takes off to Kardia Cathedral to confront the Thunder God Tribe. Once there, he creates weakness soldiers that once more counter their abilities perfectly. The Thunder God Tribe tries their eye magics but they dont have any effect. Wahl then transforms, reveal he is a machias, a machine race capable of using magic. However, before the machias they begin to short circuit as Ichiya arrives on scene with his Thunder Parfum.

I didnt particularly care for this chapter. There wasnt anything wrong with it necessarily, but it just didn't offer much. Wahl's abilities are a bit interesting but bland at the same time.

TMITM Ch 460

Naked Lucy on the cover, nothing to see here folks.

So as everyone is shocked (literally!) to see Ichiya, Wahl scans Ichiya to find he has so weaknesses it causes an error. Ichiya then gives a nakama speech about how the Thunder God Tribe is family. He then unleashes his poison parfum on Wahl but as Wahl cannot perceive smell, it has no effect. Wahl attacks and Ichiya inhales his thunder parfum and unleashes a manly bolt of justice on Wahl who simply absorbs it and uses it to grow stronger. Wahl then tells Freed to undo his runes but the others try to fight him off. Meanwhile, Gruvia and the Strausses figure out how to beat Wahl's soldiers and simply switch opponents. Wow, so clever! So the Thunder God Tribe does so as well before Natsu informs them that they took down all the invaders and Freed can then fight and together with Ichiya, they take out Wahl as everyone then heads back to the guild.

Aside from the switch opponents thing, I liked this chapter. It was feasible for Wahl to go down considering he had a billion attacks thrown at him and Ichiya and Freed are both very powerful in their own right. Not bad.

TMITM Ch 461

With Wahl defeated, the Thunder God Tribe ask why Ichiya is there. Ichiya goes on to explain to them that after they all took his air ship back from Alvarez, Ichiya had been there ever since, its just that no one had noticed him. Suddenly, Freed notices Wahl's head and knocks Ichiya down as it explodes. As the smoke resides, Ichiya finds that all three members of the Thunder God Tribe had jumped on top of him in order to save him, leaving themselves injured. This brings Ichiya to tears. Out at sea, the now revealed to be the real Wahl bursts into laughter over his proxy's accomplishments and the developments thus far, but Dimaria tells him to stop as he is ruining the sound of the waves. After Wahl says they captured Brandish, Dimaria bursts into laughter before Wahl decides to try and end things now, creating a giant canon that he fires towards magnolia. Before the shot can connect though, Ichiya pilots his ship into the blast, soaking it up whilst calling to the other guilds to join the fight.

Okay, I loved this chapter. The comedy with Ichiya in the beginning, the reveal that Wahl wasn't defeated, other guilds joining in. This chapter got me really pumped. Now I really want to see more Dimaria though. Of the remaining spriggans we dont know much about, she intrigues me the most. I am just hoping we get a good Kagura + Erza vs Dimaria fight or my dreams will be ruined.

TMITM Ch 462

My girl on the cover, looking fine as always. I know a lot of people were saying how they like the new kimono on her but I actually prefer her old clothes. The old ones kind of exemplified how she was this badass warrior but also really girly as well. Oh well.

With everyone now recovering, Mavis is all disappointed that other guilds are coming to help, saying she wanted to keep it just fairy tail business. Laxus basically calls her a dumb bitch and says it was going to happen then swears revenge on Wahl. Meanwhile we get some overly gratuitous....BRANDISH ASS?!!! ILL TAKE IT! So Brandish is captured and Macao and Wakaba get all disgustingly pervy on her. Lucy comes in and pushes them away before asking about her mom. Brandish refuses to talk and says they should kill her or they wont get the chance again, as Marin hides outside. Elsewhere, Invel informs Zeref that Ajeel and Brandish have been defeated but Zeref says they are still alive, which is the enemy's greatest weakness. Back at the guild, Mavis begins assigning groups to different fronts to meet up with the other guilds and they soon learn that Natsu has taken off on his own. As everyone gets upset, a wobbly Erza says Natsu will be fine. Mavis then reveals that the eastern front will be guarded by Jura, Warrod, Hyberion and Wolfheim. Just then, they locate Natsu as they track him headed straight for Zeref on his own.

This was an okay chapter. Nothing too notable aside from Natsu being an idiot though.

TMITM Ch 463

At the guild, Erza and Gray argue over Natsu with Gray saying he is an idiot for what he is doing while Erza says he is going to be fine. Lucy breaks it up and Mavis decides to trust in Natsu. Everyone says they are worried for Natsu but Carla says he will be fine as Happy is with him. Natsu then flies around, blows up some soldiers and Zeref then greets him as they prepare to fight

And if my summary seems short, its because THATS LITERALLY ALL THAT HAPPENED IN THE CHAPTER. It was so shit.

TMITM Ch 464

Stripper Jenny O_O

As Natsu and Zeref stare each other down, Invel and Zeref's soldiers learn of his true identity. Zeref tells everyone to back up and Natsu sends happy away. Natsu unwraps his arm, revealing a tattoo. Zeref senses Natsu's incredible power now and the two then begin to try and beat the living crap out of each other. After a while, Zeref asks what that power is and Natsu says it is the remnants of Igneel's magic that he left with him and it took ten months of training to be able to use it. Natsu says once he uses it up, it will never regenerate as he then activates Fire Dragon King Mode and assaults Zeref and Zeref thinks it may be able to kill him, thanking those important to him before the attack hits, Mavis, Layla and Anna.

The fight is kind of whatever. Natsu's power up makes sense for once which I liked, however, the intriguing thing here is Layla. Zeref knew her somehow and I am curious as to how

Thats all for this month. Wish me luck on my interviews.

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Wrath This Month in the Anime
Wrath022 | Writer

TMITA Header - November15
This Month in the Anime

November 2015

Le Sexy Me: Well, originally I didn't plan on doing this article this month, but since the magazine is late anyway, I figure why the fuck not, right? This is gonna make bitch's article look like total crap, because he thought that I wasn't doing mine and half-assed (or eighth-assed as he put it once) his article. Sucks to suck, fag! Also, thanks Prime for doing the images last minute, cuz Reli couldn't this month.

TMITA - Ep258

Little Natsu looking for Igneel

My heart panged a little

Let's begin a la sad recap of Natsu searching for Igneel, then recap of Igneel showing up again, and then recap to Zirconis' description of Acnologia after the opening theme...and then we watch Igneel and Acnologia pound the crap out of each other in something that doesn't look like an animated version of two four year old boys trying to make Barbie dolls make out with each other. Down on the ground, we get talk that I...don't really care for, honestly. Just ponderings between Lucy, Levy and Juvia, however, Levy does bring up an interesting question: Could Metalicana have been inside Gajeel too? Well, we don't get an answer to that, and instead we get Sting and Rogue's heartbeats calming down, culminating in them noticing that Mard Geer has vanished and that two dragons are duking it out in the sky; we get a cut to Wendy waking up now, and she too wonders who the dragon battling Acnologia could be...alongside the FT fodder wizards (and Cana)...and Erza, Kyoka, Really-Fucking-Hot-and-Distracting-Crotch-and-Boob-Shots Minerva, and the lame Exceeds (minus Frosch, who is ADORABLE AT ANY GIVEN TIME).

Igneel's Fire Dragon's Roar


Jesus Christ, how much time are we gonna waste on "omg look, it's a dragon! I mean, I know we saw them a few months ago, but like, look, a dragon!"? I guess only time will tell, because Mard Geer also comments (ugh...) that the dragons have messed up his plans and that he has to now acclimate to their arrival, but now we cut again (this is getting annoying...), this time to Gajeel asking Natsu if Igneel was really inside him; Natsu replies that he doesn't really know, but then gets mad angry and jets up to Igneel, latches onto his wing, and pesters him with all the questions we may or may not be having (like, "WHEN DID YOU GET INSIDE MY BODY I DON'T REMEMBER EATING YOU LELELEL" or any variant thereof). Igneel gets distracted by this, though, and notices that Acnologia is coming back, so he grabs Natsu, tells him to shut the fuck up, and then fires the most epic Dragon Roar I've ever seen in my life. Like holy balls, what the hell is this? It's like a frigging nuke...but on fire! Natsu even thinks that it's badass, but Acnologia wasn't fazed at all, and here we get to see where Natsu got his catchphrase from, because Igneel responds that he's "Getting all fired up". Igneel then extorts Natsu quite well, asking him to get the Book of END from Mard Geer down below; he is not to open or destroy, only to retrieve it, because apparently he is the only one who can do so, and his reward is an answer to every question he may have, all put out in the form of a formal guild job request. Natsu accepts this and Igneel flings him towards Mard Geer, and on the way down, Natsu makes sure Igneel remembers that he promised to tell him everything and tells him not to disappear.

The double Iron Fist of Fire Dragon

Falcon Punch~!!

Now, Mard Geer parries Natsu's attack, and Natsu reveals to him that he's the son of Igneel, subsequently dodging all of Mard Geer's Thorn Brambles and landing a really epic Fire Dragon's Iron Fist on him, right as Igneel does the exact same thing to Acnologia up above. Talk about father-son bonding time. At this, Mard Geer tells Kyoka, via Telepathy, to hasten Face's activation by forming an Organic Link with the Face Lacrima. She states that if she does so, then her life will end, but Mard Geer, in the most snide way, tells her, "So what," and she relents to his will, as doing so will put them one step closer to returning to Zeref. She then connects to the Lacrima, which lights up every Face locator on the grid, and explains to the wizards below that if they kill her, the timer will stop, though she internally states that when Face goes off, she'll die regardless. Now in her Etherious Form, Kyoka lunges at Erza, who mocked her "overconfidence", and shattering her sword and cracking her armor, stating that she doesn't know the true might of the Nine Demon Gate Kyoka.

Score: 7/10. The anime team cannot anthropomorphize Igneel for shit. In the manga, he was full of human expressions; smiling, surprise, joy, rage, etc. And in the anime, they draw him with the same face all the while. He looks like a damn mime. I mean, it was a cool episode overall, and anything is an improvement over 257 and their idea of an episode that is ultimately tantamount to an art gallery featuring music. The content was average, the soundtrack overall was glorious (that seems to be the carrying feature of these episode, I guess), and the animation was just above average, minus Igneel, I suppose, who albeit looking badass, except in his scenes where he requires to express emotion.

TMITA - Ep259

Oh. Good. The animated version of two of the worst Fairy Tail chapters to date. Hang on, I have to nag at Rai about this.

*Ring* *Ring* Ring*
Rai, it's me. I know I said I wasn't doing TMITA, but I changed my mind last second. But this month, we had the animated Erza vs. Kyoka. Can I skip it?
When I stand up and look down, can I see my dick past my stomach?

...okay guys, you heard the guy. I have to write about it. *sigh* Alright, here we go...

Kyôka alters her enemy's sense of pain

I...had no other image to stick in here #toolazytouploadmyself

So, picking up where we left off, Armadura Fairy is destroyed. Everyone is surprised cuz Kyoka did it in one hit, and then the demon who was incredibly hot, but now looks like a hardcore lesbian with that haircut, speeds up Face's timer. This prompts Erza to requip into the Black Wing Armor and attack, but Kyoka stops her from getting close with shockwaves, revealing that her Curse Power, which is also called Kyoka (Enhancement), increases her power with no limit in sight. She also reveals to the group that when Face activates, she will die regardless of whether they stop her or not, and then shatters the Black Wing Armor. Erza goes into Heaven's Wheel now, and tries to nakama speech Kyoka, but she is immune... ...she is immune to this! She responds by using her Enhancement Curse to alter Erza's sense of pain to the maximum, which also affects the Exceeds and Minerva to a lesser, but still severe degree. Mira, however, is out of range and instead just flops around. Reminds me of a certain scene from a certain opening theme...


Cut to filler of the Igneel and Acnologia battle, making it already more interesting than what we saw in the manga. The battle is so intense (the heat from Igneel and the shockwaves) that wizards on the ground are forced to take cover; concurrently, Natsu keeps trying to take END's book from Mard Geer.

Erza's light


Now, back to Kyoka vs. Erza. Kyoka's curse has made it so that moving causes excruciating pain to all hit by it, except Erza, who is literally crippled and forced to the ground from a mere buff of breath from the Demon Gate. Kyoka then rips off Erza's armor, taunting her while she does so, and then strips her of her five senses, effectively making her just a living, breathing, play toy. Even though Erza cannot hear her, Kyoka promises to make her a puppet for Mard Geer to play with, and Erza stands up, punches Kyoka, and tells her that the pain she feels is nothing compared to the ultimate pain of losing one's friends...



...anyway, something much more interesting happens! Igneel and Acnologia fight so hard that they take their battle underground! I know, right? As Natsu continues to fail to take END's book, Kyoka cannot fathom Erza's strength, as she should be completely disoriented, with no way to tell where she is, let alone if she's standing or not. Erza then continues to land hits on Kyoka, causing Pantherlily to come up with a legit possibility to this occurring: could Erza have developed a sixth or seventh sense as a result of her other senses being robbed? Kek you guys wish. Happy replies, "I have a better explanation! IT'S BECAUSE SHE'S ERZA"...and they go along with it. ( .____.) M'kay... So Kyoka now speeds up Face's timer even more and attacks Erza multiple times, with each strike offering up the pain equivalent to having entire limbs ripped from her person, but guess what? THIS DOES NOT DETER HER. No, Erza keeps fighting and actually defeats Kyoka, who claims that Erza's power is the real one that is "limitless". Smh.

Minerva kills Kyôka

Censored, but otherwise still cool

However, Kyoka is not dead. Erza falls over, unable to keep fighting as the timer ticks down to its last like, 30 seconds, and Minerva uses her Territory to switch spots with Erza, grab her sword that went flying, and stab Kyoka right through the heart, killing her. However, before she dies, Kyoka smiles, and they all look up to see that Face's timer has hit 00:00 before she passed on, turning on all 3,000 pulse bombs.

Score: 5/10. The episode was still crap, because the actual content was based on crap. There's also something to be said when filler involving the comments of FT fodder wizards has me more interested and entertained than the actual focus of the episode. It was just animated version of garbage. The soundtrack was gold, again, and all the key parts of the episode were animated good to excellent, but, honestly, the animation wasn't that good as far as consistency went. Kyoka's voice actor also really sounded like she forced all her lines. It didn't sound like her at all, honestly. Shit is shit, no matter how much you look at it. The only difference is that I've come to accept that it's shit after 14 months between the chapter and the episode. :/

TMITA - Ep260

Three Dragon Slayers against Mard Geer

It's clear who the hottest of the bunch is '-'

Let's do the time-warp dance and go back in time 20 minutes, because that's when this episode takes place! Natsu continues fighting Mard Geer, and calls out for Igneel and him to do their jobs; Natsu rushes at Mard Geer, but the Underworld King blocks his attack and then karate chops Natsu through floors and floors of Cube. Up above, Igneel almost gets hit by Acnologia's roar courtesy of being distracted by Natsu being smacked around. He then talks to Acnologia and he...talks back! Oh man, if I had ovaries, they'd be throbbing, cuz his voice is to die for. '-' Acnologia replies that he is displeased that dragons still live and that he's going to "slay" Igneel. Below, Mard Geer tries to kill Natsu with his Thorn Brambles, and as he his luck is about to run out, Sting and Rogue arrive and destroy them. They briefly catch up, giving Natsu status updates on everyone, but their complacence ignites something in Mard Geer, resulting in him delivering unto them a fierce gaze. Sting and Rogue pitch teaming up to take down Mard Geer to Natsu, but Natsu declines, saying that he's gotta do it alone for Igneel; Rogue begins to insult Natsu's intelligence (rightfully so), but my man honey is stopped by Sting with a gg no re, and he instead tricks Natsu into thinking that they start a competition to see who can defeat Mard Geer first, which he accepts. They all attack Mard Geer together, but their combos ultimately amount to almost nothing, as he comes out virtually unscathed. However, we did get a cool shot of all three of them together!

Mard Geer recalls anger

Better than the manga panel, surprisingly. Fury is hot

Mard Geer monologues now that the arrival of two dragons (and possibly more), and the nonchalant gallivanting of the dragons' children around his castle has made him recall a feeling he had abandoned long ago: fury; however, Natsu decides to take this opportunity to shit talk Mard Geer, saying that he's finally caught up with humans. Back to Igneel and Acnologia, Igneel forces the battle to ascend above the clouds, where he states that he's been waiting patiently for the day he could kill Acnologia and end the last terrible legacy of the dragon race (Rave reference intentional). The two charge at each other again as Wendy, Pedobolt and Carla close in on the remnants of Cube. Uh, start fillers, because we get some more of the Lamy battle, which I'm gonna just say was cheap and not funny. Basically there was a lot of, I'll call it, "Lamy Bowling" and Warren being called ugly. Back to Lucy, Gajeel and Levy, Juvia I guess is out cold again (just noticed that she goes from totally fine to dead a few times lol), and Gajeel opts to carry Laxus when Levy tries to carry him (rather than assist Natsu or Igneel), and makes her carry Juvia instead. There is also mention of the song Natsu owes him. Whatever. (.-. )

So we cut back to the concurrent Kyoka vs. Erza (which is still going on at this time), and Erza is in her flame pants instead of Black Wing Armor for some reason. Now we go back to the battle of the Lamys, which finally ends (Lisanna gave one of them a sexy neck bite. I'm convinced now that at least one of the Lamys might start preferring women now :'D); Lucy rendezvouses with this group now that Juvia and Levy left, telling them that she's okay, despite remembering the departure of Aquarius and becoming quite downtrodden. She explains to them that Gajeel and Levy are taking Juvia and Laxus to Porlyusica, Gray got a new power and is currently off doing his own things, and that the red dragon up above is Igneel: Natsu's dad. Wendy, Carla and Pedobolt then arrive, and above Warren, Jet and Droy's reaction over Wendy's hair, Wendy and Pedo tell the group about the thousands of Face bombs. Now we see some of Gajeel and Levy's travel to Porlyusica, where he tells Levy the origin of his comment about Natsu making a song for him; Gajeel also says Laxus should make a song for him since he's helpin him out, but Levy points out that Gajeel should make a song for her since she helped him in his fight against Torafuzar...which he does. Holy shit. Shoobie-do-ba motherfuckers. :'D

Mard Geer overpowers the Dragon Slayers

Sexiness comes in many forms

Back to the Dragon Slayers vs. Mard Geer, which gets serious now. Mard Geer walks over to his throne and sits down before unleashing a giant can of whoopass. He lets loose gigantic Thorn Brambles, blows away Natsu when he tries to hit him, and then makes roses on Sting and Rogue's chests that blow them up too. .-. Natsu then rides along the Brambles and hits Mard Geer with Fire Dragon's Sword Horn, boosting its power with Fire Dragon's Roar, and sends him off the throne. Surprisingly, he calls in an assist; Sting and Rogue let loose Holy Shadow Dragon's Flash Fang, but Mard Geer diffuses it. This moment allows Natsu to hit Mard Geer with Lighting Fire Dragon's Percussion Hammer, though Mard Geer is unfazed completely, gives the second most condescending smirk I've seen from him, and blows Natsu away before falling right back into the sitting position on his throne. He then gladly goads the Dragon Slayers by saying he hasn't even shown his Etherious Form yet, showing off his first most condescending smirk in the process.

Now, Wendy reveals her plan to have Warren use his telepathy to reach out to guilds across the continent to destroy the Face bombs, but he reveals that his maximum radius is 5km (about 3 miles) in every direction, and such a thing is impossible. They begin to lose hope, but Makarov gets a hold of them telepathically and tells them that they still have Fairy Tail's ultimate weapon: Lumen Histoire, which is Mavis' body encased in crystal!

Score: 8/10. Superb episode. Animation was great; minus Lamy's bit, the filler was quite humorous; plot was progressed quite accordingly; we got badass Mard Sexy; the Dragon Slayers teaming up; Acno's voice; and so much more, like LUMEN HISTOIRE! Which although it is a naked loli, it certainly brings up a lot of questions, doesn't it anime-only people? ;o

TMITA - Ep261

Let's pick this shitto up! Makarov tells everyone to come to the guild's basement as the guild was blown up, but Elfman refuses as he feels guilty for blowing it up. Makarov allows him to do as he pleases, but then privately contacts Doranbolt and asks him to come to, as he needs to wipe everyone's memories about Lumen Histoire, including his own. Doranbolt asks if he's sure he'll tamper with his own memories, and Makarov says that he's quite positive he will (ominous, huh?), and then we have talk about the dragons that I'm going to skip because it's contextually irrelevant. Some Igneel and Acnologia again, where Igneel makes Acnologia chase after him even higher than before to a place in the sky where he claims he no longer has to hold back. Acnologia then talks about destruction some more. he a one-subject pony or what? ( .____.)

Zeref's Etherious

Umm, I had nothing else to put here. Still too lazy for uploading :'D

Back to the ground! The Dragon Slayers are essentially amazed that Mard Geer is undamaged after all their teamwork; Natsu brings up their competition on who can beat him first and says that he's going to win, to the Twin Dragons' surprise. Mard Geer then tries to contact Kyoka and tell her to hasten Face's activation further, but she is too engrossed in her battle with Erza (inconsistency time: Erza is wearing Black Wing Armor and then requips to Heaven's Wheel, when last episode at the "concurrency" she was wearing Flame Pants) to listen, which he recognizes, but expresses that he is glad she hasn't forgotten her mission. At this point, Sting questions why Mard Geer wants to wipe out magic across the continent, and he explains that it's to revive END and return to Zeref's side. Rogue retorts that if he wants to go "see" him then he can go alone, but Mard Geer explains that Zeref created the Etherious to kill him, and that "returning to him" is a genetic written in that causes his creations to lust after killing him, which none of his other subordinates have realized. He then says that END was Zeref's masterpiece, but that for some reason he was put back into his book with a seal that could not be broken as long as magic was present, hence the need for Face. Sting points out that humanity didn't have to be involved in their ploy, but Mard Geer offers up a pretty realistic perspective in the form of a query directed at Sting, "When you walk somewhere, do you avoid stepping on the weeds in your path?"

Mard Sexy then unleashes some more whoopass from his seemingly bottomless can in the form of a self-described prison flower and accompanying vines that swat away the Twin Dragons and trap Natsu. As he is about to be killed (again) by Mard Geer, Gray arrives and freezes the plant and Mard Geer's arm, as well as return Natsu's scarf. Gray reveals to everyone that he's a Devil Slayer and goes on the offensive towards Mard Geer, who realizes that he's fighting Silver's magic, and never expected Silver to betray him in the way he's witnessing. Mard Geer is overwhelmed by the Devil Slaying Magic and is actually about to be killed by Ice Devil's Zeroth Long Sword...but the attack is interrupted by the frozen prison flower breaking and Gray being intercepted by its hidden occupant, who is none other than...Jiemma? Wat? Okay then. ( .___.)~

The Twin Dragons face Demon Jiemma

The closest thing Rogue is going to get to consistent animation for months to come ( .___.)

Sting and Rogue crap their pants, and after a whole lot of Jiemma's "Kek I'm da strongest in da wurld u can't order me around mayn" talk, Natsu tells Sting and Rogue to essentially stop being pussies and charges at Jiemma, but he is blown away. His resolve however, becomes theirs, and they attack their old master, who exclaims that that he's been waiting for forever to kill them, but they are blown away some more. Then we get some godly animation (the same from the PV) that honestly looks so out of place. XD Anyway, after that piece of animated gold, Mard Geer goads Gray by saying that his Devil Slaying Magic is too green to work on him in his true form, and with that, we finally get Mard Geer's Etherious Form. In his epic new look, he declares that it's time for them to start the final battle.

Score: 8/10. Ngl, awesome episode. Though there is something to be said when amazing animation makes you double-take, blink a few times, scratch your head and ask, "What is this doing here?". Preview for 262 looks amazing though! Here's to hoping, right? Also, I guess we're never gonna see Zeroth Long Sword animated. XD At least we'll have Destruction Bow~

Combined Score: 7/10. That's all, folks! Later~

Fairy Raven Avatar Raven's Coven
FairyRaven | Writer

Raven's Coven

Hello FT wiki~ it's been... well, a month ( ._.) and an uneventful one at that. Does November mean anything for anyone non-American? I don't think it does. Well, that doesn't matter, because this month on the Coven, ONLY THE MEANEST OF MEANEST, THE STRONGEST OF STRONGEST, THE EVILEST OF EVILEST WILL BE FEATURED!

And according to you, this is Zeref Dragneel. Let's get on with it then.

Obviously, spoilers will follow for anime-only viewers.


Zeref appears at Tartaros' HQ


Zeref looks like a guy just out of his teenage years, and probably going through his emo phase. Dark hair with emo hairstyle, dark eyes that occasionally turn red when he's pissed and...that's pretty much it ( ._.) oh, he also has an ancient Greece theme to his outfits (and also his history I guess). There's not really much to comment on here.

BUT what is interesting (and sort of a twist at the beginning) is that his design is not what you would expect from the most evil sorcerer in history. He doesn't look old or all that menacing either, which makes him all the more interesting to watch. So while his appearance is really simple, I like the fact that it's not what you would expect from him. So props to Mashima, I guess.

7/10 It is okay I suppose.



is this gif Zeref's entire characterisation or what?

I'm conflicted about Zeref's personality. There's a really interesting concept introduced with the character; the more he loves and appreciates life, the easier it is for him to erase life around him. This happened due to his extreme desire to return his brother back to life, which caused the god Anksheram to curse him with this contradiction.

That very contradiction caused Zeref to go semi-mad somewhere along the course of his immortality, as noted by Mavis in one of their last encounters. After her death, he secluded himself, also going to Tenrou Island, away from all living things. Then he spent a period in self-hatred and self-pity (also being appreciative of life during that), which triggered him to ask from Natsu to kill him. After the events of Tenrou, though, he became more cray cray than ever; he decided to stop caring for life once and for all and to erase humanity. So while he looks really calm and supportive of his people in Alvarez, the very fact that they remain alive reveals to the reader that he doesn't really care for them, which is fascinating I suppose...


But I guess it's cool because it's like he has a truth serum inside him; you can guess where he is emotionally and mentally simply by what happens around him.

Needless to say, there are many contradictions to his character and sometimes he doesn't make sense. The reason I'm conflicted about it and don't call him out on it, though, is because I think that's how the character is supposed to be; due to his contradictory curse, maybe his actions and feelings are supposed to not make sense and come into contrast between them. That's why I think Zeref is a brilliant character, and I tend to enjoy him whenever he appears.

9/10 Hell yeah!



Zeref basically has one, really overpowered form of Magic; he kills everything on his way. Another contradiction is that he can also create life, as shown by his numerous Demons, who have a life on their own.

Which is okay, I guess? I'd like him more if he was like August and could perform any and every form of Magic. I don't know, I guess I expected more from the main antagonist of the series rather than his ability to kill. I appreciate this contrast in his abilities, but I'd like to have more than one line to describe Zeref's abilities ( ._.)

6/10 Cool?


Needless to say, as the main antagonist of the manga, Zeref is the most important person in the series, other than Natsu and maybe Lucy. He is the final villain probably, he literally has killer Magic, and he has a special connection to the main character, being his brother (sort of). He's also connected to a variety of plot devices like LH/The One Magic, the various Demons encountered through the beginning of the series, Mavis, Anksheram, Igneel etc. We don't yet know how he is related to ALL of them, but we're positive he does.

9/10 Mucho important!

All in all, as a character Zeref scores...7.7/10!!! Wow, that was really close, he almost surpassed Jellal, but sadly he'll have to settle for second place.

Mage Ranking
Jellal Fernandes 8/10
Ultear Milkovich 7.6/10
Mirajane Strauss 7.5/10
Gray Fullbuster 7.2/10
Wendy Marvell 7.0/10
Lucy Heartfilia 6.8/10
Erza Scarlet 5.8/10
Natsu Dragneel 5.6/10
Sting Eucliffe 5.5/10
Santa Claus 5.2/10
Juvia Lockser 4.8/10

Let's see what the others have to say about Zeref!


Severely lacking abs

Poor Zeref, suffering because of those unrealistic expectations for men ( ._.)


Emo. Boring. Assface :P

I see no lies!

Ultraprime2 Avatar

Very boring dude

Well I mean if I was alive for 400+ years I'd get bored someday and just stop giving fucks about anything.


Underwhelming main villain.

If he died in the latest chapter I'll certainly have to agree :P


Evil Cinnammon Roll

Too bad for this world, too evil!

That was it for this month, guys! Now you know what to do...

Choose an Exceed!

The poll was created at 21:52 on December 5, 2015, and so far 114 people voted.

See you all next month!

Ultraprime2 Avatar Family Tree
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Family Tree Logo

Hey guys!

Welcome back to the Family Tree. It's time to return to learning about the history of this wiki. The War between Rai and Fugly has begun.

Before anyone whines about not being on the tree, please note that not everyone can be on it, and even those that can will not be on it immediately. It's a
monthly article till further notice, so there are gonna be a lot of generations featured. As such, kindly shut up and read.

So now,

As the war got underway, the sides prepared their plans for shattering their opponent's hopes and dreams. However, while Rai and Fugly were preparing to fight, Chaos was working to persuade people not to fight. With its powers of persuasion and genderless sex appeal, Chaos was able to bring Carrot, Abe, FTGM and even Rai's sons Omega and Al to its side. Rai was very unhappy about this and sought to prove his superiority, even with the lower number of forces.

Soon, more and more people joined Chaos' side and the war got to a point where Rai and Fugly had an equal number of forces. Seeing Chaos' growing power, Rai decided he had to do something. Hiring Ultra to conduct an investigation, he determined the idea way to eliminate Chaos from Rai's hairs forever.

One night, Chaos was having lunch in its favorite eating spot: the bathtub. It was an overly hot night, as it usually was. As Chaos bit into its sushi sandwich, it began thinking about the circumstances that had led to the current war. As it thought back to all the nonsense happening, Chaos slowly drifted away, into a deep sleep.

In its dream, Chaos took the role of a third person who was viewing the relationship of Rai and Reli. After having carried their internet relationship to its logical conclusion of webcam intercourse, the two decided that they had to meet in real life, lest their love for one another exceed their rational thinking capacity and begin to control every aspect of their lives. After a typical phone call with Carrot, the two found out about her vacation house in Hawaii and both booked flights to The Islands of Aloha. However, Carrot was none too pleased that the two did not actually ask for permission to use her vacation house, and thus picked up the telephone to dial a number.

Arriving at the Honolulu airport, Reli was met by Mega, who was working as a limo driver for the airport in order to earn the remainder of the money he needed for university tuition back in his home. Reli arranged for Mega to take him to the plains by which Carrot's vacation house was rented. The ride to the vacation house was enjoyable for Reli, as he did not experience the overwhelming fumes of car smoke and marijuana he had come to know from years of living in Mexico. Arriving on the outskirts of the plains, Reli asked Mega to stop the car. Unwilling to pay for the ride, however, Reli immediately ran through the fields in an attempt to escape Mega, who promptly gave chase.

"Come back here and pay me!" Mega hypocritically shouted as he chased Reli through the open fields. After running for approximately fifteen minutes, far longer than either of them had believed they could, Reli had finally succeeded in losing Mega in the tall stacks of the corn fields. Breathing a sigh of relief, Reli opened a map in his pocket and proceeded in a previously-marked direction towards Carrot's vacation house. Chaos walked behind Reli and took note of the scenery, remarking on its similarity to the Golden Plains as they appeared in the Fairy Tail universe.

Entering Carrot's vacation house, Reli walked in and was delighted to see Rai already in the kitchen waiting for him. Seeing a large black man wearing a bright pink apron would cause most men to burst into laughter, but in the case of Reli, something else was bursting in his pants down below. As Reli ran to embrace Rai, Chaos noticed the stream left behind by Reli and proceeded to mop up the floor, ignored by the two men who went into the living room to watch television and eat the fried chicken Rai had been cooking.

As the two were enjoying themselves, Chaos proceeded up the stairs to the upper floor of the house to take a look. Most of the top floor was plain, aside from a bed and a wardrobe in a small room off in the corner. Entering the room, Chaos saw the bed was neatly-made and proceeded to lie down on it when suddenly, it heard a door slam open. Rushing out, Chaos looked down from the banisters and saw that Reli and Rai were being taken out of the house by an armed militia. Fearful, Chaos ran back into the room, closing the door behind it.

Outside, the leader of the militia removed his helmet to reveal Imhungry4444, along with his army of pedobears supporting him.

"Wassup, faggots?" He asked the two men whom his pedobears forced onto the ground.

"What are you gonna do? Shoot us?" Rai asked.

Hearing this, Hungry laughed.

"Haha, no. These are water guns." He said as he fired his pistol into the air, squirting water as he took notice of the stain on Reli's pants. "I'd use it, but you seem like you had enough liquid action."

"What do you want then?" Reli asked.

"Oh, it's not what I want, dude." Hungry replied as he pointed to his pedobear associates. "It's what they want."

With that, the pedobears began chatting amongst themselves as they knew their king was giving them free reign to do as they wished with Rai and Reli. Deciding upon it, the bears pounced on the helpless men, eliciting their screams for Chaos to hear from its room.

Suddenly, Chaos woke from its dream due to the overwhelming nature of the screams. However, it was shocked to see that its bathroom had been filled with stuffed animals. Stuffed animals along the lines of teddy bears, beanie babies, Hello Kitty, Pokemon and more filled the room. Somewhat confused but unwilling to question the events, Chaos leapt from its tub to play with its new toys, having found numerous new articles of amusement.

Outside of Chaos' apartment building, Ultra tossed away the syringe he used to inject sleeping drugs into Chaos' food supply. Taking out his phone, he dialed Ota's number to convey to her the news. "We got it done." He said. "The reimbursement for the cost of the stuffed animals is coming your way." With that, he took one last look at the building before walking off.

Later that night, Rai got news from Ultra about the success of the mission. With Chaos out of his way, the wiki's least favorite rapper could continue to wage his war unopposed.

Ooooh Scream

Chaos is out of the picture and Rai is now unopposed in his quest to defeat Fugly. What's gonna happen next? Return to the Family Tree next month to find out!

The ideal Christmas gift?

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IamJakuhoRaikoben SuperNatural
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Hello, everyone! Last month I featured Ichiya and I created a poll to ask you guys' opinion on who I chose to portray him (Peter Dinklage). I posted the results of that poll below. 93% of you thought it was a good choice. 4.4% of you thought it was okay. And 2.6% of you thought it was bad. My choice for Ichiya got PHENOMENAL reception!!!!!! In fact, the best reception for any choice I've ever put forth! Breaking the record previously held by Mavis! Let's hope my choice for Seilah gets even better reception! :D To the 2.6% of you who didn't like my incredible choice... you can go fuck yourself. ಠ_ಠ

Super Natural
Seilah proposal Grace Phipps
Seilah Grace Phipps

Okay, so it was pretty hard finding a match for Seilah, but I think Grace fits the bill pretty well. She's gorgeous and has lots in common with Seilah (feature wise), and I've seen her acting and I know she can pull off the solemn, calm, mature, sexiness that the real Seilah exudes. So, what do you guys think? Is she a good match for Seilah? Do you know an actress who'd fit better? If so tell me in the comments! ^__^ And if you don't think Grace is a good choice, I'd really like to know why. And even if you do think she's a good choice, I'd like to know why in the comments.

Is Grace Phipps a good match for Seilah?

The poll was created at 09:37 on December 6, 2015, and so far 143 people voted.
Who should I feature next month?

The poll was created at 09:37 on December 6, 2015, and so far 164 people voted.

Ultraprime2 Avatar Busted
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Welcome everyone to BUSTED! This month, I ended up doing both this and the Family Tree. I dunno why, but I felt like working. I hope you guys find this issue funny. Without further ado, let's go!

What does the wiki think?

"OMG! I knew this was gonna happen! He couldn't resist attacking that guy! XD"

— Carrot via Skype status.

"Anger and obsession will inevitably destroy one's life."

— Chaos upon reading the newspaper.
Choko avi

"I wonder how long it'll take for him to bribe his way out. Isn't that what Indians say other Indians do?"

— Choko in the chat.
FleetAdmiral88 Avatar

"Goddamn it, Ultra. You should've told met what you were up to. I could've filmed it!"

— Fleet in a Skype message.

"Prime...Mah Indian Bro...Don't drop the soap T_T"

— MDM after learning of the arrest.
Miskos3 Avatar

"Well, he wasn't my favorite character, but how does one cosplay a tiny blue cat?"

— Misk via League of Legends chat.

"Damn it, Prime. At least send some money out before getting your ass arrested!"

— Rai on Twitter while at KFC.

"I hope he's not in the same prison as me.
( ._.)

— Reli after learning of the arrest.


— Umnei after watching Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

"Well, that's one less cosplayer cosplaying a totally worthless character. ( ._.)"

— Wrath in the chat.

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.

Mark Twain.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Battle Arena
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Welcome back to Battle Arena. Last month, Jose and Keyes battled it out in a war of the spooks, Keyes won with a score of 11-6.
Battle Arena
Silver's profile image Vs. Myst
Time left
One of the former elites of Tartaros against a former elite of Fairy Tail. Silvr and Mystogan clash wits and magics in the battle arena this month WINNER!

Votes for Silver Fullbuster

Fairy Raven Avatar
Mystogan couldn't even hurt X784 Laxus. He doesn't have magic on his own, he just uses his staves which, although they perform high level magic, I doubt they would do much to Silver. We know too little about his abilities or what made him S-Class, but I don't think he'd be much trouble for Silver, whose feats include freezing X791 Natsu (or Atlas Flame, or even a whole village) in a single moment or stopping the unstoppable Iced Shell.
I just don't see Mystogan defeating Silver without possessing any actual Magic to fight with. His staves can only take him so far, as seen against Laxus, whom we have seen struggle against a Nine Demon Gate. Considering Silver's capabilities as an Ice Devil Slayer, my vote goes to him.
I think Mystogan is definitely powerful. He went toe-to-toe with Laxus, and neither were particularly going at it strong. Laxus also recognizes Mystogan as his equal, hence his desire to see which one of them was stronger, so he is definitely powerful, and he has to rely on external forms of magic to fight; he has none in his body naturally whatsoever. However, Silver, on the other hand, may have wind-ups, but he has also proven himself to be capable of instantaneous, powerful, area-effect attacks. His attacks have a severe range, and he was the strongest of the Nine Demon Gates, and at the point in time the series took place, he was the second most powerful member of Tartaros (right behind Mard Geer), and could eclipse Natsu and Gray in strength with ease. If he actually fought 100% seriously, I am positive that based on the sheer strength he possesses, he could overpower Mystogan through a combination of willpower (to negate his illusions) and sheer magical strength. Ice is an amazingly useful and powerful ability, after all. Tl;dr: Silver is my choice, obviously, though I must point out that it's a difficult decision, given that neither character ever, at any given point, fought with anything near their full power.
As much as I love Mystogan, I have to give it to Silver. Mystogan is extremely powerful, yes, but he stopped growing stronger years ago because he went back to his homeland where there is no Magic. Silver, on the other hand, was one of the strongest members of the Nine Demon Gates with insane offensive and defensive capabilities. Had Mystogan stayed in Earth Land, could he possibly have surpassed Silver? Sure. But he didn't, so...
First of all we didn't say much of Mystogan's abilities and all we know he can do is make illusions, reflect spells and disappear. Silver's ability to freeze anything instantaneously kinda beats all of that.

Votes for Mystogan

I don't look at the Laxus fight as much. It was Laxus' introduction and meant to show just how powerful he was. Mystogan is very powerful. His mist body would make him very elusive and while Silver is a monster in his own right, his attacks had noticeable wind ups, which Im guessing Mystogan could take advantage of. His staves are very powerful, so much so that with no prior training with their use, Jellal was capable of going toe to toe with Jura, the 5th strongest wizard in the country at the time. Imagine if they were used by someone who possessed knowledge of their capabilities and had practiced with them.
The staff members have made their picks. Now it falls on you to decide. Place your votes in the comments before the deadline and your vote will be counted in the final tally.
Previous Matches

Sorcerer Logo 2 React!!
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

React - Logo
Logo Fairy Tail right

An article where the Sorcerer Magazine Staff is shown a video and asked various questions about it. Each month features a different video and all available staff members will provide their reactions to it.

If you have any suggestions for future videos that should be watched, please keep them to yourselves ;)

This month's video is:

Captain America Civil War - Trailer World Premiere02:27

Captain America Civil War - Trailer World Premiere

Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Does this trailer change or enhance your opinion about the movie?
A: Well, I'm more of a DC than a Marvel fan tbh ( ._.) but it sure looks interesting~
What do you think about "Captain America - Civil War" being released in the same year as "Batman v. Superman - Dawn of Justice"?
A: We all know which one will be the better movie :P
Umnei Umnei | Writer
How did you find the previous two Avengers movies?
A: I didn't pay much attention to the first one but the second one was quite enjoyable. It's nice to see them incorporating the Avengers into the 3rd Capt. America movie!
Who do you think is the hottest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
A: Oh gosh, you're putting me on the spot. I can't choose! Iron Man looks great for his age, Thor is a fine hunk, and Capt. America has an overall sexiness to him. I'm gushing like Lamy over here LOL
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
What do you think about the premise to this movie?
A: It's a very good idea in concept, but that can be said for the comics from which it originated, which a lot of people say were terrible and from what I've heard, I'd agree. However, since this movie won't be nearly as complicated as those comics, I suspect that its simplicity will work towards its advantage.
Which movie do your expect will make more money at the box office - "Captain America - Civil War" or "Batman v. Superman - Dawn of Justice"?
A: It'll probably be Captain America - Civil War. I just think Marvel's the powerhouse with superhero movies while D.C. shows are the ones that dominate the silver screen (The Flash > Agents of Shield). However, I don't expect the revenue difference to be too big.
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer
What's your favorite movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
A: Hmm, I haven't seen all of them (a little ashamed since the lore is becoming quite extensive), but out of the ones I did see, I guess it's a tie between Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2. Both were amazing movies in their own rights, but truthfully I'm leaning more towards GotG. It was fucking hilarious and it was downright amazing for an "intro" movie.
Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and you are all in a drinking contest. Who wins?
A: I think if you've seen Avenger 2, we all know who would win. ;o
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Have you ever watched movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
A: Yes, lots. My favorite, of course, being the Avengers.
Why do you think movies based on superheroes got so popular?
A: Because they mix two things that America loves: action and fantasy. Action keeps you on the edge of your seat "ooooing" and "aaaaahhhing" at the big explosions and fight scenes and the fantasy allows you to step out of your mundane life and enter into a world of endless possibilities. What isn't to like about superhero movies?
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Who are your top 3 favorite superheroes? They can be from both Marvel or D.C.
A: #1 is Nightcrawler from the X-men for sure. #2 and #3 would be the Black Canary from DC and Raven of Teen Titans. Other honorable mentions: Jean Grey, Wolverine, Colossus, Hawkeye, Starfire, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, Deadpool, Star Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Invisible Woman (worst superhero name ever), Martian manhunter and, of course, Batman. Favorite supervillain: Harley Quinn.
For movies only - Marvel or D.C.?
A: Overall Marvel movies are mostly enjoyable (except for all 3 Fantastic Four movies which are utter crap) but my favorite superhero movies are DC: The Batman Trilogy, with The Dark Knight at the pinnacle. I also like Man of Steel a lot even though a lot people criticized it. Also, I'm more excited for Batman vs Superman a whole lot more than I am for Civil War. My excitement level goes as follows: Batman vs Superman > X-Men: Apocalypse > Civil war > Suicide Squad > Deadpool

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • Are you looking forward to the anime adaption of Fairy Tail Zero?
  • Is GrayxNatsu a thing?
  • If Natsu can't beat Zeref, who can?
  • What's the worst punishment you ever received?
  • Thanksgiving has passed. What are you thankful for?
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Erza Scarlet
Are you looking forward to the anime adaption of Fairy Tail Zero?
A: Of course. I'll be glad to see all the sexy moments between Master and Zeref animated.
Makarov: What sexy moments?!
Mavis: I believe she means me. (╯_╰)
Is GrayxNatsu a thing?
A: Absolutely! When you spend as much time together as our team has, blossoming love is inevitable.
Gray and Natsu: LIKE HELL!
If Natsu can't beat Zeref, who can?
A: I have the utmost faith in Natsu!..... But if he fails, we'll give him a lovely funeral. ^___^
Interviewer: How morbid.
What's the worst punishment you ever received?
A: I-I'd rather not talk about it.
Thanksgiving has passed. What are you thankful for?
A: I'm thankful for my good health! I have a healthy heart, a healthy mind, a healthy soul, an-
Interviewer: Awww! How nice! ^___^
Erza: ... and two healthy fists, which I use to pummel my enemies until they bleed.
Interviewer: Psychopath. -__-
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Lyon Vastia
Are you looking forward to the anime adaption of Fairy Tail Zero?
A: I'm sure something like that would be very interesting to watch.
Is GrayxNatsu a thing?
A: Is Gray and what!? No!
If Natsu can't beat Zeref, who can?
A: I do trust Natsu, but I'd wager if he fails, the duty falls to the rest of us.
What's the worst punishment you ever received?
A: One night while training with Ur, I was forced to endure a night outside in my underpants. The redness took many days to wear off.
Thanksgiving has passed. What are you thankful for?
A: I'm thankful for the teachings of Master Ur as well as the friends I've made along the way.
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Juvia Lockser
Are you looking forward to the anime adaption of Fairy Tail Zero?
A: Juvia is eager to learn more of Fairy Tail's founder, so yes.
Is GrayxNatsu a thing?
A: B-Boys Love?! Juvia cannot handle this! Gray-sama, where are you?!
If Natsu can't beat Zeref, who can?
A: Natsu-san may struggle against Zeref but.. Juvia thinks the power of love will win. The power of love with GRAY-SAMA! Ai no Tsubasa, Gray-sama, Love!
What's the worst punishment you ever received?
A: Watching Juvia's beloved Gray-sama bellowing out his true love at Lucy's house... LOVE RIVAL!!! D:<
Thanksgiving has passed. What are you thankful for?
A: Gray-sama and Gray-sama only. However, if Juvia must deviate from Gray-sama for just a moment, Juvia would be thankful for the people of Fairy Tail...
Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Mirajane Strauss
Are you looking forward to the anime adaption of Fairy Tail Zero?
A: Oh my. I suppose so, it' something I do look forward to.
Is GrayxNatsu a thing?
A: Always.
If Natsu can't beat Zeref, who can?
A: Demons were created to put an end to him. Therefore, I can. *evil grin*
What's the worst punishment you ever received?
A: I only give punishment honey. I'm rarely on the other end of it.
Thanksgiving has passed. What are you thankful for?
A: Having my family back together! Together stronger than ever!
FT fandom: Lisanna and Elfman are weak ass bitches though!
A: Oh? Would you come and say this close to my face?
FT fandom: Nah, we're good.
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Are you looking forward to the anime adaption of Fairy Tail Zero?
A: Emperor Spriggan appears so yes
Is GrayxNatsu a thing?
A: Yaoi love is best love.
If Natsu can't beat Zeref, who can?
A: No one can!
What's the worst punishment you ever received?
A: When Emperor Spriggan didn't talk to me for a week when he found my altar of him in my chambers.
Thanksgiving has passed. What are you thankful for?
A: That Emperor Spriggan has put so much trust is me to make me one of the Spriggan 12.
Wrath Wrath022 | Writer
Ryūnosuke Tanaka
Are you looking forward to the anime adaption of Fairy Tail Zero?
A: Hunh? Who's got time for anime when I'm kicking ass in the best sport ever: VOLLEYBALL
Is GrayxNatsu a thing?
A: *Rips off shirt and flexes* I dunno, are these abs real, ora?!
If Natsu can't beat Zeref, who can?
A: ORRRRRRAAAAA~!!! Who cares?! We all know it's gonna, and gotta, happen!
What's the worst punishment you ever received?
A: There was that time I made Daichi really pissed off and... ...You bastards, I don't wanna think about that crap!
Thanksgiving has passed. What are you thankful for?
A: Being a kick-ass wing spiker, ora!

God The Last Pollbender
Real Godisme | Writer
Wrath The Last Pollbender
Wrath022 | Writer

Issue 46: October 2015

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are! Subjects are to our discretion. c:

Bitch, no one knew who Brit was last month, what did Fin even give you to make that poll?
All the alcohol in Belgium.
All the Stella?
ALL the stella :)
And I assume you are still drunk off of it now e_e
You bet your pretty little ass I am.
Is that why you didn't do hardly anything until the last minute?
You know it, you wonderfully Jewish skank.

Manga Anime
So Natsu charged into battle against Zeref all alone. What do you think?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 144 people voted.
What could the anime have done to make the Erza vs. Kyoka fight better?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 141 people voted.
Manga Predictions Other Series
Who will be the ultimate evil of Fairy Tail?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 140 people voted.
Boku no Hero Academia is getting an anime, what do you think?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 90 people voted.
The Wiki The Wiki Pt. II
Just how black is Rai?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 74 people voted.
What is your honest opinion of Reli's hair?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 73 people voted.
Christmas New Years
What is the best part of Christmas?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 105 people voted.
How drunk are you going to get on New Years?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 104 people voted.
Future A Departure

So recently, some members of the magazine have discussed the future of the magazine. Some say that the magazine has run its course and is no longer entertaining. Concerns have been brought up over how the magazine gets very low comments. Others believe its fine and is still entertaining. So now, we leave it in your hands.

What should be done with the magazine?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 137 people voted.

So, as mentioned earlier, there is an announcement regarding the magazine. Yeah, I, Wrath, am leaving it. I decided to give you guys one last kickass issue with my articles, but I can't commit properly, so I'm better off just leaving it to someone who can give more into it than me. So, I hope you enjoyed my TMITA articles, even though I barely wrote half of the number I was supposed to have had written at this point.

How do you all feel about this news?

The poll was created at 21:42 on December 5, 2015, and so far 99 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion! It will promptly be ignored!

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