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Cover forty two

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Cover forty two

Ultraprime2 Avatar Technical Updates
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Greetings, everyone. The month of June is over and now we begin the second half of 2015. Hopefully, your year has been good so far and will continue to get better. I don't know if anyone won the prize for this article last month, or even if there was one, but if you did, you'll have to wait for Wrath to get back to you cause I can't be bothered to care.

Anyways, let's get on with this month's changes.

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred on the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • The Fairy Tail Answers Wiki is now officially closed.
  • A discussion was held on Crash.
  • A discussion is behind held on Requip.
  • A user rights swap has occurred between TheCarrotSaysYumYum and Miskos3. Let's thank both for their years of dedicated service to the wiki.

Image Changes:

  • Lumen Histoire's profile image was changed.
  • Lucy's X792 profile image was changed.
  • Michello's profile image was changed.
  • Jackal's profile image was changed.
  • Seilah's profile image was not changed.
  • Midnight's profile image was changed.
  • Angel's profile image was changed.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Natsu Dragneel SMA2
Biography June's Sexiest Mage Alive is Natsu Dragneel, also known as E.N.D. He's technically an over 400 year old Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that employs Fire Dragon Slayer Magic as his main form of Magic. His interests include his friends, eating copious amounts of food, and breaking into Lucy's home. :D
Interesting Trait He's Zeref's brother
Guild Fairy Tail symbol
Best Quote "Ninja Art: Eat-My-Fist No Jutsu!" (To Alvarez Soldiers)
Sexiness Full StarFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgEmpty Star.svgEmpty Star.svg
Who should be July's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 23:39 on July 1, 2015, and so far 312 people voted.

God This Month in the Manga
Real Godisme | Writer

TMITM Header - June15
This Month in the Manga

June 2015

Heyo scrubs. Whats happening? A big thank you to all of last month's armadillos. This month I fought through mounds of internet problems so you better be thankful for this article e_e

Goddamnit, 5 chapters this month. Why does Mashima have to be such a workaholic!

TMITM Ch 438

So chapter starts and it wouldn't be a new arc if we didn't start out with some overly gratuitous naked Lucy. Lucy walks out to find Natsu and Happy in her apartment and after Natsu grabs her, her towel falls off. What does Mashima think we all are, a bunch of perverts? I....totally am and a little Lucy ass ain't too bad to stare at.

Carrying on, everyone gets to work rebuilding the guild where the rumors of Gray's time with Juvia begin to spread as people question if they got married, had kids and whatever else. So what else, hmm, oh, Lisanna has been waitressing with Mira and Elfman went off shouting about being a man and trained. Meanwhile, Levy fills out the paper work for the guild to return but has trouble thinking of who to make the new Guild Master. Meanwhile Elfman and Natsu have a brawl and everyone stops working before Erza intervenes and scares everyone back into working and in the process being the unanimous choice to be the new guild master. Suddenly though, a gay stripper new guy shows up, saying he has been waiting for the guild to reunite. He says they are the only ones who can save Makarov and he is revealed to be Mest Gryder aka PedoDoranbolt.

Pretty good chapter but I am still disappointed we didnt get our arc about finding all the fairy tail members. Avatar were a bunch of chumps. I think it would have been much cooler to journey around the continent finding where everyone went and what they had been up to. This chapter just kind of solidified that we wont get anything like that.

TMITM Ch 439

Now the seventh guild master of Fairy Tail, Erza is escorted to the basement of the guild by Mestbolt (this name is my compromise because Doranbolt sounds so much cooler). Once there, Erza learns of Lumen Histoire and told it is only for the guild master to know of, just as the rest of Team Natsu falls out into the open from their hiding place. As they all notice that Mavis is embedded in crystal, Natsu notes she is naked, leading Lucy to cover his eyes. Mest says he does not know anything about Lumen Histoire but says she is very important. He then reveals his memories to everyone. 9 years ago, Mest was a member of Fairy Tail and Makarov asked him to infiltrate the council. He wiped everyone's memories of himself including his own, to Makarov's dismay but left Makarov with a way to make him regain those memories. It is revealed Makarov disbanded the guild to protect them from the Alvarez Empire which had tried to invade Ishgar 10 years ago to steal Lumen Histoire but were stopped by Etherion and FACE was their back up plan. With the council no more and Etherion and Face done for as well, they stood no chance, so Makarov went to Alvarez in order to try and stop their invasion somehow.

Finally, Mest's history and why Makarov disbanded the guild. Great chapter imo. I love history in manga so I am always happy to see it get explored. There is still so much to learn but this is a good start.

TMITM Ch 440

With the revelation that Makarov disbanded the guild to save everyone, Natsu resolves to save Makarov, but Erza shuts him down, saying she wants the guild to be happy and rebuild, but concedes that only those in the room will go on a mission to save Makarov. Overhearing them though, Gajeel decides he isnt going to sit by idly. He grabs Mira, Juvia and Cana and states they are reforming Fairy Tail B Team to go on their own rescue mission for Makarov.

Over at the council, Levy turns in the paper work for fairy tails revival and Jura tells her that she will be missed. Meanwhile Warrod prances around talking about jokes. Then Wolfheim, one of the four gods of Ishgar arrives and gets in a fight with Warrod. Hyberion, another of the 4 gods arrives then however and tells them of the devastating news that God Serena, the strongest mage in all of Ishgar, has abandoned them and joined the Sprigan 12, the twelve strongest mages of the Alvarez Empire.

Very much a set up chapter. Not bad, but not great. Does anyone NOT think that God Serena is Yury Dreyar? The two are pretty much clones.

TMITM Ch 441

So off our heroes go to save their master and they take a boat to the Alvarez Empire.

Sorry, that was necessary. You whores know you cracked up on that. So queue the usual Natsu being sick out of his mind and this time Wendy joins him as she can barely hold the contents of her stomach in. Erza begins to question Lumen Histoire and everyone chimes in with their opinions of what it may be. Mest then tells them that before they get to Alvarez, they have to make a pit stop at Caracall island where they will meet their intelligence guy.

Meanwhile, Gajeel and co head off in search of Laxus. Cana teases Elfman that he is only there for Ever. Mira then questions if it was a good idea to split up the teams but Gajeel says they have no chance at a head on fight and they need to run an infiltration mission, in which case two teams gives two chances at success. Levy then arrives, asking how they could leave her behind, causing Gajeel to respond that she is so small he thought she was already in the bag.

Arriving near the island, an Alvarez empire ship is spotted leading the Fairy Tail A team to question what its doing there. The team then dresses as tourists and heads to the island, sneaking past the guards using certain "assets" of Lucy and Erza.

Inside, they find a boy being beaten up by soldiers, causing Natsu and Erza to strike and take out the guards, but alerting the Alvarez Empire to their presence at the same time.

Meh chapter. I don't really have much to say here. It was okay but nothing special.

TMITM Ch 442

Wendy in a bikini on the cover and Tristan and Sane likely have nosebleeds after seeing it. With the guards alerted to their presence, Mestbolt says that they can't escape, to which Carla replies they can't until they defeat all the soldiers. Wendy and Carla escort the kid out and Pedobolt returns to stare at the two lolis in bikikins. Lucy then orders Mestbolt to go meet the informant as the rest of Fairy Tail takes out the soldiers. After they finish, Natsu and Erza sit down for a drink at a little shack and chat with the owner who says he is saving money to go to Ishgar. Suddenly, the shack is destroyed and all his hopes and dreams go out the window. The culprit, a man named Marin Hollow, arrives and states he is a part of the Brandish Force of the Alvarez Empire. Queue some overly gratuitous Erza boobs and ass and she....can't requip. Marin explains that she cannot requip while he is there as it is spatial magic, which he controls. Lucy tries to summon a Celestial Spirit but that too does not work. With their attempts failed, Lucy and Erza suddenly disappear in Marin's magic. Natsu and Gray ask where Erza and Lucy went and Marin replies they went to his relaxation dimension but Natsu and Gray don't get to go. He then waves his hand and a defeated Mestbolt falls out. Its okay though cause there weren't lolis in there so he didn't want to be in the relaxation dimension anyway. Natsu attacks but Marin easily dodges and gets behind him, knocking him away before doing the same to Gray. Suddenly, a woman appears, asking how much longer Marin will be taking, causing Marin to apologize, referring to her as Brandishm one of the Spriggan Twelve. Seeing her, Gray's face lights up in fear ovrer her tremendous magic power.

So we got Pedobolt back and a guy that counters Erza and Lucy, not bad. We all know Erza is going to requip to her bandage armor inside that dimension though and broke out and take out Brandish in a single hit. This is Fairy Tail after all.

Well, thats it for this month. Enjoy the rest of the magazine and remember that as good as everything else was, this was the best article.

Miskos3 Avatar This Month in the Anime
Miskos3 | Temporary Writer

TMITA Header - June15

June 2015

Waddling Penguin: Alrighty, so it looks like this month you guys are stuck with me. :'D Wrath is busy, and so, I'm gonna be the one to talk about the last month's anime episodes. However, as some of you may have noticed, I also post weekly reviews, so the few of you that actually read them probably know my opinion. I'll still try to be original and mention stuff that I may have missed back then. I mean, this time, Rai actually gave me more than a few hours of time before publishing the magazine. So let's go!

TMITA - Ep235
Laxus overwhelms Tempester

Dat's actually pretty epic tho

So last week, the Tartaros arc started with a bang, damn, I'm so good at puns, and this episode pretty much continues to deliver in a similar manner. What we have here is Laxus standing against Tempester, after the latter mops the floor with the Thunder God Tribe and Yajima. And so, Laxus graciously returns the favor and mops the floor with the Demon. Yay? Well, to be honest, I hoped that the anime would work more with this fight. It was already short in the manga, however, in the anime, it felt like it ended in a flash. Punssss No, really, it was so fast, that for a good minute, I was under the impression that the anime actually cut some parts out. However, it was still animated rather well, albeit a bit too static at times.

Is this the end of "Tempester the Immortal"? One could argue that blowing himself up sealed the deal, however, Tartaros has some good hacks to keep the game going. Honestly, at this point, I was really worried that it was gonna turn into a friggin' Great Ninja World War with everyone and their grandma getting Edo Tensei'd.

You get a revive

So wait, why exactly did Tempester blow himself up? That's quite simple! Laxus2OP so Mashima had to remove him from the arc somehow. And what's better than being out during the whole main fight thanks to a poison of sorts? Probably only Gildarts making more Canas while being out of the story as well.

Natsu challenges Jackal

*intensive stare begin*

Moving on, Fairy Tail finds out what happened just as PorlywhateverIcanNeverSpellYourName reveals the conditions of Laxus and co. I have to say, the scene with Makarov lying to Freed about the town being safe was pretty well done, starting with the pacing, everyone's reactions and ending with the soundtrack. Anyways, now that they know that Tartaros is after the former council members as well, Fairy Tail decides to send teams to protect the remaining ones. But before that, shippers shall rejoice as we get some Elfman x Evergreen or Mirajane x Laxus. I mean, two characters appeared in the same episode, must be a shipping moment, right?! Well, back to the topic, Natsu, Lucy, Wendy and their Exceed arrive to Michello's place. While Wendy is probably imagining what exactly happened between Loke and Michelia, Jackal's explosive arrival (huehue) interrupts the party and Natsu challenges the Demon in order to protect everyone else.

Well, what can I say. I'm probably gonna repeat myself a lot with this line, but I'm glad to see the overall quality being upped since the start of the Tartaros arc. This episode was a pretty nice setup for the upcoming events while having its action, as well as emotional moments. It gets 8/10 from me!

TMITA - Ep236

The Magic Council explodes! And wow, they fixed the sound.

*continues watching*

R.I.P. Lahar and Org. :c

*skips the opening*

Oh no! Laxus!

*moar watching*

Lucy and the narrator speaking at the same time is quite ann- wait a goddamn second!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. It took exactly 6 minutes and 58 seconds to get through the recap, opening included. I mean, I get why they're doing this, but holy shit, 7 minutes? When we add the outro and the preview at the end, that's 9 minutes out of 24 that go lolwhatever in terms of actual content.

Jackal owned by Natsu

Get smash'd around! This is so satisfying to watch :'D

Thankfully, those 13 minutes of -actual content- really do make up for all the wasted time. For the first time after a while, an entire episode focuses on a single thing - the fight between Jackal and Natsu's group. The animation of the fight was pretty nice. They even put some blood in! As many actually hoped for, they also extended the short confrontation between Lucy/Wendy and Jackal. That was nice as well.

Overall, another pretty well done episode. The recap... well, what else can they do? Some filler? Who needs more Dolphin man or Mattan Ginger. Adapt one more chapter? One of the options, but a rather dangerous one, I suppose. Anyways, the animation and art quality have been pretty solid and the suspense is also being delivered thanks to the soundtracks, which are always quite epic. This episode gets 8/10, again.

TMITA - Ep237

So if you thought that last episode was a special, think again and enjoy another 7 minutes long recap.

Le sigh
Etherious Jackal attacks Natsu

Jackal: "Is he even human..."
*everyone else smirks*

Enough about that, though. Having gotten used to Jackal's explosions - in spite of the anime trying to make it understandable, it's still quite the mystery as to what Natsu actually does... - Natsu continues attacking. However, Jackal is not done yet and unleashes his Etherious form. Boy, does it look epic in the anime! I loved the transformation, the change of his voice, the looks, the color scheme, everything! Alas... it doesn't last long, as the Lightning Flame Dragon Natsu deals with Jackal quite fast. But wait! Jackal just turns himself into a bomb, wanting to destroy the entire town along with the Fairy Tail mages. I mean, when you have an Edo Tensei hack, why not?

What comes next is probably everyone's favorite moment of the series. Happy saves the day! Happy, the Nekomander! Happy, the one that stopped Hades! Ha... No, seriously, I think the anime has, once again, handled this pretty well. The scene was quite emotional and the delay actually made it seem like Happy had a real chance to escape. Which is, of course, what he did.

Makarov asks Michello for information

Holy shit!!! This soap opera is just..

Not everyone is as lucky as Michello though, actually, every other former council member is found dead. Seilah makes her appearance at Yuri's place, confronting Elfman and Lisanna. Making use of her Macro, Seilah causes Elfman to choke his sister. Man, I really like Seilah's voice actor, it fits so well. Anyways, we also have a bomb dropped my puns are unstoppable in the form of Face's reveal, being a magic pulse bomb that, upon use, gets rid of all the magic on the continent. Knowing that it's been sealed by 3 other former members, Erza and Mirajane are sent to protect the former chairman, as well as to obtain the necessary information.

Hype hype hype! Whoever doesn't find Mirajane and Erza teamming up as one of the most exciting moments doesn't probably care at all. -_- Other than that, the episode was, once again, pretty nice. The animation continues to deliver, so no complaints there. 8/10... once again!

TMITA - Ep238
Erza and Mirajane defend Crawford


And that's it for the Prologue. With this episode, the real deal apparently starts and we have Erza and Mirajane using their questionable form of transport to reach the chairman's house. Before that happens though, Mirajane points out Jellal being in danger. I like how Erza thinks, knowing that he can protect himself, so instead of panicking, she focuses on her mission. Anyways! After Erza and Mirajane arrive, their conversation with Crawford can be summed up as 'Lel, I know nothing, but I remember Natsu cosplaying as Erza'. Thankfully, what comes next is... absolutely epic! Too bad it was so short though. ;_; Seeing Erza and Mirajane own those random soldier, as well as their threat about protecting Crawford #epicpose was so great.

Meanwhile, Oración Seis are released from the prison in exchange for Doranbolt receiving information about Tartaros and Face. However, he's not gonna let them go just like that, here come Jellal and Meredy to face the six! I mean five, because Brain gets Cobra'd. At the same time, Natsu apparently becomes the most intelligent character of the series, because he figures out the chairman's adress, the fact that he's a traitor and Erza and Mira being in danger. Good going? Well, he's right as Crawford takes Erza and Mira to the Tartaros HQ, with the former being tortured by Kyôka for information about Jellal's whereabouts. Because, apparently, his death will mean that the seal on Face is undone.

The aforementioned, everyone's favorite blue-haired Mage continues fighting Oración Seis seemingly for no reason. Hopefully we will find out the purpose soon! Oh, and Natsu storms into his enemy's base. Sorry I've called you intelligent. :'D

Well then! I'd say that this episode had its ups and downs. As I already mentioned, Erza and Mirajane teamming up was really epic and I loved how the scene was done. However, it seemed like the art quality had dropped in some parts of the episode, namely the Oración Seis and Jellal scenes. I guess I had higher expectations for these parts, to the point that I felt that some shots - Seis' and Jellal's appearances were kinda ruined. And of course, probably the most discussed issue - Erza wearing clothes during the torture, is there as well. However, if anyone actually thought it wouldn't get censored at all, they were pretty delusional and in the end, I don't even mind this change as the overall point is still kept there. So, this episode gets a 7/10 from me.

TMITA - Ep239

I'm sorry, I'm out of steam. Way too lazy at this point q.q

Well, here comes another rather solid episode! This time, they even adapted more than two chapters, so there was no need for 7 minutes of a recap. Thank god. In any case, as per the tradition of X vs. Y titles, the fight in question takes only like 1 minutes of the episode. :'D And I gotta say, I'm still not feeling it. While the art quality overall has gone up since the start of the Sun Village arc, it looks like Bridge has yet to adapt to the looks of Oración Seis, as they didn't really look good, save for Cobra, who has always been drawn really well, especially in this arc.

Silver instantly freezes Natsu

A Natsu popsicle, anyone?

A lot of other things happened in the episode, starting with Natsu's short fight against Franmalth, and Silver instantly owning him afterwards. I gotta say, the soundtrack of Silver (I assume that's what it is) is quite epic. Anyways, as we already knew thanks to the preview from previous week, Natsu and Lisanna, now imprisoned, aren't losing all of their clothes, which, apparently, pisses off a lot of fans. Oh well. At least some people got to enjoy a shirtless Natsu. We've also gotten a few filler scenes with Happy escaping from Tartaros HQ, as well as Natsu's numerous attempts to break from their cell.

We continue with little changes as, even though some kind of lesbian relationship between Seilah and Kyôka is still implied, the scene of Seilah lying in bed - which, in my opinion, is another implication of what happened between the two - is changed as well. I know, what I'm just pointing out is really minor stuff, but these little things are what make the character and too many alterations may change those.

So in spite of my nitpicking, I pretty much enjoyed the episode. I'm really looking forward to the next one, so I hope it's done well! This one gets a 7.5/10.

I believe I won't exaggerate if I say that this was probably the strongest month of anime since it restarted back in 2014. So many solid episodes, one after another, are not something we were used to! Can we get used to it, though? We shall see! This month gets a nice 8/10 from me.

P.S. Many of you have probably noticed, but in case someone hasn't, a new PV for the Tartaros arc has been released and it can be watched here. Just beware of spoilers, anime-only fans.

Misk's out~

Waddle waddle

Fairy Raven Avatar Raven's Coven
FairyRaven | Writer

Raven's Coven

Y'all bitches finally voted what you should have 3 issues ago. This month's coven will FINALLY introduce to you the last main character of the main 4, which is... GRAY FUCKING FULLBUSTER!

Gray is one of the main characters, and has opposing Magic to Natsu's; he uses ice, Natsu uses fire. Also, their personalities clash often, which leads the two to a lot of fighting with each other, despite deeply caring about one another.


This has become my official expression when an overused japanese manga trope appears

Yet again, how original! Anyway, you get the drill; Gray's the Gary to Natsu's Ash. The Sasuke to his Naruto. The Uryuu to his Ichigo. The Sanji to his Zoro. The Ino to his Sakura. The Orochimaru to his Jiraiya. The Vegeta to his Goku. The...

FT WIKI: Jesus, enough, we get it, we're not stupid ಠ_ಠ

Yeah, not all of you are ;D

Anyway, with that out of the way, let's see how high Gray would score as a character.

Gray in x791

Standard Gray

There's nothing really striking in Gray's appearance. He's a typical(for manga)guy, with dark hair. His usual outfit consists of a long white coat with a dark colored shirt underneath, and black pants. He's had various changes, of course, like the one with the shirt he wore in the GMG, or summer clothes in the S-Class Trial, but usually those are the clothes of his choice... what I'd like to say, but I would be lying. Gray's typical outfit consists simply of this:

Gray the intruder


Which is a shame, because even though Fairy Tail is ecchi and Mashima-sensei is kind enough to give fanservice to both sides, Gray, for me personally, has the most interesting sense of fashion, and by far the best outfits, compared to the other males of the series. So it sucks that he's not dressed all the time. I mean look at this:

Gray Fullbuster GMG


Gray Anime S5


Ice Make Thieving Hand


So yeah, I'm a fan of his outfits. As for his appearance itself, it has undergone some changes as well. In early Fairy Tail, his hair was longer and judging by the image, I think Mashima wanted to give him more of a "bad boy" attitude. See for yourself:

Gray Smoking


I may would've liked that Gray better over the current Gray, because the old one doesn't seem so...typical.

TL;DR: Awesome clothes, not-so-awesome hairstyle.




Hoo boy. Why is this the department that most Fairy Tail characters suffer? Lucky for Gray, recent developments make things slightly better for him.

Also, despite popular belief, Gray indeed DOES have a personality, so there's a lot to say about it. This will get a big longer than usual.

I like Gray. He's goofy, but not too goofy like Natsu. He can get serious, but not as serious as Erza. He takes no shit from anyone, which is good. However, as you can see, he shares all those traits with other characters. There's nothing... unique there, you know what I'm saying?

I thought that some development was what he needed. Then Galuna Island came, we learned his backstory, but still nothing really changed for me; still pretty bland.

For what I remember, Gray was not the focus until the Sun Village arc. That's the time that I gained some serious respect for the guy. I don't know how to explain it, but something about a terrified child overcoming his trauma and standing up to a fricking Demon felt really admirable to me.

Little Gray gets ready


Here you can't argue that other guys would do the same in his place. Natsu; canonically ran. Erza; was helpless and got her ass kicked, lectured enemy in the meantime. Lucy and Wendy; would probably run.

Then came Tartaros. An arc focusing mostly on Gray, once again, whose father survived, and who he had to face, and his last words to Gray were to kill E.N.D.

Then it dawned to me what Gray's character arc would be, since the beginning of the manga: Lost parents to a Demon -> lost beloved teacher to a Demon -> said teacher's daughter also "died" to protect him -> father died a second time -> feels indebted to all of those sacrifices -> hates Demons, wants to kill E.N.D. -> inevitable conflict with Natsu!

That arguably makes Gray a more complex character. That's why, an in-universe year later, when I saw this:

Gray reveals his affiliation

I felt like it was a natural transition of his character. I did not yell "yay, he finally got interesting" *side-eyes Rai damn hard* , I did not boo him because he abandoned Juvia/because he didn't care for his friends. It just seemed completely natural for me that his character was always meant to be an anti-hero, and that until the timeskip we saw his transition from hero to exactly that. And I thought that it was genius of Mashima-sensei to take a seemingly bland guy and craft him into such an interesting character. But then this came:

Gray cuddles Frosch


Most people's reaction:


My reaction:


At least he still wants to kill E.N.D. and avenge all those he has lost, which is good. However, I don't think Gray should be a *GOOD* guy, you know what I mean? And being smitten with Frosch, despite being funny, was SO DAMN OUT OF CHARACTER! >__>

6/10 I'm not giving up on him yet


Gray be like


I may get subjective here, because ice is my absolute favorite. However, I think Gray has the best powers next to Erza, at least out of the main cast. He is an Ice Mage, specifically utilizing "Ice-Make" Magic.

It doesn't even have to do so much with the "Ice", as it does with the "Make". Gray does not simply use ice to attack, he is an artist. Creation magic is really interesting because the user can basically create anything they want out of the element they use. Admittedly, I like Lyon's better, because his creations are moving and mostly revolve around animals, whereas Gray mostly creates unmoving weapons (swords, cannons, arrows e.t.c.).

I guess the main reason I like Gray is because he actually uses his brains to fight. He is not like Erza and Natsu, whose motto is "attack until it's dead/not moving". Let's take Ultear for example. She far outclassed Gray in every possible way. Hand-to-hand? Got his ass kicked. Magic? Got his ass kicked. What does he do?


Blood Ice Blade

Emo AND Badass

What does he do with Rufus? There must be a limit to how much he can memorize-LET'S JUST BREAK THIS DUDE BY CREATING EVEN MORE STUFF.

What does he do with Doriate? He outsmarts him every single time

Child Gray tricks Doriate


Silver? same thing. Ice did not hurt him, so he threw a solid item, enhancing its speed with his ice.

Thinking about it, Gray might as well be the smartest fighter of the group, followed by Lucy. Because of that he would probably beat Natus in a fight and I'm not even kidding.



I'd say Gray is significant enough. Definitely more significant than Erza, but less so than Natsu and Lucy. He is being set up as Natsu's nemesis, and I think he'll play a pretty important role when Natsu is revealed to be E.N.D. He is also the driving force behind another character, Juvia. So yeah, I guess that makes him pretty important.

7/10 Important-ish


Gray's main role in the manga is to be Natsu's rival. That's important as it is but there's more to that. We rarely get a look at what's going on in Natsu's head, so that makes Gray the male character the audience can mostly feel relating to. And more importantly; he's the main source of fanservice for the ladies.

8/10 Main role in the manga

Overall as a character, Gray scores... 7.2/10!!!. Wow, and to think I never really liked the guy ;D Regardless, this surprisingly makes Gray the BEST CHARACTER IN THE COVEN SO FAR, overthrowing Wendy with a 7. But that's just my opinion, and I'm sure many fellow SMers will disagree :P


Worsened with time

Like wine? Or is it the opposite? Probably the opposite.


Hot and cold :D

...I see what you did there!

Ultraprime2 Avatar

Who even cares?

His fangirls/boys do, thank you very much.


Boring as fuck.

Says who?


Male fan service(or is it female?)

I guess it's...male fanservice targeted at the females? >_>


Hot as fuck!

Rai's statement + God's statement = Umy's statement.


Not that great

I'd say he's about, let's say, Jellal level of Great ;D

Miskos3 Avatar

Be more interesting!

Aww, cut the guy some slack, it's tough to be the protagonist's rival..look at the other examples >_>

Well, there you have it, this month's coven. Next month I think I'll experiment on a brand new article for you guys, so bear with me and answer all the polls below:

Which Sabertooth character would you like in the coven?

The poll was created at 07:50 on June 27, 2015, and so far 145 people voted.
I'd like to see...

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Fight against...

The poll was created at 07:50 on June 27, 2015, and so far 105 people voted.
Under what circumstances?

The poll was created at 07:50 on June 27, 2015, and so far 108 people voted.

See you all next issue!

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Hello, everyone! Last month I featured Juvia and I created a poll to ask you guys' opinion on who I chose to portray her (Amanda Seyfried). I posted the results of that poll below. 36.8% of you thought it was a good choice. 37.5% of you thought it was okay. And 25.7% of you thought it was bad. My choice for Juvia got pretty good reception. Let's hope my choice for Sting gets even better reception! :D To the 25.7% of you who didn't like my incredible choice... you can go fuck yourself. ಠ_ಠ

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Sting prop

Face | Body

Colton Haynes
Sting Eucliffe Colton Haynes

The person I picked to portray Sting is an actor named Colton Haynes. Personally, I believe this is the best choice for a character that I have ever made. First, let's start off with appearance. Colton, like Sting, is pretty attractive and he has a naturally smug look on his face again, like Sting. In addition, he has great abs which is pretty much necessary considering Sting wears nothing but halter tops. :P Besides his appearance, the main reason I picked Colton and perhaps the most important reason is that in virtually every show I've seen him in he's this smug asshole turned good guy. So I know he can capture the essence of Sting perfectly. And, as a bonus, he's only 26 years old. ^__^ So, what do you guys think? Is he a good match for Sting? Do you know an actor who'd fit better? If so tell me in the comments! ^__^ And if you don't think Colton is a good choice, I'd really like to know why. And even if you do think he's a good choice, I'd like to know why in the comments.

Is Colton Haynes a good match for Sting?

The poll was created at 23:45 on July 1, 2015, and so far 163 people voted.
Who should I feature next month?

The poll was created at 23:45 on July 1, 2015, and so far 181 people voted.

Ultraprime2 Avatar Family Tree
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Family Tree Logo

Hey guys!

This month, we continue our efforts to stop Hungry's takeover. However, it may come at a terrible price.

Before anyone whines about not being on the tree, please note that not everyone can be on it, and even those that can will not be on it immediately. It's a
monthly article till further notice, so there are gonna be a lot of generations featured. As such, kindly shut up and read.

So now,

At Reli's night club, business was going good as usual thanks to Rai's extermination of the mice. With the flow of customers being steady, Reli decided that he wanted an influx and decided that he would turn the night club into a strip club for one night. He asked both his loyal workers, Carrot and Niji, to fulfill the necessary roles as the primary attractions but neither was interested and slapped Reli in the face upon being asked. Dejected, Reli was unsure of what to do and took a seat on his couch and sighed. How was he to get the customers he wanted without the strippers? He could hire some but he found out that he would need a credit card to do so, something that Ishthak never gave him. Turning his head, Reli spotted a newspaper and took to reading it. Seeing advertisements, Reli's face was lit with a grin as he got a unique idea.

Meanwhile, Kyo was on the hunt, looking for Hungry's hideout as Abe became aware of her job as a spy and asked her to locate his cardboard box which the pedobears stole from him. Having connected Hungry to the feral pedophiles, Kyo tracked them down to Hungry's forest: The Forest Of Feeling-Up. After searching for roughly an hour, Kyo located the cardboard box on a tree stump. However, what she saw inside it was beyond her understanding. A boy roughly her own age was inside the box and, upon seeing her, came up. He had no emotion on his face and merely said "Thank you." He introduced himself as Gilly, explaining that he was in the box the night the pedobears kidnapped it and did not leave as he was afraid of Hungry. However, Gilly was now free and left the forest wearing the cardboard box, as he had no clothes.

Back in the city, it was night time as Reli's nightclub was taking in more and more guests. He was advertising something "never before seen" and so many people came to check it out. Among the new guests were Ultra, MDM, Ota, Al and Rai. While Ultra and MDM enjoyed themselves at the bar, Ota began talking to Rai and Al on a nearby couch. The two groups were having a good time with their friends, and even began talking to Carrot and Niji when the two were not to busy, making the night fun. However, the fun ended shortly after when Reli took the stage.

Revealing his intentions of getting more patrons at his night club, Reli told them he would show them something nobody had ever seen before and promptly took off his pants. The entire crowd was shocked at his blatant nudity, having lead themselves to believe he was a decent businessman so far. Soon after, Reli took off his shirt as well and, standing upon the stage buck naked, waited as a large pole rose from the ground. As it hit the ceiling, Reli took to the pole and began swinging wildly as the audience watched in silence, completely dumbfounded at his behavior.

After roughly half an hour of Reli's naked pole dancing, the audience had had enough. Waiting for Reli to come off the pole, the audience began pelting him with food and drinks, with half the crowd hurling insults at him and the other half laughing. Rai was among those laughing at his mid-wife, throwing a cupcake at him and nailing him in the knee. Saddened by the audience's reaction, Reli left the stage in tears and went into the bathroom stalls, where he remained for the night. With no more disturbing nudity present, the club patrons returned to their night of drinking, eating and dancing.

Elsewhere, standing atop a building, a man holding a sphere of light in his hand laughed as he looked down from the building and saw Rai's house. "It's time to go to war." He said as he jumped down the building.

Can you guess who the user holding the light sphere is?

The poll was created at 23:47 on July 1, 2015, and so far 34 people voted.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Battle Arena
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Battle Arena
Juvia Lockser profile Vs. Cana Alberona posing
Time left
A battle for Fairy Tail's third strongest female. The sexy water mage vs the sultry card user. WINNER!

Votes for Juvia

I'm going to have to give my vote to Juvia. Back before Juvia's abilities in battle got overshadowed by her obsession with Gray, she was a pretty bad ass chick. Her water body renders most physical and magical attacks ineffective, giving her one of the greatest defensive capabilities in all of Fairy Tail. And in addition to this, her skill with Water Magic is virtually unmatched. Cana's pretty skilled herself, but from what we've seen of her, she doesn't have the offensive capabilities necessary to hurt Juvia or the defensive capabilities to protect herself from Juvia's attacks. If I had to guess? I'd say Juvia is the third strongest female in Fairy Tail.
I'm siding with Juvia on this one. As Carrot said, Cana has quite a few diverse spells she can do with her cards giving her an advantage in surprise attacks but none of her spells are powerful enough to defeat Juvia with her water body. The only spell that could have done the job was Fairy Glitter but that's not her own power but Mavis' as it was only momentarily granted to her and now its gone. On the other hand, we have seen Juvia's great power many times. Let's see. She has a water body so only a few select spells of Cana could even touch her. She has Water Lock that can easily immobilize and drown Cana. She has Water Jigsaw, Sierra, Water Cyclone, Water Nebula and Wings of Love which have all been shown to be pretty strong. And how could we forget about this:
Juvia Enraged
Ultraprime2 Avatar
I'm going to give this one to Juvia. Much as I prefer Cana, Juvia should be able to take this. She can go all-out from the start when need be, as Juvia's shown in her fight with Vidaldus. While lightning does seem to serve as a weakness of hers, I don't imagine that any lightning card Cana has can compare to the powerful blast Juvia took from Laxus' Thunder Palace. I also don't consider Fairy Glitter a viable option as that has to be granted to Cana by Mavis, and in these battles, I assume outside help is non-existent. Furthermore, with the "trap in a card" argument, I don't view that as winning, but merely a delay, restraint, e.t.c. We don't even know what happens if the card is damaged, which furthers the reason I don't give any weight to its use in a fight where someone has to definitively lose. In a real fight, one of the fighters has to be knocked out. I imagine that if both give it their all, Juvia would overcome after a long and grueling battle as both have an equal will to fight but Juvia also seems to have more experience in direct combat.
Miskos3 Avatar
I'm gonna side with Juvia if I assume that both of them have reasons to go all out against each other. I simply don't see how Cana can win against Juvia's main ability, given what we've seen the two do so far. I mean, sure, we can assume that Cana has cards that can negate/stop water, but such thing hasn't been shown so far, so there is no reason for me to speculate.
Both women seem to be quite equal and it's going to be hard to vote... but I'm going to have to vote for someone, and it's going to go to Juvia. While Cana has performed some extraordinary feats, she doesn't have much to show for as far as actual battles go, and that's what the Battle Arena is all about.
Juvia may be treated as a joke most of the time, but her magic is no joke. She has one of the ultimate defensive abilities with water body and multitude of strong water spells to throw at her opponent. Cana has quite a few tricks but ultimately, her defense is lacking. Juvia was one of Element 4, 4 of the strongest mages in Phantom. Cana meanwhile has repeatedly failed to become an S-Class mage of Fairy Tail. Cana may be Gildarts' daughter but she hasn't realized her full potential yet. Maybe one day she will be stronger than Juvia but right now, Juvia just has too many ways to deal with Cana.

Votes for Cana

Fairy Raven Avatar
Cana wins this one for a million reasons. First of all Juvia only goes all out when it is about Gray, and is a pushover otherwise, but let's move that out of the way and say both go all out. Juvia can only use one element, and that is water, while Cana's magic is really versatile, being able to use many types of Magic, all at once. She just has to find something that neutralizes water, and the victory is hers. As for Juvia's water body, it usually has its limits. For example, lightning is Juvia's weakness as seen in the Fighting Festival, so Cana simply has to use Lightning-based Card Spells. Add to that that she can just trap Juvia in a card, and that Mavis has mentioned she is indeed Gildarts' daughter, having vast amounts of Magic power, and I don't see Juvia winning in any way, shape or form. Finally, if both go "all out" and are at their best, then we can also assume that Cana has Fairy Glitter up her sleeve, in which case there's absolutely no contest here, since that spell scored higher than one of Jura's strongest ones in the MPF and broke the damn thing.
This is a tough decision seeing as Juvia has been shown battling more than Cana, but ultimately, I'm going to side with Cana for the win. My reason is that Juvia, though being incredibly strong, is a bit of a one-hit wonder. She only has attacks that use water, and outside of water attacks she has very little. In this sense, Cana literally has a bag of tricks, and can utilise her cards in a variety of different ways - which includes lightning, card trapping and other non-physical combat. As such, she has the capability to counter Juvia's water body and use a variety of other attacks. I think that so long as Cana stays focused and smart with how she approaches the fight, she can take Juvia down. And, if worst comes to worst, Fairy Glitter Juvia's ass ;)
Goddammit, actual thinking. Well, I'd have to say narrowly, this fight belongs to Cana. It wouldn't be any one-sided fight; both contestants would give it their all. However, with all their abilities intact and going all out, Cana has the advantage. Juvia's main, crippling weakness is electricity, which Cana has in the shape of cards. Then there's the cardifying process she has been shown to use, and Fairy Glitter, which we're going to have to assume Cana may have access to given that this is supposed to be no-bars-held and she has the ability to both cast and acquire it. All considered, Cana wins. Just because she failed the S-Class exam a number of times doesn't mean that she was weak, it just meant that there were better people (i.e. Mystogan, Laxus, Erza, Mira, and whomever the fifth person may have been) at the time of the contest.
The staff members have made their picks. Now it falls on you to decide. Place your votes in the comments before the deadline and your vote will be counted in the final tally.
Previous Matches

Sorcerer Logo 2 React!!
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

React - Logo
Logo Fairy Tail right

An article where the Sorcerer Magazine Staff is shown a video and asked various questions about it. Each month features a different video and all available staff members will provide their reactions to it.

If you have any suggestions for future videos that should be watched, please keep them to yourselves ;)

This month's video is:

Attack on Titan (Live-Action Movie) - Official Full Trailer01:41

Attack on Titan (Live-Action Movie) - Official Full Trailer

Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Why do you think Attack on Titan became so popular?
A: As someone who dropped it early on, I must say I have no idea :/ I guess it's a cool survival story with some fascinating characters. People have loved things that offered less *cough*Twillight*cough*
Do you think Fairy Tail could ever work as a live-action film?
A: Part of FT's success relies on the fact that it is indeed like a fairytale. It would be too hard to give a live action film the same feel this manga series has. Besides, the CGI cost would be insane.
Did anything major stick out for you from this trailer?
A: Yeah, the titans! I do remember how they looked in the anime, and I think they're really well adapted. That Mikasa chick also looks cool.
Umnei Umnei | Writer
As someone who has seen the anime, how would you rate it on a scale of 1-10?
A: I'd give the anime a 9, considering the animation, the designs, and what this media (anime) contributed to the series as opposed to how the story was told through the manga. Alot of mangas benefit from receiving an anime adaptation and Attack on Titan is no exception.
Does the idea of a live-action movie for Attack on Titan sit well with you?
A: It's definitely an interesting route to take with live-adaptations. Initially, it seemed like a cool idea but after watching this trailer, it seems the special effects leave alot to be desired, and watching the actors express their emotions feels a bit awkward in comparison to how the characters have done so in the anime... It just doesn't correlate well. Hopefully, the movie turns out great.
Is there anyone in this series you want to be eaten by? You may interpret this question as you wish.
A: Levi, please and thank you. I don't know what it is about him but he makes my girlhood tremble. xP
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Have you watched the Attack on Titan anime series or read the manga?
A: I watched the anime as it was airing and really liked it. I tried to move across to the manga but a combination of the art-style, monthly release and often-times clunky transition between chapters and events made it hard for me to follow and enjoy, so I stopped reading and just decided to wait for the anime to continue.
Do you think this live-action film will do justice to the story?
A: No clue. I'm not one for live-action remakes of things, so I don't watch them. If Hollywood adaptations of books are anything to go off of, I don't expect this movie to be terribly amazing. However, I'm sure there'll be a group who adores it, and I'm happy for them.
If the world were ending, what would you spend your time doing?
A: Really depends on how the world was ending tbh. I dunno though... To be really honest, I'd probably be panicking and trying to find my family .-. Boring, I know, but it's the truth.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
What is your opinion on this trailer?
A: As trailers go, this one does a pretty basic job of making you aware of the story. Though for the content, the acting doesn't seem too great. Its special effects need some major work done too.
How much do you know about Attack on Titan?
A: Other than people having hyped it as the "greatest anime ever" and that "it's gonna save anime"? Not a whole lot, really. I stopped watching at the end of episode 8. It wasn't bad really, but I just didn't feel motivated to continue. Of course, since it's counted as one of those "oh so important" anime these days, I'll probably go back and finish the remainder.
In your opinion, what was worse: the live action Super Mario Bros. film or Dragon Ball Evolution?
A: Super Mario Bros. was definitely worse. Dragon Ball Evolution at least tried to be about its source material, but one could argue that Super Mario Bros. tried to evade it. It's totally inaccessible from either a game fan's perspective or from a movie watcher perspective. I'm surprised the former didn't kill the careers of its actors. DBE's actors never really had noteworthy careers in the first place, barring James Marsters (and Chow, but he's not really big in Hollywood).
Miskos3 Avatar Miskos3 | Writer
As someone who saw the anime, are you interested in this live-action adaptation of the series?
A: No, not really. I don't think these live-action adaptions work at all, although maybe I'm not the one to speak, since I rarely try to watch them, if at all.
How do you expect this film to perform at the box office?
A: Given that it's Attack on Titan, I expect it to interest a significant part of the crowd.
Why do you think Attack on Titan became so popular?
A: I believe it's simply because there wasn't such series among the popular ones at that time. I mean, sure, it has your "shounen qualities" especially when it comes to the main protagonist, but at the same time, it brings in a lot of tragedy. The world is built nicely and the mysteries keep you wanting more.
God Real Godisme | Writer
Real Godisme
Based on this trailer, what are you predictions for this movie?
A: Probably going to be very loosely based on the manga and have Eren in titan form save the day.
Would Hollywood be able to take this idea and make it better?
A: I think Hollywood could make the movie visually look better and possibly slightly better acted because from what I have seen of japanese film, the actors seem to overact a bit.In terms of making it a better movie though, hell no.
Do you think Fairy Tail could ever work as a live-action film?
A: I don't think manga like Fairy Tail can work as a movie. There is too much material to cover and 2-3 hours is not enough time to cover all that. I think a shorter series, something like Code Geass, could work, but not Fairy Tail.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Have you watched the Attack on Titan anime series or read the manga?
A: Nope. I want to, but someone told me the manga art was subpar and I can't stand subpar art. :P
What's your opinion on live-action adaptions of anime and manga series?
A: I want more of them!!! Could you imagine how epic it would be to see Fairy Tail in LIVE ACTION?! The only thing about it is that if the actors/actresses they picked didn't look like the characters in the manga, it'd piss me off. A lot.
In a war, would you be part of the fight on the front lines, resource gathering, planning & strategy or would you be guilty of desertion?
A: If they tried to make me fight in any way, I'd desert like a mother fucker. :D

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • Describe Mest with three words.
  • Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
  • What's your favorite midnight snack?
  • Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
  • Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Wendy Marvell
Describe Mest with three words.
A: He scares me. >___<
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: Not as much as Mest. ( .___.)
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: It's such a hard decision! Maybe p-
Mest: PICK ME! I know! It's pineapples! You eat it every night!
Carla: Get away from Wendy you pervert!
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: Ummm... well-
Mest: *glares*
Wendy: I'm not really sure...
Mest: *glares*
Wendy: It's hard to say-
Mest: *glares harder*
Wendy: Fine! Mest. >___<
Mest: WOOHOO! :D
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: I don't want a boyfriend.
Mest: *walks away depressed*
Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Cana Alberona
Describe Mest with three words.
A: A friggin' stuuuud~
Mest: Is she hitting on me?
Juvia: She'll hit on just about anyone if she's had one too Juvia, she knows.
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: They're a joke. If that good-for-nothing geezer returned, though, it'd save me the effort.
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: That would be booze.
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: Laxus maybe...IF WE EVER FIND HIM.
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Lucy, or maybe Loke. Or maybe Bacchus. Oh, I know, Macao! No, Juvia...or Wakaba. No-
Interviewer: >__> is there someone you WOULDN'T date?
A: That Ichiya bastard probably.
Interviewer: Thank god.
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Makarov Dreyar
Describe Mest with three words.
A: *sighs* A complex man...
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: You all have no idea what's in store for us...
Interviewer: Why don't you tell us? :O
A: But where's the fun in that? >:)
Interviewer: >__>
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: I used to like cake. I used to like cake a lot. Until one day I was in the guild until late and found a slice sitting on the guild tables. I ate it and was then attacked by a monster with scarlet hair. I don't eat midnight snacks now...
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: Some young hot-shot... not that I care... *jealous face*
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: I just wish my dear wife...
Interviewer: Yes...? YES!?
A: Oh, look! A girl in a bunny suit~ <3
Interviewer: Damn it all! >:(
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Warrod Sequen
Describe Mest with three words.
A: He's pretty hot.
Interviewer: You find him attractive?
A: It was a joke! A joke!
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: Indeed, the Albareth Empire is mighty, but if Ishgar stands united, even they shall not pose a challenge.
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: Well, I always find birds nesting in my hair-
Interviewer: You eat live birds!? What the hell!?
A: It was a joke! A joke, I say!
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: Could I be considered a candidate for this honorable title?
Interviewer: I hope you're joking again. ( =_=)
A: Uhm....Indeed I was making a joke. =D
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Alas, I've little to no time for relationships...the true love of my life has been dead for a century.
Interviewer: But the only person you knew who died back then was...
Warren Rocko: What the hell!?
Mest Gryder: Sir Warrod...if I may have a word with you?
Sane: *fap* *fap* *fap*
A: It was a joke! A joke!
Umnei Umnei | Writer
Describe Mest with three words.
A:Kind of cute!
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: It does sound quite scary but it's nothing Fairy Tail can't handle.
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: Oh I don't eat past 8pm.
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: There are many men in our guild but if I were to pick someone from outside of our guild, maybe Sting from Sabertooth :)
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Perhaps.. Erik..
God Real Godisme | Writer
Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney
Describe Mest with three words.
S: Not like Rogue
R: He seems okay
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
S: As long as I have my buddy Rogue by my side, nothing scares me!
R: They seem powerful but I think Fairy Tail is now strong enough to win against them.
S: Really?
R: What?
S: Ugh!
What's your favorite midnight snack?
S: I'll tell you right now that Rogue's is peanuts but its not like he knows what mine is.
R: He's right. Its peanuts.
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
S: They should give it to my best bud, Rogue.
R: I don't know. Maybe Gray Fullbuster.
S: Really Rogue? Really?
R: What did I do?
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
S: I don't need a girlfriend when I have Rogue!
R: Umm, maybe lady Minerva.
R: What is going on with you?
S: Whats going on with me? You, thats whats going on with me. The last time we did this, I do nothing but say how great a guy you are but you never say anything nice about me! I've had it! Some friend you are.
R: But I'm not gay like you....
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Kagura Mikazuchi
Describe Mest with three words.
A: He appears vapid.
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: "Scare"? I would hardly describe my emotions towards those foreigner military powers as "fear".
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: I do not consume nutrition subsequent to my rest time. Such behavior proves bad for health.
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: I know little-to-nothing of the commerce organizations in Fiore, and I've no interest in pursuing in the male gender.
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Hmm...? I've no comment on the matter.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Laxus Dreyar
Describe Mest with three words.
A: Don't know him.
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: I've seen worse.
Interviewer: Oooo someone thinks he's a bad ass. >_>
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: A caramel tart cooked to perfection, drizzled with chocolate ganache, accented with white chocolate shavings, topped with a chilled raspberry preserve, and served with a sweet, decadent vanilla ice cream.
Interviewer: O___o
Laxus Dreyar: I meant uh - pizza. Yeah, pizza.
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: I don't care.
Freed: *cough*
Laxus: *ignore*
Freed: *COUGH*
Laxus: *ignore*
Laxus: *sigh* Fine, Freed.
Freed: Laxus, you shouldn't have.Blush
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Fuck off. This interview is done.
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Describe Mest with three words.
A: Who was found with three whores!?
Interviewer: No, three wor-
A: Kids these days, thinking they need to sleep with heaps of women.
Interviewer: Uh, I didn't-
A: You learn when you get older that it's mental relationships that mean more.
Interviewer: Okay, okay, let's just move on...
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: Kiddo, when you are as old as me, nothing scares you any more.
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: Midnight? I'll be lucky to be up at seven. Midnight you say... what a ridiculous time of night to be up. I know all the young people like to-
Interviewer: Okay, okay, okay...
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: When I was young, Jellal used to be very high up on that list.
Interviewer: Yes, but the question is who do you thi-
A: I don't know how he got there though. He was a creep back then, though I guess I'm partly to blame for that.
Interviewer: Yes, but-
A: I guess we was fairly easy on the eyes.
Interviewer: Arg >__>
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Ohoho, I wouldn't mind having a nice, young stud around to-
Interviewer: Aaaaand, that's all we have time for!
God Real Godisme | Writer
Describe Mest with three words.
A: Not Tartaros Material
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: A nation made of guilds? I doubt they could stand up to those cheating Fairy Tail bitches.
What's your favorite midnight snack?
A: Snacking is for weaklings. Three square meals a day
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: Obviously me. Have you seen my scales? They are magnificent.
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Kyoka for sure. Dem legs.
Fairy Raven Avatar FairyRaven | Writer
Mest Gryder
Describe Mest with three words.
A: Honorable and good-looking, dangerous yet just, silent assailant of darkness.
Interviewer: You're way past the word limit...
Does the Albareth Empire scare you?
A: Have you met my dream team? It'll take half a Natsu and 1/4 of Erza to take them down.
What's your favorite midnight snack?
Who do you suspect will be the Sorcerer Magazine's next #1 on "The Wizard I'd like to be my Boyfriend"?
A: I hear Mest Gryder is a total hunk, he-
Interviewer: *stuffs his mouth with Lahar's head*
Who do you most wish were your boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: Can I choose an underage girl?
Interviewer: Uh... no?
A: Fine. Then I guess it'd be a dream come true if Mest Gr-
Interviewer: Oh do shut up.

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Last Pollbender
Ultraprime2 | Writer

Issue 41: May 2015

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

(~ ._.)~ ★ ~(._. ~)

Spring Anime Summer Anime
What was your favorite Spring anime?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 106 people voted.
Which Summer anime are you most exicted for?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 99 people voted.
The Manga The Anime
Will the Spriggan 12 be all they're cracked up to be?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 125 people voted.
How do you like the anime's Tartarus arc so far?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 137 people voted.
Abs Hair
Which guy in the guild has the best abs?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 132 people voted.
Which girl in the guild has the best hair?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 159 people voted.
Movies Rai
What's your favorite 2015 movie so far?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 117 people voted.
What should we do for Rai's birthday in July?

The poll was created at 23:58 on July 1, 2015, and so far 102 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Designer

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