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Cover Three
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Garyness Technical Updates
Garyness | Writer


Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Ongoing discussions and votes:

Announcements and discussion results:


Guild Competition Stats:

As of 31 March 2012, these are the final scores of each guild for the first guild competition:

  • Referencia Guild: 1485 Jewels
  • Fight Summary Guild: 1425 Jewels
  • Image Guild: 300 Jewels
  • Anime Summary Guild: 131 Jewels
  • Manga Summary Guild: 127 Jewels

Congrats to all guilds for participating!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


Lucy in a cow bikini

Lucy Heartfilia Logo
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Lucy Heartfilia. She's a 17 year old Mage of Fairy Tail that employs Celestial Spirit Magic as her main form of Magic. She's a kind woman who loves to write and read literature, cares for her Celestial Spirits, loves to shop and cook, and is very confident in her sex appeal, to the point of vanity.

Quote March

(Lucy Heartfilia to Loke)"Spirits aren't shields! I fight alongside them! That's my style!"

Who do you think should be April's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 16:59 on March 31, 2012, and so far 471 people voted.

Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITAJan12 - Ep120

In episode 120, Daybreak at Tenrou Island, Hades is defeated by having his heart destroyed by the Exceed.

The episode begins with the explosion from last episode and Hmmm... a non-S-Class Mage sends flying possibly the most powerful Dark Mage in the world, aside from Zeref, who defeated a Wizard Saint without using much power. <sarcasm begin> Yeah, makes sense. </sarcasm end> Anyway, it wasn't even 3 minutes into the episode and I was already disliking it... but a few seconds later this so funny XD. After that, epic Happy and Charle, two exceeds with absolutely no strength, have beaten the guy who defeated Makarov... bullshit... and exactly at the same time, the Tenrou Tree is returned to normal giving the Fairy Tail members more power... what a coincidence... The FT members proceeded to attacking Hades with new spell, but, thought it wasn't bad, I was expecting better animation of those. And Hades, after fighting for so long, decides to use the one spell that would defeat them in one second at the last moment... Talk about plot armor. And finally, this episode had a few "What the Fuck?" moments. Here are some I found:

TMITAJan12 - Ep121

In episode 121, The Right to Love, Hades is killed by Zeref and Cana Alberona gathers the courage to tell Gildarts that he is her father.

The beginning of the episode was funny, scary Mirajane. Zeref's speech sounded a lot better in the anime, but Ultear's speech didn't. There was no blood, just a stab with her Magic Sword and then she throws herself into the water but I didn't feel any emotions, neither with Meredy; I liked this scene much better in the manga. Maybe it was because of their voices, or maybe the background music wasn't good enough, the case is that the scene sucked. Death Pillar looked more like pillar in the anime than in the manga so kudos to Bogota X for coming up with the name. Hades is killed by Zeref with an awesome face. A flying beast is coming... The S-Class Trial is on hold and Natsu is beaten by Master with one punch, did he actually think he was going to win? LOL at Laxus playing around with Lisanna's face and then "fighting" with Lisanna XD The medicinal herb bath wasn't as sexy as in the manga, s if you haven't read the chapter, go read it now! It's chapter 251. Gildarts speech also didn't sound good to me in the anime. Gildarts voice just wasn't fit for an emotional scene, but his crying face was funny. The best part of that scene was Lucy, Natsu and Happy's reactions, they were hilarious. And the flying beast has arrived...

TMITAJan12 - Ep122

In episode 122, Episode 122, Acnologia descends at Tenrou Island and beats the crap out of Fairy Tail.

Ok, I know some people who only watch the anime are going to disagree with me, but I have to say the episode was a complete and utter failure. The animators lengthen the beginning and it was funny (lol @ Lucy's stomach) and Acnologia's roars and it's descend were awesome, but that's were all the good things about the episode end. I think someone mentioned this in Ota's anime review: IT'S A FUCKING DRAGON!!!!. In the manga Acnologia just descended while wrecking havoc and attacked immediately after. what did the FT members do? They ran! You don't just stand there talking while a freaking dragon is standing 2 meters away from you! Damn animators! And after Acnologia blows everyone away with a roar, what do they do? They just stand around amazed at it's power waiting until it decides to attack again! In the end, Makarov decided to die by keeping Acnologia busy while his children escaped, which was moving. However, did anyone else think that Makarov sounded like a maniac when he laughed? and that his smile actually looked creepy? And then they returned, but the animators just had to go and make one big epic panel into a low-quality, shaky, 1 second scene. Then FT combines spells with Laxus. Why does the anime keep doing this? They combine Magics every chance they get and it's starting to annoy me a lot. The 3 Dragon Slayers then push Acnologia back (bullshit) and later all FT members join hands to join Magical power, but it wasn't nearly as epic as this. In the end, Acnologia uses its breath attack to wipe out Tenrou Island, which ended up completely ruining the epicness of the end of Fairy Tail. Overall, I despised this episode just because they ruined the epicness of the story.

TMITAJan12 - Ep123

In episode 123, X791 Fairy Tail, seven years have passed and the only thing left of the Team Tenrou are memories.

It's been 7 years since Tenrou Island disappeared and FT has been reduced to some barn that is now the weakest guild in Fiore. Talking about the new look of each individual character would take too long so I'll just do this: Alzack, Bisca, Kinana, Laki, Max and Jet are nice, the rest look like crap. The Twilight Guild are jackasses but I was expecting Teebo's voice to sound more like a monkey, not so serious. After beating FT around, they leave and Reedus's sketches are seen. Dang! Reedus is a good artist; he draws people exactly the way they look. XD Then Blue Pegasus comes (lol @ Ichiya's new look) to tell them that Tenrou Island might still exist, and so they go on their search, where they meet Fairy Tail's first master, Mavis Vermilion and makes an entire island appear (♥ U Mavis). At Tenrou Island they find the Team Tenrou, looking exactly the way the looked 7 years ago. "What?!" You may say, "What?!" Indeed. Yes, there was a 7 years timeskip without having any of the main characters age. "Why would Mashima do that?" You may ask. The reason is because he is a genius! Did you guys really wanted another timeskip where the main character(s) age and become super strong? Sure, a new look would have been used, but the idea has been used way too many times. So I like what Mashima did. He gave the main characters a huge challenge! They have to live in a world where nothing is the same, in a world where everything has changed, in a world where they'll have to struggle to survive and I just made this whole entire sentence rhyme XD

Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header-Mar12
This Month in the Manga

March 2012

I’d like to start off by saying that there won’t be any Real Tail this month. A series of commitments came up, and I didn’t have time to work on my less known article. Not to mention the amount of suggestions received on my Talk Page… Ranking to 0.


The only one who did show up with something interesting elsewhere was Guilherme Abe, so, in spite of Real Tail not being published… Congratulations, Abe! This issue of This Month in the Manga is for you!

Signature tune!

TMITMJan12 - Ch 273

I – Chapter 273: Orga of the Black Lighning

Following Lucy’s defeat, the fights rage on: Ren Akatsuki (you know, the tanned fellow from Blue Pegasus) is pitted against Arania Web, a Mage from Mermaid Heel firing webs like Spider Man and sporting a Spider Woman-like figure and costume, plus some fashionable green dreadlocks (Say what???). Sherry finally appears among the public, being revealed as Ren’s current girlfriend (!!!) and giving no hint as why she had her younger cousin take part in the Games in her place… That said, Ren owns Arania. 10 points to Blue Pegasus. Seeing Ren’s improved power, Natsu wanders whether Ichiya has improved as well, and Erza reveals that, in spite of his weird personality, Ichiya has always been the strongest Mage in Pegasus… Seriously? Good to hear! Hope we do get to see the fellow in action soon…

Warcry Tearing Up

I'll tell mommy what you did!

Meanwhile, the second match is announced: Quatro Cerberus’ War Cry (the fellow clad in dog fur) against Sabertooth’s Orga Nanagear (the massive crazy haircut). War Cry goes on to the offensive, revealing the Magic which people seem to think so highly of… His eyes fill with tears as the wild fellow from the wildest guild around readies to use his exclusive Tear Magic…! WILD! If he’ll succeed in his attack, he’ll walk off and happily trot in green fields while picking up colourful flowers, accompanied by happy butterflies! WILD! And later on, he’ll return home and watch Beautiful while crying on a basin full of pop corns, dampening them with tears! WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILD!!!

Alright, let’s move on.

As War Cry readies to use this presumably strong Magic of him, Orga (who, getting more and more muscular in every panel, is obviously under steroids) fries him, defeating him in one blow with… A sphere of black lighting. Wow, who might have thought that? It was absolutely unpredictable! So weird for the guy referred to as “of Black Lighting” in the chapter’s title to use Black Lighting… As the crowd cheers for the Sabertooth Mage on duty, Orga pulls out a microphone and sings a song… Gajeel style. Hope you guys know what I mean. Eeeeeew. After this sketch, the next and last battle of the first day is declared… Fai Tail B’s Mystogan vs Lamia Scale’s Jura Neekis! Two pinnacles of the Magic world are going to collide, it’s a battle of Wizard Saints! Disguised as Mystogan, Jellal readies to fight a friendly opponent for Fairy Tail’s reputation… Who will be the winner? Keep reading and find out!

The art was good as always, and we got a fine 2-pages panel of Orga mopping the floor with Cry. Guess his tears might be helpful in cleaning… Jokes aside, though not shown Cry’s Magic was pretty interesting and unexpected, and I think the seeming pun with his name is simply great… We also got to see what might be Ooba Babasama’s (you know, the old hag leading Lamia Scale) Magic, with her spinning underlings around by spinning the small circle she’s always shown carrying with her fingers…

TMITMJan12 - Ch 274

II – Chapter 274: Bad Omen

Excitement is sky-high as the two top-tier Mages ready for battle… Mavis doesn’t seem to trust the “newly acquired S-Class Mage” that much, since she immediately leaves for the restroom… Elsewhere, observing the matter from her glass sphere as a perfect witch, Ultear isn’t too pleased either, fearing that Jellal’s identity might be uncovered. But the battle’s starting…

Giant Iron Rock Fist

Wanna see who's got the bigger hand? I've been training mine for ages!

The two Mages start clashing, with Jellal employing some lame, already seen moves with Mystogan’s staffs (Seriously Mashima, would have it been inventing new spells too hard?) and Jura trying to crush him with his stone pillars. The two then engage in a friendly competition using a gigantic stone hand (and that’s all I’ll be saying) before Jellal, bored of using staffs to summon forth flashy things, decides to go all fleshy himself, employing his Heavenly Body Magic… With moves we’ve already seen. The hell, was Mashima feeling nostalgic or what? Jura, having discovered Jellal’s real identity by seeing his tattoo but keeping his mouth shut as the usual good guy, shows off his earth defences, blocking all the incoming attacks. Jellal, having finally understood that lame old moves can’t best the strongest Guild Ace in the Games and his stylish beard, readies to employ a new, badass technique, tearing the sky above the arena open… However, before he has a chance to cast the so-called Star Destruction, which even Jura is worried about and which would likely reveal his true identity to everyone, a Sensory Link with Meredy allows Ultear to fill his mouth with chilli peppers and tickle him, prompting him to lose the match in a comedic way and leaving poor Meredy downed in the process. A weird end for a match which created an enormous amount of hype… Following such weird end, the last page is dedicated to the chapter’s namesake… Charle has another one of her well-known, creepy premonitions… Writing to Lucy Heartfilia about something terrible going on together with the Grand Magis Games is… Levy McGarden. What is this all about? What’s happening? Will something bad happen to either of them? Keep following us and find it out!

There were no 2-pages panels this week, and, though many people might disagree with me, I found this chapter’s art inferior to Mashima’s usual standards, it’s as if his trait felt… Lazy. Though that might be due to the re-using of many already seen spells on Jellal’s side… At least five of them, counting both Magis Staves and Heavenly Body Magic. You might agree with me or not… AND I DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU DISAGREE! This is my review, so I can say anything I want! If you’re not fine with it, go and have a walk in flowery fields with War Cry!

Eheh. I’m calm now. I think the best part of the chapter was getting to see some of Jura’s moves after some time… Moves which, trust me, will remind you why Lamia Scale’s Ace is looked up to by everyone.

TMITMJan12 - Ch 275

III - Chapter 275: The Drunk Falcon

The chapter starts off with the always welcome Cana nagging her fellow guild mates in a pub, where they've gathered to... Celebrate, following their defeat. Well they, don't lack spirit, at least... Wonder if that's wild, though. The group wonders where Gray and Lucy are, following their failures during the day, and, somewhere else, Lucy is shown declaring her love to Gray and jumping on him...

"WHAAAAAAAAT???!!!", you might be saying.

Don't worry, that "somewhere else" is Juvia's distorted imagination. The two of them casually show up, and, with most of the crew assembled, Fairy Tail parties, resolving to do better on the second day. Meanwhile, in Mercurius, the king's palace, Arcadios (remember, the crazy-nose Knight Chief seemingly in cahoots with Zeref) is in front of his majesty himself. Fiore's ruler select a certain "Bacchus" to fight someone from Fairy Tail capable of transforming whose name starts with "Er" (Or "El" since, as you guys might know, Japanese use the "r" sound fror the letter "l" as well), and Arcadios takes his leave, once again showing off his creepy side. Back at the pub, Max's gotten his ass beaten by Natsu (quite literally, since now it's exposed... Why is it Max can't keep it covered? Does he like showing it or what?) and a funny scene ensues when the Thunder God Tribe is too drunk to answer Freed's call and protect their honor, which was "stained" by Gajeel patting Laxus on the head... Moments after, a mysterious individual nears Cana and challenges her to a drinking contest: looking like an ancient Chinese warrior, the man is the one left standing following a huge amount of drinks, much to the dismay of Cana's comrades.

Bacchus Taking Home the Trophy

We're deeply obliged, Bacchus-san!

The stranger then proceeds to leave... Bringing Cana's top with him as a trophy, and leaving her bare-chested. Damn, we've just met and all Fairy Tail fans already like you, Mr. Stranger! Macao and Wakaba don't like the matter, and the former tries attacking the "thief", who however collapses on his own due to the intoxication... Just to raise backwards and slam both Mages in the ground. Ouch! The other arrive on the scene, and our new friend is revealed to be an old acquaintance of Erza... Quatro Cerberus' S-Class Mage, Bacchus the Drunk Falcon, a foe whom Erza could never best, will soon show up in the tournament... And juding from the king's words, he'll be pitted against someone from Fairy Tail capable of transforming... Take Over or Requip? Elfman or Erza? Only time will tell...

Meanwhile, in the infirmary where Wendy is recovered, Charle goes on to tell Porlyusica what she saw in her fragmented vision: a white knight, an enormous Magical array, and... Lucy singing something within the collapsing Mercurius.

Well, what to say, this was a good "transition chapter". Bacchus' got an interesting design, and Quatro Cerberus revealing some tough members is good... No double pages, just twenty standard, well-drawn pages.

TMITMJan12 - Ch 276

IV - Chapter 276: Chariot

The chapter starts in medias res, with the competitors already taking part in the next event, Chariot: as the name and the title itself suggest, the goal is to run around Crocus to the Domus Flau on a series of linked, elongated chariots, trying to arrive before the others and not falling from the chariots themselves... Alright... Guess Mashima was tired for thinking out Hidden, and so he had to go for something lame.

The Groggy Dragon Slayers

Indeed ready for the Olympics...

We are rapidly introduced to the last in the row... Natsu, Gajeel and Sting, all suffering from heavy motion sickness... WHAAAAAAT??? Isn't that supposed to be just NATSU's signature trait?! What's going on?! Let's serve this for later, and let's check out the other competitors... Leading in 1st position is Kurohebi, that creepy guy with lipstick, from Raven Tail, and following are Ichiya, Yuka, Risley (the fatty from Mermaid Heel) and Bacchus, who's having a visible hangover. Kurohebi retains his position without casting a single spell, while the three behind him compete with each other using some lame Magic... Risley is revealed to possess what looks like a cheap rip-off of Bluenote's Gravity Magic, so nerdy that it only works on herself, but, much to the boys' delight, leaves her in a slim state. Bluenote approves this... And I think he'd also approve of the drunk Bacchus' move: the S-Class Mage from Quatro Cerberus raises his leg and then goes on to stomp it on the chariot...

... Reducing it to pieces and lifting all the nearby chariots in the air due to the force of the blow. SAY WHAT?! THAT WAS FRICKIN' AWESOME!!! Bacchus, you're climbing up my ranking of cool characters!

Having momentarily dispatched most of his opponents and slimmed Risley up, Bacchus proceeds to surpass Kurohebi and win the contest. It's 10 points for Quatro Cerberus, baby! Yeah! The other competitors make their way to the winning post as well, while Natsu, Gajeel and Sting are left to fight for the last two positions, as Dragon Slayers are revaled to be bad with transportation. Really? I would never have said that, I... Hey, wait a damn moment! What about Gajeel and Wendy, what about their safe boat trips, which had Natsu on the verge of throwing up? And now what, why is it Gajeel's suffering as well? Did he develop "true" powers, as Sting teasingly states? Uff, so many questions... Natsu and Gajeel struggle to reach the finishing point, Sting decides to give up a pair of "measly points" (anyone thinking that those "measly points" will grant Fairy Tail victory over Sabertooth in the end, hands up!), Natsu gives a nakama speech, which prompts his fellow guildmates to cry, the crowd to think more favorably of Fairy Tail and Sting look down on the whole Nakama-crap thing, and then gains 7th place, with Gajeel coming 8th. "The fuck, why was that so fast?", you might be saying. Well, the matter is... Everything pales before Laxus being revealed as one of those suffering from motion sickness. That's a blow, but... Don't worry, Laxus-sama, you're still the best no matter what!

Alright, what to say which hasn't been said already? The art's good, and we get a 2-pages shot of Bacchus owning the chariots... I'm starting to like that guy more and more...

Garyness The Earth Land Chronicles
Garyness | Writer


Welcome to the first issue of The Earth Land Chronicles! This article will be the discussion of related things in the Fairy Tail series, which will be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, all in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month (though once in a while two). So lets begin with the first story arc; The Macao Arc.

The Macao arc is the first story arc of Fairy Tail. This includes the introduction chapter to the series, as well as Natsu and Lucy's attempt to save their guildmate, Macao Conbolt. Let's start from the beginning of our heroes journey though!

The series begins with the introduction of two important characters. Nope, not Natsu and Lucy, but Jellal Fernandes and Ultear Milkovich. Now usually the first few pages should show the direction a series is going, but not even close here! Jellal and Ultear throughout the series eventually just become transition characters. Jellal is the main villain for an arc (and is overall useless after), and Ultear blends in with the dozens of henchmen of a big baddie in the Tenrou Island arc (though with much more personality!).

TEC-Lucy winks

"Any guy is my kind of guy!"

Anyways we soon meet Natsu and Happy. Natsu gets a respectable and memorable entrance, with him being on a train, on the verge of fainting. I must give Mashima credit here for establishing Natsu well. He already seems like a goofy, fun kid. Then we meet Natsu's sex muffin sidekick, Lucy, who tries to seduce some old guy just so she can get a discount on a key. First impression... she likes to take "easy street". Hmmm... this manga might get interesting!

So eventually these two weirdos meet after Natsu saves Lucy from some other creep. We find out Natsu eats alooott of food. Sadly, the fact can't be ignored that this characteristic seems to be very similar to some other popular manga character! What's his name again?

TEC-Bora and Lucys dinner

"Don't worry. I am not a rapist."

So the two part ways and Lucy goes off alone and flips through a magazine to look at half-naked girls, wishing she could be one of them. Our creep from earlier shows up and invites her to his crib later. Jeez! Boy is Mashima stressing how loose this girl is (though she hasn't even kissed anyone STILL). So obviously this sketch-ball set Lucy up, but she goes anyways, and finds things suspicious. It's revealed she was set up to be captured and become a slave. I must say I was surprised when I read this. Already we're implementing slavery into this world. Again, Mashima gets credit for giving us a good ground to the world he plans on creating (even though slavery is just about never mentioned again).

TEC-hero time

Hero Time!

Our main male lead main male lead soon swoops in though and kicks a bunch of butt. Hooray! The creep is defeated. I must say, the action was pretty cool this time around and this battle is a base for just about all the rest of them. There's no pattern or anything, just a non-stop barrage of awesome attacks! So we now know we're not getting a Naruto approach, nor a Bleach approach (thank god! We'd still be on Galuna Island!), but more of a Dragon Ball/One Piece type of thing.

So our two heroes make a run for it when the Magic Council comes, and Lucy follows Natsu to Fairy Tail! We quickly meet the whole guild, which is full of a bunch of whack jobs. I'm not going to spend a lot of time on them, as throughout the series they really get their own places in the story.

TEC-Natsu weirded

My exact face when I see you on screen Natsu!

So later on Natsu and Lucy go on their first task to rescue Macao. They are successful (as usual, which you will soon find out), and bring the old man home. This part of the arc was clearly just not as exciting. There was good comedy. Happy is hilarious. But the aspects in the introduction don't drag on, as this is where Natsu's annoying and cocky aspect starts, and that's the main cripple of the secound part.

Overall though, the first arc is a success! It's not the most interesting, but Mashima overall did a great job in establishing the mood, and also shows that these characters are completely crazy! Well, next time is the Daybreak arc. Until next month!

Best Quote of the Arc: "You want to join Fairy Tail right? Then come with me!"

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fighting Festival
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Fighting Festival March12
Ren vs. Araña
Ren vs Arania

Okay, really not much to say about this fight. It was fought between two minor, unimportant, and to be honest, quite boring characters. The only thing in this fight that was remotely interesting was the revelation that Ren and Sherry were dating. I give this fight a 5/10.

This fight, like it's predecessor was also extremely uneventful. Orga came, he saw, he conquered. His Magic however looks pretty cool and it's epicness, as much as I hate to admit it, gives Laxus a run for his money. And what made Orga seem even more epic was his hilarious victory song. The downside to this fight was the fact that we didn't get to see War Cry's Magic and the chances are, we never will. I give this fight a 6.5/10.

Orga vs. Warcry
War Cry vs Orga
Mystogan vs. Jura
Jellal versus Jura

This fight was pretty epic, well, at least it started off epic. It was ruined when Jellal didn't get to do his attack because he couldn't stand out to much, what, might I ask, was the point of pitting those two together if you're not going to let them go all out?!?! I was really getting into the fight and then it ended, terribly, it was hilarious of course, but still, a terrible ending. Some say that Jura would've lost if Jellal completed Sema, I say, BAHUMBUG!!! Jura FTW!! Overall, I give this fight a 7.5/10.

Well, this wasn't really much of a fight, a few panels at best. It was interesting while it lasted though. Makarov about to sacrifice his life, his brats saying they wasn't havin' nonna dat (bad grammar intended), and Acnologia's epic breath attack which, if it wouldn't have been for Mavis' epicness, would have destroyed Tenrou Island completely. Overall, I give the fight an 8/10.

Fairy Tail attacks Acnologia
Fairy Tail vs Acnologia
Makarov vs. Banaboster
Makarov, Erza, Mirajane vs Twilight Ogre

Even if we didn't get to see any of it, I'm saying this fight was epic. Makarov saying fuck friendly resolutions, Erza and Mira's tag team, Twilight Ogre getting what they had coming to them. It's all just too perfect. I give it a 9/10.

This fight was the epitome of hilariousness. Toby's always been a funny character, but after he got his ass beat he told a freaking hilarious story about his missing sock that was wrapped around his neck. And then we think that Kurohebi's going to be nice but he rips Toby's socks which angers Erza so much that she has to be pinned down. I give this fight a 9.5/10. The fight itself wasn't that great, but the comedy was epic.

Mimic Rebellion
Toby vs Kurohebi

Garyness Nostalgic Magic
Garyness | Writer


Hi. This is the first of the (hopefully) many monthly shots of nostalgia I can provide for you Fairy Tail fans and wiki readers out there. With the quick progress of the series, we've been slowly forgetting the awesome moments of Fairy Tail's past, and so Nostalgic Magic aims to prevent memory loss by reminding you of the Fairies' history as well as stab you a hundred times over with a bayonet while screaming "ARE YOU NOSTALGIC YET?!?!?"

This Month's Feature:


This week we look back on one of fan's most favorite spells used in the whole series so far... I'm talking about Fairy Law of course! One of the 3 Great Fairy Tail Magic's, alongside Fairy Glitter, and Fairy Sphere. What is it about Fairy Law though that makes it seem the most popular of the three though? Was it because it ended an epic war, or was it because it was used by our favorite old man, Makarov? Either way let's look back on the pure awesomeness of this technique!


OMFG, My masterisabeast

The first time Fairy Law was used was during the epic fight between Makarov and Jose Porla. Jose thought he was a badass, having defeated Erza, and saw Makarov as nothing. Little did he know that our little man knew some pretty uber techniques that could easily defeat him. At the height of the fight, Makarov gave Jose three seconds before releasing his final attack. At this point even Jose was shocked and could only gasp in horror as Makarov prepared to wipe the screen with light. All the Fairy Tail members looking upon the fight all seemed to be happy as they saw this ray of light fill the sky. The Guild War ended right after the release of this, defeating all shade's as well as Jose (and turning him into a hideous poop).

So does a technique like this even need an explanation to its epicness, or was that enough?


All in a days work betchez!

The next time Fairy Law was in use was by Makarov's crazy, whacked-out grandson, Laxus.Thinking he could defeat Fairy Tail (which Mashima just won't ever let happen silly Laxus!), he tried to cast the technique on all of Magnolia. It failed, cause it turns out Laxus was actually just a nice dude, and truly didn't want everyone dead. Aww! What a softly! The most recent time this Magic was used it also failed, due to another crazy dude named Hades. Just as Makarov was about to end things before they even began, he was stopped in his tracks by Fairy Law's cousin-in-law, Grimoire Law! Don't know about you, but i'd be pretty pissed if I learned some awesome Magic and saw I was ripped off cause somebody else knows the same technique!

So when will we see Fairy Law again? Who knows! But let's not worry about that, and just remember all the awesomeness, and the dumb ripoffs that came with it.

Relikz Fiore's Got Fanon
Rauleli | '

Fiore&#039;s Got Fanon Header
Welcome to Fiore's Got Fanon, a place where the best fanons are featured. Each month there will be a different category of fan fiction article that will be featured. There will be 1-2 (maybe 3 depending on the quality of entries) featured articles each month which will be chosen by Rauleli.
This month's fanon contest was a:

Dark Mage
This month's first featured fanon:
Name of Fanon Cerberus Original's Link Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki
Author Leengard Ustan Date Extracted March 28, 2012
Short Description
Cerberus (ケルベロス, Keruberosu), aka The Vicious Dog of Disaster, is a dark mage and the leader of The Dodekathlon. He represents the guard dog of the underworld, Cerberus, that Hercules had to capture.

This month's second featured fanon:
Name of Fanon Jacob Chaal Original's Link Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki
Author Njalm2 Date Extracted March 28, 2012
Short Description
Jacob Chaal is a dark mage of great power and prestige; known troughout Fiore as one of the most successful Necromancers of the current timeline. While Jacob is rarely if ever seen. The populace which inhabits the remote villages close to the forest in which he supposedly makes his home certainly makes use of his looming presence in order to frighten their children to behave lest the dark mage comes and drags them, screaming and crying away to his dark keep to transform them into gibbering monstrosities.

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Garyness Crocus Pocus
Garyness | Writer



Welcome to Crocus Pocus! Fond of quizzes, puzzles or some other random game that would help you pass the time? Then this is the place to go! Each month, this article will feature a different set of games (that is, if I don't fall victim to laziness that I fail to be innovative with this). No, not flash games that would lead you to endlessly waste your time relentlessly playing like Cubefield or Robot Unicorn Attack (though if I figure out how, I might...). Just games that I can conjure up with a little bit of imagination, my love for Fairy Tail and the trusty Photoshop.

  • Crossword Puzzle - I'm assuming everyone knows how crossword puzzles work... Good! There are fifteen hints to the words. All of them relate to Fairy Tail. Try to do it without going through the wiki for the super hard challenge. And enjoy most of all!
Answer keys will be found in next month's issue.


1.An escaped convict with a two million jewels bounty on his head

4. Eisenwald Mage who stabbed Kageyama

6. His guild mark is on his tongue

7. The name of the building Carla saw crumbling

9. The occupation of the man who led Erza to Galuna Island

10. The current ruler of Edolas

12. The spell used to seal Zero

13. Woman in Magic Council who voted for use of Etherion

14. The former cook for the Heartfilia's

15. Natsu's foster father


2. A member of Fairy Tail, and one of Lucy's spirits

3. An Exceed who can't stop shaking his hand

5. The dragon that attacked Tenrou Island

6. The Drunk Falcon

8. The age of Jude Heartfilia at his death

11. The fifth Fairy Tail Master

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Jakuho&#039;s Corner


IamJakuhoRaikoben is the founder of Jakuho's Corner, as well as its sole editor. His goal in its founding was to keep editors and viewers of the Fairy Tail Wiki informed on the latest rumors, gossip, and facts about the Fairy Tail Series.

Welcome to "Jakuho's Corner", your source for Fairy Tail rumors, chapter info, interviews, and more!

Note: Do not assume the following are definitely true. These are all rumors that I got from one of my many sources:
  • Some good news for Fairy Tail fans from Mashima in the 50th issue of Shonen Magazine. (It's about the movie.)
  • Hades may not be dead.

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Hello everyone! Today we will be interviewing with the 2nd Seat of the Policy & Standards Council himself, Guilherme Abe, best known as Herme.

Fairy Tail Wiki: Tell us a little about yourself.
Guilherme Abe: I'm Guilherme Abe, better known here as Herme or just Abe, a human being that likes to help the Fairy Tail Wiki community. You can often find me on the Chat. My favorite character is the black Exceed Nadi.

Fairy Tail Wiki: How did you first discover the Fairy Tail Wiki?
Guilherme Abe: The first time I heard about Fairy Tail was about the first OVA in a blog. Then I decided to know more about the series, starting with that week's episode, Episode 83 (Maybe that's why I like Nadi). And since I'm used to search for more information on wikis, I found this wiki and start contributing since July 2011, uploading a picture of Nadi protecting Carla, so I started as a registered user.

Fairy Tail Wiki: What 5 tips would you give new users on the wiki?
Guilherme Abe: Newbies! Species that I often met in the chat! Some tips to you guys from uncle Herme:

  1. Vandalism = Being asshole, so never do this.
  2. Interact with the community while contribute (on blogs, talk pages, chat or even edit summaries), it's fun and dynamic.
  3. Think twice before making an edit, make sure that it's relevant.
  4. "Whore" means "friend" here, so don't get mad if someone calls you like this.
  5. The User Infobox can be found here statistics say that "How do you make that table in your profile?" is the most asked question here by newbies.

Fairy Tail Wiki: You are one of the most active members of the Image Guild if I'm correct, which means you work for the strictest Guild Leader on our site, Ishthak, how does that feel?
Guilherme Abe: It's a living hell It's very fun! Ishtak may be strict, but she just wants the best for the wiki and for everyone! And I'm not saying this because I'm afraid of her The only sad part is that she have been a little inactive these days, but I'm sure that she'll back and the Image Guild will be glorious again!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Now, you've recently been promoted to the Policy & Standards Council, how does it feel to be a councilor?
Guilherme Abe: Just a few more steps to become admin Being honest, the best part of this promotion was the voting, when I saw that people are liking my work here! The Council is a place where you have to work hard, but the color links and my workmates are awesome!

Fairy Tail Wiki: What do you think of your fellow councilors?
Guilherme Abe: Darinor: My boss! Our PS Council chairman is a living dictonary and the father of all randomness! Mega: Have a long time of partnership with this guy, we talk a lot and always help each other! He's the person who I idnetify most! Gil: A hardoworking dude, when I see him on the wiki he's always working, pretty sure that with him all the chapters will have an excellent summary and the best images!

Fairy Tail Wiki: Now, a little birdy told me that the staff of the Sorcerer Magazine have entrusted you with a huge secret, without revealing what the secret is, tell us how does it feel to keep that secret?
Guilherme Abe: That Darinor sleeps with a life-size doll of Laxus? Oh THAT secret... Well I swear I'm keeping it, and I feel good knowing that the staff is trusting me :)

Jura From Video Game Herme 阿部22:14,3/13/2012

Well folks, that's all the time we have this week. Tune in next month for the next addition of Jakuho's Corner. We'll be having a very special guest next week. You won't want to miss it!

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Advice
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

Fairy Advice

Fairy Advice
A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff

Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
  • What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
  • If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
  • Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
  • Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: He is a Mage that uses Seith Magic: Soul Possession. He casts spells on each chapter and each episode to control you to come to the Fairy Tail Wiki.
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Fairy Tail's greatest secret? Makarov's collection of pictures of girls in bikinis.
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: The Soul's Eyes
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: Yeah! The Thunder God Tribe took two job to go destroy two Dark Guilds and we were planning to do it one after the other; but then, we found the two guilds together in a tavern so we just destroyed the two of the at the same time. It was fun! (Dolls: Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!)
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: Of course I do! Everyone that supported them in the discussion we had was under the influence of my Figure Eyes at the time.
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Freed Justine
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: He's a store clerk in our local Magic shop.
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: I'm not sure. I don't have the clearance to know things like that. Though Laxus will surely know.
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Laxus Tail, in honor of the greatest Mage alive.
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: No, I can't say I have. We usually just go on whatever mission Laxus is on.
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: The new members? I'm sure they'll do okay, but nowhere near as good as Laxus would do.
Ishthak Avatar Ishthak | Graphic Designer
Gajeel Redfox
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: Like hell I care.
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Not interested. Better if it's a weapon.
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Hellbringers... No... Griffin Claw... Manticore Sting... Metal Hydros
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: In this Guild every mission is like hundreds of missions, damn.
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: If you had me or Erza (eventually Laxus) then maybe...
Garyness Garyness | Writer
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: Sounds like some sort of food!
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: A huge buffet of chili wings, hotdogs, and any other foods I can think of!!
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Who cares I'm hungry!!
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: No I haven't. I actually haven't taken many missions since Levy left! Maybe now that she's back I'll give it a go with Shadow Gear!
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: Levy would do better!
Aldarinor Aldarinor | Writer
Laxus Dreyar
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: Uh? Never heard of him. Must be one of those weaklings hanging around the guild...
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Lumen what? Must be one of those weird things the old geezer is always boasting about...
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Well, let's see... Since my Thunder God Tribe has got some of the few worthy individuals out of the bunch, I guess I might go for that name...
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: Two missions? Are you joking? Most of the time I've got at least five or six... And they're usually S-Class ones.
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: Guess those guys might be worth something, though of course everything depends on the Chairman... I like that fellow. He's got style, unlike other people...
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: Some guy I met in Extalia, he was a pink-furred exceed drawing something while having a nosebleed and making a perverted face.
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Uh... is that a type of fish?
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Whatever Carla would wanted to be ♥‿♥
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: Not me but I go in double missions with Natsu all the time
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: Aye!
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Juvia Lockser
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: That's a relative of Gray-sama, right?
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Juvia can't tell you that, it's a secret of our guild.
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Gray & Juvia's Guild of Love!!
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: Yes, back at Phantom Lord I had to catch two Dark Mages that were hiding in towns near each other. It was really easy because neither left the town they were hiding in because Juvia's rain made travelling hard.
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: Uh, you mean Herme, Mega, and Gilly? Yes, Juvia thinks they'll do fine!
Garyness Garyness | Writer
Lisanna Strauss
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: That's one of my Take Over forms silly!
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Not even I know much about that! I hope it's something that'll help me protect my nakama even more though!
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Ummm Natsu and Lisanna's Guild of Wonders! Is that good?
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: Errr. After my last mission, I don't think I'll be taking big risks like that anymore.
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: Can I be dead again?
Aldarinor Aldarinor | Writer
Cana Alberona
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: Might be one of my drinking buddies... You know, Macao and Wakaba are okay, but regarding the others... Sometimes I just can't remember their names... Burp...
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Is that one of those liquors Mira insists on hiding from me? Have you got any clue where she keeps them?
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Fairy Tail is fine, I don't need another guild! Though if I had a guild myself, I could drink all of its booze... Guess that would make it Booze Tail, eheh...
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: I did, don't remind me of that time! Had to drink so much back then... And the clients run after me... Wonder what they were thinking...
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: I hope so, otherwise things might be botched up... Though the Chariman's a nice fellow... Drank with him sometimes...
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Mavis Vermilion
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: Is he a member of the new generation of Fairy Tail?
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: What?! Who told you about that?!
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Done it already. Fairy Tail.
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: Two missions? That's nothing!
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: I have to go to the restroom...
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: He's a rogue Celestial Spirit that was kicked out of our World 20 years ago. He's managed to survive in your world by living inside of some deceased human's body. He's a dangerous man who uses Dark and evil Magic to manipulate people to his will.
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: That pervert Makarov got drunk and told me when I met him with a previous owner years ago, though I don't feel like telling you. So fuck off.
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Tch, Celestial Spirits don't create guilds, we're above that.
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: If we don't create guilds, then we surely won't take jobs.
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: No, they seem weak, useless, and unable to get boyfriends, much like Lucy.
Aldarinor Aldarinor | Writer
Bacchus (wearing Cana's bra so people mistake him for her)
Who/What is Hiro Mashima?
A: Hiro, what...? I... Burp... Need a drink...
What do you think is Lumen Histoire?
A: Is it something I can drink? Burp... None beats me at drinking...! NONE! Burp.
If you could create your own Guild right now, what would it's name be?
A: Quatro Cer... I mean, Fairy tail is the best...! Don't need another guild!
Have you ever taken two missions at the same time?
A: You can say that... Burp... It was one of those time when I fought that Fairy Tail babe, Erza Scar... Ehm, I mean... Lamia Scale's leader, that Ooba girl... Man she's hot... No wait... Fuck, don't write that!
Do you think the new Policy & Standards Council members will do a good job?
A: I like the Chairman... Burp... I think he'd be a nice drinking buddy... Besides, his soul is always wild! No, wait, I mean... "Runs away"

Have a question you want to ask a Fairy Tail member? Then send them a letter here! They'll be glad to answer your question.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 3: March 2012

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

Poll results will be counted on the 26th of April and will be shown on the next issue.

The Wiki
About the Quotes on Character pages About the Magic page
What's your opinion about it?

The poll was created at 04:16 on March 31, 2012, and so far 242 people voted.
What's your opinion about the design?

The poll was created at 04:16 on March 31, 2012, and so far 223 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
What is your conclusion about the end of Chapter 274?

The poll was created at 04:16 on March 31, 2012, and so far 256 people voted.
Which fight can't you wait to see animated?

The poll was created at 04:17 on March 31, 2012, and so far 328 people voted.
Fairy Tail Chapter 275's Last Page
What do you think is Fairy Tail's biggest secret?

The poll was created at 04:16 on March 31, 2012, and so far 276 people voted.
What is happening?

The poll was created at 04:16 on March 31, 2012, and so far 247 people voted.
Couples Team Natsu
Which is your favorite couple?!

The poll was created at 04:16 on March 31, 2012, and so far 392 people voted.
Which is your favorite Team Natsu Magic?

The poll was created at 04:16 on March 31, 2012, and so far 325 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!