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Cover thirty two

IamJakuhoRaikoben Technical Updates
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor


What's up, peeps?

So as you know, this used to be Yummy's article, but since she's retired, I'll be taking it over (for this month only bitches). I'm pretty sure I know the answer to last month's puzzle, but I can't be fucked to go message Yummy and confirm so I'm just going to guess and say it was Paralysis Powder, Paralysis Claw: Mega Jellyfish, or Super Paralysis Claw: Mega Mega Jellyfish. So congrats! If you got either one of these three answers you may or may not have been right. >_>

None of you bitches will likely get this month's puzzle because you don't know shit about the intricacies of this series, but I figure I'll still let you try anyway. I clicked the random button like Yummy used to do, but I didn't like the first three pages I landed on. Fourth time, in this case, was the charm.

Anyhoo, your hint iiiiiiiiis:

"Roses are red. Violets are blue.
Magikarp are disgusting, and I am too."

I don't think this is too difficult, but I'm still pretty sure most of you won't get it. >_> Anyhow, have fun kiddies! ^___^

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • There was a discussion about spell pages.
  • There were a few image discussions that I mentioned below.
  • There were a few discussions about Silver's abilities that most of you douches didn't participate in, so thanks for that.
  • There's an open discussion about Torafusa that we really need to close, so go check that shit out.

Image Changes

  • There were discussions about changing Kagura's, Chelia's, Rock Dragon's, and Levia's profile images. If you give a shit, feel free to check them out. But I'm pretty sure none of you ass holes are even reading this. As a matter of fucking fact, I'm going to give a test. If you actually read this, please type "silly goose" in the comments.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Freed full look
Freed Justine SMA
Biography This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Freed Justine! He is a member of the Thunder God Tribe and uses Dark Écriture as his main form of Magic. He is obsessed with Laxus, and he is best known for getting his ass handed to him by my lovely wife, Mirajane Stauss.
Interesting Trait He's homosexual.
Guild Fairy Tail symbol
Best Quote "I believe in Laxus!!!"
Sexiness Full StarFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgFull Star.svgHalf Star.svgEmpty Star.svg
Who should be September's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 02:59 on September 7, 2014, and so far 282 people voted.

Ultraprime2 Avatar This Month in the Anime
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Relikz This Month in the Anime
Relikz | Images

TMITA Header - August14
This Month in the Anime

August 2014


Hello, readers. Yeah, I guess most of you have noticed the difference in colors for this month's TMITA. As you were all told, Carrot has left the magazine team and so, desperate as we are without her, I am stepping in to write This Month in the Anime. Now, before you suspect that I'll be doing so permanently, I have to stop you right there and say that that's most likely not the case. We're just a bit short-handed and, busy with our lives as we are, we've ended up in this scenario. Of course, I'm going to do what I can for you guys to still enjoy this article as you've always done. So let's get right into it...

TMITA - Ep193
Natsu rushes towards Rogue

Natsu rushes towards Rogue.

Well, picking up where we left off, the Dragons are wreaking havoc on Crocus and Future Rogue is flying atop Motherglare as he spots Natsu, who was saved by Ultear and Meredy. For once, Natsu doesn't dominate the fight and Future Rogue kicks his ass pretty easily for the most part. Even Motherglare is giving him a hard time by flailing around a bit and crashing into stuff to throw him off balance. Too bad Future Rogue doesn't truly take advantage of this. It's actually a well-done scene in terms of animation as well.

Makarov punches Atlas

Makarov punches Atlas.

Anyways, Fairy Tail's got pretty much no chance against the Dragon they're fighting; Atlas Flame. Gray and Juvia's combo attack does nothing to him, which isn't really surprising cause he's A) a Dragon and B) I think Juvia's lame. Granted, that last one isn't a legitimate reason, but it's my opinion. Anyways, even Freed's seemingly "absolute" Runes can't shield them from Atlas Flame's attach cause he's so overwhelmingly strong. However, Makarov steps in and punches the flaming Dragon (pun not intended) but even that isn't able to do anything. Damn, they're pretty much screwed. Makarov's hand even gets burned.

Someplace else, Lamia Scale, Mermaid Heel and Blue Pegasus are teaming up to fight a Dragon but pretty much nothing they do is useful, especially seeing that Millianna is the only one attacking. Now, as much as I like neko girls and girls who wear revealing clothes, this is not one of those times where they need to be getting focus, people. Lyon tries to join with Jura and Kagura on his Ice-Make animals to start a triple-attack on the Dragon but even this does absolutely nothing and the three of them get their asses thrown back. Man, I'm sure Mega must have been pissed.

Cobra's arrival

The moment fangirls have been awaiting.

Sting and Rogue reveal that they didn't really kill their Dragons either, so far as they just helped them as both wished for death for different reasons. So, we do end up finding out that Future Rogue is controlling all the Dragons via some Magic he invented. He wants them to take down Acnologia, who rules the world in the future and who is immune to this Magic, apparently cause he was once a human. I guess thinking about the Dragons and stuff had gotten Natsu thinking for once so he attacks Motherglare and actually damages his/her adamant body and shouts to everyone that Dragon Slaying Magic can defeat the Dragons and that their numbers are even. Yes, indeed, they truly are even. Jellal's favor from a while ago has been granted by Lahar and Doranbolt, and they've brought Cobra to the battlefield. I think some guy's eardrum exploded somewhere due to a fangirl squeal.

Anyways, this episode was alright. To be honest, a lot were alright. I'm not even that interested in commenting on its plot because we all knew what was coming since we read the manga. All that could really be said here was that it was an alright episode in terms of technical stuff but it still could have been better. The filler was...weird. Orga and Rufus fighting. The Jura/Lyon/Kagura team-up? Looked awkwardly done to be, like someone just wanted these guys together and shoved them in rather than having real reasons for things to go along. Anyways, that's all for episode 193.

TMITA - Ep194

So, this episode is something a lot of people were wondering about in terms of how the animators would handle it. The manga featured a deal of nudity and, though with relatively obscure angles and foreign objects as always, is still something Mashima felt the need to warn us about. After all, we "did" need to know about the "legends of the flying naked people".

Anyways, the episode begins with the fights against the Dragons continuing and the Mages aren't exactly having an easy time, to say the least. However, given Natsu's message in the last episode, who should show up to help Fairy Tail but Laxus. He steps in to fight Atlas Flame while Gajeel goes off to help a guild that doesn't have a Dragon Slayer. There's even a nice little scene of Levy wanting to go with him but Gajeel not letting her.

Rock Dragon laughs at Blue Pegasus

Tbh, I felt kind sorry for most of those guys.

Elsewhere, Blue Pegasus is getting the short end of the stick because rather than a Dragon Slayer, they have Jenny and Ichiya. Alright, granted, Jenny is hot, and most men would want her, but still, it's all about the situation you're in. She actually goes to the extent of donning her bikini to try and seduce the Dragon. Now, I'm not one for bestiality, but I couldn't stop thinking about how hilarious it would be if the Dragon had actually commented on her in some way. On the other hand, Ichiya decides to try his armpit perfume on the Dragon which has no nose. Still, you've gotta wonder what would've happened if the Dragon did have a nose. Would he be forced to go away cause he couldn't stand the smell? I mean, Blue Pegasus couldn't stand the smell and all of them were on the floor gagging and flailing about as a result. Lucky for them though, Cobra comes in to save their asses.

Lucy nearly gets eaten

Common technique, of course.

Back at the castle, Zirconis confirms his identity as a creation of Hiro Mashima by utilizing his Magic, one which strips people of their clothes. Because apparently, Dragons and humans have the same understandings and standards of morality and customs. Damn, this thing should just be called the perv Dragon. Is it just me or did the army men in the anime not look as pathetic as those in the manga? Either way, those guys (and old man Darton) run off, leaving the girls alone. Lucy's the next to have her clothes removed but luckily for her, she's already covering herself tightly even while she still had the clothes, allowing for zero exposure of you-know-what. As we all know what happens next, Zirconis tries to take her and eat her but there's even brief filler of her feeling cold as he takes her high into the sky, which is completely understandable, since who wouldn't freeze their ass off when naked in the sky in the middle of the night? As she's about to be eaten, Wendy's attack on Zirconis results in Lucy being flung far away as the Sky Dragon Slayer teams up with Mirajane to fight.

Meanwhile, Motherglare has released countless hatchlings and the Mages have dispersed to fight them while the Dragon Slayers take on the Dragons. There's even a cute filler girl named Ginger from Twilight Ogre who fights some Hatchlings. She seems to have an ego but isn't a douche like the other members seem to be.

Far off, in a scene that disappointed many a fangirl, Jellal appears to save an injured Erza with zero epic flash or anything that would really differentiate him from any other savior, which I'd expect for someone who's as close to Erza as him. Well, Millianna has spotted them, so maybe the anime will do that nicely. We all know what's coming, right?

Natsu discovers a way to beat the Dragons

Yeah, this is how most of these scenes looked like.

In a scene that looks more cartoonish than anything, the naked Lucy knocks herself into Natsu, kicking around enough dust in the clean air so that there's no exposure, once again, while Future Rogue just looks at them with an expression that's just short of sweatdropping. The two land in some giant bell and end up messing around inadvertently while trying to get out of there. Of course, a ton of it has to happen off-screen. And yes, the famous boob-grab happens in a way that we can't see it either. So, the two basically just talk for a while and when Lucy mentions that she nearly got eaten, this gives Natsu an idea. He flies off as Lucy finds the diary of her future self, cause they coincidentally landed in the same area that she was in several dozen chapters ago where a guardsman saw her lurking.

So, this episode was something that really had people divided. On the one hand, some people were unhappy that there was a lot of censorship of the famous nudity scenes, but on the other hand, some people didn't care either because the nudity wasn't necessary, the censorship wasn't obvious, the story was still kept to the point or some combination of the three.

Overall, I don't think it's a bad episode by any means, but it's just got nothing particularly noteworthy about it.

TMITA - Ep195

Coming off the last episode, Fairy Tail is still in a pinch against Atlas Flame, who burns through all their Magic. Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe attempt to fight it given that Laxus is a Dragon Slayer, but with his element mis-matched against the flame Dragon, even he can't do anything. Too bad for him, Mashima didn't go with the original idea of making Wendy the Water Dragon Slayer. Of course, we do have a Fire Dragon Slayer as the main character, cause fire is probably the most overused element of them all when it comes to mains, or at least leaders.

Atlas Flame remembers Igneel

Manga did it better.

Anyways, having heard that Lucy was nearly eaten by a Dragon, Natsu comes up with the plan to eat the Flame Dragon and surprisingly, it actually seems to work for a bit as the Dragon is clearly freaking out like a kid. To be honest, I didn't mind that they extended that stuff, since I found it funny to see Atlas go nuts, but I'll digress. One way or another, Atlas Flame realizes Natsu is the son of Igneel, the king of fire dragons who also happens to be an old friend of his. Sadly, the famous "dragon rape" scene in anime is nowhere near as good as the manga version. Not really a surprise though.

Elsewhere, Lucy has found her future self's diary and confirms its contents to Virgo. While elsewhere, the Dragon Slayers battle the Dragons, Atlas Flame does come to accept Natsu after learning he's Igneel's son and the two of them go off to battle against Future Rogue and his Dragon, with Natsu even calling Atlas "Uncle". Seeing this, King Toma freaks out even worse than Atlas and borders on BSOD (shortest one ever, I swear) as he thinks the whole world is basically screwed. Meanwhile, other Mages are trying to fight the Dragons as well, like Gray trying to get Rufus to fight, for example. I guess the Magic he uses from his memory isn't really the original but his imitation of the original. Makes sense in a way or he'd be the most over-powered character in the series.

Ultear's decision

I'm pretty good at staring contests, but for some reason, I feel she'd trounce me.

As the Dragons are being fought against, with Sting even going Dragon Force on his (anime-only, of course), Rogue is on his knees as the Dragon he's fighting, Revire, tells him he's behind everything, and that he'll be the king in the future, basically. Rogue doesn't want anything, and gets down on the ground, and as all the fangirls stare at his abs, Ultear looks at him from above. She contemplated killing Rogue to save the world from his future self but Natsu told her not to since the present Rogue hadn't done anything wrong. Did anyone else get a "Terminator 2" vibe from this? Anyways, the episode ends with Ultear deciding that she actually should kill Rogue so as to save the future.

For one thing, I actually found this episode's pacing to be the best of the month. Nothing hangs around so long that it becomes unwanted and we get enough of what we do want and that stuff that isn't completely vital is short enough just to fill in those gaps between important stuff. I don't know about everyone else but the animation did seem off at times to me, like lips not moving right. I dunno if that was cause I watched a stream of it at like 11:30pm after coming home from work, but anyways, the eye color issues remained, as they always have for the last little while. Anyways, a solid episode still that gets you interested in the next one.

TMITA - Ep196
Millianna sees Ultear

Admittedly, the early scenes looked nice.

Now this episode opens with a very brief intro into what's been going on with Erza and Jellal, who were found by Millianna. It opens very nicely into the opening theme, which I just realized I have yet to actually comment on. Basically, I like it. It can feel weak since it follows something more entertaining like Masayume Chasing, but if it had come after something abysmally bad like Rock City Boy, I would've appreciated this song quite a bit more. Anyways, they're arguing with one another when suddenly Ultear appears and basically tells Millianna that she's responsible for everything bad Jellal did. She walks off thinking about how she's a terrible person and all that stuff while the other three contemplate how much the world sucks. Behind a building, the eavesdropping Kagura sheathes her sword, cause the anime decided that she should stop fighting the Dragons and hide behind a building like some coward.

Gray sacrifices himself


I'll just admit I found this episode pretty boring. It's a lot of exposition and nothing truly happens until the end. Sting and Rogue end up teaming up against both Dragons, the Mages are being pushed back and a lot of them are having trouble, foreshadowing the impending "deaths" of people whom we already know from having read the manga. One of whom is Gray, who dies to a hatchling to save Juvia, who was standing around being stupid, as usual. Ultear is still sulking around and decides that she is the one who deserves to die because she contemplated killing someone. END OF EPISODE.

And thankfully so. That was just boring to watch. Sorry for whomever liked it but I couldn't wait for it to end. All that really excited me was Gray taking the shot, which ended up going through his body rather than his head, sadly. Well, I guess something is better than nothing, but still.

TMITA - Ep197

Honestly, when I first saw the title for this episode, the first thing I thought of was this song.

♪It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life.♪

Yes, I used to listen to Green Day. Moving on, we basically see everyone crying about the ones they've lost so far. Droy is dead cause he couldn't move his fat ass out of the way fast enough. Macao is dying but we don't see that vicious scene of the hatchlings tearing into his ass as Romeo watches. We see everyone crying as Gray's evidently been shot in the head and there's no healer to help him, so he's screwed.

Meanwhile, Natsu and Atlas Flame are fighting Future Rogue and Motherglare, who sounds like a man for some reason. As this happens, even the Dragon slayers apparently have to get close to death so that what Ultear does becomes more meaningful. Laxus is apparently going to be killed by Zirconis the perv Dragon, and Sting by his Dragon.

Ultear's Last Ages

At least they didn't rip it from the opening.

Ultear's contemplating her life, what she's done, whom she has met, those who've suffered due to her actions and stuff. It's all this that's apparently driven her to use this spell she learned from reading a book which was probably Hiro Mashima's previous and superior series Rave Master. It's called "Last Ages" and it'll reverse time at the cost of her life. Deciding that it's for the best, she goes ahead and uses the spell but is burned like crazy as a result and finds out that the world has gone back only one minute. Yeah, her life was worth only one minute, apparently. But evidently, everyone who was near death or had died had all done so within one minute of each other, and so what Ultear did saves pretty much everyone.

Everyone has a deja-vu as they return to the present. Pantherlily wonders if Carla did it but she confirms that it wasn't and Happy confirms that it wasn't him. As if we didn't already know that he couldn't do something like that cause he's so fuckin' worthless. Fuck you, Happy. Anyways, This vision of the future does allow the Mages to fight back and is pretty much the beginning of their counter-attack.

Meanwhile, Lucy tells everyone that her future self found out that destroying the Eclipse Gate will solve everything cause Rogue no longer has a way to come to the present if it doesn't exist in the future. There are so many problems with this idea, the least of which would be how to destroy the huge-ass gate. Oh dear lord.... ( =_=).
We know that, you useless pussy.

So, overall, I would this was a satisfactory (at best) month in terms of anime. It's far from the best, but it could've been a lot worse than it was given the manga content it was dealing with. At least it's trying to make the best of what it's got. There're assloads of errors but neither anime company (Satelight or Bridge) has a monopoly on being perfect. At least it was relatively watchable for the most part. The filler, unlike a lot of other cases, didn't even feel that dragged out and actually added some decent context into the scenes, which, for anime-only viewers, would make it better and possibly even for some manga readers.

And so...

Such is the end of this month's This Month in the Anime article. I hope I was able to do a satisfactory job for you guys. I believe next month we will have a new writer for this article as I was just a last-minute replacement so we would have something actually more substantial to put in the magazine when compared to last month. Anyways, let me know what you think and I do hope you guys keep reading the magazine.

That's all, folks!

IamJakuhoRaikoben This Month in the Manga
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Relikz This Month in the Anime
Relikz | Images

TMITM Header - August14
This Month in the Manga

August 2014

What's up, everyone? Mega's a dirty Mexican and was too lazy this month to do his one article, so no TMITM this month. Next month, however, I promise that we'll deliver a full magazine. ^___^

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Earth Land Chronicles
Ultraprime2 | Writer


Welcome to the latest issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, probably in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Tartarus arc.

Welcome back to The Earth Land Chronicles, people!

Hello there, readers. Now that the Sun Village arc is over, we can now get into a meaty arc of the series. It's one which people have been waiting for ever since their name was first seen way back when and in light of the recent revelations, has been all the more anticipated. Let's take a look at the Tartarus arc.

Jackal pinning down Org

Jackal pinning down Org.

So, it starts off with the Magic Council discussing none other than Tartarus and the need to eliminate them as fast as possible. Suddenly, who should show up but... Tartarus. It's Jackal of the Nine Demon Gates who's taken out the entire force single-handedly. Killing Lahar, Gran Doma and over one hundred others, only Doranbolt and Org are left, with the latter pinned down and killed as Doranbolt is forced to make a hasty escape.

The word spreads of the action across the nation pretty fast, since Jet runs into Fairy Tail pretty fast to bring them the news, while elsewhere, Doranbolt confronts a jailed Cobra to get information on Tartarus. Of course, the dude is a badass and refuses to budge unless his demands for freedom are met, even when Doranbolt holds a knife to his throat in a rather badass scene. Though, he does reveal one factoid: they're all Demons and E.N.D is the guild master.

Magic Barrier Particles released

Fear the poison.

Elsewhere, the Thunder God Tribe is working for former councilor Yajima at his restaurant when suddenly Tempesta of the Nine Demon Gates appears. Dispatching the Mages quickly and reveals that Tartarus is after all of the councilors, both past and present. Yajima is nearly killed but who should show up but Laxus with an extremely cheesy line, as has become common in a very unfortunate way. Making quick work of Tempesta, Laxus is more or less victorious until Tempesta kills himself and releases Magic Barrier Particles which infect everyone. Laxus inhales to save everyone it cause, y'know, Dragon Lacrima changes his body into a Dragon Slayer's and whatnot.

The group gets back to the guild in one piece but is near death, and sadly, over a hundred people still died before Laxus took care of the Magic Barrier Particles. So, this calls for a war again! Giving a little speech, Makarov splits everyone into teams and sends them off to protect the remaining former council members, the locations of some of whom they found thanks to Loke and his sexcapades. Yes, that's a word now.

Natsu returns to fight Jackal

"I choose you."

Natsu, Lucy, Wendy, Carla and the blue douchebag show up at the house of former councilor Michello just shortly before Jackal appears and blows the place up. Natsu takes him head-on but even though he beats him down, it seems Jackal's bomb curse gets placed on those who touch him, sending Natsu falling, seemingly beaten for a bit. Neither Lucy nor Wendy can do anything while Michello runs for his life but gets caught anyways. Jackal catches him and some random pregnant girl and forces Lucy to choose between the two of them who will die and who will live but Natsu arrives and "chooses him" before she has to actually make the choice. I'm willing to bet the chick was lying. But hey, who cares since we never see her again?

So, Natsu now has a trick to eat Jackal's explosions before they happen and this helps him fight the dude. And as Jackal's on the ropes, he turns into his Etherious form. Now, I admit, the Etherious form looks pretty badass. If only he actually were and didn't just get his ass tossed around. At the end of the fight, Natsu calls on Laxus' power and with Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, is able to take out the dude. However, he has an ace: he can make himself a bomb that's strong enough to annihilate everyone. Just as it seems hopeless, Happy carries him off into the sky where he explodes. So does that mean Happy is dead? Sadly NO. He's just got singed fur. Yes, simple building-level explosions were enough to kill 119 people at the Magic Council Headquarters and yet this one, clearly big enough to annihilate a town, is taken by a cat who somehow does not die and whose only visible injuries are singed fur. The lack of logic here is astounding.

Happy has been established as a weak character, so him tanking a nkue makes no sense whatever. Oh god that was a load of crap. And to make it worse, the whole thing felt like a joke after all was said and done. Fuck you, Chapter 362.
Erza and Mirajane defend the chairman

"Try and get past us, you assholes."

So, we do have to get on with this. Now, we find out that the council had a weapon called Face which is basically an E.M.P which annihilates Magic and would thus allow Tartarus to freely use their curses as they wish with nobody to stop them. Three former councilors are linked to it and only the Former Chairman knows where they are, prompting Erza and Mirajane to go find him.

Now things admittedly do start to look up to an extent as we all know Erza and Mirajane can get things done if they really mean it. As they meet the former chairman, Crawford Seam, they hear him say he doesn't know about Face's location or really anything for that matter. Suddenly, they suspect an incoming attack and the two girls head off into battle take care of the invaders. And damn do they look good doing it.

Meanwhile, Cobra had his desire granted and the rest o his guild is now free. Brain, however, is quickly killed by Cobra, who didn't want him around and somehow, daddy's boy Midnight didn't seem to mind. However, what makes this scene all the better is the appearance of Jellal and Meredy, who struck some kind of deal with Doranbolt, it'd seem, to deal with the Oracion Seis.

So, can Fiore be saved? Can this arc be saved? This arc started off amazing, but then it quickly went into the crappiest territory possible only to slightly rise up thanks to the Oracion Seis. Only time will tell how it will end but till it does, we'll be there for the ride. That's all for this month, people. Join me next month as we tackle Sins and Sinners.

Best Magic/Curse of this part of the Arc
  • Bomb Curse.
Best Moment of this part of the Arc
  • Jackal blows up the Magic Council.
Best Chapter of this part of the Arc
Best Episode of this part of the Arc
  • Not animated yet.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Jakuho's Corner
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Featured User

(MDM hops onto stage like a boss... and gets assaulted with tomatoes and potatoes)

MDM: Hey hey hey .. you hoes never show respect to me but at least show some respect to the FLASH I brought along ( *^*)9

Milky: F#cking took you long enough!! ( ►_◄ )-c My sister made my ears bleed with questions about when your flash was coming out?

MDM: Come on woman .. good things take time ( ._.) and this time I had some technical issues and had to re-make the flash so it took longer than usual .. but still HERE IT IS! BUT before that I need everyone's opinion on something .. You see, I been making these featuring flashes but member after member it will takes ages to get everyone active to become part of my flash project .. so I been thinking-

Mega: Pfft- .. he said he's "thinking" XDXD

Godisme: XDXD IRK! and Pigs started FLYING!! XDXD

MDM: STFU HOES! (҂‾ ▵‾) .. so where was I? .. Yea, I'm thinking of making a semi-animated flash-comic on out FT Wikia and its members .. it will be either one-shot or in series but will include more members as its characters which will give everyone on the wiki to get to know MOAR about each-other. Right Chao-

Chaos: Rejected ( ✿ ≖_≖)

MDM: ( ,_,) .. maybe next time .. AGAIN! back topic .. so that is my plan a semi-animated flash comic about our wiki and its members .. BUT as usual .. I'm not the decision making type so I leave the decision to the wiki community. How do you want me to carry on this flash project in future .. vote in the Poll BELOW!

So... how should MDM carry on the flash project?

The poll was created at 02:52 on September 7, 2014, and so far 49 people voted.

Alright now here is the link to the flash .. ENJOY!

Click Here Mah Lovely Biotches!

IamJakuhoRaikoben Managing Editor
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • Why is September such a boring month?
  • If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
  • Who's your favorite music artist?
  • Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
  • What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
Mega Omega natsu2 | Writer
Bacchus Groh
Why is September such a boring month?
A: You can't drink in class! Fuoh!
Interviewer: Kids can't drink anywhere anyway...
A: That's what they want you to think... *Hiiic*
If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
A: Beast Magic! I've always wanted to transform, like my rival Elfman! Fuoh!
Who's your favorite music artist?
A: Christina Aguilera ofc, look at that babe~!!! I'm a genie in a bottle baby, gotta rub me the right way honey~!!! She can slay bitches!!! Ain't no other man like me!!! Fuoh!!! And she's a dirrty girl~ Who doesn't like dirrty girls?
Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
A: I would marry Cana Alberona, fuck Lucy Heartfilia and kill Max's broom.
Max: What has broomy done to you? T^T
What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: Is that a new alcohol beverage?!
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Why is September such a boring month?
A: How the fuck should I know?
If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
A: Human Subordination Magic. It'd be nice to have some human slaves around.
Reli I'd be your slave any day!!!
Aquarius: Not interested.
Who's your favorite music artist?
A: Lady Gaga.
Interviewer: Seriously?
Aquarius: What can I say? I like blonde guys.
Interviewer: You do realize Lady Gaga's not a ma- Never mind. >_>
Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
A: I'd marry Scorpio, I'd fuck Scorpio, and if that bastard ever even LOOKS at another bitch, I'd kill him too!!
What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: Ask me another stupid fucking question and I'll chop your balls off and feed them to you.
Interviewer: A-And that concludes our interview folks.Oops
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Gajeel Redfox
Why is September such a boring month?
A: I dunno, it's gotta be that whole "school" thing. Really puts a damper on your life. Why waste time on it when everyone's just gonna come out dumb in the end?
If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
A: I wouldn't mind Molding Magic to make my own iron.
Interviewer: But you still wouldn't be able to eat it.
Gajeel: Oh, screw you.
Who's your favorite music artist?
A: Myself, of course. I don't listen to those morons who think dancing around half-naked on stage with a microphone qualifies as music.
Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
A: I'd fuckin' kill half the guild, if I got the chance. 'Specially, Salamander. Be more specific, asshole.
What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: What the hell does that mean!?
Relikz Relikz | Writer
Mard Geer
Why is September such a boring month?
A: Because its my month!!! Mwahahahaha

Interviewer: I think you just called yourself boring

A: Oh. Then---

Interviewer: Nope. No take backs. You are boring as fuck.

If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
A: Maguilty Sense. That way I can kill people by killing myself!!! Mwahahahaha

Interviewer: I think you just said you should just hurry up and kill yourself.

A: Oh. Then---

Interviewer: Nope. No take backs. Just go fucking die.

Who's your favorite music artist?
A: Justin Bieber of course!!! Mwahahahaha

Interviewer: I think you just called yourself a piece of shit.

A: Oh. Then---

Interviewer: Nope. No take backs. You are completely shit.

Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
A: Kill: Everyone; Marry: Freed; Fuck: Max's broom!!!

Interviewer: I think you just said you wanted a threesome with Freed and the broom.

A: Yeah, that's right.

Interviewer: Nop--- O_O *backs away slowly*

What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: Hmmm what an intriguing question. The one that made it most have worked hard on coming up with it!!!

Interviewer: I think you just called Rai a hardworker.


Interviewer: Agreed. Rai would never do something that would require him to think. Still, go kill yourself Mard.

IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Mirajane Strauss
Why is September such a boring month?
A: I don't think it's boring. A lot of cool things happened in September... like 9/11.
Interviewer: Most people wouldn't describe that as "cool." >_>
Mirajane: Is that so?
If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
A: Hmmm.... I think Stone Eyes would be nice. Even the ugliest person in the world is beautiful once they are turned to stone.
Who's your favorite music artist?
A: Marilyn Manson of course. ^__^
Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
A: What an embarrassing question! \(>_<)/
Interviewer: There's no need to be embarrassed. It's just a hypothetical game.
Mirajane: Alright then. I'll play. Hmm.... let's see... I'd marry Makarov, kill Laxus so that when Makarov dies of "natural causes" all his money and the guild would go to me, and then I'd fuck the Chairman of the Council so no one would ask too many questions about the suspicious nature of my husband and his son's deaths... hypothetically, of course.
Interviewer: Y-You're a monster!!!
Mirajane: So I've been told.
What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: Pancakes.
Interviewer: What?
Mirajane: You said what would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood. Just because he can chuck wood doesn't mean he has to. So I say he chucked pancakes.
Interviewer: Why the hell would a wood chuck that could chuck wood chuck pancakes?
Mirajane: Why would he chuck wood?
Mirajane: He can't multitask?!
Interviewer: -___-
Mega Omega natsu2 | Writer
Why is September such a boring month?
A: Because I'm no longer important? :(
Interviewer: When were you ever important again...?
A: HOE!!! T^T
If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
A: I am a treasure hunter!!! I do not need Magic, I can kill any beast in my way!!!
Interviewer: Not even one Magic? For one day?
A: Welllll, having the ability to teleport would be handy, since I am a sniper and, if I don't get my target on the first shot, I will be discovered!
Interviewer: So you're a lousy sniper?
A: Listen here... T^T
Who's your favorite music artist?
A: I like Anaconda and that big booty girl. *Blushes* but not because I like big buns, hun. *3*
Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
A: Well, I only know about three girls and two boys. I would marry the blonde, fuck the red one and kill the Lion who took me out!!!
What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: I collect wood, yes.
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki
Why is September such a boring month?
A: It is indeed unfortunate that the month of new beginnings is often disregarded as a month of pains and aches.
Interviewer: Dude, the only thing that begins is school, and sometimes not even that.
If you could use any kind of Magic besides your own, what would it be?
A: Without a doubt, my darling Erza's Requip. Such would forever confirm us as soulmates. *_*
Interviewer: *backs away slowly*
Who's your favorite music artist?
A: Meeeeeeeeeeeehn.
Out of all the members of Fairy Tail, who would you marry, fuck, and kill?
A: Meeeeeeeeeeeehn.
What would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
A: Meeeeeeeeeeeehn.

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 32: August 2014

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Miss me? No? Yeah, I didn't think so... ( TT^TT)/

Random Opinions \( ^__^)/
Video Games Video Games
For the past 4 years (since I started watching/reading Fairy Tail) I've been waiting for a decent Fairy Tail video game. What kind of FT video game would you like to see?

The poll was created at 02:55 on September 7, 2014, and so far 123 people voted.
Video Games Pt. 2. How would you want the game to work?

The poll was created at 02:55 on September 7, 2014, and so far 124 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
Who is going to be focus of Part 6 of the Tartarus arc?

The poll was created at 02:55 on September 7, 2014, and so far 127 people voted.
What do you want to have happen when the GMG arc ends?

The poll was created at 02:55 on September 7, 2014, and so far 142 people voted.
Face Erza vs Kyouka
All the Faces...

The poll was created at 02:55 on September 7, 2014, and so far 124 people voted.
Erza vs Kyouka:

The poll was created at 02:55 on September 7, 2014, and so far 123 people voted.
More Randomness
From this
What would you do if you got the powers of invisibility and teleportation for 24 hours?

The poll was created at 14:17 on August 30, 2014, and so far 129 people voted.
What power would you like to have for usage in everyday life? (That means not to use for fighting people >_>)

The poll was created at 02:55 on September 7, 2014, and so far 140 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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