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Cover thirty

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Technical Updates
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Ello, ello, ello~

I was wondering if anyone would get last month's puzzle, but someone did. An anon of all people, who then made an account. So, congratulations to Zoroark Hunter, who got the correct answer: Gogotora!!

Here's my explanation, as always:

  • Gimme a T, a G, an R, an A: Literally letters from Gogotora's name :P
  • You don't need them to outshine me anyway: This was meant to reference "Exceed", as to outshine some one is to exceed them.
  • Throw in an "ooooooooh!" and what have you got?: If you read this out loud like a cheer, you'd add an "O" to the other letters first given~
  • GOOOO TIGERS!!: This was for users who know the wiki. If you do, you may recall that Gogotora was almost renamed Go Go Tiger as per the Kodansha translation, but was rejected for being retarded XD

A big congrats to Zoroark~ *clapclapclap*

I'ma click the hell outta this random button. Hopefully it's something good this month :) *clicks*

Hmmmmmm~ Okay then...

You clue is:

"You didn't cry, for years gone by,
The relationship I missed.
If only I hadn't been so cruel,
Your pain would not exist."

All the best! Keep guessing and make sure you check the other comments. So many people keep guessing after someone figured the answer out long ago, lol :P

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • There was some discussion about merging some Ice Make spells. Though I didn't participate I did merge the pages, so obviously people wanted them merged.
  • Acid Magic was debated and decided to be a Caster Magic.
  • Misk had an old person moment and had a rage at Ooba's Magic. Unfortunately for him, nobody else was angry and, after a little debate, nothing was changed.
  • Galaxia Blade was talked over and decided to be a Sword Magic spell.
  • Chaos provided some more legitimate names for Tempest Curse, and after a vote, it was changed to Calamity Curse.
  • Holy Blast was discussed and renamed to White Dragon's Holy Blast.
  • There is currently a discussion about Silver being a disambiguation page, so if you have something to say, head over to that talk page and say it!

Image Changes

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

SMA June (2014)
Rogue profile prop
Rogue Cheney SMA

This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Rogue Cheney! I could've sworn that I've featured him before, but apparently not. :P Anyhow, Rogue is a former antagonist from Sabertooth who's future self tries to enslave the world or something like that. He uses Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic as his main form of combat, and he is currently sporting an incredibly gay makeover which matches his incredibly homoerotic obsession with Gajeel perfectly. :D

Quote SMA (Jun2014)

(Rogue Cheney) to himself. "I have no interest. My interest is only in you, Gajeel."

Who should be July's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 01:41 on July 2, 2014, and so far 267 people voted.

TheCarrotSaysYumYum This Month in the Anime
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer and Reli's Dance Slave

This TMITA heading has been confiscated by order of the Mexican Police Force. It will be returned upon tedious inspection, being undertaken to ensure that the heading does not contain any dangerous weapons or illegal drugs. We thank you for your patience.
This Month in the Anime

June 2014

TMITA - Ep184

Hmmmmm... So we're back again~ Guess I should start reviewing these things :P

We begin this month in the anime with Rufus of all people, and, to some stirring music, he lies in the library of defeat contemplating how he lost to Gray. Hmmm, interesting. Can't say I didn't like it, but as it's not really relevant in any way, let us move on~

MASAYUME CHASING, CHASING! I shall be sad to see this intro go soon D;

Okay, we open with recaps of the scores YET AGAIN, and I know I should be ticked off, but I'm not this time, and this is because some of my favourite filler was included in this episode and at this point - Mermaid Heel filler. We didn't get to see much of them in the manga, but I am glad the anime decided to incorporate them heavily into this episode, as it makes sense that they would worry about Kagura and Millianna, and be worried that Millianna seems to have disappeared. Kudos anime team~ Nice one ;D

But it's back to the Rescue Team who have just defeated the Garou Knights and are trying to get out of the Abyss Palace. However, as they approach the exit and Natsu tries to bust the door open, it suddenly opens on its own, revealing (finally) the hooded figure who has been seemingly stalking everyone for days. I loved this part of the episode and the music combined perfectly to add to the sense of mystery and suspicion surrounding this character.

We also add to this suspicion of characters by having Darton confront Hisui, with the princess revealing that she is actually undertaking the Eclipse 2 Project, not the Eclipse Project. Whatever the fuck this means is not revealed at this stage, so I'll move on... the GMG, where Chelia has attacked Juvia :D Yay~!

Juvia vs. Sherria

This is seriously the cutest thing ever X3

But screw them, because Erza has also followed Mavis' instructions and heads to some weird kinda roof-top garden thingy (seriously, what is this building used for?) to confront Minerva. An opponent does appear...

...but it's KAGURA!!

Yay! :D Can I just say that the combination of music and straight-into-action made this revelation just amazing. Seriously, it got me pumped. I know the animation was a little off for the most part, but it was fast-paced and seemingly smooth, so I really can't complain. And then, who should appear but Minerva! I thought her appearance animation was a little clunky, but again, the mood set by the episode just overshadows this.

Now, I really don't have much to say about the rest of this fight. From the silence at the start of the battle with that single rock bouncing, to the music starting just as the three clash, to the spells, to the talk, to the end of the clash, I just thought it was amazingly awesome. The pace was good and I liked the added commentary by the different (that's right, different, not the same character over and over) characters.

And finally, just to tie up this pretty package of an episode, we jump back to the palace amidst the tension of the GMG for more of the Princess being cryptic and the revelation of the hooded figure.

Tying everything together beautifully, the hooded figure reveals herself to be Future Lucy!! Dun dun DDUUUUUUNNNNN!!

Wow...seriously, what an episode! Hisui and FLucy in particular are stand outs for good animation... I mean, look at this:

The Future Lucy Future Lucy

^This is EXACTLY what I mean when I say that static shots should look exactly like their manga counterparts! I can overlook odd animation in moving images, but when the anime chooses to poorly redraw static shots I get really miffed to be honest. So glad that here they showed exactly how it should be done~

Admittedly, in this sense there were some parts of the threesome battle that were off for me, specifically:

Kagura Withstood Yagdo Rigora Kagura, unfazed by Minerva's attack

...because Kagura always looks a little off in the anime, but hey, I hate Kagura, so who cares XD

All in all an awesome episode, and one I would rewatch for the threesome fight. Minerva's huge-ass spell was well displayed and just the mood and tension created throughout the entire episode was stunning. I mean, there is an obvious (to me anyways) change in the overall tone of an episode when the filler is kept down, the pacing is perfected and the scenes compliment one another, and that is exactly what happened here.

I really have no more to say. What an awesome episode! :D

'Tis a pity they couldn't keep it up for next week >__>

TMITA - Ep185

R-Recaps of scores *twitches*


We start this ep over at the palace with the recently revealed Future Lucy, and, admittedly, this is probably the best part of the episode. The music combined with the confusion of the characters with Lucy being a little ganged up on as the others all throw curious glances her way was really well done, so I will give credit where it's due~

Then it's to the princess again and I know this scene should be taken so seriously, but thanks to a massive fuck up by the animation guys, any hope of this scene being taken as it should is thrown out the window.

Uhhh... Aquarius Key ??

Anime Team:

The only other explanation I can come up with is that the animators were making a huge easter egg referencing the events of the manga at that time, but, if so, it would be just cruel, so either way booooo you anime team!!

Putting this aside though and we jump back to the GMG to continue the threesome between Minerva, Erza and stupidbitchnobodycaresabout Kagura. Kagura tries to attack Minerva, but she shows off her powers and swaps places with Erza, forcing the two to clash in a panel so badly drawn that I don't even want to look at it again if I can help it.

Erza vs. Kagura Subbing In Erza

Minerva looks mighty fine though o__O Speaking of her though, take a look at her in the back of the panel in the above images. In the anime she's a statue, and in the manga she has her hair and body swaying as she walks.

Kinda sad that the manga has more movement in it than the anime .-.

Moving on though (heh, see what I did there?) and Minerva tells Erza and Kagura that she'll take on the victor between them and vanishes. Erza tries to set a more calming mood, but Kagura, being the uptight and over the top idiot she is, vows to cut everyone down.

More match ups form around Crocus and we cut to the princess once more and then to Crime Sorciere! YAY! Crime Sorc-


They're pink! What the? Why pink? Seriously... what the heck. Is it really THAT hard to make them the correct colour? Has the person in charge of Meredy just never bothered to look at a coloured version of her before and thought pink would be cute? Bloody hell >__>

And then CrimeS don't even do anything worthwhile! We just head into some weird flashback that is completely out of place where it shows Jellal introducing himself to Erza again (albeit contradicting the earlier version of this scene by the previous team) and giving her her name of Scarlet. I really don't know if they were trying to poorly foreshadow or push the Jellal/Erza/Simon love triangle (or lack thereof) for some reason, but I just don't get it.

And then we see a different version of the freeing of the slaves, but because it's not a full episode like in the ToH arc, it's just a crappy cut of different scenes that look nowhere near as good and still contradict earlier scenes we've seen of this. Then it jumps to when Natsu tries to attack Jellal and then to when CrimeS was first shown and all I'm thinking is:

Like, there was a lot of emphasis on Ultear being the force behind Jellal being bad, and I think this was just what they were trying to stress because they didn't want people to think Kagura's hate was 100% justified... but... I mean, if any normal viewer actually bothered to watch the ToH, Nirvana and preGMG arc, they would already know Jellal is an amazing guy with too much hate on his shoulders, so again, I DO NOT in any way see how this was necessary. It was pointless time wasting filler of the worst kind, and even though it was Jellal and Erza, I hated seeing it >__>

And then just to ruin more moods, before we jump back to Erza and Kagura we get the Rescue Team talking about how FLucy is lighter than currentLucy and that she likely lost weight due to her hardships and therefore had a successful diet and such.

Uhhhh o__O Really? REALLY!? That's bordering on cruel now... so we'll just jump back to the fight...

Arg... why did I say that? >__> This fight was god awful. The animation was so bad, the attacks so poor for those of a sword-fight nature and by God, again, the movement was seen more in the bloody manga!!

Slashing Form Slicing Through Adamantine Armor

There actually appears to be gravity in the manga version, oh, and blood :)

Kagura dives in to attack Erza Archenemy Strong Forme

Kudos to the anime for the background, but the characters look so stiff and Erza is bloody facing Kagura and looking at the attack. In the manga it's a complete surprise.

But, worst of all:

Sonic Claw Flight Sonic Claw

I even gave the anime the gif here ( -__-)~ *sighs*

Dialogue is pretty much word for word from the manga, so the two talk about Jellal and Mils for a bit and then Erza reveals, after another poor flashback, that she was responsible for Simon's death because she was weak and failed to act. As such, Kagura draws her sword, characters freeze, blood (YES! BLOOD!) flies and my poor baby Jellal senses that something is wrong with his redhead waifu DX This last shot of Jellal was by far the best animated thing in the episode, literally looked exactly like the manga, so kudos there. Jellal for the most part looked like he was animated by 6 different artists throughout the other parts of this episode, so at least they gave him to the competent artist for this last shot.

I can't really complain about how the episode was ended because the tension really was great (until the preview! Seriously, if you are trying to create even a week of tension for anionly fans, DON'T show Erza being okay in the preview for the next ep! >__>) but I did think this was done better in the manga.

I know I'm being biased here, but I'm a sucker for Mashima's gorgeous panels, so I loved the manga version. I understand the panel couldn't really be transferred to anime, so I can overlook it, but, for you anionlys, here's the amazing panel from the manga for your viewing pleasure:

Unsheathing Archenemy

Gosh, it's just moving on so many levels...

Hopefully the next episode will be more moving than this one was ( -__-) Shouldn't be too hard though, because this episode was very poor in my eyes. The worst of the month by far.

TMITA - Ep186

Oh man, there are so many episodes this month o__O Yes, I am typing these all up at the end of the month because my month was insanely busy and I had no time before T^T

Anyways, onto the ep and Kagura slashes Archenemy at Erza...

...but Erza blocks it!! Somehow without getting sliced like she did in the manga, so I dunno where the blood from the last episode was from, but the last episode sucked, so let's move on.

Erza blocks Archenemy

Blood? No? Okay then :<

Yes, Erza blocks the attack and as part of Crocus is blown to pieces she states that she will not just cast aside the life that Simon and Rob gave her. Damn straight! Kagura's an idiot! I could understand her killing Jellal, but by trying to kill Erza she is literally taking the life her brother died to save. What an dumbass ( -__-) At least Erza is thinking straight.

After the opening theme we jump to Mercurius for a bit for more cryptic princess stuff and some filler of the Rescue Team. Seems the Rescue Team is making up most of the filler this month, but I guess I like it more than filler of GMG spectators talking over and over, so I'll take it.

Back with Erza and Kagura (who are animated SO MUCH BETTER in this episode - well, not manga quality all the time, but darn close to it) and the former Requips into her hakama clothing as Kagura charges her, vowing to kill both her and Jellal.


...and of course, JellalErza love love power is supreme and Kagura falls!!

Haha :3

However! As she lies on the ground a falling bit of rubble threatens to crush her but she is saved by Erza, who unfortunately pushes her out of the way at the expense on her legs being crushed. As Kagura questions the move, Erza reveals that she knew Kagura as a child, and that they met once during the child raid by the Tower of Heaven workers. We then get a cute flashback of Erza and Kagura running together, and Kagura hiding as Erza is found and captured.

Moved to tears (in a VERY nicely animated clip) Kagura recalls Erza helping her, and, now not wanting to fight the redhead SUDDENLY GETS SUPER STRENGTH OR SOME SHIT AND JUST LIFTS THE BLOODY BOULDER CRUSHING ERZA WITH ONE ARM TO DRAG HER OUT...


Because screw weight and physics... why do they even matter?

I mean, come on... Kagura has Gravity Magic... just show her using that for crying out loud \( o__o)/

Anyways, just as we think we might be getting a sweet moment here, who should reappear but Minerva! AND SHE STABS KAGURA THROUGH THE BACK! \( ^__^)/ What a turn of events~

Minerva stabs Kagura

Bitch is back... bitches >:)

But that's not all! Minerva also dumps Millianna back into the world and the neko-woman is also out for the count, meaning Minerva gets six points for doing basically no work. As Erza checks if Millianna is okay, she sees that Minerva has practically sliced the woman open just for the heck of it, and of course this doesn't sit too well with her.

Erza glares at Minerva

Awww yeah! Choo dead now!

And, just before we cut to the halfway mark, we see Mermaid Heel running from the Domus Flau to get medical aid for Kagura and Mils. Nice filler there... I really appreciated that.

Back after the little music thingy that always marks the half way mark of the ep and Rogue baits Gajeel so that the Iron Dragon Slayer attacks him. Meanwhile, Laxus and Orga are having a my cock lightning is better than you cock lightning conversation, but, after faffing about finally decide to fight. I dunno, the music in this scene was the really dramatic intense one usually used in moments when the heros are at a loss for what to do, so hearing it here for a battle was just weird imo :/ W/e though.

Whatever indeed, because just as the two start to get into it, who should appear but Jura! Hehehe >:)

But we cut, and, across town, Juvia and Chelia are still continuing their adorable fangirl fight when both Gray and Lyon show up, the latter ignoring Chelia and focussing on Juvia and yelling at Gray whilst the former doesn't seem to want to be anywhere in the immediate vicinity. Well, that's love... uhh... love squares(?) for you~

I would really like to stay and see this fight, but it seems the anime crew have other ideas, because we cut back to Mercurius for the Rescue Team again... and they're lost... again... I think .-.

Anyways, FLucy awakens and there's some stuff said about her future and, really, I know I should care, but with the anime using THE SAME clips yet again to show the bad future I just want to skip because I feel like I've seen it all before. Seriously anime crew, get your act together. Ain't nobody wanna see the same goddamn clips over and over on repeat!! >__>

Well, at least a very nicely animated FLucy and Hisui end the episode for us :)

TMITA - Ep187

Okay... *goes to get crackers and dip and returns* Onwards!

...*opens up dip* *dip is definitely off* Oh ffs!! *goes to get Shapes instead*

Okay... can I start now!? Yes? Good!!

Ah stuff it, it's all old clips right now...

Finally, here we go... FLucy explains that on the 7th of July, 10,000 Dragons will swarm the skies and Crocus will be destroyed - that is the future she came to prevent. The others are shocked and a little unnerved to hear that hey die in her future, but FLucy is the most surprised, as she thought none of them would believe her.

As the others ponder, we get another flashforward to FLucy's future, but YET AGAIN the anime team just reuses the old clips from before. I mean, for crying out loud! I can understand maybe using them twice, but I swear this is the fourth time at least that I've seen these clips and I'm just over it >__> *sighs* so, skipping ahead, skipping ahead... Okay, FLucy explains that she just used the Eclipse Gate on instinct and arrived two days ago on July 4th. Of course, this bothers the group, as they note that it was very recent. However, Arcadios is bothered most of all, as he notes that Princess Hisui has been talking to her from-the-future helper for longer than that. He also notes that Hisui has been saying that she has all of these plans to save the world thought up, despite FLucy stating that she has no idea how the Eclipse Gate works at all. Obviously, something is up.

But fuck people being mysterious and people lying, because NaLu moment bitches \( o__o)/

Natsu thanks Future Lucy

Awwwww :3

But fuck NaLu, because Crime Sorciere!!! \( O__O)/

Ah, my baby Jellal has also caught on and figured out that nothing really adds up, and he's decidi-

OMG!! ULTEAR'S CAUGHT THE PINK-EYE PLAGUE TOO!! >:O No! Really!? First Meredy and now Ultear as well? Ffs!! I hope this doesn't continue to spread or else the next person to get pink-eye will be Jellal T^T And he has the most gorgeous hunter green eyes... don't make him lose them DX *flails*

But, away from pink eye because we go back to Rogue and Gajeel and see how their going. Basically, Rogue can't defeat Gajeel, and, after confessing that he's lost his way and looks up to Gajeel because the man has chosen his own path, the two come to an understanding, with Frosch being dangerously cute the entire time :3

HOWEVER! Suddenly something appears and starts urging Rogue to attack Gajeel. Just who is this mysterious 3rd player? Why, it's Rogue's... sh-shadow? Whaaaat? o__O

Yes, so Rogue's shadow of all things wants him to kill Gajeel and offers him the power to do so, but stuff weird shadow beings, because we cut back to Mercurius (I feel like I repeat this line a lot .-.) to the Rescue Team, who have not only lost Arcadios and Yukino, but also been found by the Imperial Army. As Mira runs off to find Yukino, the others stay and fight, with Carla having bad feelings about everything.

Finally! Back to Rogue, and the man has been seemingly possessed by his shadow, and proceeds to give Gajeel a good beating with some new spells. I have to say, I did really love the way they animated Rogue in his Shadow-possessed form:

Possessed Rogue

However, I feel that some of the spells were a little bland and held-back in their appearance.

Rogue&#039;s Shadow Dragon&#039;s Waxwing Flash Eiryu no Renjakusen

See what I mean? Not bad, but Mashima definitely just has a way of showing great detail in a nice way :)

So, as Levy in particular frets over Gajeel's safety and Frosch questions who Rogue is, the two continue to clash and CrimeS with their pink eyes up on the hill over Crocus suddenly feel the presence of the Dark Magic. Meredy and Ultear seem to want to investigate, but Jellal is against it, as he think FLucy won't cause trouble so long as she is with actual Lucy and Natsu.

Speaking of actual Lucy, the anti-Magic squad is called to deal with the Mages (these turn out to be a bunch of guys with long hair who all look the same and are just as weak as their army friends) along with...

Along with...

Along with...

Aegis and Bandou




M-moving along and back with an actual fight, Rogue has Gajeel in a choke hold. As Frosch makes an adorable little break out of Domus Flau to help its possessed friend, Gajeel is tossed to the ground to be consumed by shadows.

Is Gajeel gunna just take this treatment? Of course not! In a stunning turn of events he decides to pull a Natsu and begins to consume Rogue's shadows, rising as his skin turns to metal and he vows to remind Rogue of just how scary he can be.

Iron Shadow Dragon Mode is here!!

Iron Shadow Dragon Mode

Hell yeah >:D

TMITA - Ep188

Ah, more recaps of events. I do love this music, but I am getting kinda sick of it now. I mean, there are so many great FT tracks and they aren't being used. I've seen some people saying that they can't be used due to them belonging to the old studio, but I swear I've heard some of the old ones already in previous episodes, so I dunno :/

Wait... see? The start of this ep after the intro uses one of the old soundtracks! Told you so!

Anyways, the fight of the now both powered-up Dragon Slayers begins and I have to say that as a whole, I was pretty impressed with this battle. The animation for the most part was good and I liked how they did the shadow parts.

However, I think the slow soundtrack combined with the slow animation really made the fight seem.... well, slow at times, and it seemed to end rather quickly without much being done. I think I would have preferred them adding in a bit of filler and speeding the whole thing up.

The fight does end though and Gajeel is victorious and he watches as a creepy black shadow leaves Rogue's body and disappears.

But stuff shadows, because Frosch has just appeared!!

Frosch defends Rogue

Omg! I LOVE this little Exceed X3 Like the cutest little fucker on the planet!! Frosch begs Gajeel not to harm Rogue, but of course Gajeel would never do that. So Frosch goes to comfort Rogue in the most adorable way possible and for some reason Rogue can't remember any of the fight that just took place. My, my, my... just what was that shadow??

We cut back to the Rescue Team during this break and BY GOD it is so easy to see that a slightly different team has tackled this episode. Not only do the attacks look great, the animation style smoother, but even the other background characters of the army have distinctive faces that aren't just copy/pasted 100 times over. Seriously, they should move some of this team to the others to even things out, because the episode jumps in quality are just FAR too noticeable... and then there's the team on the other end who I swear did Erza vs. Kagura and ep 177 >__>

Natsu hits the soldiers with Wing Attack

I mean, far out!

So they're still fighting and then who should reappear but-

No! It's not the fucking dolphin man!!

It's the Garou Knights!

Granted, I wasn't expecting them this soon (this is slight filler anionlys) but I didn't mind what we saw, so I can't really complain. Whilst FT are busy with them yet again, Arcadios is busy getting on his new armour.

Admittedly, well, the armour looked good, but I did like its manga version better. I guess it was just cleaner, as always:

Arcadios&#039; armor The White Knight

Just looks... fuller in the manga, y'know?

Anyways, screw the armour, because Arcadios is heading towards the princess. He has been thinking long and hard and has come to the conclusion that something is wrong/contradictory between Hisui and FLucy's stories; however, he has also decided that he believes there is no way FLucy could be lying, and, as such, Hisui is the one telling the lies!!


Uhhhh... I do have to question why the knights supposedly guarding the hallways, who are meant to ensure the safety of the princess, let an armoured soldier who recently was fired for treason through and even told him where to find the princess when he was obviously livid about something, but I'll let it slide ^__^"

Back to the GMG and we see a small flash of Minerva starting her assault on Erza before we head back to the battle of lovers, where Gray and Lyon are both using their Ice Make to try and down the other. Can I just say that Lyon's Ice Make looked AWESOME here? I've always loved Lyon's version of dynamic Ice Make (far more than Gray's) and I loved seeing it here because it looked so great :)

Ice-Make Water Serpent

Yay~ :3

As they fight and Chapati is being a dirty old perv, we cut back yet again to the Rescue Team. I must say I did like the transition here, between the laughing crowd having fun at the GMG and the seriousness of what is concurrently happening in the palace.

More filler spells and fights and holy hell Wendy's hair is looking long here o__O Must admit I did find it funny to see Loke hitting on Cosmos XD XD Hahahaha! On the flip-side, I didn't like all the stuff Kama was throwing at Lily. I mean, like he'd know about his history in the army... it seems the anime team just wanted some reason for Lily to be angry with him :/

But but but!! Finally to the events related to the title of this episode (lol, yep, like 17 minutes in XD) because we go back to Laxus, Orga and Jura in the GMG.

Now, to start with I HATED this fight and everything to do with it in the manga. I am a rather big Orga fan, and Laxus and Jura are both very nice characters in my eyes, so it's not because I hate the characters or anything. As such, I was rather meh about this whole upcoming battle purely because I really didn't want to relive it :<

So, how shocked I was!

Seeing Orga get one-shot here was actually enjoyable :) I dunno if it was the music, or the way the scene was built up, but I genuinely had a smile on my face when Jura stood over Orga and made that comment about finishing battles in one blow. Really, I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did, so kudos to the anime team :D

But of course this now leaves Jura and Laxus, and Laxus has nowhere to run.

Again, the start of this battle was really nicely built up to and the sunset setting just looked amazing~ Also, I adored the drop of info on the 4 Gods. Damn, I can't wait to see more of them :D :D

Four Gods


Anyways, back to Laxus and Jura and Laxus goes in for the charge, quick as always, and, as always, the ever-calm Jura waits for the perfect moment to strike.

And strike he does, crushing Laxus into the ground as the audience stare on in shock.

But, Laxus is not Orga. Laxus has been floored in battles before and knows how to stand up, so stand up he does. Punching Jura straight in the jaw, Laxus is back on his feet and ready to keep going!

Laxus strikes Jura

Awwww yeah!!

So, next month it seems we will get more Erza vs. Minerva, more Laxus vs. Jura and more of the foursome battle~ Looking forward to all of them to be honest, because there are aspects of each one that I want to see so badly!! SPOILER!! In particular: Nakagami (please look good! T^T), the GrayJuvia combo attack and how they animate Laxus' spells and the like in his fight SPOILER!!

But, wait I shall, though it seems from the preview that we might be getting all of these things that I want to see next week o__O Wow, the anime sure is flying through, even with its filler content. I really hope they don't take another hiatus so soon, but then again, I don't like filler arcs all that much :/ Guess we'll have to wait and see~

Still, some of these episodes were very well animated, and it would seem the animation team (at least some of them) are starting to make their static shots manga -> anime, so that's nice to see :D I hope they keep it up :3

Well, this about wraps up this longer addition of TMITA! I hope you liked it and I'll see you all next month :)


That is all :3

Carrot out~

TheCarrotSaysYumYum This Month in the Manga
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TMITM - June 2014

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Welcome to the latest issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, probably in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Grand Magic Games arc.

Welcome back to The Earth Land Chronicles, people!

So, when we last left off, the Eclipse Gate had been opened and the Dragons were coming in to invade the nation, just as Future Rogue wanted.

Future Rogue and Dragon Family

Future Rogue his Dragons

Lucy can't close it alone but thankfully, Mirajane found the missing Yukino and gave her a pep talk. Together, the two Mages call forth all the Zodiac Spirits who join forces to close the gate. Y'know, despite the fact that the gate absorbs Magic, which was why Loke had to leave it in the first place. Oh well. Problem remains that 7 Dragons did break through the gate and are now wreaking havoc on the city, one of whom is the Zirconis, the Dragon whose spirit they met in the Dragon Graveyard, however he is different.

Though things seem hopeless, Natsu soon returns to confront Future Rogue and announces that the Dragon Slayers can beat the Dragons. However, with only 6 present so far, the Dragons outnumber the slayers, but as it turns out, Jellal got Doranbolt to bring Cobra to the battlefield, evening out their numbers. Meanwhile, we find out Sting Eucliffe and Rogue never really killed their Dragons, but rather, Sting's Dragon wanted to die while Rogue's was already sick and wanted to be put out of his misery. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail is getting its ass kicked by Atlas Flame and due to being a Dragon Slayer, Laxus steps up to fight.

Natsu Discovered a Way To Beat Dragons

Natsu has an idea

As the Dragon Slayers gear up to fight, Zirconis' living body reveals that his Magic can cause clothes to dissipate, since his Magic is to remove human's dignity. Because apparently, Magic can arbitrarily decide what is dignified and what is not. So, after he de-dignifies (now a term) but fails to eat Lucy, it's up to Wendy to fight him with help from Carla and Mirajane. When confronted with a fight, Zirconis tosses the naked Lucy away, sending her flying through the sky and crashing into Natsu as he's fighting a losing battle against Future Rogue. However, her story of how she almost got eaten gives Natsu an idea while she finds a diary nearby which she finds out was written by her now-deceased future self.

Igneel The Flame Dragon King

Dragon Rape!

While Laxus is having trouble with Atlas Flame due to the latter's protective body, Natsu drops by, quite literally, and begins eating his flames. However, as it turns out, Atlas was friends with Igneel and so Dragon and Slayer form an unlikely alliance and head off to battle Future Rogue. During their battle, the two go at it while others are watching from elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Dragon Rogue is fighting tells him that his future self was the one responsible for everything happening, and basically makes him fall to the ground and get scared of his own shadow, somewhat literally. Meanwhile, he's being watched by Ultear, who wanted to kill him to prevent the gates from being opened but was told not to do so by Natsu, who claimed that the current Rogue had done nothing wrong. While she's having second thoughts, she wanders off to think about it.

Meanwhile, an injured Erza Scarlet has been saved by Jellal, much to the delight of fangirls everywhere. As they try to move somewhere safe, Millianna spots the two from nearby and confronts them over everything, like Fairy Tail hiding Jellal. However, Ultear wanders by and tells Millianna she manipulated Jellal years ago and is truly responsible for the pain she felt. While she walks off, collapsing soon after she thinks about how evil she is, Millianna, Jellal and Erza talk about how much the world basically sucks, causing an eavesdropping Kagura to slip her sword away.

Juvia Witness Gray&#039;s Death


While Mages nobody cares about start dying all over the city, including Gray, much to the distress of Umneis everywhere, Ultear decides to end her life by using her Last Ages spell to reverse time and prevent the gates from being opened. However, the spell only reverses time worth one minute and causes Ultear to collapse, but this gives everyone who died a chance to be saved, as they all apparently died or came close to death within the same minute. While those who did not die also got a glimpse into the future, the Slayers use this as a chance to take out their opponents.

Wendy and Laxus are teaming up against Zirconis, Sting and Rogue fight two Dragons side by side, Cobra fights a Rock Dragon which attacked Blue Pegasus and Gajeel fights a Dark Dragon which attacked Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale. No ordinary Mage appears capable of taking them down and even with their 1-minute knowledge, the Dragon Slayers have a tough time.

Natsu Defeats Future Rogue

Penetration time!

Meanwhile, Lucy reveals to everyone that if they destroy the Eclipse Gate, they can stop everything from happening as nobody from the future can then come to the past. However, all their efforts are for naught as they are unable to dent the massive and durable gate. Luckily, Natsu has managed to overpower Future Rogue despite previously having his ass handed to him twice and knocks both him and his Dragon Motherglare into the gate, destroying it and thus allowing Natsu to be the one to save everyone in the end. Again!

Golden Plains

Future Lucy and the Golden Plains

Future Rogue then leaves with a warning that Frosch will due a year from now and that will trigger Rogue's change into a bad person. Princess Hisui talks to Zirconis and he decides to call himself the Jade Dragon as a result. The Dragons return to their own time zones and simultaneously, the dead Future Lucy goes to heaven. Alright, well, they don't say for sure, but the last time I heard of the golden plains in anime, it was another way of saying heaven, so let's just leave it at that.

So, with everything taken care of, the King, who was really Mato, decides to throw a party to celebrate and invites all the Mages, none of whom died, sadly. Let's just get through this as fast as we can.

  • Gray rejects Juvia but she's a clingy stalker and refuses to take a hint.
  • Erza bribes Millianna into being happy by pulling Happy out of her bra.
  • Everyone fights for Yukino to join their guild.
  • Natsu steals the king's crown and royal clothes.

The end of anything important in Chapter 338. That's not all, but it's all I really care about.

In Chapter 339, we learn Ultear survived the use of Last Ages and now she's an old woman and only Gray can recognize her it seems. She leaves, hopefully to live in peace and never to be bothered again.

  • This chapter also contains one of the best covers of all time. Seriously.

Chapter 340 reveals that the small black creature that was Obra was with Zeref. He now plans to destroy the world, but Mavis won't have it. Good build up to a final arc, but does little to alleviate the crap that was this arc.

Anyways people, that is all for this month. Sorry if you felt it was lackluster, but I recently watched Transformers: Age of Extinction and most of my interest in writing went to writing a review of that this month since it was even worse than this arc. <shameless advertising>The review is located on my DeviantArt, for those who are interested.</shameless advertising>

That's all for now, everyone. Return next month for a look at the net arc: the Sun Village arc. Till then~

Best Magic of this part of the Arc
Best Moment of this part of the Arc
  • Mavis and Zeref threaten one another.
Best Chapter of this part of the Arc
Best Episode of this part of the Arc
  • Not fully animated yet.

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Fairy Fiction
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Fairy Fiction

June 2014

Carrot, what the hell is this?

Welcome back

To be honest this month has been incredibly busy for me, and as such I haven't had much time to read fanfics.

Instead, I'm going to be showing you a Fairy Tail project by an artist that I was saving purely because I wanted more of it to be published, but, I'm thinking I'll show you now so that we actually have a good Fairy Fiction article this month :)

So~ This said, on with the show!

As always, if you are an avid fanfic reader and know of a great fic you'd like everyone to see, message me or talk to me in chat and I'll check it out and probably add it to my article :3

Kukukuku >:)

Fairy Tail: Changing Fear,

by FTCFic

Erza - Azuma - Hades - A/U - Action - Drama - Unknown Rating

"What if Erza didn't kill Azuma?"

On Deviantart I monitor a group for Fairy Tail art and for some time I have constantly seen these manga pages being submitted. I sort of glossed over them and thought "whatever", but after this happening for quite some time I decided to fix my curiosity and see just what the heck these images were.

Much like Astrayeah, who I mentioned last month, there is a Fairy Tail artist on Dev who is writing his own dōjinshi for Fairy Tail, only he explores a completely different idea:

What if Erza never killed Azuma?

Yes, this dōjinshi is an A/U with the end of the Tenrou Island arc rewritten. It is heavily focussed on Azuma and what would have happened had his and Erza's battle never ended as it did, with him living.

Changing Fear Preview 1

Changing Fear Preview 2

Of course, the events that occurred on Tenrou would be dramatically altered, and FTCFic, being an Azuma fan, develops Azuma in an interesting way, exploring his background, life motives and reasons for joining Grimoire Heart, something Mashima never bothered to do.

As a big Azuma fan and a fan of the Tenrou arc in general, I found this idea incredibly engaging and well thought out. I, like the author, also wish that Azuma was more fleshed out as a character, and Changing Fear definitely strives to do this.

So, a great story, and I have to admit that the art is pretty darn impressive too. As an artist myself who sketches Fairy Tail characters in her spare time, I know how difficult getting good results can be, so I must tip my hat to FTCFic for many of his panels. There are definitely quite a few that demonstrate amazing talent, and FTCFic definitely becomes more refined as the chapters go on.

Changing Fear Preview 3

Oh, did I also mention that he completely explores the origins of Hades' Magic and the goal of Grimoire Heart in relation to the One Magic? No? Well he sure does :)

FTCFic, from what I have observed, publishes perhaps twice a month, though he usually does multiple pages at a time. So far, he has published around three chapters in total, but all are full-length and quite in depth. Again, I was hoping to look at this later when more was released, but it is still greatly entertaining, and a good read~

If you are an Azuma, a Hades or a Tenrou Island arc fan, or just like seeing Fairy Tail looked at in a different light, I would definitely recommend this :3

So, I hoped you liked seeing another artist's dōjinshi and I hope you'll check it out and make sure to comment on his work if you like it :D

I rate "Fairy Tail: Changing Fear" a N/A out of 10 hahahaha, because I like to actually finish reading fanfics (or manga in this case) before I rate them :P

You can read Fairy Tail: Changing Fear and see bonus pages and content, here on FTCFic's Deviantart page. The dōjinshi's first page can be found here.


Lemme know what you think~

Do you have an opinion on K-rated fiction (i.e: fiction with no age restrictions)?

The poll was created at 01:33 on July 2, 2014, and so far 54 people voted.
Would you like me to continue finding these sorts of Fairy Tail projects?

The poll was created at 01:33 on July 2, 2014, and so far 45 people voted.

Carrot out... Bitches...

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Gate of the Horoscope
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Just pretend she's Leli... again...

Gate Logo
This month the mystic is bored! As such, you shall now receive advice for how to de-bore the rest of your month. Have fun~

Aries Emblem ARIES
(March 21 - April 19)
When I was a little girl, my father gave me a glass of water and a brush and told me to go paint the house until it was invisible. Many hours passed and my boredom was contained for another day. Use "invisible paint" wisely young pupils.

(April 20 - May 20)
Taurus Emblem
Stop looking at breasts and start looking at art! *snatches a porn mag away* And no! Not that kind of "art". At least try a gallery >__>

Gemini Emblem GEMINI
(May 21 - June 20)
You're perfect. Never change :)

(June 21 -July 22)
Cancer Emblem

Leo Emblem LEO
(July 23 - August 22)
You're good at flirting, but have you ever tried cooking? I'm sure a nice lemon tart could be on your table if you put your mind to it ;)

(August 23 - September 22)
Virgo Emblem
Ah, you virgin maidens, you know what to do~ :3

Libra Emblem LIBRA
(September 23 - October 22)
Let's add a little variety to your scales and read some books :D I think you'd be surprised at how awesome fantasy fiction can be if you got off your ass and actually gave it a shot.

(October 23 - November 21)
Scorpio Emblem
When is the last time you looked at Barbie or Ken!? I'm sure their little plastic hearts are melting D; Go see them right away! Oh, and take tea and cookies, I hear they like tea parties.

Sagittarius Emblem SAGITTARIUS
(November 22 - December 21)
July brings the newest season of anime from Japan! Yay~ \( ^__^)/ Make sure you watch at least one new release, 'cause there's bound to be something you'll enjoy ;D

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn Emblem
Meeehhhn, take your lady out and do something nice for her <3

Aquarius Emblem AQUARIUS
(January 20 - February 18)
I... No, I still can't do this... I'm sorry *tearfully leaves the room*

(February 19 - March 20)
Pisces Emblem
Be back in 15 minutes. Gone fishing.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Interview
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
  • What do you think of Minerva right now?
  • Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
  • Who's your favorite sex symbol?
  • Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?
Mega Omega natsu2 | Writer
Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
A: Eh?! No one can scare me, baka! *Brings out Urn to smack the interviewer into a wall*
Interviewer: Gomen! T^T
A: B-but *Around Scorpio voice* there is a man who makes me tremble in his arms, tehehe.
Interviewer: Awww! Kawaii~ *Brings out a cup of tea* Do tell. :3
A: ... *Glares*
Interviewer: Gomen! T^T
What do you think of Minerva right now?
A: Minerva?! A woman? Competition? Bitch better leave mah man out her field of vision! Bitch gonna get cut (Source: Toranosuke, Yamada-Kun)!
Minerva: Kuku-
A: *Smacks Minerva with Urn*
Minerva: Erza!!! Aquarius hit me in the head with her Urn. T^T
Erza: Aquarius, it's n-
A: *Smacks Erza with Urn*
Erza: That hurt, you bitch!!!
A: *Evil Smirk*
Interviewer: Ladies, ladies!
Ladies: URUSAI!
Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
A: Scorpio-Sama.
Interviewer: I said user...
Interviewer: Okay, okay... never mind!
Who's your favorite sex symbol?
A: Scorpio~
Scorpio: We are!
A: Kyaa~!!! Emoticon_blush.png Emoticon_blush.png
Interviewer: Can't say I didn't see that one coming!
Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?
A: I have a date. D-A-T-E.
Lucy: *Sneezes* Is someone talking about me...?
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Jenny Realight
Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
A: I don't like that Sayla! I mean, she doesn't strike fear into me, but I don't like her. Come on, just look at those horns... and her silky hair... and her nice body... and her mature face... I-It's not like she's prettier than me or anything!! Such trash!
What do you think of Minerva right now?
A: Minerva... Who's that? Oh, the woman who needs her eyebrows done? Please, like she's a threat to me in any way *rolls her eyes*
Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
A: Forget the Fairy Tail Wiki, I could teach you many, many things, if you catch my drift ;)
Carry: Uhhh, who'd want to learn stuff like that from yo-
Jak, Leli, Mega & Prime: Please, teach us sensei! * ^ *
Carry: *sighs* ( -__-)
Who's your favorite sex symbol?
A: Why myself, naturally~ *flips hair*
Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?
A: I'm appalled I wasn't a member from the start! Who chose these other podcast members? You should fire them!
Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki
Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
A: A true Demon is one which can be feared and loved simultaneously.
Hibiki Lates: What wonderful words, Sensei.
Eve Tearm: Truly bright insight.
Lucy: What's wrong with you people!?
What do you think of Minerva right now?
A: The lady of Sabertooth serves as a perfect example of why modernization is of the utmost importance.
Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
A: I would be more than happy to study the subject of nutrition with Master IamJakuhoRaikoben. He serves as the perfect example of what one must not consume in order to maintain a hearty physique.
Who's your favorite sex symbol?
A: Why, my one and only answer shall be Erza.
The Trimens: *applause*
Erza Scarlet: Knock it off. *sends Ichiya flying with a kick*
Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?
A: Meeeeeeehn!
Ultra: Fuck you! Go away!
Kuro: Oh no....This is why I wanted a female member...
Ultra: Wasn't that so you could hit on them?
Kuro: No.... Blush
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Erza Scarlet
Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
A: There isn't a demon alive I'm afraid of.
Interviewer: You sure?
Erza: I stand corrected.
What do you think of Minerva right now?
A: I'm glad she's finally seen the errors of her ways. Now my fists no longer have to cry as I pummel her face in.
Interviewer: I'm pretty sure that was sweat, not tears. >_>
Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
A: Yes, I believe Remnant13 should teach a class of girls aged 12-13. He could pass his unbelievable artistic abilities on to them.
Interviewer: You do know he's like two steps from being a child molester, right?
Erza: Lies!!! I let him stay with Wendy and Romeo last week, and the only complaint they had was that he kept making them suck on his blowpop. Overloading kids on candy is irresponsible, but hardly a crime.
Interviewer: -__-
Who's your favorite sex symbol?
A: Flavor-Flav. There is nothing more sexy than someone who is never late. His insistence on wearing clocks undoubtedly keeps him punctual.
Interviewer: I'm not even gonna touch this one. -___-
Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?
A: Well, since you offered. I'll take it.
Interviewer: I didn't offer it. I just asked if you were interest-
Erza: *requips swords* The spot is mine.Extreme Disapproval

The spot is yours.

TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Crime Sorcière
Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
Jellal: I fear what I cannot see... and what I cannot see right now IS FUCKING ANYTHING! SERIOUSLY! IT'S BEEN LIKE 4 MONTHS NOW! WHY HAVEN'T I BEEN SHOWN AGAIN?
Meredy: Calm down Jellal! At least when you're shown you get to do badass things :(
Cobra: Yeah ( -__-) We just got our asses handed to us to make you look cool, stop complaining...
Hoteye: It's just how he shows his LOVE!
What do you think of Minerva right now?
Midnight, Angel, Cobra, Hoteye, Racer: Who now? .-.
Jellal: As long as she's with Erza, I'm sure she'll be fine.
Midnight, Angel, Cobra, Hoteye, Racer, Meredy: *all start snickering*
Jellal: Oh for the love of- SHUT UP!! >:(
Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
Angel: What on Earth Land is a "wee-key"?
Racer: Is it a new word for guild, perhaps?
Cobra: Must be...
Meredy: Well, in that case, I hear Levy is really smart and kind. I'm sure she'd make a great teacher :)
Who is your favorite Sex Symbol?
Angel: Hmmm... I guess-
Jellal: *covering Meredy's ears* Don't answer this! This is inappropriate. Next question!
Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?
Racer: Again with wee-key... I didn't know the Fairy Tail Guild did a podcast...?
Jellal: Well, we don't have time for such stuff anyways...
Angel: Boo!
Racer: You're no fun >__>
Cobra: I can hear how much everyone hates you...
Midnight: Hate...
Hoteye: Love~ <3
Jellal: *mumbles* See what I have to put up with now? ( -__-)
Meredy: Hehehe ^__^"
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Mard Geer
Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
A: No Demon scares me. I'm their King. But you wanna know what scares me? Running out of facial cream! I seriously don't know what I'd do with out it!
What do you think of Minerva right now?
A: She's weak and unworthy of the power we gifted her. But her body is absolutely fabulous! I'm so jelly!!! >.<
Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
A: Who cares about pitiful humans? They've contributed nothing worthwhile to the world! Besides manicures, pedicures, and Hugh Jackman's abs!!!
Who's your favorite sex symbol?
A: Ryan Reynol- I mean Beyonce! Because she's attractive to me. All girls are. I'm totally not gay. Totally!Oops
Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?

A: Uh no! This diva doesn't share the stage with anyone! If that Indian weirdo suffering from severe identity crisis and that unholy Kangaroo rider get lost, then maybe.

Mega Omega natsu2 | Writer
Which Demon strikes the greatest fear into you? They needn't be from Fairy Tail.
A: The Neko-Tai.
Interviewer: *Brigs out Happy* ...You don't seem so scared of him.
A: I am scared-Tai.
Interviewer: Okay then...
What do you think of Minerva right now?
A: Who is that-Tai?
Interviewer: The evil Mage from Sabertooth.
A: I think she's evil-Tai.
Interviewer: Really? >__>
Would any Fairy Tail Wiki users make good teachers? If so, who?
A: I visited the Fairy Tail Wiki a couple times-Tai. Mega-Senpai is scary-Tai. Carry-Sama is nice, but has sudden mood swings-Tai. Rai-Dono probably can't teach-Tai. Reli-kun is nice, though-Tai. But if I had to make a choice, I would pick Chaos-Chan. It must know a lot since I hear it-
Chaos: ...
Interviewer: Was that a different reaction I saw?!
A: Chaos-Chan is the scariest Demon-Tai Tai Tai!!!!
Who's your favorite sex symbol?
A: Lahar-Tai.
Lahar: NANI?!
Interviewer: *Leaves the room*
A: *With usual stare* Lahar-Senpai!
Doranbolt: *Barges in through the door* Hands off mah man, bitch!
Interviewer: O_O
Umnei is resigning from the Fairy Tail Wiki Podcast. Do you wanna take his spot?
A: Podcast-Tai? Is it that thing Neppa has in his mouth-Tai?

IamJakuhoRaikoben Managing Editor
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

TheCarrotSaysYumYum The Last Pollbender
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer

Issue 30: June 2014

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

...Aaaaaaand once more Leli is gone, aaaaaand once more the Carrot is polling random shit from off the top of her head. Have fun ;D

Random Opinions \( ^__^)/
Spin-offs Animeh
We have been waiting patiently for the Mavis-focussed Fairy Tail spin-off that is to be released this month. However, if you got to propose another spin-off series of Fairy Tail that focussed on a different character or group of characters, who would you want it to be about?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 193 people voted.
Which soon to air summer anime are you the most excited to see?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 168 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
Well, Silver has been revealed to be Deliora in Gray's father's body. He is incredibly strong and seems to be intent on killing Gray. What do you think will happen?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 156 people voted.
What is your favourite aspect of the new series of the Fairy Tail anime?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 151 people voted.
Fairy Tail Bad Guys
Minerva's Transformation Bad Guys Turning Good
In one of the recent manga chapters, Minerva had a change of heart, and, with the help of Erza, Sting and Rogue, found her inner good guy and stopped serving Tartarus. What are your thoughts on this?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 156 people voted.
Who is your favourite bad-guy-turned-good in Fairy Tail?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 183 people voted.
Tough Choices
We found out recently that to summon the Celestial Spirit King, a golden zodiac key must be sacrificed. If you were a Celestial Spirit Mage, which golden key would you choose to lose forever?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 167 people voted.
There have been many Fairy Tail characters who have had troublesome childhoods that they have had to overcome. Which Fairy Tail character do you think had the most troubling childhood?

The poll was created at 01:45 on July 2, 2014, and so far 179 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!

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TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Designer

Ad - June14

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