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Cover fifteen

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Contents 15
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  5. Ugliest Mage Alive
  6. Sexiest Couple Alive
  7. This Month in the Anime
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Cover fifteen

TheCarrotSaysYumYum Technical Updates
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer


Page 3! Tech Updates bitch! >:)

Mkay... I am actually both surprised and happy because nobody... that's right... nobody got last months 5 missing technical updates. I didn't really think it was that hard, so this must be for some reason...

  1. All of you are very stupid
  2. None of you could be bothered playing

And of course it is not the second option, so logically I have to conclude the the FT Wiki is made up of noobs :3 Myself aside naturally ;D

But, then again, I don't have to colour or lineart anything for anyone so that's a bonus for me ;D However, for the sake of helping you, the below five updates were the ones missing from last month:

I thought someone would at least get the Future Lucy one cause her gallery creation was left listed ( .__.) I guess not...

Whatever though! Let's get into this month and see if any of you guys have the smarts to figure out the 5 missing tech updates this time around. That's right, same rules as last time, so get to it~! Best of luck ;)

Recent Wiki Changes Discussion Report
The following changes have occurred in the wiki: Announcements and discussion results:
  • People got pretty freakin' confused, but Snowfall's name was changed to White Blizzard.
  • Rauleli got pissy at some random's titling of an article, and ranted for ages until it was changed to Shadow Dragon's Vortex.
  • Nekōsoku Tube did not get a weird hyphen placed between "ne" and "ko".
  • Many people threw up at the suggestion, and luckily all voted against Tenrou Island being renamed Sirius Island.
  • White Dragon Slayer Magic's profile image was changed in favour of an anime shot that was actually animated well >__>
  • Guran Doma's name lost the 'u' that made it slightly more awkward to pronounce, becoming Gran Doma.
  • The current image of Mirajane doing nothing (probably chosen by Jak) was decided to not properly display S-Class Mages on the Mage page, and an epic shot of Gildarts being awesome was chosen as a replacement.

Image Changes

IamJakuhoRaikoben Sexiest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

SMAM (13)

Cana Alberona posing

Cana Alberona SMA
This month's Sexiest Mage Alive is Cana Alberona. She's an eighteen-year-old Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that employs Card Magic as her main form of Magic. Cana's a heavy drinker and can easily take out barrels of liquor without any affect to her mental state or seemingly her physical well-being.

Quote SMA (Mar13)

(Cana Alberona)"It doesn't matter if I don't become an S-Class Mage anymore and it doesn't matter if I can't tell my father how I feel. I don't care about any of that. I just want to protect my friends."

Who should be April's Sexiest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 16:16 on April 5, 2013, and so far 280 people voted.

IamJakuhoRaikoben Ugliest Mage Alive
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor

UMAM (13)


Rauleli UMA
This month's Ugliest Mage Alive is Fairy Tail Wiki's most confused Administrator - Rauleli. He is a Mexican who crossed the border years ago to live a better life in America. This "better life" included Rauleli embracing who he truly was inside - a food and sex obsessed woman! So, Rauleli had a sex change and went on a sex and eating binge. By the end of it, he weighed over 500 pounds and had screwed over 500 men (including some of our own).

Quote UMA (Mar13)

(Reli to Jakuho) "I always knew I wanted to be a woman!"

Who do you think should be April's Ugliest Mage Alive?

The poll was created at 16:09 on April 5, 2013, and so far 244 people voted.

Relikz Sexiest Couple Alive
Rauleli | '


Welcome everyone to the second and last, one and only, SEXIEST COUPLE ALIVE!!! Yeah, I know I said there was only going to be one but I've done 2 now so deal with it >_>. Why I'm I doing this you ask? Simply because I want to celebrate the joy of love and to screw around a bit. Let's begin!


Brought to you by:


In his dark cave, the young administrator paces nervously back and forth as his friends watch from the sidelines.

Reli: He'll wear a hole in his shoes at this rate.

Rem: Wendy...Anna...Wendy...Anna...

Herme: Maybe we should stop him before he ruins the deposit on those shoes.

Rai: I wish I had thought of something in case he got like this.

Hungry: Why the hell didn't you plan for something like this!?

Rai: I don't tend to plan for things I can't foresee, whore!

Choko: This lack of planning concerns me.

Ultra: If only those two had planned not to get pregnant, none of us would have to be here.

Al: Squeak!

Elsewhere, in a stylish hotel room, the bride-to-be had put the gown on and wore the veil. Looking beautiful, all the bridesmaids began cheering.

Misc: I don't think Mega could ever want anything other than you!

Umnei: You look beautiful! I'm blushing!

Mint: I think it's time to get going! Everyone's waiting!

Standing on the altar, Mega fidgets his fingers in anticipation of his new bride. The Genderless Priest, sees the groom slowly trembles, asked him to calm down. Mega couldn't as he knew today is the most important day of his life, but still took a few deep breath in hoping he would.

The bride dressed completely in white with veil covering the face showed up with the father at the side. With the bride in his sight, Mega stopped trembling, knowing the person he loves is right there, and has to act cool in front of the bride. "Will you be okay, Daddy?" The bride whispered, and a nod from the dad reassured the bride. As they walked down the aisle, the pianist played their song.

Handing the bride to Mega, the priest recited the procedures. After the exchange of the vows, the two put the ring on each other's hand. "You may kiss the bride," the priest said, and Mega slowly lifted the veil, to reveal the beautiful face of Suzaku! Shocked by the sudden change, Mega screamed "This isn't the person I was gonna marry!!" But there was a standing ovation coming from the crowd as they screamed "We all saw you marrying him, now kiss the bride!!" with Carrot leading the scene.

SCA Mega
Admin Mega is a hispanic teenager who doesn't know what he wants and is always changing his preferences. However, I don't think anyone saw him coming to fall in love with Suzaku... well, not really, but they already got married anyway :P
Suzaku of the Four Saint Beasts
SCA Suzaku
The guy who left the wiki a few months ago though he keeps coming back for a few minutes every now and then. I don't know why Chaos married them, but it did, so now they are a couple. Yeah, that's how things work in this wiki.

TheCarrotSaysYumYum This Month in the Anime
TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer and Rauleli's Dance Slave
Relikz This Month in the Anime
Rauleli | '

TMITA Header - March13
This Month in the Anime

March 2013

It was early March that I received my letter, and that, dear reader, changed everything.

Carrot: Rauleli!
Leli: Carrot! Muahahaha!! I knew you wouldn't be able to stay away from me forever! Come back for some punishment huh? *rubs hands together evilly* Me gusta! Let me just go get my chains an-
Carrot: I quit.
Leli: -d we can... Wait... What was that?
Carrot: I said I quit. I am not sitting in that room any more... I am not being chained places any more... and I am NOT writing This Month in the Anime any more!
Leli: Hmmmm... *pulls out pen and paper* Let's see what Mashima-san has to say about my brilliant story-plot for Jellal's death >:)
Carrot: Look here! *pulls out a bit of paper and holds it out*
Leli: Wow... that is a nice piece of paper Carry. Now... *starts to write down Jap* Jellal's death... Hmmm...
Carrot: This piece of paper, Leli, is my acceptance into my universities Japanese course!
Leli: Death by se- ... ... ... ... Whatwasthat?
Carrot: I have been learning Japanese for the last month!! And will continue to learn it for the whole year!
Leli: NO!
Carrot: Hai! (Yes!)
Leli: Wah!!
Carrot: So, not only can I read... some syllables... of that letter you have... but I can also write my own letter sort of to Hiro Mashima requesting Jellal's life be spared and telling him all about the horrific things you have made me do!
Leli: Bu- but- bu- bu- but...
Carrot: That's all I came here to say. Have fun with you small pathetic life Rauleli *turns to leave but suddenly dumps a stack of papers on the floor at Leli's feet*
Leli: What's this?
Carrot: That's TMitA for March. I knew you would never be able to complete it yourself, so I did it. But be aware... this is the last time I will write this article for a long, long time.
Leli: What do you mean a long, long time?
Carrot: Who knows? Maybe in the future I could write something like this as a free author. But I know that won't be for a while, so don't hold your breath. Just know this: You won't be seeing TMitA for quite some time after this. I'm leaving now...
Leli: No! Carry! T^T
Carrot: This is the end.
Leli: The end...

TMITA - Ep171
Evergreen looking after Elfman

Kawaii :3

We start off this month in the anime in Bar Sun, with Fairy Tail celebrating all the great shit that Erza, Cana, Laxus and Wendy pulled that day. I have to wonder... does Gajeel need to be asleep in every scene he appears in nowadays?? I swear, the guy must have chronic fatigue or something...

Anyways, Mira and her pointless sister start talking about Elfman and we cut to Elfman sneezing in bed, because, well, obviously you sneeze when people are talking about you being a man~!! MEEEEENNNN!! However, Elfman is not alone! And no, it is not Porlyusica being a third wheel as usual, it is Evergreen, who has fallen alseep on him. Now, I'm not the biggest ElfmanXEvergreen supporter, but no-one can deny this was cute :3 Gotta love Jellal and Erza moments!! romantic moments in FT X3


^(impersonation of the title theme)

So, back to the bar, and what is the flame brain doing? Barrel surfing of course~! Because what else does the slightly tipsy Fairy Tail like to do other than reckless sports that defy basic physics and make no real sense?? Ah, no, there is a point, as Natsu wakes up Gajeel... finally.

Gray goes next and of course looses his clothes somehow (we now know not to question Gray's stripping laws) and then Erza is up, flashing everyone due to her wearing of a skirt... Little does she know how much fun she will get up to later this very evening >:) (we need OVA 5 for that).

Jellal wandering around


Whilst FT does canon things rather averagely animated, we cut to non canon things, being done very nicely animated (FT anime has no logic). Sting rambles on about something and Rogue plays that game with his ceiling where you have to concentrate really hard and find a picture. Millianna sits on a balcony and Risley talks to her, which is a nice additional scene that was well thought out. Mega doesn't make it past 5:26 because Kagura is shown in the shower, and then MY HONEY *flings herself in a pirouette releasing glitter* appears walking by a river and pondering... *swoons* it takes a real man to look hot and be pondering things at the same time >:) *running hug attacks Jellal*


Oh good >.<" We are saved by Yukino, who, wearing the horrifically coloured (why did the anime pick such weird colours for everything... Jellal's awesome CS gear especially) uniform, reports to Arcadios, with Levy finishing her creepy commentary of this whole event.

Now! To the main point of this whole episode! NAVAL BATTLE!! Rabian, that annoying guy that nobody remembers or cares about is in for day four as a commentator, and as he spouts his signature line, the girls from the participating guilds get into the water sphere that is the event arena...


Oh... Rocker is there too ( .__.) Being the only male XD Gotta love his line though about being wild ;D Awww, Rocker, you are very wild honey :)

The timer goes off and Lucy... wait... everyone can speak very clearly for people who are underwater... *glances at voice actors*

Voice actors: Uhhh ^__^" ... ... MAGIC!! *all slink away*

Aquarius in Naval Battle


Well, anyways, Lucy summons Aquarius, who performs her usual over-the-top-completely-massive water attack... and the contestants go "WAAAH" as they are flung all over the place, Rocker deciding that out of all the possible women, he will grab Risley to keep him safe (I would have gone for Jenny mate).

Whilst Juvia and Aquarius battle it out, we get that flashback of Erza trying to convince fans that she and Gray ARE JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!! Gray and Erza ARE NOT a thing! Stop asking me on the FTA Wiki if they are!! telling Gray to give Juvia a response to her never ending advances. Aquarius then leaves Lucy with her usual excuse and Lucy is forced to summon Virgo and Aries to save her. I loled so hard at Virgo's "your sexy guard is here" line XD Ahhh, I've actually been missing Virgo lately ;D

Being the biggest troll and bitch in the game, Jenny (actually, I that back... title of biggest troll and bitch goes to Minerva) kicks Rocker out of the arena whilst he is distracted by Juvia's massive ass-shot. Gotta hate that trolling of Quatro Puppy D;

Juvia decides that Jenny is on to something and unleashes a new Second Origin Spell!! What is it going to be? What is it going to be? What is it going to be!?

It... it... it... it's water with some hearts in it ( .__.) ... let's just move on...

Double Spirit Protection

I am not going to question what these three are up to...

Four splashes are shown on the side of the water sphere, which makes no sense you maths failing animators because only three contestants fall out: Jenny, Chelia and Risley. Minerva uses cute rainbows to block the spell and I have no idea what the threesome of Lucy, Virgo and Aries are up to on the other side of the arena o___O but the event is down to three players...

...No ( .__.) I take that back... Whilst glancing at Gray and seeing his completely turned-off expression Juvia is kicked from the arena by Minerva... who apparently could have booted everyone out in a matter of seconds, but obviously wanted to show off her hideous swimsuit as long as possible. Either way, only she and Lucy remain... <Sabertooth/Fairy Tail tension>

Minerva defeats Lucy

Sabertooth/Fairy Tail tension, begin...

The two begin to... OMG! MINERVA HAS A PENIS!! I am not kidding... check out 17:36! O___o I now see why she is so uptight... poor girl D;

Properly now: The two begin to talk and blah blah blah, but this part is important because it is here that serious things start to happen, because Minerva uses her indescribable Magic to take Lucy's keys and kick her around... something which is made doubly serious by the lack of music for most of the scene. Lucy says some lines about not giving up, and then Minerva turns from plain mean to plain psycho bitch.

It's one thing to hurt someone in this game to get them out and then call it a day, but Minerva bringing Lucy back again and again just to attack her and the referees doing fuck all to stop it?? Seriously twisted things happening...

Naturally, you feel bad for Lucy in this scene, and this is a major point where Minerva is moved into the bad guys section of the character list. However, it is points like this that also set the precedent for things to come... Minerva and Sabertooth's dethroning in this case.

I should put </Sabertooth/Fairy Tail tension> here, but we all know that this ep just set the ball rolling for this, and we will get more of it next week.

TMITA - Ep172

Stupid Mato and the commentators finally figure out that Lucy may be more injured than they thought and halt Naval Battle, whilst people who actually seem to care about the health and safety of others rush in to catch/heal/protect Lucy after Minerva tosses her from the rink.

Animation for Episode 172

For those who need proof of the anime's slip in quality. Thanks Mega for the pic...

Two things I have to note here. Firstly, Chelia is a very nice person :) She didn't have to help Lucy, yet she ran out straight away to offer her assistance despite barely knowing her. That, in my books, earns respect. The second thing though is the retardedness of the crowd. I mean, we already knew that they just like to boo people for no reason and stuff, but them getting all excited over Sabertooth and Fairy Tail getting tense and the fact that Minerva beat up Lucy is really just sick... Not to mention Rabian getting a hit out of the fact that the crowd love what's happening. Seriously?? People in Crocus are weird...

Luckily, and despite the crowd wanting it, the to-be-fight is broken up by Erza, who I swear is the only smart character around right now (besides Chelia and Wendy) and actually pauses to think about the consequences of actions.

We move to the infirmary once more, with Lucy once again in bandages and resting... I swear... the amount of time Lucy spends ill in this arc ( .__.)~ We get a cute little scene of everyone praising her, and then Makarov appears to declare that due to Laxus completely smashing Raven Tail both the A and B team need to combine into a single team for the tag battles and final day.

Well, this had to come at some time. I mean, how could Natsu and Gajeel fight Sting and Rogue if they are on separate teams?? I'd be seriously surprised if any anime-only fan didn't figure this out... but anyways...

We get reintroduced to the commentators YET AGAIN >__> and then the teams are reintroduced YET AGAIN >__> and then finally, after that waste of time, Team Fairy Tail is finally brought out:

Natsu - As expected...
Erza - >:)
Gajeel - Whoop~! Go Gajeel~!

Team Fairy Tail enters

Damn it Gray D:<

( .__.) Oh... right... Sabertooth tension... we need someone to counter Rufus >:( Bummer... Mirajane gets sidelined again... *sighs* Ah well... This scene was done fairly well, though I think it was only held due to the Main Theme (in it's Grand Magic Games arc version) being played in the background, meaning that, as usual, the music makes the ep :/

But screw all of that, because we are about to get into the tag battles, which means two awesome things (right now): Quatro Puppy members fighting and the blue-bunny-suit-clad member of Pegasus being revealed >:) Yeaaaahhh!! Pumped man!

ERMAHGEWD! A SHOT OF JELLAL * ^ * ... ... and Lawhore and Douchebolt >__>

Arg... skipping to Datong and Arcadios who talk about boring things that I zone out for, and then Datong finally drops in the fact that the Grand Magic Games was once called the Dragon Festival. Wow... nice of you to mention that... I mean, it may or may not be TOTALLY FREAKIN' IMPORTANT TO THE STORY LINE!! >___>

Whatever though... because back on the field Ichiya (EWWW) and Rabbit are to face Bacchus (Whoop~) and Rocker (Awww :3). The two teams meet in the middle of the field and BP moves to shake hands... which unnerves Bacchus and Rocker... and me :/

ButBUTBUTBUTBUT!! WE ARE FINALLY GOING TO SEE WHO THE BUNNY IS!! >:D The man lifts the mask off of his head... It's... It's... It's... It's...

( .__.) ... ( .__.) ... ( .__.) ... ( .__.) ... ( .__.) ... ( .__.) ...

Oh fuck... it's Nichiya >__>

Team Ichiya and Nichiya

Day ruined...

Well, that revelation completely ruined a good plot device... and the anime team ruin a good minute showing everyone's reactions... which are mixes of :O o___O and :< Poor Erza... though what is Gajeel doing catching her?? When Erza faints it is Jellal who should be swooping in to save her >__> Damn it Gajeel... go get Levy instead.

Credit to the anime team though for including that Nichiya is a full-fledged member of BP now... something Mashima failed to cover. However, the anime then has to go on to put in fillers about how the two met.

Prepare your eyeball bleach ladies and gentlemen... If someone falls behind in the next few minute, just leave them. It's every man/woman for themselves for this next scene!! D:

The scene is kinda weird and over creepy and doesn't really add much to the story... "Passionate friendship" says Ichiya... Well... I think something a little more... intense is going on between those two, but if I go into it people are going to be sick/mentally damaged... so let's just move on...

Nichiya&#039;s defeat


TO BACCHUS SUDDENLY RUNNING UP AND SLAPPING NICHIYA IN THE FACE! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I laughed so hard! Way ta go Bacchus! Screw standing around listening to gay stories... just slap people!

Nichiya goes down as Team BP stare on in shock at Ichiya's own stupidity, and Ichiya cries and sparkles as he realises Nichiya has no battle prowess... at all...

This means that Ichiya will fall too, right? I mean, it's now two against one and Bacchus is one of the attackers... Ichiya has no hope in hell.

( .__.) I spoke too soon... didn't I??

No... wait... no... no... Why does Ichiya get Jellal and Erza's awesome theme!?! Take it back anime team! Take it baaaaack!! D:< Only Jellal and Erza are worthy of that awesome theme song!! T^T Don't ruin it with Ichiya!!

Ichiya&#039;s smile

Day ruined... Take 2...

Too late though... The awesome theme plays and Ichiya uses Titan Magic uses his parfum to bulk up and pull a hideously ugly face at Bacchus and Rocker. The two freak (no duh) and as the crowd cry from the sight before them the two QP Mages are smashed into the side of the Domus Flau... down and out and subsequently completing the part of Mashima's contract that states they much be trolled at least once in every fight/event they partake in.

We end with Lyon, Yuka, Kagura and Millianna taking to the field for what will obviously be a filler battle. Hopefully it is far better than the battle I just witnessed... Well... as long as I don't want to tear my eyes out just from watching, it'll be fine ;D

To next week!!

TMITA - Ep173

Okay! Before I get into this properly, can I just state that I loved this episode XD I know it was mostly filler, but I think that's why I appreciated it so much, as it was nice to actually see filler content that was not totally lame/repetitive/OOC and actually made me laugh :3 Anyways, ONWARD!!

We start first person through Lucy, who wakes up in the infirmary. Gosh... I don't know about you, but this infirmary is starting to piss me off D:< I'm sorry Lucy, but watching you sit around going on about how sorry you are/worrying about whomever is fighting is really boring :<

A few good minutes are also wasted as people comment on who they want most to win in the match between Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel. Juvia however saves the filler by being absolutely hilarious over her want for someone in Team FT to be injured so that she can join and participate alongside Gray. Funny though how her vision only had Gajeel, Natsu and Erza being potential victims... guess she likes Laxus more than she lets on ;D

Mavis also does stupid things... like falling off the side of the stands trying to sit >___> *awkward silence from the awkwardness of the scene* Uhhhhh... Let's just move on...

Finally the battle starts, and Kagura ditches Millianna so that the cat woman can fight alone and get stronger. Okay ( .__.) Kagura's a bit intense... but whatever...

Millianna&#039;s Cat Punch


Millianna attacks and oh my gosh, I love her fighting style! XD Hahahaha!! All of the stupid fake outs and kitten punches and the way she runs like a cat... somebody in the animators studio really thought this through and I thank them for it. And then she unleashes her secret attack!!

Wild Millianna uses Scratch Attack!!

It is somewhat affective at making Lyon and Yuka look stupid with giant red lines on their faces...

Finally Yuka starts to use his Magic (about time) but Millianna responds with more tubes! I laughed so hard when she had to count to figure out what came after double and then triple XD HAHAHAHAHAHA!! So cute and totally like Millianna!

Just... just A LOT!! XP

Lyon and Yuka get caught up, but Lyon manages to get them out by making an ice mouse that Millianna chases. I always thought people couldn't cast Magic when bound by her tubes... but whatever I guess >__>

Ice Make Mouse

So much randomness XD

Lyon then uses freakin Blizzard to make the arena cold (thanks for giving him more Magic that is non-canon animators) and the cutest little scene with Millianna under a random kotatsu (yeah, these just appear in the arena sometimes) begins. I was laughing so hard by this stage just from the pure stupidity of what was happening... but it was great :)

However, Lyon wants to impress Juvia, so he creates some huge, scary-ass tiger to chase Millianna around... causing her to... run... into a... wall >__>

No... no comment...

However, this could be a good thing because Kagura is finally dragged into the battle. But then again it could be a bad thing because Kagura has to be the worst animated character in Fairy Tail anime history D; Man... they make her so ugly all the time!

Anyways, Yuka is quickly taken out of the picture, which is no real surprise as, as Kagura explains, his Magic is useless against someone who doesn't use Magic to fight. This leaves only Kagura and Lyon to fight~! Yeah >:)

Gravity Change

Very nicely done :)

The two pull out some pretty average moves, but then things get a little more interesting. And by interesting I mean that Lyon creates a whole lotta giant ice creatures and Kagura is forced to use her Gravity Change Magic.

I liked seeing this, as I think it was done very well. Two things that I really liked about this episode also occurred in this little scene:

  1. Lyon comments that Kagura was a lot like him in the past when he was trying to revive Deliora... someone who is filled with hate and has lost site of the right path.
  2. Kagura almost takes out Lyon completely, but the Ice-Make Mage is saved by the timer.
Kagura almost defeats Lyon

*thumbs up*

These two things were really well done for me, the first because it's nice to see Lyon's growth as a character from someone like Kagura to someone who can recognise his more malicious past self. It is also a nice hint for anime-only viewers at Kagura's true personality. The second I liked because though in the manga we only found out that the match was a tie, I always thought that, personally, Mermaid Heel would come out on top. It's nice to see that that would have happened had the match continued for the tiniest bit longer. No offence to Lyon, but I believe Kagura is the stronger fighter.

Either way, the match ends in a tie and both teams head off, Kagura being annoying once again and telling Millianna that she needs to get stronger, despite my personal opinion that, for a Mage with her type of non-offensive Magic, Millianna did very well in the battle :< Whatever though... Kagura's just uptight like that...

We move on to the final match that we already know all about due to the current opening, yet before that it's back to the infirmary for a NatsuLucy moment.

... NatsuLucy...

... NATSULUCY... *starts to shake*


However, finally the match between Natsu, Gajeel, Sting and Rogue begins. I have to say that I found the animation only okay for this. It wasn't as bad as some other episodes *glances at second half of Wendy V Chelia* but at the same time it was not the best we have seen from the animators in this arc... though, what they have been delivering is nowhere near their full capabilities...

Sting's roar is looking a little funny, though I have to say that I like the way Rogue's Magic was done. I know some people thought it looked to smoky and stuff, but I liked it ;D

Igneel and the Dragon King Festival

Igneeeeel~!! Buddddddyy~!!

OH! We also got that shot of Igneel standing in fire and encouraging Natsu. Man... Igneel... where ya been buddy? Glad to see him once more because the whole "where the fuck is Igneel?" thing is still a major plot point that I want to uncover >:)

Igneel... Where the fuck is Igneel?? *dances*

Back on the field, Sting and Rogue decide to step up their game a bit and activate White Drive and Shadow Drive respectively. With new found strength, they fly towards our FT Dragon Slayers...

...and the episode ends ( .__.)~

Well, my feelings to you anime-only viewers who have to now wait another week for more development, but my hat tipped to the animators for a rather enjoyable episode :)

TMITA - Ep174

We're back at the Grand Magic Games (DUH CARROT!) to continue the fight between Saberooth and Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers!

Rogue&#039;s Shadow Drive

I'd show you a picture of Sting's White Drive, but it doesn't exist in this episode any more

Having powered up with their Drives (Well... Sting seems to lose his suddenly when the animators can't be bothered putting it in, but let's ignore this) Sting and Rogue begin to attack again, this time giving Natsu and Gajeel a good knock all over. Natsu and Gajeel whack into each other and start arguing amongst themselves as Sting and Rogue jump high into the air (no gravity in Fiore I see) and Sting heads down feet first to get Natsu, whilst Rogue goes face first... probably to try and kiss Gajeel whilst he is distracted.

Orga (<3) from the sidelines comments that things aren't as exciting as he hoped they would be. I have to agree. The animation at this point seems a little iffy here and there and for some reason the battle just isn't drawing me in :/ However, things are just getting started...

Wait... no they are not, because we just haaaas to cut to the sick bay to have Porly-whatever rant on about the noises she can hear >__> This infirmary is going to reappear a lot as filler.... isn't it??

Natsu marked by stigma

Here you go Natsu fangirls >__>

Finally back to what we want to see and Sting hits Natsu with a paralysing attack that leaves him paralysed (YOU DON'T SAY, CARROT!?) and also with his shirt ripped <insert Nastu fangirl's screaming here> and some strange mark on his chest. What does this mark do? I wonder... wait... Natsu burned it off >__> End of mystery.

However, this burning off does lead to a very awesome punch to Sting's face from Natsu, which even I have to admit was really cool XD Though how many times these guys can get hit in the face and still appear as good looking as they do is questionable ( .__.)~

Either way, Sting and Rogue are pushed back, Natsu and Gajeel advance, Levy strangles Lily through her love for Gajeel (MORE JELLALERZA DAMN IT!) and the FT members in the crowd cheer.

I could go on about Sting's next attack and the whole power up and stuff, but that would be completely pointless because in the end Natsu blocks it with one hand >__> As such, I'll just save myself the trouble and move on...

Sting stands (though I swear he was seen standing two frames ago) and remembers a little his promising Lector that he would beat Natsu to prove that Lector wasn't lying when he told others of Sting's power. Awwwww... not very sweet nor moving in any way, but I'll accept it :/

Sting&#039;s Dragon Force

This is possibly the nicest section of animation in the ep. Thumbs up to the person who covered this~! :D

This little memory leads to Sting and Rogue activating their very well animated Dragon Force, whilst people in the stands go :O and Minerva declares that-


What is with these animators and putting people on statues?! Arg... being on statues IS NOT COOL!! How do you get up there?? How do you get down?? How can you possibly see Sting and Rogue activate Dragon Force from such a distance?? *sighs*

This aside, Natsu and Gajeel attack Sting (who has stated he wants to fight alone to have Natsu all to himself) and the Sabertooth man does some funny twitchy dance thing to block all of their moves.

Sting&#039;s Holy Ray

Totally awesome!!

Twitchy dance over, Sting flies up (again, no gravity) and blasts a huge hole in the floor of the arena with his breath attack :D Gotta admit this is cool. As they fall, blows are exchanged, but this ends with Sting casting Holy Ray, something which I am happy to say looked awesome~! Oh... and Mavis finally figures out that Sting's Magic is light based >___> You know Mavis, for a bright young Mage you really can be a dumbass sometimes...

OOOHH!! I love that little shot where Sting jumps backwards and shoots that little laser from his mouth really fast :D Awesome!

This apparently downs both Natsu and Gajeel and Sting stands tall (and rather epically) as the match is almost declared over. Boring shit happens in the sick bay as people worry, and also as Rogue spouts off stuff about differences between generations of Dragon Slayer...

... I also have to wonder... Does Rogue EVER use that sword he has?? I mean, it hangs at his side enough, why not put it to use in battle?? Arg... whatever >__>

Whatever indeed, because after long rants about friendship and happiness and friendshipness, Natsu and Gajeel stand once more!

I have to say, I got a laugh out of when the two started squabbling about where Sting pivots his foot to, though this could be because I feel like both Natsu and Gajeel have been a little close lately. Seeing them fight brings back the memories, and I like it ;D

Unable to reach a conclusion, Natsu pushes Gajeel into a mining cart and rolls him away :)


WHAT!? o___O

Yep, you heard right... Gajeel is out of the fight and Natsu is threatening the two Sabertooth Mages alone... using the (not as cool as in the manga) threat of putting "Come on" in flames on his fingers XD

Well, this'll be interesting... right?

TMITA - Ep175

We jump straight back into the fray as Sting and Rogue get pissy at Natsu for trying to face them alone - Man, you're such a hypocrite Sting >__>

As the two clash, a mysterious person with a hood cries from the sidelines and Jellal, Meredy and Ultear sense the malicious Magic once more! Are the two things connected?? NO SHIT THEY ARE!! Jellal runs off to investigate :D

We cut back to the battl- FREAKIN' INFIRMARY!! D:< DAMN IT!! How many times are we going to pointlessly cut back to Lucy and the gang in this room. I swear, every time we do nothing, nothing productive or helpful is ever stated >__> *sighs*

Natsu taunts Sting and Rogue


Finally we actually cut back to the battle, and thank heavens we do because Natsu shrouds himself in flames and becomes very well animated as he discusses getting payback for his friends that were hurt and laughed at :) He then proceeds to beat the two senseless as people from all over the stands speak of his strength and one of my favourite OST's plays in the background ^__^ This part is very nicely animated, and I'm glad so much effort has been put in, because it really is a special part of the episode.

Having fallen, Sting remembers the time both he and Lector promised to become stronger together, and there is that really sweet little shot of Sting turning to look back at the camera-like device recording him for the Lacrima-vision. I have to say, I really, really liked that :3

Natsu vs. Sting and Rogue

Awesomly done!! I loved this scene so much!

Sting and Rogue then decide to gather their power and use a Unison Raid! I have to admit, again, this part was animated very nicely and I love the way the Unison Raid was portrayed :) The two huge spheres becoming those little masses of pure power and then combining... it was just cool :D

This is where things get interesting though, because, knowing that this will be the last episode for quite some time, I knew the animators would try and round off this part of the episode it a nice, neat and heart-warming sort of way. As such, seeing the scene in which Happy, and then Lucy and those in the sick bay and then all in the crowd pull the Fairy Tail hand gesture-thing, I was happy that I did find it sweet and heart-warming. I don't know... maybe there is just something nostalgic from the very second episode of FT when Makarov first did the gesture that makes it so every time I see it again I can do nothing but smile and just appreciate whatever is happening, and this was definitely the case here :)

After this touching scene, the Unison Raid is once again shown, only this time with Natsu's retaliation and his downing of Sting and Rogue. As I go "ARGGGGGG" at the annoyingness of Natsu winning YET AGAIN, but also go "HAHAHAAHA!!" at the fact that for some reason I don't seem to care as much, the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games is declared over, with FT on top ^__^

Jiemma scares away the crowd

You mad bro?

Elfman and Evergreen get another moment (DAMN IT ANIMATORS! JELLAL AND ERZA ALREADY!) and Natsu pulls the biggest trollface ever. We also get shots of people wanting to fight other people in FT, and of the guild masters threatening to take out FT in the final day... except Jiemma, who scares everyone shitless with his scary face...

But here is where things get sad, because a lovely tune starts to play in the background as Erza, Natsu and Gray head to the infirmary to see everyone, and all of us know in the bottom of our hearts that the episode is coming to an end D;

And end it does, but not before being nicely wrapped up with all of those in the sick bay promising to make Fairy Tail the number one guild in Fiore. We also get a little speech from Lucy about how she joined Fairy Tail and will continue to strive with it, something which, personally, brings back a lot of memories of her journey throughout the series.

Gajeel stumbles upon a great number of dragon skeletons

:O Oooohhh!! Tension!!

HOWEVER!! And this is a big however! The episode does not end here with the closing theme! There are still a few things from the manga that need to be put into place!

The first is that Jellal is still stalking the person in the hood. Can I just say with this that that shot at the end of the closing theme has to be one of the nicest we have seen of him all arc <3 I would love to find the animator who drew that and kiss them! It was PERFECT! * ^ * Jellal <3

We also get dumped below the Domus Flau with the forgotten Gajeel, who will surprise a great heap of anime-only viewers by finding a dragon graveyard below the arena!! Wow!! :O

Yukino is next up for her (not as exciting) build up of tension through mentioning the Eclipse Plan and also the fact that she is working for Arcadios, something which, due to the man's ever-changing personality, still makes me consider what is going to happen very soon in the manga.

Future Levy&#039;s sorrow

Moving... just moving...

And finally, completing her section of this episode with all of her creepy awesomeness, Levy writes from the future in a land aflame about all of the terrible things that happened on July 7th. I'd like to comment here that this part was SO well done. I felt the shock horror of seeing what had become of Fiore, felt Levy's pain as she wrote, and it really took me back to when I first read the exact same thing in the manga and felt the exact same way :) To me, it's a credit to the anime when it makes me relive the emotions I originally feel reading the manga, so again, applause to the team for this scene.

There are around 50 seconds remaining in the episode, and for us manga-readers we know exactly what is coming... Finally... finally after all this time, Jellal finally approaches and confronts the person in the hood. Taking off his own and asking them to do the same, the person turns and Jellal can only stare on in shock, as the person is-


... *sighs and laughs at the same time* If you are a reader of the manga and did not predict that they would end this episode in such a fashion then I have to accuse you of being a bit of a noob. However, knowing it or not, I cannot deny that this ending both made me happy and annoyed, and if fans go either way I can easily see why.

To say that this is a good way to end the episode and then cut off the anime for God-only-knows-how-long is not something that is too great in my books. I remember how annoyed I was when Mashima ended the chapter in such a fashion and I had to wait 3 weeks (chapter 298 and 299 fillers) to see it come back. So, if I were an anime-only fan and found out I will have to wait some ridiculous amount of time, I would be pretty pissed...

However, I can't deny that it was a good move as well. I say this because if the anime had just ended with "we are all happy, let's keep going", I may not feel intrigued to wait so long for the anime's return. These huge plot drops at the end will provide (hopefully) the fans with the curiosity and want to continue watching the series upon it's return, and, it's for this reason that I await the day episode 176 airs with great anticipation!

Until then though, my congratulations to the anime team for an awesome "final-like" episode that got me emotional and really back into the plot of Fairy Tail. May the team be happy, safe and inspired during this break in the anime, and come back with even cooler stuff for us when they return~!

Former Mage

Farewell, Fairy Tail anime~!! Know that no matter how long we are parted, I, for one, will not stop awaiting your return.

An endnote:

Dearest reader,

As you may have figured out, this will be the final issue of This Month in the Anime for some time.

Firstly, I (and Rauleli) would like to thank you for your continued support over the last year and a bit. I for one have loved hearing your feedback and all of the stupid conversations that have arisen from this article, and I put my pen (keyboard?) down with much sadness.

I was particularly crushed when I found out that the anime was ending, but, like with many endings, there is some happiness to be found just by looking back over what an amazing journey it has been. I know that I, certainly, have enjoyed all of the hours the FT anime has brought, making me feel happy and sad, making me laugh and cry. It has been such a great time, and I can not express just what an amazing coincidence it was that I ever watched that first episode of the anime all those years ago. For people who do not know of my story with Fairy Tail, I started off as an anime-only fan, something which eventually lead me to the manga when I had watched all of the episodes, and that within itself leading me here, to the Wiki and all of you lovely people. As such, I guess you could say that the reason you are reading these very words is thanks to the FT anime, and I know that due to this, the anime will always have a special place in my heart.

To anime-only viewers: It's been a great journey, hasn't it?? I hope you look forward to the return of the anime as much as I, though, and I say this with experience, I have to highly recommend the Fairy Tail manga to you. I had only ever read one manga before I started reading Fairy Tail, so manga was still a very new thing to me. However, I have never regretted the day I picked it up. It is, admittedly, better than the anime in my opinion, and, if you would like to continue the adventure of Fairy Tail alongside us here at the Wiki, I highly recommend it :)

Don't worry about having to read too much, as the manga is only around 25 chapters ahead of where the anime just ended, and as such you will not have to read much to catch up. Mashima-sama's art is exquisite, and I truly believe you will get even more out of the series by picking up the manga.

If this is something that you think will interest you, start reading from chapter 297, as that is where the anime just ended. If you choose to, the best of luck, and I know you will be back to discuss it more with us as the plot advances!

If you are a true anime fan through and through and know that you will not touch the manga no matter what, a farewell to you for the time being. However, I look forward to seeing you again when the series returns to us.

Another thank you to you all, and to the animators of Fairy Tail for their years of dedication and service that has brought us a lovely series.


Relikz This Month in the Manga
Rauleli | '
Aldarinor This Month in the Manga
Aldarinor | Writer

TMITM Header - March13
This Month in the Manga

March 2013

This month I was busy, so I didn't have much time to devote to the article. Thus, the whole thing will be more of a series of impressions of the whole monthly thing, rather than distinct, individual reviews. The length will, predictably, decrease, and the same goes for the usual random bullshitting and the images.

Let's get this started.

So, what to say about this month's Fairy Tail chapters? There's a whole ton of them (one was still around from February, to tell it all)... and I must say we really, REALLY reached the bottom in some. I'm not kidding. Though, let's take our time, as short as it might be.

Chapter 320 was pretty straigth-forward, nothing special. Gray and Juvia not managing to best Lyon and Chelia sounded a bit off, but hey, what do you know. Orga's lightning-fast downfall (yeah, that was supposed to be a joke) was kind of expected, since it's Mashima we're talking about, but I still couldn't help but feel a bit shocked. That Charged Particle Cannon move had some pretty cool effects, and Jura was suddenly gave up Magic to simply smash foes into the ground.

Oooooh, the good old days when Mages chose to train spirit at the expense of strength and speed.

Laxus NEEDED to be struck down as he tried to attack Jura directly... just as he NEEDED to deliver a nice blow to the Wizard Saint's mug. The Thunder God always stays classy.

TMITM - Ch321

Sigh... Now come the sore points. Chapter 321 was one of the series' LOWEST POINT. The fight between the two strongest Mages in the Grand Magic Games, the epic clash which pitted "the strongest human Mage" against one of the strongest Mage of the formerly (though really, it's not like Sabertooth's done much to hold such title) strongest guild in Fiore... was just a showoff of flashy attacks. No strategy, no use of brain whatsoever. It was only a competition of "pull out the flashier move", and most of it wasn't actually SHOWN.

Not to mention how Laxus' Raging Thunder, supposedly one of the top techniques of Fairy Tail's strongest Dragon Slayer, wasn't even flashy.

Oh, yeah, Erza's new armor. Mashima should just have made it official and called it Plot Armor. This would have made things easier even for battles yet to come.

TMITM - Ch322

IMMEDIATE PASSAGE TO CHAPTER 322, GO! Minerva gets her face smashed on the ground for good without us actually realizing what her Magic is really about. Great. Lyon and Chelia go down just as easily, a single Unison Raid-like flashy move (remember? FLASHY?) from the now collaborating Gray and Juvia (wasn't Fairy Tail about COLLABORATING with your guildmates? Are the two of them away every time Natsu spits his Nakama Crap or what?) is enough to handle them.

Wait, say what? That leaves Sting as the guild's only opponent, right?


The guy's "King's Scenario" (yeah, the one from some chapters ago) is to take down all of the heavily injured Mages at once. Well, it's not like you'll be called Alexander the Great, but Mashima isn't called like that either, so, yeah, a passable plan... which you don't carry out because the bruised guys you were planning to beat the crap out of are still standing on their feet. Say, had they been standing on their hands or running around balancing themselves on huge rubber balls, things would have been different? Maybe we should ask someone it's reasonable to think you've spent some time with.

So, yeah. Fairy Tail wins X791's Grand Magic Games.


And Lector is returned to Sting.


I know something like this would deserve more dedicated space. But it won't get it.


TMITM - Ch323

Chapter 323, on the other hand, was one of the series' highest points, at least recently. The fact that the persons from the future were actually 2, was unexpected... and the same goes for the fact that the second person from the future is be Rogue. This has to be the most surprising instance we've had in tens of chapters. It wasn't only interesting, but it also gave a viable explanation of the "Shadow" possessing the "current Rogue" during his battle with Gajeel. The Shadow Dragon Slayer's new look, while a bit creepy, is also suitable to show the change which people who survive a draconic apocalypse tend to undergo. A nice chapter, for real!


TMITM - Ch324

And then comes chapter 324. Everything Mashima gained with the previous one is lost with a death scene (Lucy 2.0's) which isn't only badly planned and pathetic, but also useless. Why is everyone crying and grieving? Hell, Lucy from the future is LUCY, the one at you guys' side! This Lucy will become her at some point, she's not dead! And Lucy did something wrong. <sarcasm>Who'd think she was the culprit, since Carla's vision's been a pain in the ass for ages?</sarcasm> Not to mention how we're back to Natsu spitting Nakama Crap and then tackling the current villain by himself. How original.

The only good thing about this chapter was probably Rogue's sword-like attack.

TMITM - Ch325

On to chapter 325, the last in this month's review.

I kind of liked the Mirajane x Yukino moment... Don't know why, but I think Mirajane's Nakama speeches are somewhat better than Natsu, Erza or the rest of the crew's. We finally got to see Fiore's king, kind of confirming he was indeed Mato, and were treated to the beginning of what many people (me included) expected (and thus weren't surprised of): all of the Games' Mages preparing to fight the incoming dragons... which I guess will be an excuse to FINALLY show off their skills. If I get to see some nice techniques from the guys who didn't get a chance to shine in the actual competition, in the end I might even be satisfied with the current arc.

Well, more or less.

Oh, yeah, and Jellal came to ask Lahar and Doranbolt a favor. Guess Mashima didn't forget about these guys' previous encounter either. That's already something, considering how it's him we're talking about.

Anyhow, this extra-brief review ends here...

Opening of the Gate

... just as the Eclipse Gate is opened before Lucy's eyes.

See you next month, folks. Hope by then I'll have something longer and more articulated for you.

Ultraprime2 Avatar The Earth Land Chronicles
Ultraprime2 | Intern


Welcome to another issue of The Earth Land Chronicles. This article will a relatively sarcastic overview of things in the Fairy Tail series, which will probably be presented in chronological order. This could include main villains, Dragon Slayers, Celestial Spirits, all in the order they were revealed. Our first series will be the story arcs of Fairy Tail, with an arc being done each month. So let's continue with the Daphne arc.

Welcome back, readers! I'm Ultraprime2 and this month, we go off into a short, filler arc known as the Daphne arc. This arc features the Fairy Tail Mages fighting a crazy lady named Daphne who has kidnapped Natsu and wants to use him to power her mechanical dragon. Afterwards, the Mages deal with a few relatively minor things before the arc ends. Before anyone asks, no, the fact that I'm writing about a short arc has nothing to do with the fact that my university dissertation was due a few days ago and I wanted to spend more time working on that.

FT Wiki: We don't believe you >_>

Ultra: Fine. Wish me luck, still.

So anyways, we start off this arc with a quick view of Team Natsu returning to Fairy Tail after their battle against Oración Seis. Lucy has obtained the Celestial Spirits Aries, Scorpio and Gemini which previously belonged to Seis' Angel, who was arrested. They make no mention of the spirit Caelum, which Angel also used to own. So the newest members of Fairy Tail are Wendy and Carla, for whom a party is thrown before it turns into a brawl. Ah, Fairy Tail.....your inability to enjoy a party without punch is staggering. No pun intended ;)

Moving on, it's a while later when Wendy and Carla want to take a job and both Lucy and Levy want them to do it with their teams. Seems best friends don't always agree. At the same time, Gray tells Natsu that a woman named Daphne spotted a dragon and apparently nobody else did. Convinced it could be Igneel, Natsu heads off with Wendy ignoring the girls, thinking she might find her dragon. Gajeel decides to be a cool loner though and stay behind since he thinks the information is fake. Meanwhile, Erza asks a cake shop to help her cheat on her diet (Well how else is she so skinny?) by baking 50 cakes under the pretense of a party, since she intends to eat 49 herself. While leaving, she enters a dark alley smart move and crosses swords with something big before it leaves.

Daphne&#039;s Room

A room used to trap children

So Natsu, Wendy, Happy and Carla wander to the supposed area where the person lives. Walking around an inn which is absolutely desolate, the gang investigates various rooms of the shabby place, which has handles that come off the door when you pull them. Happy continues his crush on Carla and soon after, there's nowhere to look but one room. One room to which the door is surrounded by weird, large stuffed animals. Guess we know what's coming next.

Once the door opens, a woman sucking on a rather large sausage appears. No, not that kind of sausage, get your mind out of the gutter. She's Daphne and she's eating her Metamo-chan. Thankfully, that's not her daughter's name or anything. Getting excited, Daphne brings them into her room where there are fireworks for some strange reason. She repeatedly attempts to sell her diet products even though none of the gang expressed interest but soon relents when Natsu mentions the dragons. Though she initially thinks that dragons wanna go on a diet. Back at the guild, everyone is discussing the guy Erza fought and Juvia is crying her eyes out cause Gray has disappeared. Poor girl.

So in the inn, Daphne reveals she lied about seeing a dragon, naturally pissing off Natsu. However, the Mages try to leave but they find that they can't. They've been cut off from the outside world! Daphne is intent on keeping them there but she's not alone! She has a partner in crime and his name is Gray-sama. Or at least, Juvia would say it is. Gray spouts some stuff about how he wants to settle his score with Natsu. Since he's working for Daphne, she tells him to crush Natsu and he prepares to do so. Gray attacks, surprising everyone else and forcing Natsu to fight. Carla suspects he's a fake but this is disproved pretty quickly once he takes his clothes off. Oh how his stripping serves as his alternate I.D.

The battle between Gray and Natsu is pretty evenly-matched for the most part and since Mashima had no involvement and this Natsu had no nakama power the battle moves out of Daphne's bedroom and into the hallway. Daphne says Gray volunteered to work of his own free will, having not learned that you do not talk with your mouth full. Happy immediately suspects that the two of them are in a relationship, something she doesn't deny. During the battle, Gray mutters something about a soundless city, which isn't really important yet. The fight moves into a pool that Daphne has a tendency to swim naked in =P and Gray tries and fails to imprison Natsu. However, Natsu gets out and quickly shifts the area again. While running to stop the fight, Wendy and the cats see Lucy and Erza approaching.

Natsu trapped by Gray&#039;s ice

Natsu getting cold feet

However, the two of them can't see the inn due to Daphne's Magic concealing it. Outside, they're confronted by the one who attacked Erza. Lucy summons Virgo to help out but is attacked by another creature who distracts her attention. Virgo, intending to show the creature what digging holes is all about. However, she can't do so and has Loke take over the fight. The enemy is copying their abilities and making things harder. Daphne reveals that she made the enemy herself with the ability to copy Magic powers and gather information on Mages as a result. Meanwhile the battle continues with both Gray and Natsu having trouble. Just as it seems Natsu has won the fight, Gray freezes his feet and lets him fall into a hole of Daphne's I must sound so pervy right about now much to her pleasure. Natsu, unable to get out, remembers the time he found a dragon egg as a child. No, not that egg but an anime-only egg that doesn't fit into the main plot. Suddenly, he's electrocuted from all ends for some reason.


Little Plue is exhausted

Outside, Loke can't continue a pointless fight so Lucy summons the most pointless spirit of all: Plue! Little Plue is best at looking cute and being a pet. Using a variety of moves in quick progression that makes the audio sound like the chicken dance, Plue manages to tire out the enemy who disintegrates as Plue gets a compliment from Lucy and goes home. Suddenly, a dragon busts out from the ground, much to the surprise of the girls. Wendy arrives as well but Natsu is still inside getting electrocuted. His power is getting sucked out of his body and there's nothing he can do. Wendy reveals what's gone on and that Gray has become a traitor.

He's standing on the snout of the Dragonoid without his shirt on, trying to look cool.

Daphne, being the maniac she is, asks why she's not being praised for her craziness. Natsu remains unable to break out and his attempts serve only to further Daphne's plan. Gray tells them they won't be able to beat the Dragonoid just as Carla, coincidentally remembers hearing about a dangerous, dragon-crazed Mage who was trying to create an artificial dragon. Seriously!? Fillers are known for crappy writing but jeez >_>

So she reveals her history of how she used her old home city as an experiment ground. But everyone coincidentally knew Magic (though only 10% of all Fiore is supposed to be capable) and used a spell called Hidden to hide themselves. Daphne then cast a spell over them, making them unable to dispel their Magic, hiding them forever. Soon after, Natsu supposedly came looking for Igneel but never found him. After this, Daphne knew she needed a Dragon Slayer for her dragon to work. Back in the present, the Dragonoid gets ready to move.

Lizardman (Wakaba Version)

Elvis called, he wants his hair back.

Suddenly, Elfman, Wakaba and Macao arrive, with the former knocking out Gray with a quick punch to the gut on the master's orders to bring him back. As the Dragonoid takes off to Magnolia by flight (even though it could barely walk a moment ago >_>) Erza resolves to take it down herself while the others head back to Magnolia. On their way, Erza has to fight multiple Lizardmen as do the men, all of which take on their characteristics, including Wakaba's ridiculous hairstyle. The battle is arduous and the men have a deal of trouble. Meanwhile, Natsu remembers the promise he made to the people affected by Daphne, making his Magic power grow to great proportions and affect the functioning of the Dragonoid, though it doesn't matter for too long as Daphne puts an end to it.

Back at Fairy Tail the men arrive, injured, and Elfman thinks back to an anime scene of him crying over his sister's death and Natsu telling him to stop. Meanwhile, Juvia defends her Gray-sama, stating he would never betray Fairy Tail. As he goes to see the master, everyone resolves to save Natsu in true Nakama power fashion. However, the mediocre epicness is soon cut off by Makarov who tells them to prioritize saving Magnolia first. Natsu agree with him as well, telling them to take down the Dragonoid with him inside.

Meanwhile, Gray is inside being interrogated by Makarov. Revealing that he set up Natsu to be captured to he could destroy the Dragonoid from inside-out, Makarov points out that it wouldn't have been needed if he hadn't handed him over in the first place. However, there was another reason: Natsu has to keep his promise to the people. Insert some of Gray's self-deprecation here and some Natsu praise and then we move on to Gray going out to help with a plan of Makarov's.

In her Dragonoid, Daphne remembers how, as a kid, she saw a dragon fly above her. It's this scene that would later cause the Fairy Tail answers wiki to be flooded with questions about who that dragon was. As it turns out, nobody believed Daphne and pissed off the little girl, who would later develop the weapon she now has. Gray gives the outline of what happened as well as the circumstances surrounding it. Naturally, everyone is dumbfounded that even Natsu could be so forgetful. Juvia's happy though since Gray isn't a real traitor.

As the attack continues, the cake shop owner is revealed to have risked his life for one cake. Cue Wendy healing him and randomly talking about hating pickled plums (later important in a future arc) and collapsing from overusing her Magic.

Little Natsu&#039;s

Well, there aren't any wings, but still...

Erza figures out the plan the master made without even Gray having to say a word and decides to take down the Dragonoid . Gray asks Juvia to come with her as the other guild Mages take on the Lizardmen and Happy is determined to save Natsu. On top of a roof, Gray talks about how Natsu is necessary for Fairy Tail and asks Juvia to perform a Unison Raid with him. Cause in anime, anyone can do anything no matter how hard it is. That goes double if that anime is Fairy Tail. Inside, Natsu has the typical issue of having a devil on one shoulder and an angel on another. Naturally it's making him go nuts.

Juvia blushes

How adorable :3

At the same time, Juvia and Gray, without any trouble, perform the Unison Raid and cause water eruptions all over Magnolia and create ice rain, taking down all the Lizardmen, hitting the Dragonoid a bit and in a lovely, yummy coincidence, not harming any of their guild members. Sadly, the beautiful moment is cut short by Gray leaving Juvia on the roof, much to her sadness. The little devil and angel Natsu compliment Gray though on being a player. Natsu clearly doesn't like 'em and everyone can hear it from the outside.

Erza Angers Dragonoid

Evil eyes >:)

Outside, Gray begins dissing Natsu over forgetting his promise and various other things like his squinty eyes. Happy joins in the party and tells Natsu the same stuff. Lucy's a bit nicer and says Natsu shouldn't give up cause that's not him. Erza steps in and criticizes him for giving up and telling them to take down the Dragonoid with him inside. Everyone else has a "WTF" face on as Natsu gets angrier and angrier. Now determined to kick everyone's ass, Natsu goes nuts and Daphne is having trouble with it. As the devil and angel disappear, the episode reaches its predictable climax with Natsu's Flame of Emotion going nuts.

Natsu and Gray argue

Some things never change

Back on the ground, Gajeel has arrived after having disappeared for no apparent reason and helps attack, freeing Natsu from the Dragonoid. Sadly for him and many of us, he missed Natsu by a few feet. With Lucy's help, everyone sends Natsu fire and powers him up, as usual. With the power, Natsu powers up and takes out Daphne's Dragonoid, saving the people of the town without sound. With a little Natsu-Gray banter and Lucy's cute-voiced narration, our little adventure with the fake dragons comes to and end.

So now we move on into some senseless filler. In my personal opinion, these episodes were actually better than the Daphne business. But hey, that's just me.

It's time for the Hanami festival in Magnolia Town and everyone is getting excited to view the Rainbow Sakura. Makarov is lecturing everyone, as usual and although they're supposed to be resting, Team Natsu went with Wendy and Carla on a job to the mountains, much to Juvia's dismay cause she didn't get to go with Gray-sama.

Team Natsu defeating Blizzardvern

Well that's one way to take out a snow monster...

As they walk up the icy mountain, Wendy and Lucy remain inside Horologium because they forgot to put on environment-appropriate attire. Not like it's a surprise though given how scantily girls often dress in this series. But hey, I'm not complaining! The mission of the day is to find a special herb. After some searching, Natsu comes across the herb which just happens to be guarded by a massive monster known as the Blizzardvern which has to eat them. So while Natsu, Gray, and Erza decide to draw its attention to them, Lucy, Wendy, Happy and Carla have to to gather the herbs.Lucy gets her hands on some herbs when an avalanche suddenly starts. The avalanche sweeps everyone away but Lucy gets the herbs and the Blizzardvern is beaten.

Sick Lucy

If she weren't sick, this would be so hot >:)

So the next day, we find out that the avalanche gave Lucy a cold which is preventing her from going to the festival, much to her disappointment as she had been looking forward to it for a long time. Saddened, Natsu and Happy leave her apartment after having come to pick her up. Due to this, the two aren't able to enjoy the festival with everyone else. Everyone is playing some Bingo in order to win some prizes. The prizes range from decent stuff like a trip to Akane Resort, which Elfman plans to take his sister to for his own incestuous reasons, to crap like the now-withered herbs collected by the gang the previous day. Erza's not too happy with that as her prize. Unable to think about anything other than Lucy, Natsu doesn't wanna place. Honestly dude, just tell her you like her already and get it over with.

Lucy looking at Rainbow Sakura

What a thoughtful guy Natsu can be

As all this is going on, Lucy is sick in bed thinking about all that she's gone through since she joined Fairy Tail. Concluding that it was the right decision she made, she goes to sleep. However, she awakens in the middle of the night after hearing commotion outside. As it turns out, one of the Rainbow Sakura trees Lucy wanted to see so badly is floating down the river in front of her house. Seeing it, Lucy can't be anything but happy. As we find out the next morning though, the Mayor is anything but happy. Sadly for them, Natsu and Happy aren't doing too good either, though Lucy doesn't really mind XD

Rabian&#039;s request

How wrong does this image look?

Some time later, Wendy and Carla start looking for a job to take on.As everyone begins suggesting things no 12 year old should be doing, it's Mirajane who suggests a job in Onibus Town to Wendy. The jobs is from Rabian, dude who wrote the play "Frederick and Yanderica" and enslaved Team Natsu. Apparently, he wants someone to heal his "body and soul". So Wendy, ever eager, accepts takes on the job. However Makarov forces Happy to leave Natsu to accompany her. Deciding they need someone else, Freed is asked to go along, setting up the team.

So as Wendy, Happy and Freed prepare to go, Carla decides to be her usually bitchy self and refuses to go, not even saying goodbye. Once they get to the station, they find out that the train that would take them to Onibus broke down. So, being the determined person she is, Wendy decides that she can walk to Onibus. Happy is, unsurprisingly, not in favor but Freed agrees. Meanwhile, having heard the news, Erza, Lucy and Carla decide to go find Wendy after Erza finishes her eardrum-killing vocal exercises. Natsu decides to follow 'em and decides to ignore his motion sickness to do so.

Not sure if that's sweet or stupid or some combination of the two >_>

So the weather has turned bad, forcing Wendy's group to camp out. Happy notes that food will be a problem, but Freed knows what to do and starts drawing runes, Winged Fish begin to fall from the sky. Though Happy states that those fish taste awful, Freed tells he knows the right way to prepare it. With a little use of his sword, Freed slices and dices the fish for eating. He has no problem eating but Wendy and Happy aren't gonna and decide to find other food. Cue a funny little scene elsewhere of Erza, Lucy and Carla being forced to eat the fish as well since they have nothing on them.

Virgo carrying Erza

Virgo holding baby Erza >:3

While Natsu is still stuck on the now-fixed train and goes back and forth between Magnolia and Onibus several times, Happy gets close to heatstroke so Freed puts up a barrier around him to stop it. Too bad the barrier isn't mobile ^_^ Somewhere else, Erza nearly gets eaten by quicksand and Virgo has to step in and save her in a rather funny scene. Cue what is called a "Cursed Sandstorm" which was ripped straight out of the Mario series heading towards the gang. Wendy uses her roar technique to take it out, saving the gang.

The result of Wendy&#039;s job

Everyone's out. 'Cept Wendy

Everyone finally gets to Onibus but Rabian says he made up with his actors and that everything is okay. Natsu arrives and is motion sick and, just like everyone else, faints from exhaustion. Though Freed faints from the fish which are rubbing him the wrong way. Rabian orders Wendy to get rid of everyone and says he'll pay a large reward and while Wendy is disappointed about her first job, but Carla decides to stop being a bitch for a little while tells her that she should be proud for having helped everyone.

Flying is forbiden!

New rule: Flying is forbidden

In the final episode of this anime-only arc, it is time for Fairy Tail's annual 24-Hour Endurance race. Everyone in the guild is ready for it and Jet, who won last year, plans to win again to impress Levy, even though it clearly doesn't work. Makarov tells everyone the race's conditions: to run to the mountain to get a Wyvern Scale and return to Magnolia's South Gate Park within 24 hours. Hilariously, whoever comes in last place will receive "the punishment". Happy and Evergreen planned on flying in order to win, but Makarov, thanks to complaints comes up with a new rule: No flying. Though any other Magic at all is allowed. With that, the race begins.

Mr. COOOOOOOL from the other sorcerer magazine comes to watch and commentate the race. Jet has no trouble getting far ahead of his competitors, leaving them behind to eat his dust. However, Natsu uses his Magic to give himself a speed boost. As the rest of the guild takes off, Wendy and Carla apologize to Lucy and Levy for leaving them behind. When Makarov reminds them of "the punishment", the girls smartly get going as well. Watching the race, Mirajane realizes that Jet is so fast that they can't track him with the Lacrima.

Freed Gets Trapped

Rem has a very perverted version of this.....

As everyone is running, it begets the use of their Magic to give them an advantage. Whether it's forcing others to fall into a hole, attacking them, freezing the ground, you can be these guys are doing it all. Cana and Wakaba run for a bit and talk about the other having trouble, with Macao running past both as they do. Let's face it, Cana's the one it better shape. Or she's just hot. Whatever. Elsewhere, Freed screws over his teammate Evergreen as well as Bisca, trapping them inside his runes from which they can only escape by answering questions. Though he's nice about it and gives them textbooks. Naturally, he gets his comeuppance with Erza trapping him in a similar fashion soon after.

Meanwhile, Jet gets a scale and heads back to Magnolia. At the same time, Juvia has merged with the water as Gray and a few others run by wondering where she is. As night falls, Natsu runs low on power and asks some random campers, after getting knocked around by Gajeel, if he can eat their fire cause, y'know, that's normal enough. A ton of people get their scales and so does Natsu, who hands one to Happy when the little dude isn't able to get his own due to his short stature.

Happy Winner

Happy is the winner

Here's where the story gets into the "Tortoise and Hare" metaphor. Jet, in the lead, decides to nap as everyone else keeps running. Though Happy finds him and he takes off later. As the runners get closer, Jet comes in at full speed and attempts to overtake them. Naturally, they are surprised since they thought he was ahead of them. With his arrival, the racers try to overtake one another, with little success. Just as they approach the finish line, Natsu predictably trips and makes the other four trip over right him in front of the finishing line. Happy crosses in front of them and wins the first place, followed by Wendy who wins second place and then Carla in third.


The horror.....

So while those who fell stare at them, all the rest of Fairy Tail quickly crosses the finishing line, including Erza who fell with 'em. Now Natsu, Jet, Gray and Gajeel are all competing for last place. As it turns out, they all win it! Yay for haters! So what's the punishment? The punishment is that they have to dress up like girls and have an interview and a photo spread printed in the Weekly Sorcerer Magazine. Naturally, none of them wanna do that and run off into the distance with Jason running after them, since he does wanna see them cross dress. Meanwhile, Happy asks what his prize is, to which Makarov replies that his prize is the admiration of his fellow guild mates, much to his disappointment.

And with that, this mostly disappointing arc ends. Thanks for reading. Next month, we will be taking a look at a new arc. Stay tuned!

Best Quote of the Arc
"I wasn't able to surpass Ul...but him...Natsu's the kind of guy who can surpass anything! Even Igneel himself!"
- Gray Fullbuster to Makarov about Natsu Dragneel.
Best Magic of the Arc

Concealment Magic. Not like there was much to choose from.

Best Moment of the Arc

The Rainbow Sakura floating down Strawberry Street.

Best Chapter of the Arc

This is an anime-only arc. So none.

Best Episode of the Arc

Episode 73

Ultraprime2 Avatar Gate of the Horoscope
Ultraprime2 | Intern
Relikz Gate of the Horoscope
Relikz | Didn't do it this month

Gate Logo
Want to see your future? Then read on!
Aries Emblem ARIES
(March 21 - April 19)

You haven't been doing much as of late in reality. It's not entirely your fault but you can't blame anyone else cause you're unsuccessful. Think about it this way: There's an alternate world where you're a shining star.

(April 20 - May 20)
Taurus Emblem

It seems you want to be loved, but you don’t seem to get it. As you wander within that repetition, remember that that even if you are scared, there will always be one person to whom you can say “I love you”.

Gemini Emblem GEMINI
(May 21 - June 20)
More than one

Though you will grumble about hating it when it rains, think about what you would say if stars come out beautifully in the night sky, after the rain subsides.

(June 21 -July 22)
Cancer Emblem

Life on the freeway may seem the most pleasurable route, and it certainly can be at times, but never forget to slow down and look back once in a while.

Leo Emblem LEO
(July 23 - August 22)

Most people never believe that others "feel the same way". Do you? Time to make a choice.

(August 23 - September 22)
Virgo Emblem
Lucy Charms

You need to chill. Possessions don’t make you who you are. Your lucky charms do. Think about it!

Libra Emblem LIBRA
(September 23 - October 22)

You may dream about an everyday life which is peaceful, but the truth is, those days can be trouble and sometimes those kinds of days are frustrating as hell.

(October 23 - November 21)
Scorpio Emblem

It’s time to start paying more attention to yourself. You may have solve problems of others but think of your own! Or have just pushed them out of your head?

Sagittarius Emblem SAGITTARIUS
(November 22 - December 21)
Pay attention!

Most people don’t think about the little things, the details, like you do. Keep up that which makes you unique and helpful.

(December 22 - January 19)
Capricorn Emblem

It was said once that if you want to mature, understand the world, and grow emotionally, you have to go out and get your heart broken at least once. Don't be discouraged.

Aquarius Emblem AQUARIUS
(January 20 - February 18)

It's not enough jobs to go after and get what you want. You have to use it right.

(February 19 - March 20)
Pisces Emblem

Firm. Perky. Divine. This horoscope was sponsored by boobies.

Aldarinor Real Tail
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RT Header-Jan12

Hey folks

Hey people, Aldarinor speaking. This month it's Abe's call again. I think as of now he's pretty much in charge of the whole thing. Though, of course, it's not like I won't pop up from time to time to try and vandalize his articles or steal his sweetroll.


Yo there living beings that have an amount of fatness so high that makes you wonder if your sweat is actually oil!! Ready for another Edition of Real Tail?!

absolute silence

That's the spirit!! Fuoh!!

Let's just recall what I've told you there: About the one-shot called Magician and about Mashima's Autobiography. If you haven't read those yet, don't lose a single second and go back on the SM Editions to read them!

But let's get started on today's analysis: The oneshot called Fairy Tale.

Taurus from Fairy Tale

To do the puff-puff, you have to grab the boobies like this...

  • So... I guess you're all grown-up enough to make relations between this oneshot's name and Fairy Taill, as long you can read.
  • It starts off showing us the universe, where many people (P.S.: by people I mean breathing beings, not humans. There is even an early version of Tauros. What again shows reuse of designs by Mashima) exist in a same kingdom, each one of them having a King. The main Kings are then reunited (in a place that strongly resembles a Guild) because someone stole the "Book of Devilma", that can be used to summon demons. Yes, if Zeref was a girl, his name would be Devilma...

Geez... Guess I'm too sexy to have my design wasted.

  • We are then presented to the spike-haired main character: Silver, basically a prototype of Natsu. Reasons: he has horns, (early designs of Natsu included him with horns) he belongs to the Fire People, and his dad (the King) is called Salamander. You must be thinking "at least he doesn't have a cat". No, but he has a living safety match. I know, a dog would be better.
  • There is also the Water People, whose queen is called Undine. Her design is the same as Aquarius, the difference being the lack of a fish covering her legs. Her daughter is called El. Curiously, she's more alike Erza than Juvia. First, because of her name, and second because she doesn't give a damn about people seeing her naked. In this kind of moment I wonder why I never find girls like this.
  • Attempting to make a joke, Mashima characterizes the Fire People as Hot-Headed and the Water People as Cold-Hearted. Both of them have powers that correspond to their elements (no, are you serious Mashima? For a moment I thought that Silver's powers were the ability of cause earthquakes), but on the other hand, if they touch each other, they get disintegrated because of the Neutralization. For some reason, I found this cool.

An Evergreen yesterday, an Ooba today, an Umnei tomorrow.

  • Anyways, the duo decides to get back the Book of Devilma to prove their value. The Book, however, was stolen by Ooba Babasama's ancestor, a hag called Barbara. She's a medusa that possesses a living Golem as her bodyguard and as a sex toy, I guess. She basically wants to summon a demon from the Book. A rampaging, deadly one like Lullaby or Deliora? Nope. A demon that will make her young again, called Youthyu. Cry, plastic surgeons, cry.
  • Eventually, Silver and El get captured, and are put hanging from their hands above a lava pit. I don't know where do they sell lava pits like that, but I so want one. Devilma also threaten Silvers saying that if he looks into her eyes, he'll turn into stone. I personally would be dead just by making eye contact with that abomination.
El and Silver

Gaaah!! You lost your horns but got an extra butt in your chest!!

  • Devilma starts swinging the duo to scare them with the possibility of Neutralization. But Silver is smarter, (at least smarter than the hag, or than Rauleli for an example) he melts his chains and falls in the lava pit, that's nothing but a mere lake for him. He defeats Devilma, (with a 2-paged punch in the old hag's face while holding her arm :3 cruelty FTW), but El starts to fall from her chains.
  • In the last moment, the duo acknowledges each other, and Silver grabs El's hands to save her. Unexpectedly, the Neutralization doesn't happen (I almost wet myself prior this moment) because of one single reason: because they respect each other. Well, better than "because of love/nakama's power. The Kings then suddenly appear, show that they also respect each other, but start discussing again and blah blah blah. The End.

Some Chapter notes:

  • It's Mashima's favorite story (probably in terms of oneshots)
  • It's was originally planned to be the series that would succeed Rave Master.
  • The original oneshot's plot was rejected in the eve of the deadline Mashima had to deliver it.

Sorcerer Logo 2 Fairy Advice
Sorcerer Magazine | Staff Project

A column where questions are asked to different characters in the Fairy Tail Series and are answered by the Sorcerer Magazine Staff
Logo Fairy Tail right

This month's questions are:

  • Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games. Any words?
  • The arrival of Future Rogue marked one of the biggest surprises in the series. Can you give us a few words?
  • Word on the street is that the Fairy Tail anime will end this month. Do you believe this?
  • Minerva has fallen by Erza's hand. Would you like to stomp on the bitch for only $5?
  • Will Sting and Rogue join Fairy Tail? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Relikz Rauleli | Writer
Sting Eucliffe
Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games. Any words?
A: I let them win, of course, it's all part of my grand plan! I mean there is no way that I had so many pages filled with me sitting around waiting until the end, looking all cool as if I had everything under control only to just give up, right?... right?... RIGHT?!
The arrival of Future Rogue marked one of the biggest surprises in the series. Can you give us a few words?
A: Rogue... I'm glad that my whore is still alive in 7 years in the future
Sting Excited At Natsu&#039;s Strength
Word on the street is that the Fairy Tail anime will end this month. Do you believe this?
Enraged Sting
Minerva has fallen by Erza's hand. Would you like to stomp on the bitch for only $5?
A: Yeah, that bitch was getting annoying, even to me.
Will Sting and Rogue join Fairy Tail? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
A: Rauleli is starting to appeal to me and he wants me to join Fairy Tail... but I don't want to go with his wishes so I'll say no.
Team Sabertooth laughing
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Doranbolt Douchebolt
Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games. Any words?
A: I'm very happy they won :) Seeing the return of the Tenrou Team means a lot to me, and as such I-

Carrot: So is that why you chased Jellal through the Domus Flau convinced Fairy Tail was up to no good? Because you looooove them and all that >__>

Uhhhh... Well, I don't think you really understa-

Carrot: Or that you keep trying to find way to get into people's business when they are trying to help and just ruin their plans...

W-w-wait... I thought this was a question about the Grand Magic Games?

Carrot: *sighs* Fine... moving on...

The arrival of Future Rogue marked one of the biggest surprises in the series. Can you give us a few words?
A: The arrival of Rogue poses a serious national threat that the Council will be sure to-

Carrot: So, what if this Rogue is a good guy? You just gunna get in his way like you do with every other freakin' character in the series?

I- uh... I... Well, that is to say-

Carrot: Arg >__> I don't want to hear it... NEXT QUESTION!

Word on the street is that the Fairy Tail anime will end this month. Do you believe this?
A: The Council had to sign the official document allowing the cancel-

Carrot: BLAH BLAH BLAH! Nobody cares!!!

Minerva has fallen by Erza's hand. Would you like to stomp on the bitch for only $5?
A: I do not think it appropriate to physically abuse someo-

Carrot: So, you wouldn't even want to maybe give the chick a good punch in the gut for all the mean things she did to Lucy? Man, you're such an annoying ass...

Will Sting and Rogue join Fairy Tail? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
A: If they fill out their guild transfer papers correctly and are checked by the Council for-

Carrot: FOR PETE'S SAKE!! Get out... Just get out... *points to door* I'm not doing this any longer... *gets up and leaves*

Ultraprime2 Avatar Ultraprime2 | Writer
Juvia Lockser
Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games. Any words?
Juvia: It's no surprise of course. Our opponents were powerful but in the end we won because we had Gray-sama working for our team!
The arrival of Future Rogue marked one of the biggest surprises in the series. Can you give us a few words?
Juvia: He certainly seems suspicious. I mean we don't know anything about him and yet we're supposed to trust that his version of events are correct?
Word on the street is that the Fairy Tail anime will end this month. Do you believe this?
Juvia: I can't accept that! If Gray-sama and I cannot be on the same time in animated format then...I have no reason to live...Cry
Interviewer: Juvia, you're flooding the interview room!
Minerva has fallen by Erza's hand. Would you like to stomp on the bitch for only $5?
Juvia: May I instead pay $5 to have Gray-sama stomp on my body? Blush

Will Sting and Rogue join Fairy Tail?
Juvia: It remains to be seen. After all they've gone through for their guild, would they really be willing to come over to Fairy Tail. When Juvia left Phantom Lord, it was for the reason of us being disbanded! And also, Fairy Tail had Gray-sama and Juvia without Gray-sama is not Juvia at all!
IamJakuhoRaikoben IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games. Any words?
A: It's by luck! And only luck! Sabertooth will rise again and devour all Fairies!
The arrival of Future Rogue marked one of the biggest surprises in the series. Can you give us a few words?
A: WHAT?! That sniveling piece of shit came from the future and didn't assist his guild?!
Word on the street is that the Fairy Tail anime will end this month. Do you believe this?
A: Of course not. The anime must continue so the world can see Sabertooth's comeback..
Minerva has fallen by Erza's hand. Would you like to stomp on the bitch for only $5?
A: Who are you calling a bitch?!
Will Sting and Rogue join Fairy Tail? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
A: They better not if they value their lives.
IamJakuhoRaikoben: Oh my god will you PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
TheCarrotSaysYumYum TheCarrotSaysYumYum | Writer
Lahar Lawhore
Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games. Any words?
A: I'm glad at least someone around here has talent and power and a professional nature, unlike me D;
The arrival of Future Rogue marked one of the biggest surprises in the series. Can you give us a few words?
A: At least his appearance surprises people... When I appear people skip the following 5 pages just in case I appear again T^T
Word on the street is that the Fairy Tail anime will end this month. Do you believe this?
A: It's ending because I appeared recently ( .__.)
Minerva has fallen by Erza's hand. Would you like to stomp on the bitch for only $5?
A: I'd pay $5 to have her stomp on me... worthless as I am...
Will Sting and Rogue join Fairy Tail? ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
A: They will because they are popular and cool and sexy and nice... all the things I am not...

... *the door to the interview room opens*

Lahar: I am here to do my interview Ms. Carrot~!!

Carrot: Wah!! *tries to hide interview sheet she is writing on*

Lahar: Why... Ms. Carrot, is that sheet already filled out?

Carrot: Change of plans! Sorry Lawho- Lahar, but we no longer require your interview! Thanks anyways ;D *runs off*

Lahar: Odd...

IamJakuhoRaikoben Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
IamJakuhoRaikoben | M. Editor
Ultraprime2 Avatar Fairy Tail and the Chamber of Art
Ultraprime2 | Intern

Relikz The Last Pollbender
Relikz | Writer

Issue 15: March 2013

Welcome to the The Last Pollbender! The page where we hold all kinds of polls each month to find out what Fairy Tail fans' opinions are on any and every subject!

The Wiki
Users Dragons of Design
Just wanted to know where most of the users live, so tell me, which continent do you live in?

The poll was created at 15:47 on April 5, 2013, and so far 312 people voted.
What should DOD work on next? (I tried linking but links don't work in polls. Sorry.)

The poll was created at 15:47 on April 5, 2013, and so far 138 people voted.
The Series
The Manga The Anime
How was the end of the Grand Magic Games?

The poll was created at 15:47 on April 5, 2013, and so far 214 people voted.
Anime. Ending. Thoughs?

The poll was created at 15:47 on April 5, 2013, and so far 235 people voted.
Eclipse Grand Magic Games Participants
Eclipse Cannon. Really? >_<

The poll was created at 15:57 on April 5, 2013, and so far 218 people voted.
Can the GMG participating guilds stop the dragons?!

The poll was created at 15:57 on April 5, 2013, and so far 215 people voted.
Pokemon Digimon
So, I heard that Pokemon Generation 6 is coming in a few months, but even though I haven't played a Pokemon game in years (since Generation 3, I think), I still kinda like Pokemon. So I wanted to know, which is your favorite starter! I only know up to Generation 3 so that's all you're getting :P Sorry.

The poll was created at 15:47 on April 5, 2013, and so far 204 people voted.
Digimon was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid (I didn't know what anime was). And since the other poll is about Pokemon, I made this one about Digimon! Which is your favorite partner Digimon! I know there have been other seasons, but I only know about season 1 so that's what you are getting. :P

The poll was created at 15:47 on April 5, 2013, and so far 180 people voted.

Do you want something to be polled? Come here and leave your suggestion!