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Okay, so I was sitting down and all of the sudden that song popped into my head for no good reason. I memorized it back in 7th grade after I watched the Sound of Music in my drama class, but, before a few minutes ago, I haven’t sung it in years. And when I sung it just now, it got me thinking about all of the things I like. Which, in turn, got me very curious about all of the things you whores like, so… I created this random ass blog. ( .___.) Below I’ve listed twelve of my favorite things as well as 3 bonus things I like. If you whores would be so kind, I’d like you to indulge me by listing your favorite things in those same twelve categories and 3 bonus things that you like. ^____^

Color Food Animal Singer
Purple Sushi White Tiger Beyoncé
Actor/Actress Book Song TV Show
Robert Downey Jr.
Halle Berry
Harry Potter Series I Have Nothing by
Whitney Houston
Game of Thrones
Anime/Manga Character Anime/Manga Series Author Hobby
Tsunade Naruto J.K. Rowling Singing
Computers, Learning Languages, and Sweets

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