Okay, I've seen some bad anime fights before but this one was ridiculous. It was the most garbage uneventful, unclimatic anime fight I've ever seen. They completely ruined Mirajane's fight. Firstly by changing up some different things that happened in the manga. The explosions in the manga were epic, but the anime renditions of them were awful. Secondly, Evil Explosion is a Water Magic Spell and I guess they forgot that and so now we have to have 2 Evil Explosion pages (great). And worst of all was the animation and graphics. They seemed cheap and awkwardly drawn. This fight (in the anime) definitely gets a -2/10 in my book. I know it's a bit much to create an entire blog for this but where else can I rant?

O, and speaking of bad fights. The anime's version of Ultear vs. Zeref was pitiful as well...

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