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Okay, so I had some free time on my hand I decided to make a blog post to give a quick run down on what you guys can do to help the wiki and a few things to remember when editing.

Things the Wiki Needs Done

General Wiki Maintanence

  • Tagging Broken Redirects for Deletion- Broken Redirects are when pages are redirected to a place that no longer exist. All pages like that should be deleted. Though since only Admins can delete pages, regular users should just put the {{Delete}} tag on those pages, and admins should check there regularly to see what needs to be deleted. A list of pages with Broken Redirects can be found here.
  • Fixing Double Redirects- Double Redirects are when a page is moved and a redirect is left behind and then the page is moved again and another redirect behind and a double redirect is formed. Double Redirects can be easily fixed by going to the first page that was moved and redirecting it to the current version of the page. A list of of pages with Double Redirects can be found here.
  • Fixing Capitalization and mispelled words- There have been many official name changes on our wiki and I often see the older or popular names still on our article. Everyone should do their part to replace the older versions of the name to the official. For example, use Freed instead of Fried, Lockser instead of Loxar. Also be sure to capitalize words that require capitalization such as Mage, Magic, etc.
  • Tagging unused and unusable redirects for deletion- There does not need to be a redirect for everything, if you create an article and you mispell the name of the article, DON'T leave a redirect when you rename the article simply rename it. If you see a redirect that you think will never be used, then tag it for deletion.
  • R.R.K.P....- Read, Review, Know, and Pratice our policies. They will help you tremendously when editing.

Image Help

Okay as all of you guys know we have new image policies on our wiki and as such many of our images that were uploaded before the image policy went into effect now violate policy. So here's how you can help.

  • Upload high quality pics- There are a few pics on our site that are of low quality, if you see them simply hit upload a new version of this file button and upload a new, higher quality version as this would help out or wiki tremendously.
  • Help the admins clear the stacks- If you see an image that has multiple images on the file page from where people have uploaded new versions and reverted to older versions, etc. Then add the category Needs Stacks Cleared to it.
  • Manga hosting site pictures- If you see a manga image that is not from the raw then add the category Needs Replacement by Tankōbon to it.
  • Adding the Fair use Rationale to images or tagging them with {{No Rationale}}- Pretty much every image on our site has no Fair use rationale and that is something that is essential to the wikis photos. If you see an image without a fair use rationale add it, or tag it with {{No Rationale}} so another user can add it.
  • Adding the Licensing to images or tagging them with {{No license}}- Much like the rationale, Pretty much every image on our site has no licensing and that also is something that is essential to the wikis photos. If you see an image without a license add it, or tag it with {{No license}} so another user can add it.
  • SUBMIT IMAGES FOR CATALOGING- I can't stress this enough. I have specific categories that I have to add to all of our wikis images. I also have to place all the images in our wiki in a specific place, but it's extremely hard to categorize those images if no one submits them for cataloging. It's extremely simple. Just place all images you upload in the gallery here.
  • Help create the Screenshots by Episode Category- There is a category on our wiki called Screenshots by Episode. It is incomplete and it would be a great help if all users would see what episodes are missing from the category and create those categories. If you are creating the categories, I ask that you view older episode categories and FOLLOW the format that is on those category pages, as it is extremely important.
  • Chapter Cover Help- This one is pretty simple. I just need some users to go to our Chapter Covers page and add the category Chapter Covers to all the Chapter Cover images that are there.
  • AVOID NICKNAMES IN FILE NAMES- Don't use Mira, use Mirajane. If someone is unaware of a character's nickname they can't search for the nickname and thus, the pic won't be found.
  • BE CAREFUL TO AVOID POPULAR NAMES IN FILE NAMES- Use Juvia Lockser not Loxar and Bickslow not Bixlow, and if you do make a mistake and name the file with an old and popular name then contact one of the admins and ask them to change the name of the file.
  • Opposed to Popular Belief....- Images and the text that surround them are related. Meaning that you can't have the text saying that Erza is going off to fight Evergreen and have the pic showing her puching Natsu for touching her while she was trapped in stone.
  • Categories aren't made for their health- This category was created for pages that are in need of assistance because they are too short, full of speculation, lack references, or pictures, etc. Meaning that they should be checked often.


  • Reference the info you add- It takes no more than a minute tops to add a reference to the information you add. This is important so that people can assure the info is correct, it will also keep me and other users from reverting the info you add if we have doubts.
  • If you are good at referencing...- If you are good at referencing then join the Referencia Guild.


Admin Only Jobs

  • Deleting Unused Images- Due to our recently updated Image Policy, all images that are unused must be deleted. I have been deleting images for a while, and we have about 0 left for deletion and I need some of our admins to help with this. Also clear the stacks on any images that have them. Stacks are explained in the image section above.
    • Thanks to the efforts of Ishthak, all of our Unused images have been deleted.
  • Rename our File Pages- Lots of images have bad filenames and they can't be found if they are searched for, if you see one, rename it to something suitable.

Tips to better yourself as a Community Member

  • Don't take things personally- If someone undos your edit because they believe it was incorrect, don't take it personally, simply see what they said was the problem and try to fix it for next time. Also if you feel like a user is deleting your work, then there's likely something wrong with it, don't act irrationally, simply contact the user and see what's the problem, or check the edit summary because there is likely a reason for their edits.
  • Watch your words- Be civil at all times, and try to be as kind as possible.

Hope this helps.

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