Here are the results!

Create a Character
1st: Rauleli’s Belphegor= 4 Votes
2nd: Asftjm’s Xotdal= 3 Votes
3rd: Bloom of Fairy Tails Robin= 1 Vote
3rd: Aldarinor’s Tristan= 1 Vote
3rd: IamJakuhoRaikoben’s Yahiko Frost= 1 Vote
3rd: ChaosKnight’s Sapias= 1 Vote
3rd: B j’s Nathaniel = 1 Vote
Talukita’s Kenshi Kaminogi= 0 Votes
Bloom of Fairy Tails Gazelle= 0 Votes
AmiliaSerapahenaiaAnemia’s Ja’rae Kial & Ta’Lei Kial= 0 Votes
A wikia contributor’s Arial= 0 Votes

Create a Magic
1st: Rauleli’s Necromancy= 5 Votes
2nd: ChaosKnight’s Move= 2 Vote
3rd: IamJakuhoRaikoben’s Hell Flower= 1 Vote
3rd: Talukita’s Observe Magic= 1 Vote
B j's Angel Magic= 0 Votes
BGMaxie’s Berserk Magic= 0 Votes
Aldarinor’s D-Mansion= 0 Votes
Natsu11’s Disaster Magic= 0 Votes
BGMaxie’s Trap Magic= 0 Votes

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