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Okay, while I usually don't make blogs that aren't chapter reviews, I have been driving myself crazy lately thinking about who everyone's favorite characters and least favorite characters are. I hear a lot of people say they like a character, and I have no earthly idea way. A similar thing happens when I hear people say they dislike a character. So, with that being said, I would like everyone to list for me their 10 Favorite and 10 Least Favorite characters, and if you feel like it, please state why.

My Favorite Characters

I have just always loved Mirajane. It's hard to explain, I liked her even before I figured out she was strong. Though when I figured out that she was a beast, I liked her a lot more. And despite Mashima never letting her battle, she's still remained my favorite throughout the entire series and she'll never lose the spot.

Erza Scarlet
Who doesn't like Erza? She's probably the most tolerable member of Team Natsu. She's strong, funny, smart, and I like most of her armors (I say most as some are awful).

Juvia Lockser
Juvia's hilarious, powerful, and I love her Water Magic. Enough said. (p.s. I say enough, because I hate that dumb phrase "nuff said" :P)

Gildarts Clive
Gildarts is an epic old man. Loved him since his introduction.

Don't know why I like him....I just do.

Aquarius is a beast, why wouldn't I like her?

Gajeel Redfox
Hated him at first, got to like him.

Laxus Dreyar
Laxus and me weren't always on good terms. I hated his guts at first, but grew to like him. He is an extremely interesting character, although he has like no screentime after the fighting festival arc (which is to be expected).

I like him for some odd reason.

Half cat-half beast. Enough said.

My Least Favorite Characters

I LOATHE Loke with a burning fucking passion. I really wish Lucy would have let him stay in the human world and die. He is so annoying. There's nothing remotely funny about him, he had the gayest character design before he became a spirit again, and the womanizing jokes got old quickly. Even though he became more tolerable as a spirit, I still hate him.

I usually hate main characters, and Natsu is not only the main male character of the series, but he's annoying. He has had little to no character development and he hasn't gotten noticeably stronger since the beginning of the series. The amount of Plot Armor surrounding him is kind of annoying, and every chapter he's screaming some terrible speech about nakama.

OMG he was so fucking annoying. Every battle he had he was always screaming "I can hear you." WHO CARES!! His hearing people's thoughts was not only a lame way of fighting, but a bit hax.

Bluenote Stinger

All Edolas Characters
Besides Pantherlily there were all boring.

He beat Ultear (of course through some serious plot Magic) and therefore I hate him.

There is nothing particularly wrong with Jellal and I liked him until his character was overused. Not only did he appear as Seigran, but he appeared as Mystogan as well. When Jellal was "evil" I didn't particularly care for his personality, but I forgave him since he was possessed by Zeref, but even knowing that I just can't quite get into Jellal.

I'm actually hating Lucy less and less lately. My only hate at the moment stems from her status as a main character. She might get into neutral territory with me soon.

So those are my Favs and Least Favs, how bout' you?

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