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The chapter started off with Lucy and Happy getting Natsu out of the boulders he was stuck in. Natsu and Lucy decide to look for Zeref and Cana. Happy uses Mr. Cursey to play around with Lucy, she does the same to him. Shows Cana walking through Path E and some light flashes all of the sudden. It then flashes over to Gray who is thinking about Cana's actions until he sees Ultear and mistakes her momentarily for Ul. Then we go to Hades who is laughing because he found it amusing that 3 of his "chilren" could be defeated by Makarov's "children". Bluenote(terrible name) is introduced, and he wants to join the fray. Mest tries to help Fairy Tail get off the Island but they refuse because they wish to stay and fight. Meredy vs Erza and Juvia is shown. Meredy keeps attacking Juvia and states that she is number `13 and is trash. Her and Erza fight for a little while Meredy explains her rankings and states that Gray is the first on her list to be killed for killing Ultear's mom Ul. Juvia hearing this gets up and with a disturbed look on her face asks Meredy just who it is she would be killing.

I loved last week's chapter, but this one was so much better in my opinion. I am glad Gray will finally get to meet Ultear, I expected this since she was introduced. I predict that he will possibly tell her about Ul and she'll possibly have a change of heart or she and he will connect in someway. Bluenote was introduced this chapter, and I have to say I hate his name, It is weird and it doens't roll of the toungue at all. I think he will be like the Gildarts of The Grimoire Heart Guild. Now, my favorite part of the chapter was Juvia, and Erza vs Meredy. I loved Juvia's expression at the end, it was epic. Juvia got a well deserved time to shine. I can't wait for next week's chapter. I have hope that it will be just as good as this one. Also I kinda wonder how exactly Meredy's list goes, I know that Mirajane is most likely number 5, but that's about all I got.

Art= 8.5/10
Story= 9/10
Fight= 9.5/10
Overall Chapter=9.5/10

As always comments are welcome.

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