So, finally Chapter 226 is out on Mangastream, and for some reason I thought I would blog about it. Firstly just in case anyone bothers to read this blog I'll send out an advertisement. Please give your help and support to Japan by donating some money or something, they really need it, text REDCROSS to 90999 and donate 10$, or go to Also on a side note if any users are interested in helping with references please join us at the Referencia Guild, we really need your help, and it's a really good way to increase your edit count.

So the chapter began with Kain attempting to stomp Lucy, but Lucy woke up. Then Kain was telling Lucy about how she was going to be killed, and for some odd reason ran behind a try and started quivering, and telling her about how he was one of the seven kin, and how he was so strong. Then he told that he needed one of her hairs to get his voo doo doll thingy to work, and when she said that she wouldn't he said he would demonstrate. So he pulled out one of his own hairs and placed it on the doll gave it to Lucy and she demonstrated his voo doo doll looking power thingy's abilities until he took it back. So after that he starts chasing her through the woods, and she summons Taurus who is pawned in one hit. She then summons Sagittaurus who shoots a few arrows that are reflected back, and then Sagittaurus is done. Summons scorpio who shoots a sand buster but is beaten in one hit like Taurus. And when Kain is about to finish Lucy off she falls into where Natsu is fighting and Natsu kicks Kain in his face. Natsu and Lucy talk briefly, say that they are forming a team and then they stand off against Ultear and Kain. Kain is upset because Natsu and Lucy are acting(in his own words) Flirty and Hot and he will never forgive them.

This chapter was very interesting to me, we've been made to wait for a while due to tragedies, but it is finally out. I loved Lucy and Kain's scene at the beginning of the chapter, it was hilarious. My favorite part was when he went behind the tree and hid from her. I thought his abilities were pretty interesting. I must admit I was a little worried at first when he asked Lucy for some of her hair because I thought he would have an ability that was hard to activate, but when I realized that his ability was really centered around placing his hair on the doll, I was relieved. I was a bit dissappointed that 3 of Lucy's spirits where defeated so easily, but I am glad that he did because if he had trouble with them I would have thought that he was weak. I love the fact that Lucy and Natsu are facing off against Ultear and Kain, that is bound to be pretty interesting, even though Lucy and Natsu don't stand a chance. Kain might have been one of my favorite characters but he's so ugly that I just can't say he is. So he's like one of my secret favorite characters. I would never put him on my userpage, because he's so painful to look at, but I can admit that I like his character.

Art= 8.5/10
Story= 8/10
Fight= 7/10
Overall Chapter=9/10

Comments are welcome if you wish to. Think I'm going to do this again next week. I enjoy discussing the chapters.

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