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Hello everyone!! Welcome to the Second Official Fairy Tail Wiki Create a Character! Yes, that is a mouthful. If anyone wishes to see the first competition, it's posted here. You will be able to post a character until the 23rd of August. After that, the voting period will begin and last until the 31st of August.


  • You may submit no more than two characters
  • You may submit no more than two forms of Magic
  • The Character or Magic may be fan fiction that you previously created
    • If you have already created your character on another site and simply wish to post a link to that site, that is fine.
  • No Characters may be too similar to the actual series characters, meaning you can't give a full description of Gray and call the character Simon and enter him as your character
  • Have Fun!!
  • Those who chose to create a character may chose to enter the Create a Magic contest as well. If you do you can either enter a new Magic or use the one from your Create a Character
  • If you are creating a character you are allowed to use Magic that's already in the series.
  • Up until it's voting time, you can tweak your characters and Magic as you see fit.
  • Post your Character or Magic as a comment, not a reply to someone else's comment. This will make voting for your character or Magic easier on the voters.
  • Don't be afraid to add pictures, but understand that if your picture violates our Image Policy, it will be deleted without question.
  • Don't be afraid to have long comments (details are preferred) but please place your fanon in a collapsible template whether it is long or not.
|title =Put your character or Magic's name here
|color =#cc0000
|text color=white
|border color=black
|collapsed =yes
|content =Put all your fanon information here
  • Administrators, if a user did not collapse their fanon, please do so for them.
  • No anonymous users are allowed to vote or to post characters!!
  • Infoboxes are usable in comments as well as the bold, italics, and links function so go crazy.


1st Place 2nd Place
Create a Character This user won 1st place in the 2nd Official Fairy Tail Wiki Create a Character!
Create2 This user won 2nd place in the 2nd Official Fairy Tail Wiki Create a Character!
1st Place 2nd Place
Magic Man This user won 1st place in the 2nd Official Fairy Tail Wiki Create a Magic!
Genie This user won 2nd place in the 2nd Official Fairy Tail Wiki Create a Magic!

Create a Character (Magic Included)

This is pretty self explanatory, create your own character, the character can be a Mage or just an average human. The character must have a Name, Age, Gender, Appearance, Affiliation (if applicable), Likes, Dislikes, Personality, History, Synopsis (Optional), Magic and Abilities (if applicable), Relationships (if applicable) and Major Battles (Optional). The more creative, likable and detailed your character is the better.

Create a Magic (Only)

Some users don't feel like creating a character, so if you wish to omit creating a character and just create a form of Magic instead that's fine. The Magic must have a Name, Origin, Type(Caster or Holder) and at least three Spells or Forms.

Have Fun!!

Voting is now closed!! ಠ_ಠ

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