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    Soooooo......... let's make a prediction of what will happen in Chapter 335.

    The one or ones who win will get the honor of saying "I TOLD YOU SO!" to the others.

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    Okay, so Here's the Fansub version of the movie. Bad sub but still... [1]

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    hey! how's it going?

    so HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Have a wonderful day with your special one. Advice to people who are in love with people from anime and manga go stare at a picture of them.

    And Single people Have a fun being higly aware that you are single for the rest of the day~ so happy s.a.d

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    Nalu going Canon?!?

    December 19, 2012 by I always smile

    "In a recent interview in Barcelona, Mashima said these two things:

    -When asked why he gave his protagonists the names of each season (Natsu,Haru), he responded that he wanted non-Japanese readers to learn some words in Japanese.

    -When asked about the possibility of Natsu and Lucy ending up together, Mashima responded by revealing the name of their child; Nashi

    1. Nashi: Takes the Na in Natsu and the Shi in the Japanese way of writing Lucy's name which is Rushi

    2. Nashi means: - Isn't here yet"

    3. It's a feminine name."

    Someone I know told me this, but I'm not so sure if it's true. God, I am really really confused. Is this true or not? I honestly don't know. Someone Please confirm it or deny it.

    I support Both Nalu and Nali so I don't know if I…

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    November 20, 2012 by I always smile


    Okay, so I came back from this AWESOME party. (it was a total FT style one) and somewhere between the fights and dancing and eating. i actually met up with a fellow otaku. we talked about Ft a lot. And i heard his theories.

    so here this blog is. i want to see if u came up with some thing like him. please post a theory about any thing in FT. even if u have theories about old stuff (like how Zeref knows Natsu.) feel free to post them. and i would really like some theories about Mystery woman, Hisui and KagJellal.

    It appears i got nothing. If u do please leave it here in ur comment.

    Now i'll thank u for reading this blog. Thanks, Arigato, dhonnobad, Dhonnayabad, Graisous.

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