And now is the time for reviewing chapter 339.

Predictions:The story will actually move.

What happened and What is my opinion?:The chapter starts with jellal and meredy searching for ultear who most of us thought is dead.Jellal wonders about that the history did not rewind much as the memories and physical damage still exist.And I find that pretty important to mention to clear things up.Btw for manga panda,its translation sucks and I forgot to mention that in the last review and from the examples instead of jellal it is gerrard,instead of rogue,it is logue and a whole other things in the names of the characters.Meredy mentions that maybe the time was too damaged to make the memories recover.In my case,it doesn't matter and it is good that they remember that they were at the edge of defeat if not for the destruction of the gate.

Jellal then starts worrying that the magic council will take a word of the usage of the black magic from the book of spells of zeref by the royal family and worries about the fate of the country and its royal family.Doranbolt appears then we find lahar "lying" about what happened to the council.However it appears that doranbolt erased what happened from all their minds including lahar's making us remember that he is specialist in interfering people's memories.Doranbolt says exactly what Jellal was worrying about.I was like you cleared everything so you better start over with the new arc.

But Jellal then asks him about cobra.I didn't expect myself to forget about the "I can hear you guy",cobra.He returned to the custody as he promised,it seems he just wanted to hear the "voice" of his friend,I think its name was cubellios.And just while I was thinking he is now a good guy.It seemed that he still wants to return to oracion seis saying that he will save them.He warns doranbolt about messing with his memories stating that tartarous,the strongest black guild right now,will be making its move.An old lady appears giving meredy and Jellal a farewell letter and reminds them in it about their goals and encourages them about completing their goals.That was a pretty touching letter.I really loved that moment but then the question that raises in my mind raises in Jellal's about how that old lady received that letter.

The group appears again happy and asking about Jellal who is mentioned (by Erza I think) that he vanished again.The old lady appears regretting what happened in her past.Unlike Jellal and Meredy,Gray seems to notice her face and finds that she is ultear.He then starts crying that both the mother and daughter risked their lives saving him.Leaving no doubts that the old lady is ultear.So the spell appears to fasten the user's time until death.It was a pretty good chapter and touching.At least ultear's efforts and risk were recognized by Jellal,Meredy and Gray.I almost cried.

Summary:+for knowing the background of the next arc,

+for knowing what happened to ultear and council,

+for gray knowing what ultear did,

+for pretty wonderful moments. Pretty much the first chapter not having a bad point in my review.


One more chapter to review.

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