Well I am not going to review all the the three chapters of the issue together so this review is just for chapter 338:The great Banquet.

Predictions:I predicted that there will be a celebration right after the fight is over.However, I thought that the dragon slayers' will not be attending or at least some of them as they would be feeling disappointed about what happened in the battle and they would rather train or they would rather not attend because they should not be in the mood.

What happened and What is my opinion?:The chapter starts with yukino dressing for a party or celebration but she is not happy.However everyone around her are happy.And for my surprise I find that nobody knows about what exactly happened after fairy tail won the tournament.And what was pretty cool and unexpected event that all of them thought that the rumors about dragons attacking are just a load of crap.

After that,we find the celebration in the palace.Kana wants booze,Kagura is feeling embarrased about what she is wearing,makarov is happy for being in the castle,milliana is not happy,the princess knows that lucy is from the heartfilia family,etc... just a "load of crap".But I didn't feel annoyed because that was expected as this is an issue of 3 chapters.After that,Juvia and gray appear and juvia says that she is version 2.0 and then she confesses about her love towards gray.However,letting her down,gray says no and that his new era or version involves that he will say no to things that he does not like.However she thinks he is just like toying with her and then lyon says that Gray should not use such attitude and says that Juvia's heart does not have a room for him.And he is teased that it took him so long to realize that.All this should have happened sooner in my opinion.

Then a good funny moment involves Wendy and chelia tasting some jelly.But Mavis appears and says that it indeed looks delicious.Of course chelia does not see her but feels her presence.That was indeed a funny moment.

Then everyone is asking where natsu disappeared and that is when I thought that my prediction can come true.A little cute conversation between erza,kagura and milliana.And to cheer milliana,erza gives happy,lily and carla to milliana as she loves kitties.Erza then asks happy about natsu and he says that he does not know where natsu is and erza then wonders that he did not show up.

Sting then wants to see natsu as he wants to get close to him and it was fun to see how energetic he was after how gloomy (in my view) he and rogue have been. Speaking of the devil,rogue appears and gajeel talks to him about his future self but rogue mentions that he won't turn into him.That was a nice moment to see a new era for the twin dragons.Sting then tries to be friends with gajeel.And then Yukino appears, I felt there would be some tension.However the guilds starting from sabertooth to the wild puppy guild (I don't remember its name cause obviously it is not an important guild) start to fight over her.

After that the masters get involved in the fight and yukino smiles.Then arcaidos (I think that is his name) appears announcing the arrival of the king.And then natsu appears in the kings' clothes.That destroyed my hope of the occurence of my prediction and it was not so interesting.Of course, everyone seem astonished then arcaidos tells the hungry wolf knights to go but they mention they are no match for natsu as arcaidos is asking for the impossible.And everybody is happy and the chapter ended.So this was like a filler in the manga.

Summary: +for some funny moments,

-for the nonoccurence of anything new,

-for being a whole chapter about just a party.

Rating:3/10 (poor)

I will review the other chapters later.

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