Well I am going to start doing reviews to express my opinions starting from this chapter.Although it would be better to wait for the new chapters, I wanted to review this chapter.

Predictions:I predicted that since the next issue would be 3 chapters,the arc will not be over.I predicted that after the gate has been destroyed, they think it ended but then they find it didn't because of all the magic that it gathered in the 7 years is acting to repair it. So That the next 3 chapters will be featuring 3 different battles of dragon slayers with dragons.

What happened and What is my opinion?:Natsu is actually realizing what happened around him and future rogue is lying defeated which expresses the effects of having some of dragon's magic as natsu did not eat any ordinary flames but dragon's flame.That actually was disappointing that future rogue was defeated from just that.However, this shows the power of a small part of a dragon's magic.

Then the doubts start about this not ending but the face of natsu makes it seem that something is happening raising the doubts.In the next page, everything is clear and the dragons' bodies are glowing so they are disappearing. But one dragon does not accept it (I already forgot his name as well as the names of the other dragons) and wants to attack the "puny humans" so the princess uses a trick to make his time run out so he falls for it and disappears making me doubt when it was mentioned earlier that the dragons have high intelligence but it seems that this dragon was dumb to fall for such easy trick.I see it as a failed attempt for having some comedy.

Then the fire dragon as well as the dragon Rogue was riding start disappearing.The fire dragon says that he won't forget natsu making me doubt if he is going to tell Igneel about that incident with his "future son" and what impact that could have on present natsu.I don't know like maybe he suddenly has a memory of a new scene between natsu and Igneel talking about what the flame dragon told Igneel. The rest of the dragons and these "offsprings" disappear.However the other dragon slayers as well as mavis feel disappointed as none of the dragon slayers could defeat a dragon (Natsu did it with the help of the flame dragon. But everyone agrees to let it go and start celebrating for their victory.I am happy that they are no longer so arrogant because of their power as now they realize that even if they merge all their powers they won't be able to last one second against acnologia (unlesss it is playing with them).

Finally future rogue says how he became like this (which was obvious) as he was consumed by darkness and then he tells natsu , to prevent this from happening to the current rogue, that Frosch's death in a year's time was the reason of his corruption.

Future Lucy then disappears and appears in another place (golden plains).I thought that she returned to her time with natsu and the others and I was sure of that when she saw natsu and the others who according to the time thing are supposed to remember what hapeened 7 years ago.However people argued with me that this was an afterlife thing.But nothing is certain until now.

Current lucy then hugs Natsu and she thanks him.No comment.

Summary: +for the dragon slayers' realizing they are weak,

+for knowing how to stop rogue from corruption,

-for the lack of the greatness in how this long arc ended,

-for not explaining exactly what happened to the memories of those who returned to their times and the people around them.


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