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July 5, 2013
  • Hsmsful1

    chapter 339's review

    July 6, 2013 by Hsmsful1

    And now is the time for reviewing chapter 339.

    Predictions:The story will actually move.

    What happened and What is my opinion?:The chapter starts with jellal and meredy searching for ultear who most of us thought is dead.Jellal wonders about that the history did not rewind much as the memories and physical damage still exist.And I find that pretty important to mention to clear things up.Btw for manga panda,its translation sucks and I forgot to mention that in the last review and from the examples instead of jellal it is gerrard,instead of rogue,it is logue and a whole other things in the names of the characters.Meredy mentions that maybe the time was too damaged to make the memories recover.In my case,it doesn't matter and it is good that th…

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  • Hsmsful1

    Chapter 338's review

    July 6, 2013 by Hsmsful1

    Well I am not going to review all the the three chapters of the issue together so this review is just for chapter 338:The great Banquet.

    Predictions:I predicted that there will be a celebration right after the fight is over.However, I thought that the dragon slayers' will not be attending or at least some of them as they would be feeling disappointed about what happened in the battle and they would rather train or they would rather not attend because they should not be in the mood.

    What happened and What is my opinion?:The chapter starts with yukino dressing for a party or celebration but she is not happy.However everyone around her are happy.And for my surprise I find that nobody knows about what exactly happened after fairy tail won the to…

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  • Hsmsful1

    Chapter 337's review

    July 5, 2013 by Hsmsful1

    Well I am going to start doing reviews to express my opinions starting from this chapter.Although it would be better to wait for the new chapters, I wanted to review this chapter.

    Predictions:I predicted that since the next issue would be 3 chapters,the arc will not be over.I predicted that after the gate has been destroyed, they think it ended but then they find it didn't because of all the magic that it gathered in the 7 years is acting to repair it. So That the next 3 chapters will be featuring 3 different battles of dragon slayers with dragons.

    What happened and What is my opinion?:Natsu is actually realizing what happened around him and future rogue is lying defeated which expresses the effects of having some of dragon's magic as natsu …

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