• I live in Brazil
  • I was born on April 23
  • My occupation is Procrastinating
  • I am Male
  • HominiLupus

    Hello I'm HominiLupus, and this is my first blog here. As the title imply I'd like question the possibility of the existence of a bunker/shelter powerfull enough to protect those inside it from the effects of Face.

    Currently what we know about Face is that its a powerfull device capable of nullifying the magic of the continent, maybe to neutralize an enemy far too powerfull for them or anyone to handle. It was sealed by organic link but just as Etherion it maybe able to be activated by the council. So here's my point: If the council is aware of the power of Face and by some reason it is activated by them or by other means (like what Tartarus is doing), wouldn't they want to keep their own powers? The anihillation of all magic in a world of …

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