Hey guys, this is newbie Hirako Suisho. I've been asked by our wonderful administrator IamJakuhoRaikoben to edit pages for grammar these past few weeks/months, and it's been a wonderful experience. However, I'm noticing some common mistakes here and there. While I can't really provide much help with punctuation and tenses (my teachers and I agree it takes personal classroom and reading experiences), I can help with other matters. For spelling, if you have even the slightest doubt, I highly urge you to head over to

Some of the following mistakes may never happen in this wiki, but it's good to fortify your brains with this knowledge. ^ ^ I will add more as time goes on. This can also be found in a blog IamJakuhoRaikoben has stated he will create.

Definitely vs. Defiantly

  • Definitely
    • Ex: He definitely said to meet here yesterday.
  • Defiantly:
    • Ex: Though he was told to give up, he defiantly continued to fight.

To vs. Too vs. Two vs. Tu?

  • To
    • Ex: I need to go somewhere soon.
  • Too
    • Ex: You're sprinkling too much sugar!
  • Two
    • Ex: I need two dollars for that movie ticket.
  • Tu
    • "Tu" is for the the former Third Espada's name, 'nuff said. Also means "you" in Spanish if you place an accent over the 'u'.

Breath vs. Breathe

  • Breath
    • Ex: I'm running out of breath from running so hard.
  • Breathe
    • Ex: If you breathe slower, you'll calm down faster.

Its vs. It's

  • Its
    • Ex: The dog needs a bath; its coat is dirty.
  • It's
    • Ex: "It's" is the contraction form of "it is" or "it has".

Wonder vs. Wander

  • Wonder
    • Ex: I wonder why he hasn't returned yet.
  • Wander
    • Ex: They usually wander around the park at night.

Than vs. Then

  • Than
    • Ex: I am way better than you.
  • Then
    • Ex: We'll go to the movies, then stop by the diner for a snack.

Lose vs. Loose

  • Lose
    • Ex: I will not lose to the likes of you!
  • Loose
    • Ex: The rope was cut loose from the post.

English Spelling

I've come across some issues in the Bleach wiki about ways to spell some words. In some parts of the world, "color" is "colour" and favorite is "favourite", and so on. I ask the editors in this guild to use whatever form of spelling they feel most comfortable with, because, as the Bleach wiki editors have discussed and agreed on, sticking to one will cause more arguments. I agree, but if any administrators that happen to see this, disagree, by all means, set a spelling policy.

How You Can Help

Even if you don't have the time to edit as much as you'd like, or feel shy about editing, you can leave comments here, and I'll try to answer as best as I can. No promises though on accuracy. ^ ^ Also, I have a busy schedule, so please excuse late responses. If you can edit, please encourage others to help out as well. Check out our editing policy pages as well. Please do not vandalize any pages on this wiki. Also, do not add information that has not been confirmed officially by Hiro Mashima, or other trusted sources of information. Fanfiction and porn has no place here, I urge you to make a wiki for fanfiction desires (and please try to stay away from any forms of porn).

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