Good day! This is your big chance to hone your skills in writing and actually contribute to the anime industry! The Animanga Wiki launches the Masters of Animanga Project, which aims to grant anime and manga fans the opportunity to work with established figures in the world of manga and anime, including Kazuo Koike, Yoshitaka Amano, Takashi Okazaki and Shin-ichi Hiromoto!

The project has started featuring exclusive interviews with the ones collaborating with the project, and the story contribution period shall begin on Tuesday, September 3, and will end on September 27. Interested users can submit their ideas in a one-paragraph-at-a-time format, with three topics to choose from: Vampire, Samurai and Girls. Character artwork are also encouraged, and will receive feedback from legends of anime and manga themselves! After the initial story submission period, Wikia shall open a panel with the Masters of Animanga on the New York Comic Con on October, allowing those who want to join in this project to brainstorm with the Masters and with others face to face!

Interested in joining the Masters of Animanga Project? Visit the Animanga Wiki and tune in for more updates!

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