Helloooooo there wiki! The name's Damien and I have a few things to say, so lets get into them shall we?

This is a blog focused on returning characters that we have not seen in a while and I (or you) really want to see return, as well as characters who should get more screentime So, without further ado, let the list of people who should return begin! This is a relatively short list so don't hate.

Aria Personally, I loved Aria. He was interesting, unique, and was powerful. He completely wrecked Natsu! Of course, he had the misfortune of fighting Erza, so naturally we didn't see his full potential. I would love to see him come back in any way really.

Jose Again, a character whose true power we didn't see. Jose managed to take on the entire Fairy Tail guild with the exception of the most powerful members. Personally, I would like to see him as allying with Fairy Tail reluctantly because the Magic Council is making him because they need his power to help Ishgar in the war against Albareth. Seeing him take down a Spriggan (preferably the one that starts with I, I can't remember his name right now) while teamed up with Makarov is just something I want to see.

Gildarts You saw this coming. Despite his complete OPness, Gildarts does jack for the guild besides taking down Bluenote. What the hell was he doing during Tartarus? Anyways, he's coming back, we all know it, and this is more of a prediction than anything.

Max, Laki, Macao, Wakaba, etc... The side characters. Need I say more? Call me crazy, but I really like these characters and think they deserve more time. Like A LOT more time.

Thunder Legion Continuing with the side character theme, The Thunder Legion is a group of powerful mages who don't get enough respect. I predict them and Laxus taking down a spriggan.

Yeah, I warned you that this would be short. There are a couple more characters that I have in mind, but they are either extremely unlikely to show up or we already know they're coming. So tell me, who do YOU want to see return to the series and/ or get more screentime?

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