Yo yo yo people of FT forum, Damien Falman back with another blog post. This one's a prediction, and I want to see what YOU think of it.

So, I was recently re-reading up on the FT Zero series when I noticed something Mavis said. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she that the magic Zeref uses (y'know, the killy stuff) was activated by the amount someone holds life dear. Essentially, the more you love nature, the more it dies. Now get this. She also says, "If that person were to not like life, then there will be no curse." paraphrasing of course. It was something like that. So here we are. I believe in the final showdown, (obviously Natsu vs Zeref, I mean, what else?) Zeref, being the life-hating emo he has become, will lose control over his magic, resulting in his loss.

So whadda think? Love it? Hate it? Kinda want to burn it it's so stupid and idiotic? Well then, let me know!

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