Finally after 2 weeks of hell without FT, there it is! FT 397 and very hot Gajeel in the cover! *drools over his nipple*

Story continues and Gajeel needs more air, but Levy doesnt want to give him any more air because she hasnt got any. // she just wanted to kiss him and used the whole situation to finally kiss him and make GaLe fans explode of happiness //

BUT Gajeel is not THAT stupid and comes up with idea of using SOLID SCRIPT: AIR! There is another evidence, that Levy totally used this situation, because how is it possible that Levy the smartest mage in Fairy Tail didnt come with this easy way. *glares at Levy*

After that, Levy helpes the crew with Air bubbles and Gajeel continues his fight with Torafusa, but his skin turnes into diamond I guess or something very defensive so Gajeel has no chance now. His iron is too weak thanks to the curse in the water.

After that, we have very strange flashback about Gajeels past, how the council member Berno actually cared about Gajeel when he was young. Thanks to her lovely words from the past, Gajeel got a power up combination iron + carbon from the water = STEEL! Just only with ONE SINGLE ATTACK, Torafusa is down! and the water curse is washed away too!

The next defeated one will be Tempesta, but who will be the one, who will kick his cute ass is still unknown, because everyone except Gajeel and Levy are K.O. and Gajeel is just too tired from fighting with diamond buffed fish.

I would rate this chapter 3/10.

The next chapter name is - Final one-on-one! I cant wait!

This was my first blog review, so dont be THAT critic :3 your HandsomeBanana!

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