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August 14, 2014
  • HandsomeBanana

    Hello, this is what really makes sense and I came up with this today. Her magic is miniaturize and I believe that Marin isnt dead, Brandish just miniaturized him and so does the island. Mashima is troll and I dont think he would create a new character for just 2 chapters. Marin will be back. Brandish "killed" him just because she wanted to show how strong and cruel is Spriggan 12. But in fact, she just made him super small. What do you guys think?

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  • HandsomeBanana

    Hey guys, I needed to create a blog like this, because this is really weird! Until chapter 406 all male characters had nipples, but! in chapter 406 when there was a panel with Gray-sama who found something on the ground, his nipples are missing QQ *cries*

    Proof 1

    And today Chapter 407! Gray-sama got a full screen of his amazing body, BUT without nipples again QQ *dies* Proof:

    Proof 2

    Possible things: 1. Gray lost his nipples in battle against Silver 2. Mashima stopped drawing nipples 3. Place for discussions

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  • HandsomeBanana

    According to Mr. Mashima pictures on Twitter - I am sure you all have already seen them - this filler arc will be about... strange Celestial spirits.. We have Virgo with whip in kinda police or porn outfit, We have Leo in armor - kinda evil and We have baby Aquarius without fins

    Could they be EDOLAS celestial spirits?????

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  • HandsomeBanana

    Finally after 2 weeks of hell without FT, there it is! FT 397 and very hot Gajeel in the cover! *drools over his nipple*

    Story continues and Gajeel needs more air, but Levy doesnt want to give him any more air because she hasnt got any. // she just wanted to kiss him and used the whole situation to finally kiss him and make GaLe fans explode of happiness //

    BUT Gajeel is not THAT stupid and comes up with idea of using SOLID SCRIPT: AIR! There is another evidence, that Levy totally used this situation, because how is it possible that Levy the smartest mage in Fairy Tail didnt come with this easy way. *glares at Levy*

    After that, Levy helpes the crew with Air bubbles and Gajeel continues his fight with Torafusa, but his skin turnes into diamon…

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