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  • Hamody Asgail

    In short, the episode didn't show that lot, same as the last one, but I was really moved by the part of Massacre at Era, but the saddest thing to me was the frogs ! I don't know the name of their species but actually I really thought that was doleful, same as Lahar and Org's deaths. Why did they need to show that again ?!

    Despite Michello's selfishness, I didn't want him to get killed and was relieved when the episode ended without any slaughter.

    I had a theory, in any fight in the series when the enemy is defeated, their eyes turn white, Is that on purpose to show that the fight ended ? or it is just a highly-repeated coincidence ? I have seen this in many shots. In this episode this "White Eye" thing happened to Natsu after Jackal blew him…

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  • Hamody Asgail

    I am following the new episodes weekly but I think that it should be more episode aweek, as if you calculate it, in three months we will watch 12 episode approximately and 48 in a year. and it's known that the series takes more than 100 and the manga is still going. I know by that it the anime will catch up with manga, but what the solution ?

    P.S I watch the episodes translated online.

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