Hey there, welcome again to the blog that few of you read, but well, few is better than no one, right? Right then. This one will be about Mashima's postface (or afterword, like I heard somewhere), but just a part.

This is the Extra Content of the 18th Volume. It refers to events that occured from Chapter 144 to Chapter 152.

[...] I want to announce the top 5 of things that I most forget!!!

5th: Like I wrote before, Happy (I'm sorry... I won't forget anymore!)
4th: Rings and necklaces of the characters (No need to look for them...)
3rd: Patterns and injuries of the characters (Specially Gray's scar)
2nd: The design of Erza's armor (She changes it everytime, but it's a secret)
1st: People's names and faces (I apologize a lot)

But well, that was just to answer some people that complain about my blogs' delay but rarely comment.


What I really want to say is that the lamest user on the site now has a girlfriend!!! Stop laughing, it's true! Her (user)name is Gwenini, and she joined the wiki 2 days ago, commenting in a blog (that chars' stats one), and well, if you search the comments, you'll see that it was love at the first sight! ^_^ Unlike most people here, we didn't jump to a forced and pitiful weeding, so for the time being we're just lovers!

Also she's a queen of darkness... meaning I'll be king sometime soon... ALL HAIL GWEN, THE SUPREME QUEEN OF DARKNESS!!!

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