Herme's Volume Extras

Haven't done this in a while, due the lack of the time. Well, most of this info is on the wiki already, but anyway, Mira and Lucy commenting them is funny. This was done in a hurry, so please forgive me for the grammar errors.

This is the Extra Content of the 19th Volume. It refers to events that occured from Chapter 153 to Chapter 160.

Lucy Heartfilia: So... heavy...
Mirajane Strauss: Lucy! Here, here!
L: But what's inside this box...?
M: The questions sent by the fans! Isn't obvious?
L: T... This much...?!!
M: That means that people still have a lot to criticize about this manga.
L: Don't say criticize, say understand!!
M: Well, let's see today's first question.

Q: If Racer was able to slow down his opponent's perception of the time's flow, inside a limited radius of actuation, so why did Gray's arrow wasn't slowed down too?

L: And here it comes another question about Racer!
M: A lot of people made this question...
L: But it's indeed weird!! Racer could have perfectly be able to dodge the arrow.
M: The important here is the "perception of the time's flow" part. That is, it's something that has to do with the five senses.
L: Right, then...
L:Then, that means that Lyon and Gray weren't slower, but Racer made them think that they were and that he was faster.
L: Riiiiiight...
M: However, an arrow doesn't have senses. Thus, you can't alter its perception of the time's flow. Therefore, the Magic didn't work on the arrow.
L: Right... But c'mon, should take a lot of work to make these explanations to try to justify, no?
M: No one needs to know.
L: Let's go to the next question.

Q: At the start, Nirvana had eight "legs"... But later, it appeared with only six...

M: Well, you see...
L: Even Mira isn't able to answer this...?
M: I think that two legs fell off while Nirvana was walking.
L: This doesn't make any sense!!!
M: It should be this! That's the best explanation!!!
L: What about this: They released two legs because they needed to reduce the weight to get faster in Cait Shelter.
M: Let's go to the next question.
L: WAIT!!!

Q: Brain and Midnight have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

M: Oh that? Yeah, right.
L: Explain better, Mira.
M: Well, actually, there are things that weren't explained in the manga.
M: It was cut because of a lot of factors, but the Oración Seis's members were originally children that Brain rescued from the Tower of Heaven.
L: Huh?!
M: And he created the quintet that had the biggest Magical Power and made them his subordinates.
L:W... What a sad story...
M: Thus, Brain is like a father to them all.
L: Then, Midnight and Brain don't have any blood connection?
M: No.
L: My, my... I'm sure that people that don't read this section or only read the manga on the Shonen Magazine firmly believe that they're father and son.
M: Isn't good to read this section sometimes?
L: Isn't a tremendous information, but well...
M: In the further editions, we'll reveal more obscure and interesting details!! See ya!!

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