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Greetings. Today I'll start translating Volume-exclusive info from Fairy Tail, since I have some volumes in Portuguese (currently Vol 1-16, with the exception of Volume 9, which hopefully I'll get this month or the following). My objective here is to bring you guys more information about the universe of Fairy Tail and Hiro Mashima, that you can't already find on the internet.

I'll translate Mashima's Postface that he writes at the end of every volume. Sometimes he just talks about how he started Fairy Tail or his assistants, but, occasionally, he'll also talk about how different characters were born, how he changed some things at the last minute, etc. You may already know some of the things that I'll be writing here, but I'll give you the context. I'll also translate Lucy and Mirjane's Q&A, where the readers of Fairy Tail asks them questions, and the reply with funny answers. Again, if you search the wiki a little, you may already know some of this stuff. But the context is funny, so I'll do it anyway, hope you like it :). And, occasionally, I'll translate random stuff that Mashima sometimes writes in the end. (Note: These parts are progressively reduced in the most recent Volumes) Ah and, by the way, I'll do this randomly, but I'll try to make it weekly, since the Volumes are released here monthly, so I'm not afraid to catch them up.

This is the Postface of the 1st Volume. It refers to events that occured from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4.

First Volume Postface

"Nice to meet you! Or, long time no see! I'm Mashima, the author. To start, I want to thank you for reading the first volume of Fairy Tail. Did you like it? I'm planning to make things more and more interesting as we advance, so, please, follow me in this journey.

In this part of the manga, I'll talk a little about the backstage, recent events of my life, bizarre stuff about my editor or simply comment funny things that don't mean absolutely anything. So, read when you have free time.

In this first Volume, I'll tell you about the story of how Fairy Tail was born. Albeit it isn't a great secret. In the beggining, it was a story about a Guild of transporters and it showed Natsu, the main character that manipulates fire, transporting several stuff. Even though he was a transporter, he got very nauseated when he rode things that moved; This is part of his profile. How he passed from transporter to wizard was like this: I wanted to tell a story with more dreams. I had the first about the transporters' Guild almost done and I think that it was getting very good.

But when it came to me the idea of transform in a Guild of wizards and how all the kinds of wizards could be gathered in only one place to solve problems, I decided to change it to a story about wizards. I can't even explain to you how I got excited with the idea. One idea after another kept popping right on my head. I practically forced my editor to allow me rewrite it from scratch. That was how Fairy Tail was born. Talking about that, the title shouldn't be related to fairy tales, like "Once upon a time...". The name means a Fairy's tail. This could be a fundamental detail of the manga, but it couldn't be too. Well, who cares? (laughts)

So, from now on, I'll do the best possible to keep writing an interesting story. Stay expecting to see more Magic that makes you think: "But what the heck is that?!" So, see you again in Volume 2."

Personal Comments
Personal comments (I know that you don't care, but whatever): Mashima's first words in the manga were good, now we know why Natsu has that stupid motion sickness. And everyone should be grateful to the editor who allowed Hiro to change the story. Herme

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